Forecast for the 2016 Capricorn New Moon

December 28 – 29, 2016
10:53  PM PST / 1:53 AM EST / 6:53 AM GMT
7 Capricorn 59

The New Year vibe gets a head start thanks to this year’s Capricorn New Moon. It’s bringing goals, foundations and material security front and center as 2016 winds down and we head toward its successor.

The impulse is rising in even people who aren’t normally inclined to make resolutions. And for those who do, this year’s crop is not likely to have many repeats — items that carry over from one year to the next without much happening (besides being moved from list to list….)

This behavioral shift grows out of the shake-up going on with Capricorn’s ruler. What’s happening to him is refreshing our perspectives and tilting much in our lives.

Saturn, lord of order, responsibility and commitment, is in a mutually amplifying collaboration with Uranus, lord of chaos, liberation and unpredictable change. They’re injecting the old with radical possibilities (if not blasting it to smithereens) — and bringing form and grounding to gotta-be-me quests.

Previous norms don’t hold now. This is not merely true of what we’re seeing on a national and global scale. It applies directly to you. The path stretching ahead might have been unthinkable a few years back. It matches your current experience of life and understanding (and value) of yourself. So do the goals you’re inspired to set now, the practicalities you consider and the way you proceed. All are responding to shake-ups, new directions, flashes of genius, unexpected developments and a relentless, nigh on feral drive to live for yourself, darn it.

There’s no rush to set any of these. Saturn takes his time. Capricorn wants value for the long haul, not instant fixes. Retrograde Mercury has the Moon’s back in this, too. Standing right with the New Moon, he is not only encouraging slowing down, but also inviting going back over some of those practicalities.

Matters that turn up now — stray bits of info, disclosures, evidence of confusion or misunderstandings — have useful, practical potential. This is also true of annoying technology glitches. Every snag is a prompt to put your foundation in order before you go flying off on next year’s fiery energies. Opportunities to learn more and fine tune will soon follow, after Mercury goes direct in January.

This path to the future has another uncommon characteristic: encouragement not to push goals, or charge after them, or slam fists on tables and demand them. Mars, ruler of our drive and action, is in the company of grand illusionist Neptune, in the interconnected waters of Pisces.

They’re the opposite of the concrete that is so key to Saturn and Capricorn. Push in water and who knows where it will go, besides eventually back on the pusher. Instead, a receptive, feminine approach is in order: setting targets and being open to them coming to us, or our being led to them.

Pulling this off requires tools that don’t fit in a hand, but promise great worldly impact all the same. Faith, imagination, visualization and divine guidance, for starters. Awareness of the existence of others is the umbrella for other possibilities, such as compassion, gentleness, kindness, empathy and love.

Don’t ignore magic and miracles, either. They’re definitely among Neptune’s gifts. With Mars heading right for him, they’re easier to net than logic would suggest.

So think about your goals, practical and tailored to current-time you. Call on intangible help and release them with faith. Be open to magic and miracles; in fact, request and expect them. And then go with the flow.


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Out With the Old! Forecast for Dec. 26 – Jan. 2

The end of the year already?!? Yes, you can believe it? That’ll be the topic of conversation for days. While you engage in the usual round of pre-New-Year’s chatter (where has the time gone?), watch for the telling undercurrent: the ending vibe that’s with us now. We’re ending more than an artificial unit on the calendar. A lot more.

A long-awaited, long-simmering process is kicking in. We’re no longer merely gearing up for take-off; we’re lifting off.
Pushing the pedal to the metal and moving forward. Putting one foot in front of the other and starting the long-distance sprint. Whatever movement metaphor works for you, it is morphing from concept to reality, with one little twist.

The journey we’re beginning is not a diversion, or temporary, or a round trip. We have a short window for going back to pick up something we forget, or make sure we turned the stove off. By April, though, the passageway will close in time/space and there will be no more turning around.

The lords of our festivities this week are Jupiter and Pluto. Together they spell: Big Endings. Well, whaddya know. You sense that, don’t you? We’ve all been acknowledging that. (Just look at your holiday preparations — haven’t you been starkly aware that this holiday is a departure from the past?) The End of Some Part of Life As We Have Known It is part of the vibe of last Saturday’s new moon, and that’s coloring this week as well as the entire winter season, all the way through to the spring equinox.

The teamwork of Jupiter and Pluto encourages action that is both slow, deliberate and practical and penetrating, fearless and permanent. We’re not merely carting wrapping paper and ribbons to the curb all week. An epidemic of cleaning and clearing out is on the way. You’ll be shelving this year’s latest acquisitions when your eye will fall on objects to which you have lost all energetic connection — and then the purging begins. What doesn’t hit the trash bin is bound for giveaways, because who has the patience or time for eBay these days? (If you don’t know about Freecycle, check it out!)

