Forecast for the 2017 Taurus New Moon

2017 Cancer New Moon
June 23-24, 2017
7:21 PM PDT / 10:21 PM EDT / 3:21 AM GMT
2 Cancer 41

Get out your teddy bear, your blankie and your favorite childhood food.

And woe to anyone who reaches for them without permission.

This year’s Cancer New Moon is awakening the toddler within — and activating his vocal cords, muscle and most basic, unfiltered impulses.

Cancer is the Moon’s home, and the first and rawest of the water signs. Emotions rule this roost, which encompasses everything that makes us feel safe and secure (and the absence of which threatens us beyond reason) — Mommy, the comforts of home, food and tradition, family and tribal associations.

Our awareness and experience of them all are up for the annual reboot. This year’s model is unlikely to be quiet, gentle or still.

It comes quick on the heels of the solstice, when the Sun entered Cancer, on June 21 this year. The chart for that day set a show-me undertone for the summer, with Venus and the Moon both in earthy, sensory-focused Taurus. Wants are not theories or wishes, but desires that require physical fulfillment (and multiple helpings, to boot).

Those desires underlie the subconscious, childlike impulses stirring at the Cancer New Moon. It carries a profound potential for sweetness and tenderness, with giving and receiving nurturing serving as the currency of love.

There are other potentials as well, of course. Oversensitivity and poutiness, for one instance. Defensiveness, protectionism and combativeness, for another.

We’re more prone to express and act on Cancerian impulses because of company this Moon is keeping. She’s close by Mercury, ruler of our thoughts and words, and he in turn is closing in on Mars, ruler of drive, motivation and follow through.

Neither Mercury nor Mars is particularly comfortable sloshing about in the waters of Cancer. Mercury does better flying through the air than swimming, which drags his gait. Mars is awkward as well, stomping through a cozy cosmic kitchen in battle gear and boots. Frustration, pressure or going overboard are all possible results.

Hence the activation of inner toddler vocal cords and muscle. They override adult filters (just watch) that might otherwise restrain us from hugging, putting our hearts on our sleeves or tearing up. From squawking, acting like babies or reacting as if someone is trying to take a toy away. From standing up for someone (or thing) we love.Watch for a rise in cooking as caretaking and courtship, in expressions of love, in protecting turf and in fighting words.

This Moon bodes well for both existing and budding relationships, with the M-gods encouraging emotional outpourings and actions backing them up.

On a mundane/national level, this Moon and her honor guard may inspire a feeling of unity by reminding us of how we are family. The lineup may also draw acting out by the masculine archetype, in the form of aggression by angry, threatened men.

Use this New Moon to shore up your own sense of safety and security. Listen and respond to the rumblings of your inner toddler. Give it rest and treats and soft objects to hold.

Upgrade the comfiness of your home. Fluff the cushions on your couch and bed. Put the appliances in your kitchen to actual use, or at least sit at the table to eat, if you balk at the notion of preparing a meal.

Nurture yourself; nurture people you love (and tell them you love them), especially the one(s) you’ve been wanting to bring closer.

And if (okay, when) you see someone on the warpath, consider whether the battle has anything to do with you. If it doesn’t, step out of the way. Maybe have milk and cookies and a nap. And maybe have that regardless.

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June 2017

June promises a wild and wooly ride in an ever-changing environment. Don’t like the weather? Just wait. It’ll switch soon enough.

The atmosphere, conversation, alliances, agendas and tactics are all in for fluctuations (to put it charitably) that could spin a person’s head around.

Fortunately, flexibility is at your disposal as well. This is a month to make like a reed and sway in the wind. And the skies give you the roots to keep your heart and desires firmly planted.

The month begins with a self-actualizing send-off between Venus, ruler of all we value, and the lords of order and chaos, Saturn and Uranus. That pair has been fueling the year’s dominant and most paradoxical themes: simultaneously bringing form to individual, passionate impulses, and breaking apart norms and systems of thought.

The trine between Venus and Saturn on June 1 links to those individual, passionate impulses and attaches a grounding cord to our hearts and desires. Commitment (including acceptance of contours) flows easily and naturally, stabilizing relationships, money and creativity.

Breakthroughs follow when Venus meets liberating Uranus on the 3rd. Their contact explosively, dramatically ends whatever may remain from her recent retrograde and blasts us further along radical, personal trajectories.

