Forecast for the 2017 Taurus New Moon

2017 Taurus New Moon
April 26, 2017
5:16 AM PDT / 8:16 AM EDT / 1:16 GMT
6 Taurus 27

Buds are blossoming. Critters are stirring. What’s coming into being for you? That’s the focus and the growth potential of the Taurus New Moon.

This Moon, in the first, most primal earth sign of the zodiac, invites attention to the physical circumstances of your life. A thought or a look is not enough. It’s time to cultivate, immerse, experience, enjoy, touch, taste and savor — and set up the conditions that will bring you more.

A newly honed awareness is at work of what it is you actually want.  Have you noticed that your  preferences aren’t what they were? That certain foods or activities have lost their appeal, while others have to come to the fore? That your sense of your own worth has shifted into something more … worthy?

All that and more have become clearer over the past month-plus as the Taurus Moon’s ruler, Venus, sprinkled your path, social media, thoughts and likely dreams with memories, teachable moments and realizations; with trinkets, fool’s gold and recognition of nuggets you already possess.

Your tastes are refined, your appetite whetted. Now comes a Moon for seeking satisfaction.

Go easy on intangibles and far-off, maybe-someday bucket list items, if you use this lunation to make wishes or set intentions. (Though this New Moon does offer a portal to inspiration, magic and miracles, via a wide applying sextile to Neptune — you just have to not only be open to them, but also actively reach for and grab any that show up.)

This New Moon is more suited to the here and now — emphasis on the here, with a bit of slack on the now.

Instant gratification isn’t part of the process, though grazing and nibbling are likely along the way. Any Taurus Moon is a leisurely affair. This one sees ruler Venus in no rush at all.

The goddess of love, money and earthly delights is making a slow getaway from her six week retrograde (the occasion for the above-mentioned sprinkling). She’s floating at the end of Pisces, in the last degrees of the zodiac, and still quivering from recent exact links to Chiron, keeper of abiding wounds, and Saturn, ruler of order, time and adulting.

As she moseys out of Pisces for most of the rest of the month, she’ll continue having words with Saturn, who will say “no” and “not yet” and, when we orient ourselves sufficiently responsibly, “yes.” Watch for the carousel of emotions that colored Easter/Passover weekend — weepiness, weariness, acceptance, relief, resolution, balm and back to vague sorrow — to cycle back through and tenderize the ground we’re cultivating.

Watered by emotions, with slow and steady nurturing, the plantings of this New Moon have the potential to grow into tangible support and satisfaction. It has an air of fatedness, of supposed-to-be, with the New Moon making a wide trine to the Virgo North Node of destiny.  That contact is a benediction of sorts for the 18-month journey through Virgo the node is wrapping up, and the coming flourishing is what we’ve been working toward.

And some of that could end up feeling like heaven on earth. With Venus in the waters of higher love, and their ruler Neptune offering assistance, divine or ecstatic experiences are certainly possible down here on terra firm.

That may take the form of a thunderclap moment (finding God in a sunset, say, or freshly picked berries). It might also pervade and elevate modest, ordinary aspects of life. You can invite that in, actually, if you consciously view matter as spiritual energy that has come down to this plane and taken on physical form. Even money and resources. Especially money and resources.

Which goes for your body as well. Treat it as your temple and by all means, stay in it. It’s the vehicle for exploring and experiencing the growth coming from the Taurus New Moon. As they used to say, “Here is where it’s at.”

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Enormous Changes At the Last Minute: Astrology Forecast for March 2015

Never mind the calendar and the weather. The most active time of the year has arrived.  March puts us through a gauntlet of flaring passions, fire bombs, eruptions, earthquakes, departures, and shape shifts that stabilize surprisingly quickly. And most of the action kicks in well before the first day of spring.

Little is coming out of nowhere. Developments are breaking into being that have been building below the surface, or starting and stalling, or taunting us from the periphery or elsewhere. The trigger comes from three big influences happening in quick succession. Their combined effect escalates the action, rearranges the playing field (and the players) and shoots us in a direction for years to come.

Cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto have their final smack down mid-month, wrapping up the foundational restructuring they have been demanding for the past three years. See if you don’t dive into their last clash head on, consciously or not.  Gumption, daring and a gambler’s confidence are yours, whether you’ve been biding your time, whether you’ve been dillydallying or fence-sitting, and whether the final showdown catches you unawares.  (By the way, if you warmed up to changing conditions last fall but were unable to move forward, the time is ripe to tackle them.)

