So Mars is direct. Now what?

Mars, the ruler of our drive, is now direct, after being retrograde since the beginning of March. If you haven’t seen action, you will soon enough. Big lunges forward are coming as Mars triggers points and issues that have been worked over for the past two to five years. Get a handle on what’s in store by joining my Summer 2014 Astro-Talk conference call June 4. I’ll be talking about:

  the forward motion that’s coming

  how that ties to the recent past

  what this means for relationships and

  the atmospheric changes of July

You can ask questions, too, so start making your list now. The call is at 8 PM EDT on Wednesday the 4th. The cost is $20. Everyone who registers will receive an mp3 of the call, so sign up if you’re not sure you can make it. International readers: if there is sufficient interest I am willing to hold a session by Skype as well. Email me if you’d like that. Register here. If you’d like a personalized forecast for the summer, you’ll find that easy to set up at my Book a Session pages. I’ve just revamped them to be more straightforward, informative and friendly to navigate. I have openings for appointments starting Tuesday of next week. Let me know if you prefer evening or daytime and we’ll tawk. Feel free to check in on Facebook or the contact form at the bottom of this message. © Kathy Biehl 2014. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know. About Astro-Insight and Kathy Biehl IF YOU RECENTLY USED THIS FORM TO CONTACT ME ABOUT A READING, I REPLIED AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BOUNCED. Use this form to contact me:

How Ya Doing With the Brain Fog?

Haven’t the last few days been beyond spacey?

One friend told me he feels like he’s walking a couple of feet behind his brain. Another is so disoriented that she’s physically uncomfortable and going to bed early. I’ve been misjudging time and getting lost behind the wheel.

Has reality felt different to you, too — more dreamlike, spacey, even confusing? Neptune has sailed into Pisces for a 14-year voyage, and we’re all having to get our sea legs.

In two talks, I will discuss what this new influence holds in store and present two different (but equally important) types of tools for navigating it smoothly.

If you are interested in a phone presentation at a different time, please email me to discuss logistics.

Part I: Working With Your Inner GPS
Now that the fog has rolled in, your physical senses alone are no longer reliable for moving about. In this session you’ll link your senses to your internal guidance system, so that they work in cooperation and deliver signals you can trust.

By phone: 8 PM EST, Tuesday, Feb. 28. You will receive call-in instructions by email after registering. $20.

Part II: Working With Your Energy Filters
The interconnected nature of Pisces is making all of us more susceptible to energy that doesn’t belong to us. Learn to recognize how much you pick up and carry in the course of ordinary life. You’ll come away with several quick and simple techniques for clearing it out.

By phone: 8 PM EST, Tuesday, March 6. You will receive call-in instructions by email after registering. $20.

Register here.