The slow, deliberate and practical part of that planetary equation comes from Jupiter, now hovering direct at the first degree of the first earth sign, Taurus. He’s gently renewing optimism, inflating a second wind, erasing exhaustion and feelings of futility, and rekindling belief in the validity and plausibility of your material goals. Whatever else has been going on — and some of us have been grappling with truly stark and sobering developments — Jupiter lights up the bright spots and silver linings. He is providing reassurance that all is really for the best, showing the value of what remains and promising a payoff in the spring.

Jupiter’s also giving the go ahead. He’s linking with Uranus at the first and fieriest degree of the zodiac, who ignited our inner engines when he went direct on the 10th. We’ve been idling our engines since then. Yes, you can go now, Jupiter is saying; just don’t jump ahead. Step by step. Still. (He won’t move off the first degree of Taurus till mid January.) But steps forward, for a change.

As subtle as Jupiter is, Pluto is the opposite. We can’t miss seeing the effects of his hand, and particularly his scythe. His impact continues to be stark, streamlining and purifying, ushering out situations that have expired and exposing others that could be threats if not addressed.

He has meetings this week with Venus and the Sun, as well as important contacts with the Moon. The effect of this is to make the meaning of last Saturday’s New Moon personal and internal, very quickly.

Monday’s growth aspect to Venus brings a simplicity to our hearts, with a scaling back in our desires leading to a more intense connection to the ones that remain. Maybe we’re around fewer people this holiday, but the ones who are there are truly, madly, deeply present. I’m thinking of several situations in my circle involving recent and scary health dramas and can see the family members viewing each other with rededicated appreciation and gratitude.

Thursday the Sun has his annual meeting with Pluto, opening us to the rawest and most profound awareness of our personal truths. Outmoded parts of our identify are going on the chopping block, or out to the curb in the ethers as well. The potential is great for healthy personal empowerment, facilitated that same day by cooperation between the Moon and Pluto.

Then comes the demand for action, the imperative for inner transformation, the cosmic alarm clocking going off and summoning the butterfly from the cocoon. That’s the impact of the final major aspect of the year, a square from the Moon to Pluto. 2011 is not going out easily or quietly, and it is not going to let anyone carry excess baggage willy nilly into 2012. Not no one, not no how. Everyone must drop something, even at the end of the line.

Toss out the glass that is half empty. Pick up the one that’s half full — then pour it to overflowing. Toast the departed. Toast what and who remains. Open your heart to the growth and adventure that are coming.

One caveat about celebrating New Year’s: Late-night driving is potentially problematic-to-nasty thanks to a Mercury/Mars square around 1 AM EST (midnight CST, 11 PM PST). Road rage, arguments, brushes with the law — you don’t want any of them. Take care.

More in my day-by-day forecasts and my six-minute podcast for the week.

The Merry (?) Christmas Capricorn New Moon

December 24, 2011
10:07 AM PDT /1:07 PM EDT / 6:07 PM GMT
2 Capricorn 34

This year’s Capricorn New Moon is a stark, ground-breaking and ground-laying event. It’s got a cold and calculated air, in strange juxtaposition to Christmas Eve, the day on which it falls. Yet the connection is solid and profoundly meaningful. Even with its atmosphere of less (which in some cases is also loss), this New Moon does promise rebirth and growth, completely in keeping with the underlying, often obscured purpose behind this holiday.

The energies around this New Moon bring to mind preparing a garden for winter: fiercely pruning and trimming some plants and ripping others out, with the goal of maximizing growth to come. Next year’s garden won’t be the same as this year’s or even as planned up to this point, due to an element that inspires impulsively repurposing a portion of the garden as well. Still, the point of the exercise remains preparing for and supporting future flourishing. Hold tight to that. It’s the silver lining in everything that happens, shifts, rearranges or goes away now.

The Sun and the Moon are meeting in the sign that naturally encourages an eye to the future, long-term planning and determined, unemotional effort. This year, their conference has the destabilizing participation of the two cosmic change agents, Pluto and Uranus. Pluto is interjecting his imperative to transform — to streamline, to cut away, to release — fundamental goals, structures and situations. (This can also extend to seizing power and control; watch for government, military and police action in the news.) Uranus is demanding a radical break from the old ways, and particularly from thoughts or structures that limited our ability to flourish as individuals. (Don’t think that the Occupy movement is going away anytime soon.)