March 1-10
The beginning of the month fortifies us for the final clash.  Messages and realizations abound that set the stage for our approach. As Mercury, ruler of our information flow, finally leaves the turf he traveled during his recent retrograde, perspectives clarify to make sense of much that happened (or didn’t happen) in January and February.

The month’s first 10 days ignite life force, desire, ambition and other fierce impulses as expansive Jupiter links to Uranus and the cosmic lovers Venus, goddess of love, and Mars, god of war.  These meetings have the effect of throwing flame accelerant on the Uranian end of the equation, escalating unpredictability, volatility, rebelliousness, radical shifts in perspective, and strikes for freedom and individuality, come what may. (You might sense a connection to the fires of last October, when this link most recently occurred.)

Amid such excitement, the Virgo Full Moon on the 5th is unlikely to draw much attention. It offers as a gentle grounding force, reminding us to exercise discernment, maintain healthy boundaries and take our vitamins. We are not likely to heed its cautions, not when we have felt held back for so long and sense so much finally coming to life.

The brakes are lifting on desires, too. Venus and Mars are in hunter mode and going for broke. Nothing’s getting in their way, either. Jupiter is egging them on, Uranus is unlocking inhibitions (as if this pair in Aries had many in the first place), and Pluto is making cravings nigh on impossible to resist. With that outer planet triple whammy, subtlety and caution go out the window and I WANT takes over.

March 12-17
While the fires are still crackling, Mercury enters Pisces (on the 12th), where logical thought gives way to knowing, blending and grokking. Intuitive, instinctive navigation is the only way to go now, especially with Saturn beginning a nearly six-month retrograde on the 14th. His about-face promptly stirs trouble with Mercury, highlighting the year’s theme of answering for the words and beliefs that run through our minds and out of our mouths. “Nos” and walls you encounter may not be the final answer. Pushing through won’t work at this point, though; turn on your inner GPS and bide your time.

As Mercury and Saturn square off, on the 16th, so do Uranus and Pluto, for the seventh and final time. They are unleashing one final tectonic plate shift, which puts the playing field in the condition that will remain for the foreseeable future (and stabilize beyond what you can currently imagine, in the fall).

See if you don’t dive into this final clash head on, full of daring and gumption and come-what-may bravado. Your life has radically altered since June 2012, when the first square took place. (The rest happened in September 2012, May and November 2013, and April and December 2014.)  Foundations have cracked open. Connections and agreements have shattered. Rule books have changed. Your own priorities and programming have evolved. Odds are by last fall you stopped resisting or fighting the changing conditions and moved to facing and even dealing with them.  What happens now is full of surprises. The person you will likely surprise most is yourself.

The urge for solid ground and firm footing comes quickly. Venus, ruler of how we relate and what we desire, moves into her home base of Taurus on March 17th and encourages sinking all the hubbub into tangible, sensory and bankable currency.  Chocolate, wine, fresh flowers and gentle caresses are not luxuries, but necessary comforts.  Attention is still split, though, with part of it still fixed on going after desires, rather than having them delivered to us. That’s because Venus’ lover Mars will not join her in Taurus until the end of the month; he continues questing on his beloved battlefield until the 31st.

March 20: The Year’s First Eclipse on the First Day of Spring
While shockwaves are spreading from Uranus and Pluto’s final smack down,  the year’s first eclipse occurs on the first day of spring, 13 hours before the Sun enters Aries. March’s new moon takes place at the last degree of the zodiac, 29 Pisces. This is an extraordinarily sensitive location. It is called the degree of ultimate sorrow, because it embodies the culmination of everything carried by all of existence. It is also, effectively, the first degree of the zodiac, the critical Aries point, which is the most instigating, propelling and dynamic degree affecting the collective experience.

As the three-year process of the Uranus/Pluto square sets our new platform into place, this New Moon catapults us far onto it. Issues of boundaries, compassion and interconnectedness color the spring, which officially starts at 6:46 EDT, and last at least until September’s Virgo solar eclipse.

More housecleaning is part of the deal. A solar eclipse always sends situations and people out the door. It is like the lights going out at the end of an act on stage, scene changes occurring in the blackout, and the lights gradually coming on to reveal who and what is now on stage. Martyrdom, sacrifice and carrying other people’s burdens drive many of the set changes, particularly decisions not to engage in any of that any longer. Star Trek’s prime directive is a pertinent guideline: not to interfere in a species’ right to self-determination.

March 22-31
The first days of spring provide a gentle lead-out from the tumult of the first half of the month. They make it easy to embrace empowering truths, connect our hearts to higher guidance and express true love (as opposed to romance) down here on earth. With Mercury meeting Chiron, words have a healing power that can soothe and rectify longstanding wounds, especially involving inner dialogue we’ve used to harm ourselves.

