Forecast for the 2016 Sagittarius New Moon

November 29, 2016
7 Sagittarius 42
4:18 PST / 7:18 EST / 12:18 GMT

Beliefs are just ideas until put into action. This year’s Sagittarius New Moon is an invitation to live them.

Well, more than an invitation, actually. Firm suggestion is more like it. Okay: demand.

This Moon may be generally philosophically inclined, but this year’s model has a dynamic bent that will not be denied.  It’s not the reality-upending variety of dynamic we’ve been experiencing lately, though. This Moon’s dynamic flavor inspires action that expands and stabilizes, with an emphasis on structures and commitments involving hearts and values.

What’s Propelling Us
We are feeling the pull of multiple defining moments in recent history, all of which are placing cosmic hands against our backs and shoving, but good. Think back to the following times, and connect the dots to where you are now.

The last week of December 2013 brought a tectonic shift in patterns and foundations, particularly involving relationships and family traditions, when Mars in Libra formed a T-square with the cosmic change agents, Uranus and Pluto.  That shift is currently being pressured into phenomenal expansion and growth.  A T-square involving the same signs accompanies this Moon, now with bigger-is-better Jupiter in Libra and that sign’s ruler Venus with Pluto at the brunt of the T-square.

That focal point warrants emphasizing: the planets of desire and money, mere mortal level and huge, primal, outside-rational-confines level, are together on the receiving end of escalating pressure to break free and evolve. And that pressure is emptying into Cancer: our concept of home, family, tradition, nurturing and security.

On a collective level, the line-up reflects fierce issues of values, economics, and tribal definitions .(Who’s part? Who’s not?) On your personal level, consider how your current relationship rule book / connections / desires connect to what shifted for you that week in 2013. Something has sprouted from that crack in the plates and is blossoming.

This Moon also carries the force of the reboot we all received from September’s solar eclipse. The Sagittarius Moon’s square to the eclipse point is a cosmic shove forward, arguing for taking those post-eclipse improvements seriously. What did you clean up or close out? What boundaries did you redraw? They are moving into insistent realities asking for you to commit.

Underscoring that:  the North Node is occupying the degree of that eclipse. The future has arrived. It’s time to move away from old wounds, victimization, sabotaging and thinking that is wishful at best, delusional at worst. It’s time to head for tomorrow.

Other late summer/early fall moments play a role as well. This Moon is a moving-on point from determination and focused will (and perhaps some anger) that locked in late August, and then the heart (or the resources to back that determination) getting on board late September. At those times Mars, then Venus merged with Saturn, lord of structure, near the degree where the New Moon is taking place.

Issues of integrity and ethics are live and making it increasingly difficult to stay a course that conflicts with yours. A slogan from early feminism is weirdly and directly applicable: The personal is political. These days, the reverse is, too.

Speaking of politics: Have some strategies, tips & popcorn for the post 11/9 world

So much pushing us; so much incentive; so much pressure. It’s not out of the blue, though. It’s all an organic outgrowth of matters that have been brewing inside you, and brewing between you and a certain person or two. And it enables firming the situation(s) up, so everyone can relax into  and rely on them.

Action Comes Easily
Responding to this call comes naturally, too. The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is in an easy channel of energy with Mars, ruler of drive and action. The combo encourages grand action with a view to the future. That could well be progressive, aware of the existence and role of others (social action, for example) and seeking negotiation, cooperation and advocacy. It could be detached, iconoclastic and going about things its own way.

However the Mars/Jupiter teamwork manifests — and however you chose to express it — it has the power to mushroom tiny efforts wildly beyond the intended.

Grab this and run. Expand your vision of what’s possible. Dream big, then bigger, then bigger again.

And then do something. Especially in your dealings and agreements with others.

Major Relationship Developments
This New Moon ushers a phase in relationships with enormous positive potential. This is particularly so for connections that veer from what has been the wounded norm, into mutually supportive, mutually enhancing pairings.

They’re becoming the new model for long-term relationships. Watch for significant gear shifts in that direction growing out of this Moon phase, which is operating as a gateway. (Inspirational image:  the Four of Wands in the Tarot, which depicts a man and woman celebrating publicly at an archway made of wands and garlands.)

Bonds that ramp up or lock in now have long-term durability. That’s not only because love goddess Venus is in Capricorn (and getting the evolutionary whammy discussed above). Another reason is her reinforcement. Juno, the protector of marriage, is right alongside the New Moon. She’s tapping on ring fingers and drawing attention to beliefs about union, commitment and structures that formalize them. Flings will be rare this holiday season. Mistletoe moments with lasting power, on the other hand …

Visibility Advisory
Going with your guidance remains the preferred course of navigation.  We’re still operating under murky visibility. Neptune may have gone direct on the 19th, but his clouds of confusion, delusion and, if we’re lucky, transcendence haven’t dissipated. Saturn, ruler of the authority and the status quo, whipped them up for most of the year, and they’re getting a renewed boost from a harsh aspect to the New Moon.