Meanwhile, Jupiter is in an easy flow with the New Moon, trining it from the first degree of the first earth sign, Taurus, in the final hours before he stations direct tomorrow. This contact is a slow-acting blessing that prolongs the playing out of the New Moon’s energies while anchoring them firmly to our worldly existence. Because Jupiter is also in contact with Pluto and Uranus (in a trine and adjustment aspect, respectively), his presence also escalates the depth of the cuts, the abruptness of the change, the starkness of the course corrections being required now. All have tangible, practical, mundane effects. We are actually, deeply how we experience and relate to the physical world.

The most dramatic evidence of this will not blossom until spring — the end of this season — when Jupiter makes major headway through the sign of Taurus. And, no coincidence, the revolutionary/evolutionary alchemy of this New Moon lasts that long. It colors the entire winter, because it occurs so close on the heels of the solstice.

Some of the cuts you’ll experience from this New Moon will not be of your conscious choosing. Focus on the ones you do choose, and on what practical responses are available to you for the ones you don’t. Be mindful of and embrace the actions and decisions you are making as you put your garden to bed for the winter. Choose for your long-term health, support and flourishing.

What you require may be, and likely is, far different from what you previously thought — less, in some ways, but deeper, stronger and more meaningful, in others. Look at this New Moon as decluttering the garden. You’re removing competitors for nutrients and space, which could otherwise crowd out or malform the plants you require. No explanations or apologies needed.

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Breathe! Forecast for Dec. 12-18, 2011

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Catch your breath! The roller coaster is evening out. The next DVD in the series is about to slide into the player. Your engine has started. No matter which of these metaphors resonates, the impact is the same: Moving forward feels possible, even likely, at last.

This week is much, much, much less astrologically active than last. (Return to my opening sentence, rinse and repeat.) The energies that peaked on Saturday continue to spool out, of course, but at least we’re out of the intensity of their build-up.

Information is still rolling in about the power of words and beliefs, one of the dominant themes of Saturday’s lunar eclipse, which was a full moon in Gemini. (Read my full discussion of that event here.) Revelations are still part of the picture, too. A few more are in the pipeline, though likely not as huge as what has surfaced since the beginning of the month. More data is coming, too, on the ones that have already surfaced.

Some of the disclosures this eclipse is knocking loose are downright game-changing, and that will continue to the case as the eclipse plays out. For some of us, these have the effect akin to shining a light on the monster under the bed, or catching sight of a tiny gremlin that’s been lurking beneath the front seat of our car and grabbing the steering wheel with long, spindly arms. For others of us, messages have kicked over the game board we envisioned as the future and rearranged the playing pieces into startling and exciting possibilities.

Actually, everyone’s warming up to startling and exciting possibilities now that Uranus the awakener has turned direct. It’s as if a key has turned and freed us from an internal prison, and/or an unseen hand has turned up the gas jet and sent our inner flame from a flicker to a roaring fire. A raw and potent life force is blazing within us — one that makes it impossible to tolerate the intolerable any longer (c’mon, admit it; you’ve been doing that) and fuels the gumption and bravado to strike out for territory that is new, and true, to you. Each of us knows that a certain way of life — of approaching life — is on the way out. We’re just beginning to dabble in what is taking it’s place.

No rush. We will be grappling with the ramifications of all of this for some time. The planet of communication is offering help with the process. For three weeks, Mercury has been assisting in ways that haven’t been entirely welcome — throwing people and information from the past at us, snarling travel (which gave us time to ponder, if we took it instead of fuming) and stressing out flawed technology and vehicles to the point that we’ve had to repair or replace them (which ensured that we have reliable tools for the next stage). All were byproducts of his retrograde cycle, which is ending now.

The week begins with Mercury stationed (not moving). He turns direct on Tuesday — at the very degree of the Sagittarius New Moon from Thanksgiving weekend, which was a solar eclipse. Comfort and flow in communication and travel will be a few days in coming. By the weekend, we’ll be openly and actively processing and assimilating the revelations, realizations and liberations of the latest eclipse gauntlet. Our thoughts and conversations are moving to the future and what we are going to do with and about everything we’ve been hearing, witnessing and realizing lately. A distance of time and space and a clarity of perception are coming that will make sense out of much that happened during the window between November’s solar eclipse and last week’s lunar.

The big push forward doesn’t come until after Christmas, and a fuller picture of where we’re heading may not arrive till the next round of eclipses in May and June. We’re clearly and consciously preparing for take-off now, though. Think of yourself as a pilot in the cockpit with the engine warming up while you run down your pre-flight checklist.

