How Deep Is Your Love (For Yourself): Scorpio New Moon

October 26, 2011
12:57 PM PDT / 3:57 PM EDT / 7:57 PM GMT
3 Scorpio 03

Going deep is always part of the Scorpio New Moon. This year’s takes us into even deeper waters than usual.

Emotions, perceptions, intuitions and fears are heightened right now — all the sensations that come without tangible evidence or reason. Call it X-ray vision, sonar, hunches or feelings; everyone’s got an extra dose of sensitivity at their disposal.

Pay attention to it. Go with immediate reactions, before your brain kicks in and edits, censors or rationalizes. Honor the tingling of your physical radar — a tightening in your stomach or solar plexus, nervousness and uneasiness, headaches out of the blue, even excitement and exhilaration. (Radar doesn’t only pick up warnings!) Ground yourself, sit quietly and see where your attention goes. Its stops aren’t likely to be trifles or coincidences.

We’ve got fearlessness to the nth power now, too. This is an optimal time to investigate matters that can be scaring or intimidating. (Discuss joint finances with your spouse; stand up to a creditor or someone you view as more powerful; look into that surgery or will you’ve been putting off.) To dive into the subconscious, or into union with another person. To plunge through the dark and murky aspects of situations and expose truth. To confront mortality, move through loss and grief and connect with the dead. To apply a scalpel to your psyche, your surroundings, your relationships or your life and boldly cut away diseased, withering or dead areas.

Hardly the makings of an Elmo and Disney princess Halloween, are they? Watch the costumes. They’ll reflect that the holiday is more dark, macabre and potentially real than usual this year.

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How Dark Is Your Moon? Forecast for Oct 24-30

We are on the dark side of the moon, and it’s a doozy — fitting for the Scorpio new moon that follows on Wednesday. Seen the drama? Felt it? Issues that we’re sick and tired of grappling with have roared back up. Life and death terrors are cresting and rampaging. Monsters that we’ve batted down are refusing to stay in the closet, or buried in our psyches.

One friend saw her personal demons walk into a party before her eyes this weekend. Two clients called me crying so uncontrollably that they were incoherent. (Both invoked the possibility of dying, no coincidence, one with fear, one with relief.) Me, I buried myself in inner work to an extent and with an intensity that would have taken a month in our earlier experiences of time…and still degenerated this morning into screaming myself hoarse at a drain that will not plug.

Sounds stupid, right? It’s a reflection of the current energy, though. This flaw is keeping the sink from holding water for the 15 minutes needed to clean the blades for the purifiers that pull mold from the air of my storm-damaged house. (Astro pop quiz: how many Scorpio or Pluto references can you spot in that one sentence?) It doesn’t matter how carefully I place the stopper, or what else I use or stack to block the drain; the sink empties.

It’s another metaphor for this week. Keeping things in is futile. The drain is open and it is going to empty. Scream; fight; kick; scream some more; cry. None of that is going to affect the drain.

What’s behind the intensity is Scorpio moving into dominance of the sky. Jupiter, which escalates any influence it touches, is in cahoots with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, overseer of the underworld and the subconscious, our most irrational desires and longings, and the whole gamut of skin-shedding, garden-pruning, Phoenix-into-the-ashes-and-out-again death and rebirth processes. Both of these guys will be in direct contact with the new moon, which will imprint this sky’s-the-limit, deep-cleaning vibe into the moon cycle.

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Up on a Tightwire: Forecast For Week of Oct. 10

Grounding cords continue to sink down and lock in this week. As they’re settling into place, they get a good shake to test and show us how secure they are.

What sets the shaking in motion are relationships, and the process will sort them, too. Some will fall away. Some will recede. And some will deepen and grow as hearts and minds link with forces far greater than individual consciousness.

Expect more important developments, offers and communications, more getting comfortable and secure with ourselves, more giant steps in compassion and intuitive accuracy, and lots more comings and goings in our social lives and connections.

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Calm Within the Storm: Forecast for the Week of Oct. 3, 2011

Life continues to be chaotic, yet balance is increasingly easier to maintain or regain. That’s not coming from external factors, though they may be reflecting it. This week, stability is an inside job.

The week brings three more meetings with Saturn, overseer of order, structure, commitment and responsibility. Mercury, who rules how our minds and bodies move about, has appointments with Saturn by declination and by degree. Clarity, seriousness and purposefulness all permeate our thinking, our info gathering and our running around.

Our personalities and approach to our lives are in for a growth spurt in seriousness and personal responsibility as well. The Sun joins up with Saturn by declination on Friday, presaging their conjunction coming next week on the 13th. A cosmic alarm clock is going off, and this one is minus a snooze button.