From this point through the rest of the month, our anchors are firmly within ourselves. Your heart and your moral compass are aligned, freed from certain (but not all — you’re still human) debris. They are your guidance system, so press them into service.

The winds shift almost immediately. Mars, ruler of our drive, enters Cancer on June 4 and directs our energies for the rest of the month into home, family, nurturing and tribal issues. Watch for an upsurge in clucking, nesting, cooking and fighting for matters you care about (And taking things personally. And maybe pouting, too).

The noise level ramps up when Mercury comes home to Gemini on June 6.  During his brief stay — 15 days only! — minds and mouths fly, and so do our feet, as we’re inclined to get up from devices and run around a bit, too.

There’s still a bit of laziness in the air, though, and a pervasive “Show me!” attitude instead of a willingness to accept words. Chalk that up to Venus going home to Taurus, also on the 6th, and sending social and financial dealings into earthy, sensual, prove-it mode.

How we feel about what we’ve been hearing — and how well that meshes with our moral compass — come to a head at the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9. The noise-to-signal ratio is high then, especially regarding relationships, agreements and reciprocity. With Saturn at the party, this Moon has a built-in brake, which pulls in that moral compass, accentuates the weight of responsibilities and brings the walls in closer if we’ve played fast and loose with either.

Hard truths (and flurries of beasties that prefer being out of sight) follow, when Mercury squares Pluto on the 15th. The air lightens within five days, when opportunities fly to regain sparkle and lightness, to shift perspective and to pull genius-level ideas out of the air.

Home exerts a magnetic pull on the solstice (June 21 this year), when both the Sun and Mercury slide into Cancer and then fuse in emotional self-awareness. The day’s chart  colors the entire season with  a sweet jumble of sit-close-so-I-know-you’re-there emotional sustenance, flowing spiritual love and inspired creativity, and deepening, dependable intimacy.

The mix bodes well for staycationing, furthering interests of family (blood, chosen, tribal), and flourishing in relationships, creativity and tangible resources — if only unsettling music weren’t playing in the distance.

It’s surging by the Cancer New Moon on June 23, which squeezes relationship ground rules into new forms, or else. The imperative comes from aggressive Mars and Pluto pressuring Jupiter in Libra. Money, love and resources are at the root of it all, thanks to Venus in Taurus (in simpatico aspect with Mars and Pluto and in charge of Jupiter’s sign).

Desires become only more insistent, magnetic and obsessive as she completes a trine to Pluto on June 24. Reason has no power in the presence of a tractor beam.

That doesn’t rule out a backwash, however. The music grows louder (recognize the “Jaws” theme yet?) in the month’s final week. First emotional agendas, then all manner of communications, escalate wildly, only to open to grace and compassion. And maybe some confusion.

By the 28th, our walk and talk merge in the waters of emotion — which could be tender and loving, or the stuff of a pity party. The disconcerting music’s still playing at month’s end. And the off switch is not in reach. May as well stare into the abyss and become more conscious of what lurks in it.


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May 2017

e too fast” vibe gets louder when the Sun beings his annual tour of  Taurus on the 19th. We’ll see how s

May promises a crazy-quilt of epiphanies and breakthroughs; explosions and implosions; structure and solidifying; and ever-greater commitment to self. And beyond the broken glass from so many shattered light bulbs, life-changing messages and streamlined priorities.

The hubbub comes from several overlapping cycles entering new phases. Our minds and information streams are in the middle of it all, tilting, opening, changing, committing and arriving at core truths. The activity fuels an actualizing fervor that ignited in December and is now hitting a reality-testing plateau. Inner fires are flaring, conveniently dovetailing with a renewed cosmic imperative for our lights to shine brightly, courageously, unabashedly.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or thwarted, help is on the way. This month’s journey will hand you occasions galore to retool your perspective, get out of your own way and embrace the value and uniqueness of the individual you are. Not to mention drop attachments that simply do not matter anymore.

Read more….

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Forecast for the 2017 Taurus New Moon

2017 Taurus New Moon
April 26, 2017
5:16 AM PDT / 8:16 AM EDT / 1:16 GMT
6 Taurus 27

Buds are blossoming. Critters are stirring. What’s coming into being for you? That’s the focus and the growth potential of the Taurus New Moon.

