2013 Cancer New Moon

July 8, 2013
12:15 AM PDT / 3:15 AM EDT 7:15 AM GMT
16 Cancer 17

“It’s like a wave. Resist and you’ll be knocked over. Dive into it and you’ll swim out the other side. This is a new and different world. The challenge is to cope with it and not just cope — but thrive.”

— Mrs. Greenslade, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This month’s Cancer New Moon ushers in a new phase in families, nurturing and emotional security. It prompts us to take in and act on the waves of emotions that have been throwing us about for the past month.

We are in an intense, volatile time. The element of water is dominating events and our experience of them, and it is one that our conscious minds can neither control nor entirely fathom. Uncanny, unnerving impulses are pulling and pushing us, as our water-based bodies and emotional beings respond to the fluctuation energies around us. Influences we can not see, can not grasp and can not halt are triggering nonspecific anxiety, physical discomfort and primal, nonrational behavior.

Think of the flow of the tides, dogs howling at the moon, or a werewolf transforming under its light. Think, in fact, of the moon, which is an apt symbol for the cause. Find an image of the Moon card from the Tarot. Really look at it. In the Rider-Waite tradition, the card shows the Moon with her eyes closed and three animals responding to her enigmatic command: a wolf (representing the wild), a dog (the domesticated) and a crawfish (the nonconscious) emerging from the water. Whatever version of the Moon card speaks to you, tack the image in your line of vision as a reminder of what’s going on.

It may help you understand the potential of this month’s Moon, which is in her home sign, Cancer, the most emotional, nurturing and moody of the water signs. Issues loom large here of home, family, parent and child relationships, emotional security and safety, food as a vehicle for such, nesting, traditions and loyalty to the clan. Apple pie, motherhood and country are one short-form summing up of this amniotic sac. Even shorter is the phrase I frequently use for this placement: Mommy Moon, which generally begs the question of who’s Mommy and who gets to be the baby.

For the past few weeks, one celestial body after another has entered Cancer and completed this summer’s defining astrological configuration, the free-flowing round robin of energy through the water signs known as a grand trine. This New Moon is already past this completion point. She is no longer in the process of setting off the grand trine, but instead setting up what we are going to do with all the emotions and waves and currents we’re experiencing.

What do feel washing away? Washing in? You could be looking at the past wistfully; you could be letting some parts (and people) go and reconnecting with others; you could be sensing soul-feeding connections emerging from the spray. Don’t be surprised if you experience and encounter an upsurge in sentimentality, nostalgia and tearing up. (Listen to “Sunrise, Sunset” at your own risk; don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

This is an appropriate time to begin approaching your day and your life in more conscious awareness of your feelings and their power. Periodically sit with them. Don’t analyze; don’t think; simply sit. They’ll come to you more easily with quiet or down time. Carve out the space and time to sit quietly by yourself at least once a day. The time it takes to drink a cup of coffee is enough. Let them guide you. Wait until they lead you to send a text, make a phone call, make a decision or walk out the door to run an errand. Instill this approach under this New Moon and it will become a habit.

Look around your home, too. How can you make it more comfortable to you? Fluff the pillows. Soften edges with soothing fabrics and lights. Make your bedroom more cozy.

What about your food? Don’t fight it: food is intrinsically connected to feeling loved and safe. If you are going to take comfort in it and you ARE going to take comfort in it — do it mindfully. Go ahead and indulge in a cream-filled doughnut, or ice cream, or pie; just make it a really good one. Sit at the table. Use your favorite dishes, even if you’re eating alone. (As the mother in Repo Man says, “Put it on a plate, dear; it’ll taste better,” and this article explains why.) Don’t multi-task; pay attention to the food while you’re putting it in your mouth. And if after the last swallow you’re still feeling unfulfilled, ask your body what the hunger’s really about.

Look at the emotional flow from you to others, too. This Moon marks a new beginning in how you express, not just receive, caring and nurturing. With your own mother, too, if you’re brave enough to allow that. (How many of you felt a physical shutdown or terror at that concept? Be honest.)

How can you — the real, true, authentic you that is showing its face more boldly to the world — share love? No smothering, please, no controlling and no guilt-inducing, guilt-demanding sacrifice. No matter if your family background is the stuff of a bestselling memoir. No matter if you don’t have the greatest track record in this department. A new world is emerging this summer. Allow your emotions. Trust them. Let them flow.