Personal stabilizing builds by the 25th, whether outer conditions are calming or not.  Desires are mushrooming, too. Everyone is asking for more, and you may reach further than is your norm. Don’t worry that you’ve been implanted with an entitlement gene. What you’re wanting — even demanding — isn’t trivial or frivolous, but deeply meaningful and compelling, as the money and desire planets Venus and Pluto open the channel of a trine on the 30th.

Mercury’s shift to high-energy, fearless Aries encourages directly asking for what you want. Our words continue to hop as our drive starts to settle down. Mars enters Taurus on the 31st and inclines us to slow down, examine what is before us,  and proceed deliberately. After the month’s excitement, we’ll be ready for some slow time. Not to mention a snack and a nap.

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2013 Pisces New Moon

March 11, 2013

3:52 PM PDT / 12:52 PM EDT / 7:52 PM GMT
21 Pisces 24

My 2013 astro-outlook is now available on mp3. 90 minutes, $40.

This month’s New Moon immerses us all in the boundary-dissolving, reality-blurring waters of of Pisces. Sure, we’ve been in and on the waters, but the full-body baptism comes now. The New Moon takes all that gentle, confusing, emotional-laden, extra-sensory energy of the past few weeks, dunks us completely in it and splashes it across the next month.

We are human sponges in a divine soup of magic, healing, insanity, love, compassion and emotions and vibrations from all over creation. No way our rational minds can navigate this passage. Guidance is critical to discern what’s what: what is ours and what is someone else’s, what is a blessing, a lie, shucksterism, craziness, ravings from the bottle, or guidance from the depths of our beings or angelic heights.

There are seven bodies in Pisces right now and all of them are connected, as if they were holding hands in a chain. They are infusing the waters with magic, mystery and all forms of escapism, from the unhinged and unsavory to the most artistic and spiritual; communication and transportation issues; the possibility of healing and resolution; the merging of our emotional and logical sides; and our will, drive and actions.

The last of these bodies, Mars, is in the final degree of Pisces, which is the zodiacal point of ultimate sorrow and sacrifice. (The first Bush-era war — Afghanistan, I believe — began with this degree on the chart ascendant, a marker for a conflict with losses and little resolution.) There may well be an element of putting the individual aside for the greater good. Leaps of faith, or acts based on faith, will also be in high supply.

Mars’ placement also adds some firepower potential to this line-up. For one reason, he is the ultimate god of fire, so his presence (a) in Pisces and (b) in the highest degree of that sign heat the waters to a rolling boil. For another, he is close enough to Uranus in Aries that he is energetically reaching across the border between signs and pulling into the Pisces blend all that volatile, genius, impulsive, unpredictable, fearless, reckless Uranian energy. So, yes, we’re in a water atmosphere, but it’s shot through with electricity, lightning, energy and unquenchable fire. No sweet tropical lagoon, this environment. It is more like the cauldron of creation.

Anything can happen in the next month. Anything. No matter how stuck you have felt, no matter how often you have experienced life as floating aimlessly or circling on the top of the water, everything is heating up.

Trust your gut. Trust your instincts. Trust your feelings. They are more accurate — and will, to be honest, make more sense — than a lot of the empirical evidence that’s on the way. Developments are coming that are directly related to the ongoing rumblings, fractures and reshaping of our internal and external structures (which got depth charges last June and September, and are due for another detonation in May). Information is flowing in and action is amping up related to the cosmic red arrow that’s been pointing in an increasingly specific direction. That arrow is also an increasingly firm, reliable and sturdy foundation, while somehow bringing balm to ancient injuries.

The landscape remains chaotic, but you are getting the hang of where to plant your feet — or, better, how to ride the currents. Your hunch is sharpening about where you’re heading, even though you still can’t see how the dots are going to connect to get you there. Your sense is good of what you truly want and who’s coming along with you, and you’re letting what no longer fits wash away. Strap yourself in: The adventure of a lifetime is beginning.

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Monster Truck Rally in a Dust Storm: Forecast for the Week of Aug 8

Fasten your seat belts and keep that GPS plugged in. This week has us all operating heavy machinery in extremely low visibility. Like a monster truck rally in a dust storm, only with artillery-laden Mad Max vehicles in place of the trucks. Resist the impulse to shoot, especially if someone is egging you on. Nothing is quite what it seems this week — not appearances, or pronouncements, or motivations, or targets.

More in my expanded forecast, as well as my five-minute podcast.