This Moon, in the first, most primal earth sign of the zodiac, invites attention to the physical circumstances of your life. A thought or a look is not enough. It’s time to cultivate, immerse, experience, enjoy, touch, taste and savor — and set up the conditions that will bring you more.

A newly honed awareness is at work of what it is you actually want.  Have you noticed that your  preferences aren’t what they were? That certain foods or activities have lost their appeal, while others have to come to the fore? That your sense of your own worth has shifted into something more … worthy?

All that and more have become clearer over the past month-plus as the Taurus Moon’s ruler, Venus, sprinkled your path, social media, thoughts and likely dreams with memories, teachable moments and realizations; with trinkets, fool’s gold and recognition of nuggets you already possess.

Your tastes are refined, your appetite whetted. Now comes a Moon for seeking satisfaction.

Go easy on intangibles and far-off, maybe-someday bucket list items, if you use this lunation to make wishes or set intentions. (Though this New Moon does offer a portal to inspiration, magic and miracles, via a wide applying sextile to Neptune — you just have to not only be open to them, but also actively reach for and grab any that show up.)

This New Moon is more suited to the here and now — emphasis on the here, with a bit of slack on the now.

Instant gratification isn’t part of the process, though grazing and nibbling are likely along the way. Any Taurus Moon is a leisurely affair. This one sees ruler Venus in no rush at all.

The goddess of love, money and earthly delights is making a slow getaway from her six week retrograde (the occasion for the above-mentioned sprinkling). She’s floating at the end of Pisces, in the last degrees of the zodiac, and still quivering from recent exact links to Chiron, keeper of abiding wounds, and Saturn, ruler of order, time and adulting.

As she moseys out of Pisces for most of the rest of the month, she’ll continue having words with Saturn, who will say “no” and “not yet” and, when we orient ourselves sufficiently responsibly, “yes.” Watch for the carousel of emotions that colored Easter/Passover weekend — weepiness, weariness, acceptance, relief, resolution, balm and back to vague sorrow — to cycle back through and tenderize the ground we’re cultivating.

Watered by emotions, with slow and steady nurturing, the plantings of this New Moon have the potential to grow into tangible support and satisfaction. It has an air of fatedness, of supposed-to-be, with the New Moon making a wide trine to the Virgo North Node of destiny.  That contact is a benediction of sorts for the 18-month journey through Virgo the node is wrapping up, and the coming flourishing is what we’ve been working toward.

And some of that could end up feeling like heaven on earth. With Venus in the waters of higher love, and their ruler Neptune offering assistance, divine or ecstatic experiences are certainly possible down here on terra firm.

That may take the form of a thunderclap moment (finding God in a sunset, say, or freshly picked berries). It might also pervade and elevate modest, ordinary aspects of life. You can invite that in, actually, if you consciously view matter as spiritual energy that has come down to this plane and taken on physical form. Even money and resources. Especially money and resources.

Which goes for your body as well. Treat it as your temple and by all means, stay in it. It’s the vehicle for exploring and experiencing the growth coming from the Taurus New Moon. As they used to say, “Here is where it’s at.”

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April 2017

Push-pull is the theme of the month. The key’s in the ignition, the foot’s on the gas pedal and yet one force after another invites lingering, checking the mirrors, and shifting into reverse.

Sounds like a retrograde at work, right? Actually, several. This month has five:  two that directly affect (and often meddle with) daily life, and three that rework larger issues at a deep level.

Amid them we’ll be fine-tuning actions and agendas, tending to structures and commitments, and   gaining the benefit of an epiphany or three.

The combined influences encourage picking up loose ends and information (which will prove useful come summer), as well as enjoying the physicality of this experience we call life.

Picking daisies, smelling the roses (or the coffee), eating dessert first — whatever adage you choose or live, it won’t prevent you from realizing by month’s end you’ve made progress, somehow.

No doubt but that spring is underway, with five planets in fire at various points in the month, but still … we’re looking at the ground and behind us, more than scampering off into the future.

Venus Gets a Retrograde
Last month’s journey of revisiting desires and values continues for at least the first half of the month, with Venus remaining retrograde through April 15. She’s still coaxing out old flames, friends, projects and financial issues and inviting us to compare them — and current counterparts — to what our hearts truly want at this point.

