Bursting into Flames: Following up on Astro-Politics: Trump’s on Fire

Turns out Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric is pouring gasoline on fires of fear and discontent and inciting violence. Rolling Stone nails where this is heading in this report.

Pair his machine-gun, shooting from the hip pronouncements with dictatorish pronouncements, a recklessness disregard for what the office of the president actually has the power to do, and a huge swath of society looking for a scapegoat, and I’m seeing newsreels from 1930s Europe.

Read my original post predicting the effects of the Aug 14 Leo New Moon on Trump.

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Following up on Astro-Politics: Trump’s on Fire

Last week I posted an analysis of Donald Trump’s chart predicting that fire was coming to a head for him at the Leo New Moon August 14.

“I’m still waiting,” I’m hearing. Yes, he has not spontaneously combusted. Yet.

A few things to note:

  1. A New Moon cycle affects 30 days. Something has been lit, even if we aren’t seeing it yet.
  2. The press reported, at the New Moon, that he’s been called for jury duty.
  3. I predicted clarity to come:  “Expect the ramifications to become ever clearer in September, when Venus and Saturn go direct and ultimately change signs. By November Saturn crosses Trump’s Lilith. I don’t normally pay attention to Lilith, but mention her now because as Adam’s first wife, she does represent the scorned, devalued woman. There will be consequences.”

Read the original post.

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Astro-Politics: Trump’s on Fire

IMG_2Anyone noticed how rash, angry, outrageous and inescapable Donald Trump has been this summer? It’s been hard to miss, right? There’s an astrological reason for it. Actually, maybe five. And some of it is coming to a head, big time, at the Leo New Moon August 14.

First, the build-up:  (1) Radical, rebellious Uranus in shoot-first, aim-later Aries is in an open flow to Trump’s Sagittarius Moon. (View his birth chart at Astrodatabank.) That Moon placement is prone to foot in mouth disease by itself; with the Uranian contact any semblance of controls has shattered and a loose cannon has been unleashed, reckless, combative, unrepentant.  That’s been pumped up to extremes by Jupiter in Leo, traveling through Trump’s 12th house, the house of self-undoing and what I call “the back of the head,” the part of the self that is hidden to the conscious personality. The pumping up hit new heights at the end of June, when Jupiter trined Uranus. Since then Uranus has come within a degree of trining Trump’s Moon — think of that as going to the brink of the boiling point without quite reaching it. It’s making him a human Molotov cocktail, uncontrollable to the powers that be (cowering over in Pluto in status-quo Capricorn).

(2) Add to this the activity around Trump’s Leo ascendant. If the birth time at Astrodatabank is correct, Trump has 29 Leo rising, the very last degree of the sign of the king, right on top of Regulus, the fixed star of royalty. This translates into a showy personality and larger-than-life sense of self and entitlement. Two important transits have been whipping that up:  (a) a square from Saturn retrograding in Scorpio, all summer long, in Trump’s 4th house of home and security, which has been dredging up fears and beasties (one case in point: the immigration rhetoric) and (b) Venus retrograding in Leo, back into his 12th house of the unconscious and self-undoing, and squaring that Saturn in Scorpio (see, e.g.,  the inflammatory comments about women).

All this activity is going to escalate in the next two weeks. A fire storm is in store for Trump at the Leo New Moon on August 14, which will form a grand trine in fire with his Sag Moon and transiting Uranus. This is igniting within him and fueling public displays that may top any we have seen yet. Retrograde Venus is right next to the Sun and Moon, which adds to the mix issues of the subconscious, self-undoing, women, money and values. On Saturday the 15th, Venus and the Sun meet at the spot Jupiter occupied when he made his last exact trine to Uranus at the end of June, so expect something from that time to re-ignite. Between August 19 and 21, Venus contacts Uranus in two effortless ways (trine and parallel), which promises more fireworks, surprises and sudden changes.

Sounds like a formula for spontaneous human combustion. Or self-immolation.