The square could lend high romance to the relationship developments rolling out in this Moon phase. Less pleasant possibilities lurk in the cloudbanks, though. Let your principles guide you through them. Odds are, you won’t be doing it alone.
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Forecast for Nov. 7 – 13, 2016

So we’re all a little wounded. Go high, but keep an eye on the bottom line. Bonus songs of the week: Santa Baby. (Yeah, before Thanksgiving.) Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, from Life of Brian. Tomorrow, from Annie.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for November 7 – 13, 2016  (6:16 minutes) and my talk about what the fall has in store. .

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Forecast for November 2016

After months of disorientation, confusion and head-scratching, along come moments of “So that’s what this was about!” Then decisive, determined action capitalizing on the realizations.

Think of it as a Thanksgiving parade, all month long — only you’re not watching on the sidewalk or your couch, but marching into the fray, and at the end you’re not returning to your original spot. November calibrates our desires, shuts down the cosmic fog machine (at last!) and births developments with a long-term reach.

This story arc is not exactly apparent from the month’s first few days. Little is readily apparent, actually, that’s how unmoored the post-Halloween days (including election day in the US) are from what ordinarily passes for reality.

Gentle, otherworldly currents are delivering artistic inspiration, encounters with the departed, guidance from on high and sensations of connectedness to all of life. Monsters from the deep are in those waters as well, closer to the surface than normal. Visual and mental cues may mislead; navigate by radar. (Refer to my Scorpio New Moon forecast, which is still in effect.)

By the 5th, a thunderclap rouses hearts and desires; by the 7th, a path opens to a fierce desire, if you focus, banish fears and take the first, bold step to claiming.

Moving forward soon loses the careful, nose-to-grindstone, down-to-business plodding that colored October. Action hero Mars, who rules how we go after what we want, begins a month-plus in the futuristic, free-spirited intellectual mode of Aquarius on the 9th. Methodical progress gives way to innovative, individualistic approaches and flashes of genius. You’ve already set goals; now make up your way as you go along, pulling moves out of the blue now and again. (Tessering, anyone?)

The bottom line remains at the forefront, though, with Venus, ruler of all we value (love, money, creativity, previous baubles), moving from theoretical Sagittarius to eminently practical Capricorn on the 11th, where she’ll remain till December 6. With “Santa Baby” popping up early on internal playlists, watch for a calculating eye and preference for lasting value to overtake relationships and financial dealings.

Mercury picks up the fire baton from Venus the next day, the 12th, keeping gab and getting around energized and lively for the remainder of the month. There’s little chance of lagging once the Sun starts his annual tour of the sign, on the 21st.

The underlying practical streak gets a boost from the Taurus Full Moon on the 14th, which directs attention and emotions to issues of physical satisfaction, security and satiety. It’s a have-it-all event: Long-term security remains the goal, but we hunger for tangible, consumable reward in the here and now, as well.

Venus’ journey dominates the rest of the month. October sounded the cosmic alarm clock and set long-simmering developments into motion. November runs them by our heart and makes tweaks in both directions. As Venus contacts all of the outer planets, our desires, relationships, approach to money and ultimately value systems get softened, buffed, deepened, stretched and blown out.

The calibrating begins with a doorway to tender, kind, heaven-sent experience, as Venus reaches out to Neptune, ruler of higher love, on the 19th. That’s the very day he’s turning direct after a six month retrograde, which began in the middle of the weird, Hanged Man-like suspension of June’s mutable grand cross.

We’ve come down from the Hanged Man’s tree and have been on solid ground since September. Now the fog that blanketed that experience — and so much of the year — is finally burning off and we are getting a much clearer view of exactly where we are — and where we’re heading.

That clarity is up for honing as we roll toward Thanksgiving and cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto come back into play. That holiday will be anything but the same old, same old. Jupiter is pumping up structural changes in traditions, families and other foundations, when he squares Pluto, agent of unavoidable, fundamental change on the 24th.

The difference in this year’s model is more than what’s on the menu. A change in location, in companions and above all in approach and significance are all in order, and they’re setting the imprint for celebration in years to come. The urge is insistent and irresistible to do what you want, what you really really want, with someone (singular or plural) you really really want to be with. Expect smaller, deliberately chosen gatherings, simplification and greater meaning.

The impact is far greater than a holiday celebration. A template is being installed for moving forward, as the two planets of money and desire, Venus and Pluto, meet on the 25th, with Jupiter egging Venus on in her quest for tangible, bankable reward and experience. “Aha!” moments and messages assist, when Mercury gets a zap or two from radical change agent Uranus on the 26th.

Stabilizing and order begin to take shape with the Sagittarius New Moon on the 9th. Commitment of no small significance is in the air. The rebooting you experienced with the Virgo solar eclipse in September plays a role; this New Moon carries an imperative to step up and move forward on it. Relationships are a major area of activity, since structure-loving Saturn is the New Moon’s guest of honor, and Juno, the marriage goddess, is his date.

Resistance and impediments stand little chance, with Venus demanding action from Uranus. The month ends with a clash between the Sun and Neptune with the power to dispel illusion, delusion and any lingering fog. The impact can also rain down tenderness, compassion and kindness toward yourself and others. Allow that downpour to wash over you and water the foundations of your desires. They’ve been a long time coming.


Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016:  Welcome to the New Normal. (You’ll need to register at the hosting site for access to the recording.)

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