That process takes on ethereal tones as she slides back into the gentle, exalted waters of Pisces on April 2 and downshifts from impulsive adventurer to mystic dreamer mode. Visitations could be more in spirit than in person and likely come with or inspire helpings of forgiveness and compassion.

Yet ghosts aren’t enough now. We want proof we can touch, taste and take to the bank, and we’re willing to wait (a bit) while it materializes. The atmosphere, and also communication, are decidedly earthbound, practical and languid, with cosmic messenger Mercury lounging till April 20th inside the doorway to Taurus, the first and slowest of the earth signs.

Mars, ruler of our drive, is also in Taurean slo-mo for the same length of time, a combo that wants physical evidence and experience of the heavenly visions Venus is spinning in Pisces.

Mercury Gets a Retrograde
Watch for the sensation of time stopping when Mercury starts his second retrograde of the year on April 9. This one lasts until May 3 and has two definite phases.

It’s all about love, money, and getting our due until the 20th, when self-awareness locks in and Mercury scoots back into Aries. Thoughts, talk and getting around turn fiery, impulsive, impatient and aggressive — a recipe for hotheaded confusion and misdirection, during Mercury retrograde.

The usual precautions apply:  Allow extra time. Doublecheck details. Avoid making assumptions. Ask lots of questions. Put off major agreements. Instead, use the added oomph to clean up old business, fast. (Read more in How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in 2017,

Outer Planet Get Retrogrades, Too
Saturn and Pluto begin their annual retrogrades this month, on the 6th and 20th respectively. (The month’s fifth retrograde belongs to Jupiter, which has been backtracking through relationship and agreement turf since the beginning of February). Saturn is reworking issues of responsibility in beliefs, politics (yup), the media and foreign affairs through August, while Pluto Roto-Rooters infrastructures, institutions and foundations though late September.

Banner Days
Bold action moves mountains on the 5th, when Mars trines Pluto. (Or maybe just:  less is more.) Compression births form (think:  labor contractions) on the 8th , when Venus squares Saturn and the Sun squares Pluto. The Libra Full Moon on the 11th directs attention to the see-saw of relationships. Maybe yours blossom; maybe you see, unmistakably, where they’re out of balance.

Lightning bolts shatter perceptions of yourself (perhaps self-imposed, perhaps adopted) during the Sun’s super-conjunction with Uranus April 12-14. Assimilation leads to your new normal and  greater love of self on the 17th, when the Sun trines structure-loving Saturn and joins Neptune, lord of transcendence.

The “slow down; you move too fast” vibe gets louder when the Sun beings his annual tour of  Taurus on the 19th. We’ll see how satisfying that is emotionally at the Taurus New Moon on the 25th — but not until after fidgetiness sets in. Action hero Mars enters Gemini on the 21st and unleashes yakfests and multi-tasking through early June.

At month’s end, desires resume go-get-’em mode, when Venus jumps back into the fire of Aries. Her return, on the 28th, coincides with the lightning strike of Mercury joining Uranus in Aries. The meet-up delivers startling information and sudden shifts in thinking and perspective. Some might further a-has that erupted at the duo’s first conjunction in Aries on March 26. More’s coming when the pair joins once again at May’s Scorpio Full Moon.




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Forecast for the 2017 Aries New Moon

March 27, 2017

7:11 AM PDT / 10:11 AM EDT / 2:11 PM GMT

7 Aries 37

by Kathy Biehl

And we’re off! Call it kundalini, life force, spring fever or waking up. The Aries New Moon, the first moon of spring, is unleashing primal instincts and propelling us into the season.

It’s time to get up and get out. Take initiative; take risks. Gamble and gambol. Leap impulsively, confidently, assertively, brazenly.

Everyone’s got free-agent status right now, emboldening them to act in their own interests, alone, and stand up to — or preemptively attack — obstacles, opposition or competition.

We’re all young rams, bursting with energy, testing our footing, prowess and horns, and answering a natural call: Just do it.

Yet this year’s Aries New Moon is not all charging and leaping and pouncing and adventuring. It also encourages staying put now and again and savoring – much like Star Trek’s Captain Kirk pausing a mission and indulging in a romantic interlude.

So the thrill of the chase isn’t the only imperative. Enjoying the catch is as well. And maybe having a snack.