Expect the ramifications to become ever clearer in September, when Venus and Saturn go direct and ultimately change signs. By November Saturn crosses Trump’s Lilith. I don’t normally pay attention to Lilith, but mention her now because as Adam’s first wife, she does represent the scorned, devalued woman. There will be consequences.

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Play Astrology in Action With Me

The astrology of this cluster of aspects has already been showing up dramatically in the news. I invite you to play Astrology in Action with me and share what you see by email or by posting comments to my Facebook page or here on the Astro-Isight blog.  Here are some observations to get you going:

Some of what is coming to light and calling for addressing ties to Christmas Eve through early January and/or early summer 2012. Here’s one example: The last week or two brought to light something called the Heartbleed bug, which affects passwords in a type of cryptography used by roughly 2/3 of all websites — think about that. News reports are that the National Security Administration has known about this flaw for about two years and has been exploiting it to expand its monitoring of us, rather than notifying any of the big sites that have been affected. And that the President authorized the NSA’s action in January.

Another time frame to consider is spring 1995. A lunar eclipse occurred at the same degree of Libra on April 15, 1995 as the eclipse that’s happening this Tuesday.  One pivotal event that happened then was the Oklahoma City bombing, which took place on April 19, 1995. Coincidentally or not, that’s the same day I had my first date with the first man I formally lived with. I’ll be watching for themes related to either to be coming back around again.

The current pressures are directly hitting the US, because its sun is at exactly the degree of the grand cross that’s forming among Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs. If you’ve been following the furor over mentions of evolution in the rebooted TV show Cosmos, it should not surprise you that the host, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, was born when the sun was almost at that very degree.

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Gay Marriages Under The Libra Full Moon

Astrology is in action all over the Web: Today’s Full Moon is in Libra, the sign of balance, relationships and social contracts, with the Sun in red-hot-Aries, accompanied by the archetypes of the lovers, Venus and Mars,and paradigm-breaking Uranus…and Facebook is awash in images of red equals signs, as the Supreme Court considers cases involving marriage equality, a graceful way of saying gay marriage rights.

The Aries pile-up is militant, insistent and gaining momentum, if the proliferation of red equal images is any indication. (They’ve evolved from two thick rectangles against red, to the floating pillows of Mark Rothko canvases, to stacked wedding rings against red, a red equal sign against the Constitution or a face (even Grumpy Cat’s), to flaming superhero arms flying across red — or stacked plastic ketchup squeeze bottles — forming the now-emblematic equals sign.) This spontaneous, snowballing of images is beautifully expressing the string-of-firecrackers energies in the skies. (Read more about them in my mooncast.)

It’s also giving me far more optimism than my legal background has about the Supreme Court just now. This may not be the moment when the halls of power give in to the groundswell. I will be flabbergasted, actually, if this particular line-up of judges comes down in favor of equality in marriage, and expect intellectual acrobatics that are infuriating and unapologetic. But this is the moment when society tips. This is the moment of no return on the issue. The Full Moon — with the goddess of love, the god of war and the agent of radical change united in rampage — is bearing down with a vengeance on Pluto, the agent of deep and unavoidable change, in Capricorn, which represents the structures that underlie our existence.

Structures must change, because the pressure to evolve is so great. All that pressure onto Pluto is dumping out across from him into Cancer, the sign of nurturing, of home life, of families. Society is changing. Family structures are changing. All this is happening no matter what the arbiters of law say right now. It simply is, independent of any formal or official sanction.

That will come, sooner or later. Whatever the Supreme Court’s decision is — and it may not be announced till late May, when the next square of Uranus and Pluto takes place — the metamorphosis is underway. The issue will return for revisiting and restructuring and refocusing time and again over the next two years, possibly in the form of more and more states passing marriage equality laws.

This week’s key events are occurring at the beginning of a cycle: in an early degree of the first sign of the zodiac. We are in the beginning times of this issue, not the end. A potent seed with radioactive strength has been planted. It will defy attempts to kill it. It will survive.

Neptune, Chiron & Davy Jones

The death of Davy Jones on February 29 has unleashed an outpouring of grief and memories with a collective, uniting nature that could not have happened at any earlier time. I have been participating in it myself, and the longer it plays out, the more I see Neptune and Chiron at work.

