Forecast for the May 2016 Sagittarius Full Moon

May 21, 2016

2:14 PM PDT / 5:14 PM EDT / 9:14 PM GMT
1 Gemini 13 / 1 Sagittarius 13

by Kathy Biehl

This year’s first Sagittarius Full Moon is a high-energy, high-octane blaze of hard-driving emotions. Even if we’ve been going with the flow lately (and what choice have we had, really?), reactions have been building up. A person can be philosophical only so long until feelings kick in. As they do now.

We’re in for profound feedback about beliefs and their ramifications. And, boy, is it ever motivating.

This Full Moon takes place on the axis of Gemini and Sagittarius, which connects our information flow (thoughts, communications, data streams) to the systems of thought we build from that flow.  Each end is enjoying heightened awareness, not to mention a nigh-on breathtaking surge in activity.

Two influences are encouraging this condition. One is energy zipping between the rulers of each end, cosmic messenger Mercury (currently simulating a snail’s pace in Taurus, and stationing to turn direct the next day) and expansive Jupiter (in Mercury’s second home of Virgo, and now moving forward after a four-month-plus cleaning jag). Each is amplifying the other and whipping up thoughts, talk, messages, info, analysis, and ideas for improvement, for critique and, yes, for criticism.

The other is action hero Mars standing with the Moon and staring down the Sun. Emotions are giving him his marching orders, and he’s ready to not just respond, but also fight for or because of them. He’s retrograde as well, priming him (and, of course, us) for frustration, irritation, hair-trigger responses — and the gumption to dig up old business.

Because of his involvement, this Moon teems with fighting words and standing up for beliefs (and, alas, political differences leading to emotionally charged arguments). Integrity and walking your talk may be issues. So may bigotry, racism, jingoism and judgments. The archaic phrase “hoist on his own petard” may enjoy a brief revival, as words come back to haunt, especially via the media. Watch for a makeover of another old saying:  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can truly wound.

This emotional harvest is not merely argumentative, or angry, or defensive, though. Look for a lust for adventure and running out of the corral. For bursts of optimism (or realizations of how badly it is needed) and the drive to learn, to explore and to expand your beliefs, training or outlook on life (ditto).

No matter what you observe in or receive from others — and confusion or behavior that makes no sense continues to run rampant — take everything back to yourself. Are your streams of information supporting you emotionally or riling you? What does the presence of X in your life say about what you believe to be true, or how you view the world? (Is that what you were taught, or what you really believe?) What does your emotional reaction say about that? Are you ready to improve, or expand, or otherwise do something about that?

This Moon is the kick off event for June’s grand cross in the middle of the mutable signs. (Think the political news has been weird? Just wait.) That configuration locks four action-demanding aspects into a paradox that requires having the flexibility of a reed — or being the human equivalent of a Stretch Armstrong doll. The cross will pull us this way and that, pressure us from multiple directions, speed the pace of life and yet make us feel immobilized. (Feeling it already, are you?) It will force us to give up the steering wheel, to look at whatever is happening in the moment and not think about tomorrow, or the next week, or later in the summer, and ultimately, to float above life in observer mode. That vantage point will expose us to information that we previously missed or failed to appreciate.

For now, we’re getting an interim report. Express and experience emotions based on what you think, know and believe now. More information will be revealed, later. We’ll get a follow up report on June 20, when a second Sagittarius Full Moon takes place at the sign’s last degree. The grand cross will be at its end as well, and deeply coloring the culminations under that Full Moon.

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