The textures come from the interplay of Aries’ ruler, Mars, and his cosmic love Venus. Venus rules what we want (generally love, money, beauty, creativity). Mars rules how we go after what we want. Those two impulses, desire and drive, are not merely in synch right now; they are inextricably interwoven.

Venus and Mars are currently enjoying a balance of power and working in unusual harmony. Each is in a sign ruled by the other:  Venus is in Mars’ base, Aries, while Mars is in Venus’ spring  home, Taurus. This relationship, called mutual reception, means that any influence on one of them also resonates with and affects the other. Neither is operating in a vacuum, but as part of a unit.

Our hearts are emboldened, fierce and on the prowl, while the rest of our being wants more than the hunt. It wants to sink into the aftermath, in physical, sensory experience. Mars in Taurus is in no hurry to rush away, either.

It’s a seeming contradiction: The desire for immediate gratification is bound up with a methodology that is slow, steady, step-by-step and fixed on the moment instead of running off after the next big thrill. Watch the tension build. And excitement. And possibly pay-off.

Heightening this bond is Venus’ conjunction with the New Moon. She has been in backtracking mode since March 4, taking us on a journey of investigating and rediscovering relationships, money issues and creative projects from the past and current time.

Her retrograde has taken her over the degree currently occupied by the Sun and the Moon. Each of them has recently stopped by her and picked up input about her retrograde journey, which is now coming with them into their own meeting. As a result, the impulses growing out of this New Moon are tinged with the awareness of what the Venus retrograde has shown us so far. We have information about what we don’t want anymore, and what we’d like more of, please, and what we want (more likely, need) to redo.

This Moon’s energies could generate some sexy moments. It’s certainly injecting a streak of earthiness and practicality into hearts and desires.  Rambunctiousness for its own sake isn’t the point.  We want something we can actually have and physically experience.

Quality, not quantity is the likely result. Mars is moving into an easy flow with Pluto, which leads to paring back, focusing and intensifying.  Relationships especially have the potential to go deep, thanks to another open current Mars is enjoying, with Juno, the protector of marriage.

As the next four weeks unfold, notice the impulses coursing through. Let them lead where they may. And watch for invitations to stop and smell the roses. Feel the warming spring air. Run your hands across plants, trees and other living things. Sink into your body, into the earth, into the physicality of existence, on this plane.

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March 2017: Two Steps Forward, One Look Back (Or More)

You’re in for a workout in March. We all are. The wind’s at our back, pushing us onward and hurrying the pace. Then other forces join in,  some jerking our heads backward, another sinking us deeper into our bodies.

How to respond? Scurry ahead? Turn around? Flee to the past? Throw a tantrum? Stuff your face?

Yep. To all.

March’s complex celestial clockwork splays our attention across multiple overlapping timelines. Some are identifiable and pop up for everyone. Others are customized for you, only you. All are infused into the equinox chart, which means time-hopping is an ongoing factor for all of spring.

The Role of Dec. 2013
Watch for echos all month long from late December 2013 (or its immediate aftermath).  Fundamental, tectonic shifts erupted then that reshaped your psyche, and likely relationships and family structure. Whatever grew out of those shifts is up for dramatic expansion now, as Jupiter forms an excruciatingly slow-building t-square with cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto.

The first stage, peaking March 2, pits mushrooming relationship and fairness concerns against an explosive impulse for personal freedom. By March 30, relationship issues push for deep, lasting and powerful systemic changes — none of which would be possible without the world tilts of late 2013.

The process provides a good, long look at tensions in specific situations and agreements, then births their next big phase.  Be on the lookout for this playing out in political news. New horizons in power grabs — or crackdowns —  are possible by the end of this dance.

Curious to learn more? Read why December is relevant now.

Old Flames & Financial Matters
While developments from late 2013 are blossoming and expanding, our attention is also being lured backwards. And sometimes yanked. The instigator is Venus, ruler of love, money, beauty, creativity — basically, everything we mortals value. Her domain is coming up for revisiting during her retrograde from March 4 to April 15.

Some of what’s surfacing involves current involvements and agreements, which you may review,  reconsider and possibly reignite.  Some of it is downright ghostly. Don’t be surprised if old loves and friends show up in dreams, social media or conversation — or in direct contact.

Old financial matters also have a way of returning during a Venus retrograde. Shelved creative projects or outlets could easily come back to life now as well.

