Forecast for the June 2016 Sagittarius Full Moon

June 2016 Sagittarius Full Moon
June 20, 2016
29 Gemini 32 / 29 Sagittarius 32
4:02 AM PDT / 7:02 AM EDT / 11:02 AM GMT
June has pushed, pulled, pummeled and pinned us down. Surely you’ve noticed? Surely you’ve reacted? You bet! Not to the level of resolution and moving on, though. Unresolved bits are building like a flame traveling down the fuse to a depth charge. They are going off now under the year’s second Sagittarius Full Moon. It’s a cathartic, purgative, era-ending emotional harvest, with the power to blow the carbon out, refresh your lens on life and reclaim hope, optimism and cause for boundless laughter.

This Moon continues and amplifies the emotional harvest that began last month, which saw a Full Moon at the very beginning of Sagittarius. Raw expression is now reaching deeper and more refined levels, dredging up more and more and ballooning it, as the Moon hits the sign’s last degree and heads for the exit.

Watch for events to escalate the extremity and real-world impact of beliefs into the unimaginable.  The last gasp of Sagittarius maximizes an unyielding, jingoistic, my-way-or-the-highway point of view, with the media (social as well as commercial) serving as bully pulpit. Racism, bigotry, hatred and arguments over rights (gun, GLBT, women’s, sexual assault, and on and on and on) are variations on the theme of demonizing a person, group or concept that feels foreign, rather than perceiving others as fellow humans. Every component of that sentence is an inescapable topic right now. Your own reactions will reveal much.

Because this occurs mere hours before the solstice, the event simultaneously sums up the month and the season, and kicks off the summer as well. The Full Moon promises to clear a lot out of our hearts and put them in different, if not better, repair for the summer. The condition they’re in will color the next season. Our emotional filters stand to lead to a healthier, more expanded experience of life in some ways, and point out where there’s room for improvement.

Focus on the now, for now: How have you been feeling this month? Look back on the most highly charged developments you’ve experienced recently. Pick one. Immerse yourself in the energy of the drama and allow it to swell into cartoonishly large proportions. Escalate it to the point of ridiculousness, until you laugh. Out loud. Fake it if you have to; that’ll be the spark that sets off the glorious, soul-clearing laughter that is the gift of Sagittarius.

More importantly, how have this month’s complex blend of feelings related to the way you view yourself and the world? Consider what they — and your reactions — reveal about what you believe to be true. This inquiry goes beyond whether you view life as a glass half full, empty, cracked and leaded, or refillable. Likely a situation or two had you following scripts (internally at least) you picked up years and years ago. Want to change them? There’s no time like the present.

This Moon is creating a safe room (well, maybe not safe — but definitely a space!) for releasing the push/pull/immobilizing energies of the mutable grand cross that has dominated the month. The rulers of both the Sun and the Moon are in the cross, which has changed since its line-up at the Gemini New Moon.

Mercury, ruler of the Gemini Sun, has taken the place previously occupied by the Sun and Venus, a switch that ups the chatter level and speeds the information flow. The Sagittarius Moon’s ruler, Jupiter, is conjunct the North Node, representing the path of the future. This combo underscores the possibilities for, and the importance of, improved boundaries and healthier, decluttered thinking for all of us, individually and collectively.

Jupiter is also the doorway for this Moon’s potent evolutionary properties. They come from the open channel between the great benefactor and Pluto, agent of unavoidable change. This pair is making the last of three easy flows, or trines (the previous were in September and March), deepening structural change, cleaning out debris, and building the foundations that are taking the place of so much that crumbled in the turmoil and upheaval since 2012. This last pass adds to the end of the era, end of the line vibe of this Full Moon.

Speaking of said turmoil and upheaval, the other responsible party is stirring up this Full Moon as well. Uranus, agent of unexpected and radical change, is in an adjustment aspect to Mars, ruler of our drive, action and masculine impulses. Uranus is the planet of tilt, and his gift is on hand. Tilt your perspective; tilt your approach. A notion that dovetails perfectly with the harvest and releasing energies of this Full Moon.

Our marching orders couldn’t be clearer. Don’t stifle anything that comes up now. Alter how or to whom you let it out, maybe, but no bottling up. If you don’t like how you’re feeling, look to how that ties into your outlook on life…and adjust.

Look for the humor, too. The Sagittarius Moon should make that easy to spot. And as Joni Mitchell sang, “Laughing and crying, it’s all the same release.”


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