Virgo Full Moon: The Paradox of Boundaries

Saturday, March 19, 2011
2:10 PM EDT / 6:10 PM GDT
28 Virgo 47 / 28 Pisces 47

For more of my analysis of the full moon, read my forecast for the week of March 14-21.

This month’s full moon in Virgo wraps up the last seven years — and the last couple of weeks. The inquiry it raises is paradoxical: How healthy and intact are your personal boundaries and behaviors? And aren’t political borders irrelevant?

Separation vs. interconnectedness, both personally and collectively, is the defining theme of this full moon. The Moon in Virgo is in the camp of separation, while the Sun in Pisces is holding down the interconnectedness end of the equation.

We’ve had lots of recent immersion in the Piscean end of this polarity. The seven-year phase that this full moon is wrapping up is Uranus’ time in the sign of Pisces, which escalated dramatically and unforgettably in the last couple of weeks as Uranus inched through the final degree of that sign and the zodiac.

This full moon is a recap of both time periods. We’ll be seeing what we learned during both, and what needs improvement. The one getting the greater attention is Uranus’ visit to the last degree of Pisces, when our collective attention riveted on shocking, headline-grabbing rantings by a celebrity I will no longer name, political maneuvers that demanded sacrifice from workers, and the physical devastation of earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and throughout the Pacific.

This is the degree where Piscean proclivities come completely unmoored from the solid ground of mundane, daily life. Boundaries dissolve here between artistry and insanity, between faith and deceit, between compassion and martyrdom — hence the traditional meaning of this as the degree of ultimate sacrifice and sorrow.

The Sun is pressing on that very degree and bringing home the personal meaning of it and the events it engendered — the meltdowns, the breakups, the departures, the walls of water, metaphoric and real. The Moon is escalating our processing and understanding of those events, perhaps through repercussions rippling out in time and space that cause us to both analyze and emotionally react.

What have we learned? Some answers you can foresee. Others are going to be surprises.

Uranus is a direct participant in this full moon, in an out of sign conjunction with the Sun and opposition to the Moon. More startling developments are in store, more shocking ramifications and late-hour fractures, more hair-pin changes of mind and heart. If you are still in a situation that is not healthy for you, liberation is at hand, either by your choice or by circumstances pushing you out. The jail break could involve a habit, routine behavior (including your work duties and the usual flow of your daily schedule) or a dynamic of taking on other people’s problems, minding other people’s business or hurting yourself for someone else’s benefit.

You’re not going to proceed as you would have seven years ago — maybe not even seven weeks ago. Neptune, ruler of Pisces and the Sun, is in a growth aspect to the Sun and a choice aspect to the Moon. Your emotional response is not the victim of your past and programming. You have the choice to respond with your heart, in its current state. The choice you make will reflect the person you have evolved into being; it will suit the personality that you now have.

The unlocking will come in an instant. It’ll be like someone’s flipped a switch and you simply change your attitude, or news comes that requires you to make the change. You’ll either jump on board enthusiastically, or you’ll fight it with a vengeance. Indifference is not an option. That’s because the Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is expressing the passion of Aries, from its go-getting impulsiveness to its combativeness and fury — all of which is being fanned by his current traveling companion Jupiter.

There’s a strong sense of destiny and life-defining moments in this full moon. The Sun and the Moon are squaring the Moon’s nodes and forming a mutable grand cross. A grand cross consists of two oppositions with the endpoints of each axis squaring each other — or, in simpler terms, a combination of hard, demanding aspects that splay impulses in four directions. It’s hard to move forward when you’re being pulled this way and that. In this instance, the signs involved are the most malleable and give way the easiest.

On an individual level, the Moon’s nodes involve your life path, contact with the public and the behaviors you are evolving toward (the North Node) and your instinctive behaviors that you came in with and are gradually shedding (the South Node). The tension of the grand cross could cause some back and forth on choices, particularly in the department of habits and behaviors. Still, the pressure of this configuration will lead, eventually, to the choices and path of your future.

On a broader level, the Moon’s nodes reflect a collective experience, here involving beliefs, doctrines, ideologies, the media and information channels. Do we understand how connected life is on this planet? Do we have compassion for other people and nations as fellow humans or do we see them as different and judge them? Virgo does zero in on where improvement is needed, and these questions will get her cosmic laser pointer out and tapping.

More will come to light, too, about or arising from the political fracases of Uranus’ last days in Pisces, and the conversation is not going to be polite or neutral, with Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries. Protests will be angry to an extreme, and the militaristic nature of the counter-assault will challenge our beliefs about how our country operates. We’ll also see and experience more fallout from the earthquake in Japan, the tsunamis, and the nuclear reactor meltdowns. Because of Mercury/Jupiter in Aries again, hot particles could well be literally flying through the air.

