Forecast for the 2016 Aries New Moon

April 7, 2014
4:23 AM PDT / 7:23 AM EDT / 11:23 AM GMT
18 Aries 04

Eclipse season is going out with a bang. No, April’s Aries New Moon isn’t an eclipse, yet it may as well be, for the wallop it packs. This one does more than supercharge life force and shake off the doldrums of winter, the usual gifts of the first New Moon of spring.  A fuse that’s been burning for years is hitting dynamite and igniting impulses that are catalyzing, propelling and unstoppable, forcing constraints and growth to explode.

Just as long brewing situations are being pushed out of the birth canal, each of us is being awakened and activated. Developments are blossoming in areas of life (and our beings) that have been pummeled and tenderized and reshaped for upwards of four years. This is not a moment to think, weigh or debate. We’re at a rare convergence of motivation to act and an environment that openly encourages action.

In many cases, we’ll jump at the first opportunity. That’s how primed we are — not just for something to give, but also for bold, radical breakthroughs, the fresh horizons and breathing room that allow us to move more freely and be more truly ourselves. Even if we’re not consciously ready, we’re becoming quick change artists all the same, all of us. Pressure’s building to unavoidable breaking points. Circumstances (and some people) will give way in a blink of an eye, and off we’ll fly.

Some of the playing out may cause dizziness. Some may be disorienting or breathtaking or cause  after-the-fact stage fright. (There won’t be time for that in advance. )  It won’t be willy-nilly, though. Some of the firepower will even be surprisingly controlled, and some will lead to places that inspire and deserve commitment.

One reason for this is the prep we’ve been doing for years. Another is the grounding that precedes the New Moon, when the Sun and then the Moon make a stabilizing link with order-loving Saturn in Sagittarius. After he pours wisdom, experience and a high-energy, broadened outlook into them, they then go up against the foundational restructuring Pluto in Capricorn is fostering. The effect is like a track and field event many of us were put through in phys ed class, the standing broad jump:  training and building up strength, especially mentally, then pushing your weight deep into the earth so your energy coils like a tightening spring, then flinging yourself forward as far as the pressure will take you.

And the fuel for that flight? It comes from Uranus, agent of radical, volatile, unpredictable change, standing right by the New Moon. He and his lightning bolts are the first influence the Moon and then the Sun cross after they leave each other. He’s the reason for the current shatterings, breakthroughs and split-second timing. Not all will occur out in the world, although much of it will. A lot of it will be on the mental level (Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury,the cosmic messenger) — shifts in perspective, minds unlocking and viewpoints tilting on their sides. Other people may shock you. You may well surprise yourself, too.

You may, of course, harness this energy source for your own conscious purposes. It has the power to break you out of all manner of stuck places, or speed along some personal development that you’ve been wanting.

Not all of this New Moon’s gifts permit planning or steering, though. There will be times when motivation rises in you unexpectedly and you Have To Do Something, right then. Times when conditions morph or events happen so quickly all you can do is think with your feet. Times when a window opens and suddenly you’re in exhilarating, even risky circumstances and later, after you’ve caught your breath, you’re not sure whether you jumped or fell or were pushed (and likely the distinction won’t matter; likely you won’t care).

There’s little point in predicting specific events, or the timing of certain developments that you are oh-so-sure are on the way. Maybe they are; maybe they’re not quite what you think. With Uranus in the middle of this Moon’s action, anything could happen. Stay loose and open to possibility. And enjoy the ride.

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