Because Venus is in huntress mode, aka Aries, revisitings and visitations alike come impulsively and with high energy, if not passion.  Or tempers. They invite spontaneity, risk-taking and hair trigger reactions.  You could throw caution to the wind and do Lord knows what. You could just as likely put out smoldering fires and extinguish whatever tiny sparks might have remained.

Every bit of the past you encounter is an opportunity to resolve unfinished business (even if you thought it was done already) and to learn about yourself and what your heart values now, as opposed to then. Whether you take up with an old love or indulge in nothing more than memories, the lasting importance is what you learn about your own heart. Likely you’ll retrieve a part of yourself, or realize you’ve grown so much you would never get involved now with a person or situation like that.

You can instigate a lot of this journey yourself. Hunt down lingering business that affects your heart and finances and actively deal with it. Check in on people you used to be involved with. See where your heart lies uneasily in current involvements and address the discomfort.

Be bold. Speak up. Take chances. Declare your emotions (love, even) and see what follows. And have fun.

One caution:  don’t jump into any new relationship, job or deal that presents itself now, or splurge on a high-dollar item. New investments during a Venus retrograde have a way of turning out to not be worth what you thought. (Do. Not. Marry. Do. Not.) As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold.

The fieriness surges when Mercury enters Aries on the 13th. The vagueness, confusion and unwitting telepathy of February dries up, and communication turns self-starting, spontaneous, impulsive, combustive, assertive, even reckless.

As hurried and impetuous as the second half of the month is, treat Venus’ backpedaling as part of  an ongoing investigation. Mercury will be heading to his own retrograde next month as Venus wraps hers up. Know that some of the investigation will extend into Mercury’s retreat, which will take him from Venus’ Taurus home back into Aries.

Meanwhile, Back in the Here and Now
As timelines begin to pile up on you, grounding cords conveniently lock into place. Developments that have been percolating stabilize and take form around March 5, when the ruler of our drive, Mars, completes an easy, open current with Saturn, lord of structure, order and commitment. If you’ve been itching for a situation to firm up, it may well then.

After that, how we go after what we want downshifts into the slow, practical and concrete. Mars, the ruler of our drive, leaves the fire of Aries on March 9 for the raw earthiness of Taurus, which he visits through April 20. His presence there not only keeps us in our bodies, but also encourages using and enjoying them. Food, drink and other sensual experiences have a marked gravitational pull, for you alone and à deux.

It’s an irresistibly sexy time. No point in fighting it. Not likely you’ll want to. Sheer physicality will stabilize you and momentarily slow time as developments mushroom and ghosts swirl around.

That gravitational pull toward physicality may be particularly strong at the Virgo Full Moon of the 12th. That Moon may also, however, encourage us to analyze and exercise discernment. Tension results….what to do with it, what to do…

The Equinox Chart
All of this has a life span that outlasts the month of March. The spring equinox, on March 20, when the Sun makes its annual entry into Aries, takes place in the midst of this head-rattling, escalating, impulsive, desire-driven, take-it-to-the-bank, life-changing blend of energies.  Because they are in place at the equinox, they will resonate to some degree throughout the entire spring —  with one twist.

The equinox chart imposes a measure of order on that unruly blend, through the stabilizing, limiting and constraining influence of the Moon tightly conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. (It’s an uneasy peace, however, since that pair is in direct contact with rabble-rouser Uranus.) We may crave and seek structure; it may be slipped onto us. Integrity, ethics, beliefs or politics may play a role. If you’re looking for footing, the sure place is in your perspective on life.

And We’re Off
Stabilizing doesn’t mean slowing down, though. Aries gets two more blasts as the month winds down. Desire hits the gotta-have-it point when the Sun meets Venus on March 25. The gumption to go for it follows at the Aries New Moon on March 28. Raw life force is breaking out everywhere you look, and in you as well. If you’ve been lacking in nerve, you’ll find plenty coursing through you.

The month ends with communication settling into a practical, calmer, step-by-step mode, as Mercury enters Taurus on March 31. Running around takes on a slower pace as well.

Energies remain high, but we’re more likely to chew on an impulse before leaping on it. Besides, relationships are undergoing monumental systemic changes, building on the expansive tensions that started the month. There’s a lot to take in, process and communicate. You’ve got the time. Trust it.

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