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Talk About Looney! The Gemini Full Moon Total Eclipse of Dec. 10

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Really? I beg to differ. Words have a phenomenal, stealth and lasting power to not only touch us, but also spawn beliefs that mold and guide our lives. That’s part of what’s up for reexamination under this month’s Full Moon in Gemini, which is a total lunar eclipse at the south node of destiny.

The past few weeks have been escalating the intensity that always comes with a lunar eclipse. (Think of it as a super-sized full moon.) Not only do we have the heightened emotions that flow from any full moon, but we’ve got them being whipped up by the revelations that are always part of the build-up, too. If you have doubted that form follows thought (what we think => what we experience), think about the revelations that have been erupting in your life and environment lately.

You might think that a lunar eclipse involving the signs that govern communication (Gemini and Sagittarius) wouldn’t have much room for emotional drama, but that has not been the case this time around. People have been showing their hands, their motivations and their true colors in the most astonishing ways. Matters have been coming to a head not just about thought forms and beliefs, but also involving the reliability of our technology and modes of transportation, (how much have you had to replace lately?), higher education, the legal system, the media, information delivery systems (the postal system going broke and FedEx being shut down by snow multiple times), religion and foreign lands, peoples and languages. Information has been especially abundantly coming to light about embezzlement, misappropriations, scams and financial loss, not to mention the epidemic of college coach sexual assault charges (which combine the academic and law aspects of Sagittarius in one issue).

All of this has been handing over puzzle pieces that explain vast chunks of the past, going back weeks, going back years and, in some instances, going back to our earliest days. This extra-long tail comes from the Moon being at a point that represents the past, our habitual responses and what we are moving away from. That’s why so much ancient information and beliefs are in the spotlight.

The usual chapter-ending characteristic of a lunar eclipse has a much bigger potential scope this time around. We could be overturning thinking that has governed our lives. This is occurring for each of us individually; because of the collective experience that the nodes represent, it is also happening to us as a group. No coincidence that it is during the build-up to this eclipse that the U.S. Senate passed a military appropriations bill that permits military arrests and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without trial or right to counsel — in violation of the Constitution and the protection of habeas corpus that is one of the founding tenets of this country. (Read more in this long discussion of the bill’s language, background, effect and opponents.)

Don’t like that? Harness the communication imperative of Gemini and express yourself. There’s still time to speak up and, if you are so inclined, get involved. Another 18 months have yet to play out in this eclipse cycle. We’re at only the midpoint of the evolution in thought and systems that this cycle will bring.

This eclipse is a turning point, though. It carries wild-card, high-voltage energy. As the Sun and the Moon face off, long-simmering passions are reigniting. A revolutionary spirit is getting a second wind. Whether you call it courage, gumption or motivation, a raw life force is bursting forth within each of us. Something is being unlocked. It’s time again to leap without looking, to take risks, to go it alone, as each of us did in June 2010 and the spring of this year.

All these shifts are triggered by Uranus, the cosmic change agent, stationing direct at the first degree of Aries, on the same day as the Full Moon. This spot is the very beginning of the zodiac, so it contains the vitality and power of a shoot bursting from a seed. The spot is also on what is called the World Axis, which means that public events will be expressing these impulses for all to see.

The lunar eclipse and Uranus are working in tandem. The eclipse is bringing awareness. Uranus is giving the firepower to act on and with that awareness. And the celestial line-up is making sure our inner drive has no choice but to kick in. The Full Moon is making the movement-demanding aspect of a square to Mars, ruler of our drive (and of Uranus, while he’s in Aries), in the practical, improvement-oriented earth sign of Virgo.

That’s a counter-balance to the impulses that will be sparking in us. Mars may be gung-ho, but Virgo insists on going over the fine print and measuring twice before cutting. As much as we want blast-off, we’ll be attending to all manner of details before that happens. Which is not to say that some people won’t attempt blasting off, consciously or, more likely, not. So some of the demands on Mars in Virgo may involve repair work to fix whatever havoc those loose cannons cause.

More reasons for a slow take-off: The Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde and goes direct on the 13th. We will still be going over old mental territory for a few days after this Full Moon, and exploring new turf won’t come easily until about a week later, after Mercury has moved out of its direct station. The Sun’s ruler, Jupiter, is retrograde as well. We won’t have full range of motion until he goes direct on Christmas Day. After that, the skies are treating us to an entire month without any retrograde planets. The progress we’ll make will be breathtaking.

All in all, this Full Moon is an important bundle of energy and influences. We’re changing our thinking, resetting our beliefs, drawing lines and proclaiming, “No more!” We’re reigniting our engines and then taking painstaking steps to move forward. Just remember: you are what you think. So change your thinking; change your life.