Relationships enjoy a special, softened, enlightened glow as the weekend approaches, thanks to the two planets of love connecting on Friday. This link does not have partners clutching at and potentially suffocating each other. Instead, it fosters plenty of breathing room and admiration for each person’s individuality, with Venus and Neptune being in the late degrees of the air signs Libra and Aquarius. It’s the sort of vibration that inspires supporting your mate/partner/friend/special person to be his or her best possible self.

For my full take on the week, read my extended forecast and listen to my five-minute podcast.

P.S. In recognition of the recent epidemic of upheavals, I am offering special “we’re in this together” reading rates.

Relationships, They Are A-Changing: Forecast for the Libra New Moon

It’s time for radically different approaches to living with each other on this planet. Old ground rules, assumptions and agreements aren’t working, and no bandage or quick fix will do the trick. This month’s New Moon in Libra impels us to figure out — and implement — alternatives more appropriate for who we are now.

Changes in thinking and perspective are the starting point. There’s an electrical charge around this New Moon that is like a flash of lightning illuminating a night sky, or a light switching on and off in a closet. One moment our field of vision is dark. Then it’s filled with light that turns all the darkness and blobs and indistinct outlines into sharply defined trees and buildings and pathways, or clothes and boxes. Then it’s dark again, but our eyes and memories are still burning with the images we’ve seen.

That’s the effect of the contact right now between Mercury, the planet that rules our mental processes and communication, and Uranus, the proponent of wild card change and alternative viewpoints. We will all see something differently, suddenly and unexpectedly. Anything could trigger the shift: a statement we hear in a conversation, or read in email, or stumble upon in a commercial or song; a deliberate salvo shot at us; a realization that falls into our heads while we’re otherwise occupied, or bubbles up out of beings like a diagnostic printout shooting out of a mainframe computer of old. The one predictable characteristic is that we won’t look at [fill in the blank] the same way again, ever.

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In recognition of the current upheavals I am offering special “we’re in this together” rates. Details here.

Freefalling: Forecast for Sept. 19-25 (and all fall 2011)

Ready for a gear shift? Fall officially starts Friday, and this means more than a change of season (though given how topsy-turvy the weather has been, the season has felt meaningless lately). This week brings astrological energies that expand our field of vision from our individual sagas to our connections with other people.

Addressing our own lives is still in priority position, mind you. Each of us still has plenty to deal with in that arena; we’re all, in some way, immersed in inward and outward remodeling projects that will continue for the foreseeable future. Now we’re adding a second major task, involving our relationships and agreements.

It’s a balancing act, appropriate for the emphasis in Libra that is building — handling our own renovations while managing and rearranging all our connections That’s the imperative we’ll be increasingly feeling, and it lasts for more than this week. It will be ongoing for the next three months, because the skies at the equinox set the tone for the entire season.

Lots more in my weekly forecast and my weekly podcast.

In recognition of the recent epidemic of upheavals, I am offering special “We’re in this together” reading rates. Rates and details here.

Mixed Up, Muddled Up, Shook Up World: Forecast for Week of Sept. 12

I’d say, “Could be worse; could be raining,” but here in Jersey, that’s the case all too often these days — and in Texas, that’s exactly what’s needed.

Monumental developments continue to unfold this week. Yes, we could all use a break, maybe an entire day of sleep, but that’s not part of the picture. The pace of life is not letting up, and neither are the issues that need attention and action. We are in workhorse mode, sifting through rubble metaphoric and real, so intent on the task at hand that our minds can not short-circuit the realizations and changes in perspective, heart and attitude that will be bubbling up all week.

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  • Rebuilding the Web: Pisces Full Moon Forecast

    September 12, 2011
    2:27 PDT / 5:27 AM EDT / 9 27 AM GMT
    19 Pisces 17 / 19 Virgo 17

    Separation vs. interconnectedness. Boundaries vs. enmeshment. Service vs. sacrifice. Intellectual analysis vs. immersion in the nonrational. Faultfinding vs. compassion. These dichotomies have been running through the news as well as our lives, haven’t they? They are cresting now under September’s Full Moon, which takes place on the morning after a somber anniversary that is itself bound up with these energies.

    This Full Moon is on the Virgo/Pisces spectrum, which spans each of the pairs of concepts that start this forecast. Virgo wants everything to be neat, orderly and distinct; Pisces blurs everything together. When these two extremes are equally activated, as they are now, nothing can be black or white. That has delivered a lot of us into circumstances that are muddy, murky or turned to ash.

    Mutually inconsistent ideas are piling up and challenging us to live in harmony with them both — just as each of us has to figure out how to live with the rest of the folks on this planet. I am a rock; I am an island. No man is an island. Each person bears primary responsibility for his personal side of the fence: his health, his habits, his work, his garden. At some point each fence comes into contact with other fences. That’s when the questions start swirling, as they are swirling now.

