Forecast for July 2016

July starts with a collective sigh of relief. June’s dramas, pressures and just plain weirdness are by no means resolved, but at least their intensity and relentlessness are dying back. You know how you feel when you stop banging your head against a wall, or a killer headache finally breaks? You’re left with a dull ache — and gratitude for the pain subsiding. July is like that. Only better. Far better.

And the relief is not fleeting. Starting this month, the prevailing atmosphere moves from the challenges and murkiness that have beset us since January, to more stable, defined and sane (yes, sane) situations that will dominate most of the rest of the year. Difficulties and ugliness will remain, of course. We are still addressing unfinished business from last summer, with action hero Mars making a final pass across the late degrees of Scorpio, where Saturn retrograded from July – September 2015. Some of it is not exactly pretty, some of it may have all the appeal of cleaning out a failed root canal, but all of it is monumentally important. Still, even with those tasks at hand, we are gradually getting back our vision, optimism and pluck to carry on.

But first, a mini-vacation. The month’s first six days deliver a much needed break. They have a blissed-out, escapist vibe that could make the long weekend (leading into a holiday in the US) feel like endless summer. Good vibrations radiate out from the Cancer New Moon (July 4), whose homey, nurturing, apple-pie-and-tribe-loving waters are rippling with inspiration as zany as it is out of this world.

They’re also overflowing with full-spectrum love, from the highest we-are-family level to connecting with one special one, deeply, intensely and fearlessly, with no intent (and perhaps likelihood) of take-backs. (Thank two trines, or open channels of energy, one linking Mercury and the New Moon to transcendent Neptune, the other hooking up Venus and Mars). Head for water, blast your favorite music and sing along, knock back some cold ones and enjoy the company you choose to keep. The sojourn will be good for your soul.

Calibrations immediately follow this emotional bath. Perspectives change. Critical information comes to light. Candid realizations and conversations take place. All of it reshapes and simplifies situations,  structures and goals.

The energy level increases mid-month, when the rulers of sociability, Venus, and of communication, Mercury, enter Leo on the 12th and 13th. No isolating or wallowing in emotions and nostalgia. Fun, fun, fun is the imperative, with touch of drama in the mix.

Okay, maybe a lot of drama, at first. Edgy, dicey, vaguely combative energies unsettle the hump days of the month. Stabilizing resumes on the 19th, which brings the hyper-practical Capricorn Full Moon and grounding between Mercury and Saturn. Minds calm and conversations turn sensible and mature, with touches of cosmic guidance sneaking in as well. Emotional status reports zoom in on the bottom line and the long term, then hearts go for the solid and real, when Venus trines Saturn the next day. (An epidemic of commitments is one probable result.)

Much that was up in the air in June is in more solid, concrete and vibrant form by the time the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd. There’s more to be revealed, and quickly. Information,  conversations and epiphanies come out of the blue or from unexpected sources around the 27th, which opens thinking and perspectives to all kinds of possibilities that had not been previously considered or imaginable. They don’t remain theoretical for long, but spur action and also light a long fuse, when Mercury squares Mars and Uranus stations retrograde on the 29th.

Socializing remains boisterous and look-at-me throughout the month, but how we talk to each other calms by month’s end. Communication and getting around return to a more measured and orderly mode after the 30th, when messenger god Mercury enters his second home of Virgo.

The near side of the doorway to August greets us with breakthroughs in matters dear to our hearts and bank accounts. They tie back to the mini-retreat that launched the month. A wish unlocks; an impediment shatters; internal resistance disappears. Welcome the change.  For most of the rest of the year, your prospects only stand to improve. Make that: your reality.

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