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This image is completely wishful thinking ;-)

This image is completely wishful thinking 😉

Today’s Special: Comfort Food, by the Light of the Cancer Full Moon

January 8-9, 2012
11:30 PM PST / 2:30 AM EST / 7:30 AM GMT
18 Cancer 25 / 18 Capricorn 25

The beginning of the year naturally invites looking backward and forward. Our first month is named, in fact, for the two-headed Roman god Janus, who faces both directions simultaneously. The first Full Moon of the year follows that god’s lead. It turns our sights to the past — way back, further than you might expect — while firming up the pathway to the future.

The Cancer Full Moon is a late-to-over night event, peaking just before midnight on the West Coast and in the morning hours to the east. As this weekend approaches, watch for developments to take on the air of wrapping up. Long-standing sagas may or may not end, but episodes definitely will.

As emotions crest (and crest they will, with the Moon in her home base of Cancer), key situations may feel like they’re coming to a point of harvest or culmination, with family, tribal, goal or security issues likely to be involved. The question on your end will be how nurturing or nourishing the payoff turns out to be. In some cases, the answer will be yes; in others, you may feel a definite shortfall in emotional support and satisfaction.

The answers are likely to be a mixed bag. (And some people may be very, very, very sensitive, touchy, moody, sentimental and maudlin. Be kind.) Some should not be surprises, though. The story lines date back to the Cancer New Moon solar eclipse in the summer of 2010, when you sent out certain goals, energies or intentions having to do with your place in and comfort level with the world.

That eclipse, which occurred within one degree of this week’s Full Moon, was smack in the middle of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse process, which pushed us into rebooting all manner of foundational issues: who we are, what we need to feel safe, where and with whom we feel safe and loved, what kind of family interaction we want, what we want in a relationship, what we want in a career or outside the home — all the big stuff. Now you get to see some of what’s come from that rebooting. Use the events and choices of 18 months ago as a framing device for what you see happening now.

Let emotions pour out, joyful and otherwise. You can’t think your way out of this kind of event. Your outpouring can, however, prep the ground for the future. For one thing, if you are mourning a disappointment or a passing, you are clearing out emotional space for other situations to come in. For another, the outpouring may be watering and priming your metaphoric garden.

And that’s where the future orientation of this Full Moon comes in. Mars, the planet of our drive, ambition and actions, is in harmonious contact with the Sun and the Moon. Mars in Virgo encourages healthy, deliberate, considered, narrow-lensed and incremental steps. He’s into cleaning, perfecting, taking time and measuring two, three, even four times before cutting. His easy flow to the Sun puts all those qualities into an effortless collaboration with our conscious personalities and makes following his lead the natural course of action. He’s got the Moon’s cooperation, too, bringing our emotional selves on board with whatever step-by-step program we launch as a result of this Full Moon.

This teamwork furthers the practical, down-to-earth, making-it-real-and-tangible imperative of the ongoing grand trine in earth (which I just, appropriately, mistyped as “ground trine” — you may quote me). It’s a lovely and manifesting round robin of energy flowing from Jupiter to Mars to Pluto, which will bring more refocusing in March and then, at last, a grand blossoming around the spring equinox.

The emotional information you receive from this Full Moon plays into that refocusing and blossoming both. You’ll see where you’re watering stone and where you’re watering fertile earth; where to continue to invest your heart and where to move on.

If you can’t address everything right now, don’t push or beat up on yourself. You have other shots at tinkering with the garden. Besides the promised refocusing in March, when Jupiter and Pluto trine one more time, Mars will rework this turf, too. He goes retrograde on the 23rd and will cross his current degree again in February and once more in June.

For now, give the controls to the little kid inside you. What was going on with him/her two summers ago? What’s going on now? What feels good? What doesn’t? Then project yourself a few months ahead. What would s/he prefer to be feeling then? Best of all, draw a line from summer 2010 to next summer. What next chapter feel best?

I have lots of resources for navigating 2012 at my main site EmpowermentUnlimited.net, from talks to guides to personal Tarot forecasts. Drop by, why don’t you?

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.