For more on the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses, treat yourself to my two mp3 talk on their potential.

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Start Your Engines! Forecast for Dec. 5-11, 2011

Can you believe it’s December? Already?!? It may be hard to remember the time of year as this week gets going. We’re in the thick of one of the most exciting and complicated holiday seasons ever.

This week is all over the map. Truly, anything could happen. The unpredictability comes from Saturday’s double-header: the lunar eclipse in Gemini, on the south node, and cosmic change agent Uranus going direct. Situations that have felt stymied since summer or longer (most of your life, say) are ripe for radical change. You’re more than open to that. Something is unlocking inside you now that demands it. Fuel for that is also coming from wave after wave of unexpected-to-shocking revelations, which change your take on a lot of things.

To understand why,

Time Is On Our Side: Forecast for Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2011

This week, the sensation continues of living in multiple points in time at once. Backwards, forwards and standing still. Life is so every which way right now. Don’t worry: you’re getting crystal clear on what matters most to you.

Oh, life is still an obstacle course of techno-snafus, unexpected reunions and adventures, spirited conversations and extremism pushing the envelope into uncharted territory. (Pepper spray is a vegetable? And a personal shopping aid? Seriously?) The holiday gauntlet has officially opened, yet beneath the jollity, real and forced, somber notes are sounding. Serious business is drawing attention once again.

That’s from the new element of the week, Venus settling into Capricorn. The fun-loving side that Venus let fly in Sagittarius has given way to practicality and a keen eye for the bottom line and lasting value, in social as well as financial dealings. That’ll change the vibe for holiday shopping (no trinkets this year!), but it has larger ramifications as well.

She’s returning focus to what’s most important to us for our long-term security, that fundamental issue we’ve been wrestling with since the summer of 2009. That’s been stripped down and buffed over the past five months in particular, with expansive Jupiter and transformative Pluto in a loose and easy flow of energy. They’ve been doing massive foundation work on the very spot that will be rocked again and again when the change aspects begin ramping up next year. The shoring up and strengthening is creating an inner security and solidity that will stay with us no matter what shakes out over the next three years.

This week, our hearts get involved in the prep work. Venus meets Pluto and make us acutely aware of cost.The sorting out that results will certainly simplify our lives, if leave us and certain others smarting from the scalpel’s touch. Whatever survives is an anchor, a touchstone, a grounding cord for the volatility that’s coming.

Meanwhile, we are in throes of another dynamic and revealing process: the corridor between last Friday’s solar eclipse (new moon) in Sagittarius and the lunar eclipse (full moon) in Gemini on December 10, with Mercury running retrograde in between. A new phase is just dawning in our world view and beliefs and our relationship to our data flow, technology and transportation. As we prepare to shoot out into new horizons, we are doing research for the journey — mostly unawares, of course — and wrapping up or repackaging old business.

The retrograde has us stumbling on important information that escaped notice before, reconnecting with old players, getting a different slant on the past (and particularly conclusions we drew about the meaning of events) and, most annoyingly but importantly, encountering one breakdown after another of equipment that has to be repaired or replaced before we move on. At the same time, the revelatory aspect of the coming lunar eclipse is already kicking in. As dramas escalate around you — and Thanksgiving brought a number to light, didn’t they? — it will help to look at them as cartoons.

The situations that are cresting with emotion in and around you are blowing something up so large that you can’t miss it. The something is connected to the power of thoughts and words, the tenacity of concepts that you heard, took in and embraced, so deeply that they’re in your cells. Some of what you see is going to be exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness, so absurd that you can not help but notice.

It’s all information — the garbled communications, misunderstandings, techno-breakdowns, traffic detours and revelations. Don’t like something? Work on it. Don’t like what something says about you? Work on you. Mars is in Virgo for the foreseeable future. He likes self-improvement projects. Enlist him.

Additional strategies and tips are in my:

Forecast for Week of Nov. 7, 2011

This week brings the final phase in a major cycle, a downshift in how we’ll be exerting energy, a worlds-spanning full moon and contacts that are pivotal to our life paths. Nothing much, really.

Oh, okay; it sounds like an overload, doesn’t it? Yet it won’t feel like one, at least not compared to the last three weeks. The planets of communication and love being in Sagittarius has made the difference, putting light-heartedness, enthusiasm and even optimism back at our disposal.

Lots more in my extended weekly forecast, weekly podcast, and astro-outlook for the month of November.

Miss me last week? The freak snowstorm in the Northeast knocked me off the Internet. I’m baaaaaaaack now!