Forecast for June 2016

June is one of the monumental months of the year. It’s a jumble of paradoxes, dualities, contradictions and cross-currents, many of which are not going to make sense.

They will push, pull, stretch and pressure. Whip up a frenzy and immobilize. Obscure and reveal. Splay you across dimensions and time. Rivet attention to the boundless present and toss unfinished business back on the table.

Confounding, confusing and outright magical, they will  leave us with pertinent data, perspective and the gravitational pull of slow-building but lasting developments.

The inclination will be to think your way through this, especially once the ruler of communication, Mercury, returns to his home base of Gemini on the 12th. Instead, listen to your intuition, gut, instinct, whatever name you give it, even — and especially — when reason and empirical evidence suggest otherwise. Ride with the tide, go with the flow, follow the energy — use whatever saying works for you, but just roll with developments moment by moment, as they unfold. Projecting into the future will get you nowhere but frustration. And confusion, too. Surface appearances do not tell the true, or full, story right now.

Dipping into the past, on the other hand, is fruitful. This month is one long laboratory in makeovers, do-overs, revisions, updates and picking up stalled matters where they left off. Much of it will be shades of last summer, because Mars (planet of action) is traveling back over territory Saturn retrograded over then. Assignments, second chances and next steps will land in your path as well as arise from deep within you. You can also harness the drive to get to the bottom of things and dispatch all manner of lingering wishes and agenda items. This motivation is especially suited to dealing with unpleasantness. Some tasks may resemble cleaning out a failed root canal:  the process will not be welcome, but afterward, oh, how you will feel better.

The seemingly contradictory energies are coming from a convergence of hard aspects that demand or forestall action (squares and oppositions), which are locking together into a configuration called a grand cross. Frequently this pattern results in a log-jam. This one is all over the map, because the signs it’s in are mutable (changeable, flexible, versatile, every-which-way), and turning us all into human equivalents of a reed, or a Stretch Armstrong doll.

The grand cross incorporates three powerhouses that have been stressing, stretching and confusing us since late last year:  Saturn, the ruler of rules, order and consequences, his antithesis Neptune, ruler of transcendence and illusion, and Jupiter, the guy who ups any action he approaches. Credit them for transporting current reality into the Great Hall of Oz, where flaring flames, a booming voice and a disembodied head command attention, while unseen hands pull levers behind an unobtrusive curtain.

They’re making you question your sanity (and other people’s) and feel so spacey and overwhelmed.  This month their pressure becomes multi-directional, ricocheting from one point to another. The powerhouses have been been amping up the middle degrees of Gemini (hence the high noise-to-signal ratio and running from one shiny object to another). That spot is being filled early in the month by the Sun and Venus, which complete the grand cross. Their addition fleshes out the every-which-way mix with the general tone of the times and relationships, money, creativity and all we value, the areas of life Venus rules.

The energy of the grand cross locks into the Gemini New Moon on June 4. When Mercury fills the Gemini position June 20-22, the cross permeates the chart of the summer solstice on June 20, which carries the resonance of the tension throughout the summer as well. That day is action packed, most especially with the the year’s second Sagittarius Full Moon, at the sign’s last degree, occurring just before the solstice. That Moon has a kick of finality, with Mars ending his retrograde and month-long camp-out on the final degree of Scorpio on June 29.

Pro Tip: Have mercy on anyone with placements in the middle degrees of the mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. For them, this weird journey is intensely, sometimes painfully personal.

Even on June’s strangest days, Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” is wafting on the breeze, if you still yourself enough to detect it. (All together now: “Everything little thing gonna be alright.”) Much will feel fated, headed in an optimal direction, or inexplicably okay, whether you can point to any tangible evidence to support the feeling.

L ikely you will see evidence, though. That’s the gift of the grounding, stabilizing sanity-bringing influence of an unimpeded flow between beneficial Jupiter and Pluto, agent of unavoidable change. They’ve been paving the way out of the chaos and upheaval that Uranus and Pluto have been stirring up over the past four years. The pair is making the last of three big assists (the others happened in September and March). Just what they’ve been building will become clearer by September.

Find an image of the Hanged Man in a Tarot deck of your choosing and use it as your inspirational icon for the month. Think of this month as an initiation. You’re being suspended above the action, unable to steer or force it. There’s a certain freedom in that; relax into it and stop asking how certain things are going to happen. The elevated vantage point also offers the gift of a panoramic view, which puts data in your field of vision that escaped you earlier.

By month’s end, transcendence is possible. Or magic. Or feeling unspeakably, blissfully moved, as Venus and Neptune bridge earthly and heavenly love. Hearts are opening. When Mercury enters Cancer on the 29th, emotions can’t help but pour out.
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