    All those fences may look intact and separate, but in many, many ways events, energies and repercussions flow through our interpersonal boundaries as if they were tea bags. Sometimes it’s easy to see immediately how one person’s actions affect another. As Justice Oliver Wendell explained, “The right to swing my fist ends when the other man’s nose begins.” Often, though, cause and effect blur, or an impact has an ever-widening sphere of influence, like the ripple in water when a pebble hits a pond.

    That’s where we are under this Pisces Full Moon. The pond of existence is jiggling and reverberating with ripples from more pebbles than a human mind can count. The events of our lives are spreading to and through every person with whom we are in contact, consciously or not. At the same time, events are touching us from the lives of countless people around us, from friends and family to strangers whose plights we hear about on the news.

    This is always the case; circumstances are simply reminding us of this truth now.

    This Full Moon’s line-up presents a formula for living in accordance with this truth. An entirely analytical, detached approach is not going to get us through. The heart and emotions must participate.

    Venus, ruler of our relationships and all that we value, is standing with the Sun as he opposes the Moon. This teaming gives the masculine, will-driven force of the ego awareness of what is most important (and, since Venus is in Virgo, of what is most healthy, appropriate and of highest service). The mind is also getting a good look at the realm of emotions, embodied by the Moon in Pisces, which includes the suffering of others and the universality of their experience.

    We get “it,” heart, mind and soul. We understand on all levels what the right action is within our fences and outside of them. It’s like what happens in the aftermath of a disaster: Neighbors rally, reach out to each other (in some cases, begin to get to know each other) and share resources until the the power and water come back, the destruction is cleared away and some sense of normalcy returns. For many of us, this is exactly what has been happening since the Virgo New Moon at the end of August.

    This time, “normalcy” will not return in its old form. All of us have been lifted off the playing field, shaken up and tossed back down, some more obviously than others. No one has landed in his or her previous position.

    Pluto’s stationing to turn direct, signaling that there’s no going back. He, Jupiter and Mercury are in easy round robin of earth energy called a grand trine, which will keep the aftermath of this Full Moon from evaporating into memory and the theoretical. Rethinking and reconstruction will be occurring in tangible, physical ways into next spring, when Pluto and Jupiter meet for the third and final time in this trine aspect.

    We’re flowing into new ways of obtaining information and getting around that are more suited to current circumstances. We are rethinking a lot, for some of us, everything. We’re ripping out foundations and basement walls that flooded one too many times, razing shells of charred houses and rebuilding, metaphorically and concretely. We are renovating everything on our side of the fence, as well as our relationship to what’s outside it.

    We have the potential to carry the recent reminders in our hearts and live with a greater awareness of our inner connectedness. What happens to the weakest of us happens to the strongest. That will be increasingly evident over the next few years, as ongoing seismic activity in the cardinal signs continues to reshape our conscious and physical circumstances.

    Many of us have recently been on the receiving end of an outpouring of assistance, backed up by immediate, practical and tangible follow-through. One of my benefactresses explained her automatic and unceasing impulses with the simple, nondramatic statement that the next time around, she’ll be the one in need.

    She’s got the right idea. We’re all in an interconnected web, whether you choose to see that as your immediate circle, or your community, or far beyond that. When one part of the web takes a hit or frays, the whole web benefits from the undamaged portions pitching in and helping rebuild.

    If you know someone who has been hit by the storms and flooding in the Northeast, or wildfires in Texas and Montana, or another form of devastation, please reach out to them directly if you have not. Send something that is sign of hope and optimism: words of loving and caring, a gift card, replacements for fundamental belongings that have been destroyed.

    Or find a relief effort that goes directly into a community, rather than through a huge organization — for example, the Hurricane Irene Relief Fund set up by the town of Denville, NJ, where the streets became a raging river that took out the downtown business district and hundreds of homes. With a little research you could likely turn up efforts all over the flooded portions of the East Coast and in Central Texas counties being consumed by fire.

    If you don’t personally know someone, I have a candidate to recommend: Kandra Niagra, an extraordinarily creative, curious and joyous spirit who lost her home to a Texas wildfire. (Being an artist, she had the presence of mind to document the devastation; photos here.) Amazingly, her studio survived, and she is focusing on amassing materials for continuing to make the magical dolls that are her living. Prowl around her site to see the scope and power of her work. You can purchase dolls here and find her email address if you want to send her a gift by PayPal. If you feel called to help with materials or send something, her address is PO Box 326, Smithville, TX 78957. Her suppliers of choice, if you want to send a gift certificate, are Hobby Lobby, Hancocks Fabric, Dollar Tree and Walmart.

    I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. — I Am the Walrus, Lennon/McCartney.

    © Kathy Biehl 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.