Speculation has been abounding about this Full Moon’s potential to wreck more physical havoc on the planet. This Full Moon is being termed a super-moon, because it will be at perigee, when its orbit comes the closest to the earth, as well as at syzygy, when it lines up with the Sun and the earth. This proximity and alignment is believed by some to interfere with the earth’s electromagnetic field and cause tectonic plate shifts. Whether this is possible — I don’t have the scientific expertise to pass on it — the fact that the Full Moon is activating the last degree of Pisces would in itself be enough to trigger another round of physical jolts, shocks, quakes and tsunamis, and the Aries component could set off volcanic eruptions, wildfires and radioactive issues.

No freaking out, please. This level of structural revolution could just as easily — or also — happen on a symbolic level, or the level of thought. The recent events of planetary devastation could unroll into a cacophony of cosmic alarm clocks going off. The same could unspool from the events you have personally experienced in your life. That is the goal to seek actively under this Full Moon. Chewing over possible tomorrows, gnawing on “what ifs” and worrying over doomsday scenarios will not get you anywhere positive. None of that is healthy. Which brings us back to the ultimate message of this full moon: Choose what is healthy for you, and remember: you are not alone.

“Dearly beloved, heed theeth wordth of withdom: Worrying ith praying for what you don’t want.” — Godpig

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The Final Tsunami of Uranus at 29 Pisces

In my weekly weather for last week, I wrote of Uranus at 29 Pisces: “Developments in one part of the universe — in one person’s life, in a community, in a state or a country — ripple out and influence other parts of the universe — another country, another state, another community, other individual lives, even a complete stranger’s life.”

Uranus’ last hours in Pisces have brought a violent and terrifying playing out of the ripple effect: a 8.9-scale earthquake that hit Japan and is sending shockwaves throughout the Pacific Ocean. Take a look at CNN and NOAA’s map projecting the path and timing of the shocks.

As above, so below. As within, so without. I am you and you are me. What happens to me happens to you; what happens to you happens to me.

Out With the Old, In With the New — Mercury in Aries

Mercury, the planet of communication, started a new trip around the zodiac yesterday. What’s done is done and over, by golly. Turn your thoughts to the new and burn off residue of the old.

And voila, the news on the first morning of this new cycle brings word of an aid for this process. If you’d like to remove one particularly dramatic reminder of the chaos of 29 degrees Pisces, here’s an app that will do it for you: Tinted Sheen blocks Charlie Sheen’s name and image from Firefox and Chrome browsers.

End of the Line: Mercury + Uranus at 29 Pisces

Wednesday, March 9, the planet of communication and transportation meets the the planet of sudden change. Mercury and Uranus are at the final degree of the zodiac, before each of them starts a new trip around the sun.

Surprising-to-shocking news will break. (You know the cliche about the other shoe dropping? Ha. More like an entire shoe store inventory falling from the sky, as I said in my podcast for the week of March 7.)

So will cars, computers, phones, technology…anything that has a structural flaw is being zapped and broken apart, down and up, so that we’ll replace it. Properly working tools are a must as Uranus launches a new 84-year cycle on Friday the 11th.

In the past few days my wireless router has simply stopped. A tire rod broke (under the luckiest, most beneficial circumstances imaginable– the upside of Uranus at this magical degree). In the tie rod’s death shudders, the brake switch went out. My laptop’s power cord is fraying menacingly, too. Am I tempting fate by having my wheels aligned on the day of this conjunction? Or merely working with the energies? Time will tell.

What’s breaking in your world?

In the meantime, here’s an inspirational icon for the day:

Follow-Up to Charlie Sheen and Uranus at the End of the Zodiac

Last week I predicted life-changing news for Charlie Sheen over last weekend, with transiting Mars squaring his natal north node. Bingoli: According to the Wall Street Journal, he amped up his media circus over the weekend, including broadcasting live Web shows from his home and … Warner Brothers has fired him from his TV show “Two and a Half Men.”

Outlook for March

March has come in like a lion and isn’t going to stop roaring. Or let go. Buckle your seat belts and keep your knees loose. Uranus’s move from the end of Pisces to the beginning of Aries is knocking loose tsunamis of partings, binges, insanity, enlightenment and dreams come true. The most erratic force in the zodiac is moving from the point of utter connectedness and universality to absolute individuation. Spring will be like none we’ve seen (unless you’re older than 84).

Read what’s in store for each sign in my March horoscopes and KidScopes.