Neptune rules glamour, illusion and many of the forms that they can take — music, theater, the silver screen and the hype of a publicity machine. Davy rode the highest currents of all of those, first as a child actor on the long-running British soap-like series Coronation Street, and the Tony-nominated originator of the role of The Artful Dodger in Oliver!, and then as the heartthrob of The Monkees, a made-for-TV band that evolved into a phenomenon of its own right and merit. Davy’s eyes would graphically twinkle with stars when his character fell for a new lady love. At least two generations of fans returned the favor, because of the waves in which the show was broadcast: in prime time during 1966-1968, then on Saturday mornings, and again in the mid 80s when MTV launched. And for girls who missed out on that show, Davy’s iconic appearance on The Brady Bunch in the 70s provided a tenacious hook.

“He’s dreamy,” Marcia Brady sighed, and millions agreed. In his chart, dream-maker Neptune is in a direct current to his Sun, which equipped him for the role of teen idol and all the projections that go with that. (No surprise that the name of his signature song “Daydream Believer” encapsulates two Neptune concepts, fantasy and faith.) Part of his appeal, too, was a sweetness that came from him and not merely the scripts, shown in his birth chart by Mars in nurturing Cancer trining Moon in Scorpio, a combination that created a boyish but palpable sex appeal. His launch into television game got a boost from expansive Jupiter, which was on his Mars when the series premiered, escalating the planet’s tendencies to maximum power. Now that sweetness, and the familial/tribal vibe of Cancer, have been coursing across the globe since the end of February and working a very different, but nonetheless Neptunian, magic.

Word spread of his death within hours thanks to social media — which was birthed during the journey Neptune has just completed through futuristic, community-oriented Aquarius — and so did expressions of grief, gratitude, condolences and memories that fit the bittersweet, interconnecting and therapeutic currents of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The process very quickly put fans in direct contact with the other members of the band. Once they were shielded behind a studio publicity wall; now they were speaking directly to — and hearing directly from — us. Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork immediately released statements to their Facebook pages, statements that expressed both palpable emotion and the distinctive personality of each of them. Davy’s daughters wrote a thank-you to fans that was posted on his Facebook page. They have since requested that fans who wish to honor him send feed, apples and carrots to his horses in Florida, whom he was visiting the morning of his death.

The conversation is still flowing. Fans have posted memories and condolences on all the Monkees’ Facebook pages. Appropriately, much of it has dominated Peter Tork’s wall. A collective vibe comes naturally to him as the Aquarian of the group, so it was fitting that his page opened a chat function the weekend after Davy’s death, where fans could communicate directly during the Monkees marathon that ran on Antenna TV.

I’m seeing several currents of magic and healing in the flood of messages. Fans have been consoling not just each other, but also Davy’s family and his longtime band mates. We know their faces from the TV screen and teen magazines, their voices from records and radio, but now the interaction is more human to human, rather than fan to idol. This befits and expresses the universality of Pisces. It’s also a decidedly Chironic experience.

Chiron represents mastering physicality. Davy’s passing has brought him and his cohorts from the misty realms of celebrity into flesh and blood people with deeply affected hearts. (One noteworthy example: Peter’s appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show, in which interviewer and interviewee alike got to meet a person s/he had greatly admired from afar.) Neptune was sextiling Davy’s Capricorn Venus at his death, setting off the media machine again as well as offering him transcendence. (Bountiful Jupiter in down-to-earth Taurus was greasing the way, too, by making a beneficial contact to his Capricorn Sun; an active Jupiter is a hallmark of a quick and easy transition.) Chiron was sextiling his Venus and Sun, opening a doorway to healing and, at least in the eyes of his fans, becoming fully human. The memories of fans who met him once or twice, and of people who knew and worked with him, are spotlighting and fleshing out the man behind the image, by all accounts a generous-hearted man with a huge laugh and wicked sense of humor (Mercury in Sagittarius opposing Uranus in Gemini) who loved his horses, cats and fans and mingled openly in his hometowns in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Social media also birthed two memorial events. One fan used Facebook to organize a service in Beavertown, PA, where Davy has lived for some 20 years. Aware of and concerned about the impact on others (Neptune + Chiron in Pisces again), the organizer set up a fund to reimburse the town of only 950 for whatever this short-notice influx of visitors might do. Peter and Micky honored this event by sending letters that were read aloud to the gathering. Another fan announced a 24-hour candlelight vigil on the day of that memorial, so that fans who could not travel to Pennsylvania could join together in listening to music and pay respects to Davy. In another marvelous breaking of barriers between fan and performer, his representatives gave their approval to the online vigil.

