Forecast for the 2016 Cancer New Moon

July 4, 2016
4:00 AM PDT / 7 AM EDT / 11 AM GMT
12 Cancer 53

by Kathy Biehl

July’s Cancer New Moon is drawing us all into the water. It’s luring us with the promise of comfort, an escape to days gone by, a safe haven for wallowing and pouting, and maybe just a warm and soothing bath.

The Moon is in her home base, stirring primal emotions, impulses and needs. They (and we) could all benefit from some TLC just now, after the weird, confounding ride that dominated the month of June. Give the adult in you a time out and treat your inner child to gentle nurturing and reassurance. This Moon has the formula to deliver just that.

Cancer is all about home, family (genetic, ancestral, chosen, tribal), emotional and financial security, and feeling so safe that you could sleep in the back seat of a moving car. The sign ranks traditions, nesting, and clucking over loved ones high on the hierarchy of values. Mommy issues reign supreme (including arguing over who gets to be the baby), and food is the currency of love. (Well, maybe guilt is the coin.)

The topic of exactly who’s in that protected sphere of family is a topic all over the current news, nationally and internationally. This Moon highlights the issue in the US by falling on the day celebrated as the birthday of that Cancer nation. The personal impact will have you seeking shelter in your own home base and/or gravitating to people you love or who feel kindred.

This Moon’s waters have the power not merely to soothe, nourish and unleash a wellspring of emotion, but also to connect hearts and souls in ways that unhook us from normal reality. Watch for nonrational experiences of relatedness (telepathy on overdrive, and fusing both emotions and thoughts), as well as zany creative inspiration pouring out in floods. They’re all coming through the open channel of energy linking cosmic messenger Mercury and the New Moon to Neptune, ruler of illusion and transcendence. A power is on tap like the one that drove Robin Williams’ rapid-fire vocal play. Some moments may well take on the feeling of a baptism or other holy rite.

Down at the shallow end of the pool, delusion, self-pity or us against them protectionism may occasion behavior fit for toddlers. Splash back at your risk; there’s plenty of healthier, stabler areas elsewhere. These waters are overflowing with full-spectrum love, from the highest we-are-family level to connecting with one special one, deeply, intensely and fearlessly, with no intent (and perhaps likelihood) of take-backs. The Mercury/Moon/Neptune link is only one reason for this. Another is the hook-up between the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars. The feminine is in hearth goddess mode, while the masculine is exploring his sensitive side. (Cue Christine Lavin’s song “Sensitive New Age Guy.”) Hearts are hungry for sweet, tender connection, and our drive is primed to make that happen. With Mars now direct after a long retrograde in Scorpio, he’s ready for bold, nigh on fearless (and probably permanent) movement on matters that have been simmering.

Embrace the time out. Soak in it. Head for water, blast your favorite music and sing along, knock back some cold ones and enjoy the company you choose to keep. The sojourn will be good for your soul. And who knows: your inner child may well find the safety, love and sense of belonging it so desperately craves within the adult it inhabits. And maybe in someone outside of you, too.

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