Forecast for the 2016 Aries Full Moon

October 15 – 16, 2016
9:23 PM PDT /12:23 AM EDT / 4:23 AM GMT
23 Aries 14 / 23 Libra 14

The cosmic alarm clock is going off, but don’t bother reaching for the snooze button. There isn’t one. Not that anyone could sleep through the racket.

It’s coming off this year’s supercharged Aries Full Moon and its powder keg of emotional explosions, epiphanies, breakthroughs and jailbreaks. They are blasting us out of complacency and stuck places. Pushing fence sitters to jump to the ground and get going already. Detonating hair-trigger impulses venting pressure that’s been building for months, even years.

It’s all a cathartic antidote to the surreal atmosphere and whiplash-inducing reboots we’ve experienced this year. No more daze, shock, questioning sanity, feeling stalled, licking wounds or dissolving in tears. Raw, primal energy is being unleashed — life force, kundalini, courage, rage — that ignores (or thrives on) danger.

If you’ve been waiting for the nerve to pull off a risk, or make a move that’s given you pause, you now have at your disposal all the incentive, gumption and rocket fuel you could ever want. You are, in effect, packing heat. The complication is, so is everyone else.

The emotional harvest of this Moon is erupting both within us and all around us. Loose cannons and wild cards are everywhere. Ever heard of the phenomenon spontaneous human combustion? You may well see it. You may well experience it.

Little is neat, tidy or subtle. Even action you’ve been considering comes with surprises, leaping out on a schedule you didn’t contemplate, igniting with unexpected force, catapulting you into unforeseen — and probably unforeseeable — circumstances.

The volatility, unpredictability and chaos stem from the Moon’s tighter than tight company with Uranus, agent of radical change, and Eris, the goddess of discord. The Libra Sun may prefer playing nice with others, but that’s outweighed by these rabble rousers inflaming the individual end of the relationship axis represented by the Aries Moon.

Think you’ve already hit the point of “enough is enough?” Think again. With Uranus and Eris stoking this hothead, fearless Moon, there’s little chance of backsliding into dynamics of putting up with, tolerating or settling. The combined impact is making Humpty Dumpty out of out-of-balance arrangements, as well as any lingering inclination to remake yourself to fit someone’s expectations — or your projections, assumptions or beliefs of what someone expects or needs.

The Moon and her rough and rowdy companions are blowing up resistance, impediments and other forms of prisons, internal and circumstantial. The effect is catalytic, radically liberating as well as empowering, challenging us to step up and take charge of ourselves.

It’s time. We feel it, too. This Full Moon is a palpable milestone in the process of foundational upheaval, change and restructuring we’ve been undergoing for some four years, courtesy of the ongoing squabble between Uranus and Pluto.

The Aries Moon’s ruler, Mars, is heading for a conjunction with Pluto, ruler of the unavoidable end of the ongoing change imperative. Their meeting promises targeted, step-by-step, practical, mundane, concrete effort toward long-term goals — including that foundational restructuring we’ve been undergoing.

These two bodies are the traditional and modern ruler of Scorpio, the sign currently being visited by the ruler of the Libra Sun, Venus, goddess of all we hold dear (love, money, creativity, precious baubles, etc.). All the epiphanies and jailbreaks, all the apple carts being upended, all the glorious conflagration of this Full Moon, all are freeing us, hearts, energy and resources and all, for incremental progress on those long-term goals and revamped structures — including the relationships that are going along with us.

It’s time to get moving. It’s time to be bold. It’s time to just do it, whatever “it” we may have been pondering.

Postponing is unlikely, what with the cosmic alarm clock blaring for most of the rest of the month. Mars continues carrying out the cosmic change imperative by challenging Uranus, in an action-demanding square that peaks on the 28th and moves us further onto and into updated structures.

The Full Moon and the fortnight following it involve a concept that will dominate next year:  self-actualization. This Moon is priming our engines for a three-stage blast-off into that, and more, when order-loving Saturn trines radical Uranus, from the coming holiday season through November of next year.

That blast-off is part of the point of the last few years’ upheaval. This Moon frees and preps us for the journey.



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