It has been one vast ocean of emotion, love, tenderness, pain, nostalgia, music (lots of music), humanizing and comfort. Why so intense? An explanation that resonates with me is Rachel Maddow’s observation, “The show is embedded in my American cultural DNA.” Still, the impact is not only on Americans. A chapter has closed, and a worldwide community has come together to mourn it. Yes, there’s more than a little romanticizing. Neptune does that. But there’s also a higher expression of love, and enlightened perspectives on reality and passing (from Peter and Mike in particular) and, of course, the sharing, blending and healing that comes from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

The chapter closing is in Davy’s chart. Pluto, lord of the underworld, has been sitting atop his Sun and in the flow of the current from Neptune. Jupiter has joined them, in an easy and amplifying link to Pluto and an adjustment angle to Neptune, both with physical ramifications. The lunar eclipse of December 2010 was right on top of Davy’s north node, representing his mission or destiny, at the very last degree of Gemini. His life path was international to the max, but ultimately meant to communicate with countless people. The 2010 eclipse was a culminating event in that path, which had, not coincidentally, been redirected by the same eclipse cycle in the early 70s, when the band broke up and he started a solo career. Another culminating event happened just months ago, when the lunar eclipse of last December took place on his Uranus in Gemini. Time for a big change, and a big retrospective, and exactly that has been happening online and in the media, with “little” voices outnumbering the official ones. They won’t go silent soon. The lunar eclipse coming this June will oppose his Uranus and bring other revelations, information and developments.

On a not unrelated note: another iconic figure passed a week after Davy, Peter Bergman of the Firesign Theatre, whose recordings provided the centerpiece for many a toke-filled college dorm room and beyond in the 60s and 70s. His final words on Radio Free Oz March 6 unwittingly capture the current astrological atmosphere. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are the grounding point in the energy that is flowing through the three earth signs, the grand trine between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. “Don’t let depression darken the glass through which you look,” he urged. “This is a garden in which we live, a garden seeded with unconditional love, and …the tears…will spring those seeds.” Listen to his full message here; read the text here.

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Water, Water Everywhere: Forecast for Feb. 13-19, 2012

…and not a drop to think.

How’s the water feeling to you? We’re still acclimating to the Piscean atmosphere now, and it’s only getting more so this week. Hold tight to your grounding cord and follow your internal guidance system. If you’ve been uncommonly spacey or absent-minded, remember that these tools are at your disposal. (And if you haven’t been….are you sure?)

The planet of communication and transportation is descending from the high-rise perspective of Aquarius and setting sail in Pisces. When the Sun follows on Sunday, Pisces will be the dominant influence in the sky.

All that water can be assaultive (think: tidal wave), but it can also slip around, engulf and wear down. Signals will undergo something similar to what happens to sound when you dunk your head. The waters may distort messages, wash information for or from other people by you, and soften intellect and reason with caring, romanticism and otherworldly inspiration. The usually simple act of getting around may hit patches of confusion and misdirection, too. You could end up lost or at a destination without a clear understanding of how you get there.

It’s easier now to soak up images, concepts and emotions than grasp than cold, hard, verifiable facts. Some beings are banking on that, so monitor your boundaries *and* your filter. Notice the news stories — and how the media and public figures spin them — as Mercury moves from Neptune (Pisces’ ruler and the cosmic fog machine) to Chiron (the challenge to transcend abiding wounds and master physicality) to squaring the Moon’s nodes next weekend. The last contact will spit out developments having to do with law and politics (big surprise), religious beliefs, foreign relations, technology and the Internet and, very possibly, sports and academia.

On a personal level, this wave may crash you against thinking, beliefs and modes of technology and transportation that it would benefit you to reconsider and change, or that shove you in a direction that feels like destiny. Give yourself quiet time to process. The impact of this wave may be subtle at the moment, but its importance is long-term.

Ah, quiet time. It’s got a Required Daily Amount now. If the urge hits to nap, daydream, watch TV or stare out the window, indulge it. Hanging loose, going with the flow and leaving big chunks of time open on your calendar are the order of things for a while. Baths are calling, too.

Much of the RDA is scheduled for the predawn hours. No night this week passes without activity in the sky. Influences abound every single night to send gears and levers whirring, processing and assimilating. It might be fascinating (and would eventually be revealing) to jot down dream fragments every morning.

Mundane: Recent days have brought scads of examples of Neptune’s new phase. A few are listed in my article Neptune Dives Into Pisces and Splashes Up Some Archetypes. Whitney Houston’s death may well warrant a place on that list. Music, glamour and drugs are all part of Neptune’s realm. Pisces can demand a sacrifice, and Neptune’s trident has a way of hooking the person who will be it. Attending to the astrological overtones, Billboard is reporting that she was found in bathtub, with a legion of prescription drugs in her hotel room. I would not be surprised if the trigger for her death occurred a day or two before, in a sudden, angry outburst, when Venus was contacting Uranus in Aries.

Read my extended weekly forecast with day by day entries.

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Neptune Dives Into Pisces and Splashes Up Some Archetypes

Watching the news is a great, easy and fun way to learn astrology by watching archetypes in action. A lot splashed in the surf as Neptune dove into Pisces on Feb. 3. Neptune’s the lord of the sea (and magic/illusion/alcohol/oil/film/artistry/transcendence), and his home base of Pisces contain the waters that connect all existence. Play spot-the-symbolism with these news briefs:

Ghost signs for Club Atlantis were found under the boardwalk in Coney Island.

Gaze upon the first Wee Peeple doll of the year, a dark goddess with sea shells and a watery backdrop (and read a Uranus moving into squaring Pluto tale, to boot).

CNN reported a possible leak at a California nuclear plant (this has Uranian/Plutonian overtones, too).

On the first Sunday of Neptune’s 14-year voyage, through Pisces, Antenna Television aired an episode of “Circus Boy” with an unintended but pitch-perfect summation of the potential of the next few years when Neptune is traveling with Chiron, the wounded healer, who represents the challenge to master the physicality of existence. The Pisces child actor Mickey Braddock (nee Dolenz, and later of The Monkees), gave a pep talk to an aerialist whose leg and nerve had been broken by a fall from the highwire. Being a big man means you don’t run away from problems. You recognize that people need each other. And you have to forgive. “Who do I have to forgive?” “Yourself.”

That evening, the phrase “The Sea Is Calling” appeared against a black background in a commercial for the Royal Caribbean cruise line during the Superbowl.

And, in pre-show action, while Neptune was at the end of Aquarius and approaching a trine to Saturn (rules and authority) in Libra (society and law),

Moon Over Indianapolis: Madonna, The Super Bowl and the Leo Full Moon

Didja catch the Super Bowl’s half-time show? What a look-at-me spectacle, led by a Leo woman, a breathtakingly fitting lead-in to the Leo Full Moon. In the middle of the most hyper-masculine event this side of actual warfare, one woman took the stage and for one outrageous moment made the event all about herself. Madonna commanded the center of a universe populated by Roman centurions (or were they gladiators?), a marching band, cheerleaders, a choir. High, non-stop, outrageous drama full of flash, sparkle, gold, glint, not to mention her name, her initial, her image, larger than life. What a huge, huge personality it takes to hold your own amid all that; what a huge, huge ego, too. Aging? Has-been? Ha. Struck me dumb. It’s no stretch to see a presaging of Venus’ coming move into Aries and warrior goddess mode, in that one bold, high-energy woman leading all those men…and troops.

More on the Feb. 7 Full Moon here.