No Foolin’! Forecast for April 1-7, 2013

The awakening and enlivening process continues. We’ve got a major dose of get-up-and-go from the preponderance of bodies in initiating, fast-acting, combative and daring Aries. Another exciting flare-up in the Aries fire is in store this weekend. That builds all week long, amid opportunities for catching our breath and healing at a deep, deep level.

Fires of motivation are blazing under us and within us, and we periodically linger and ponder and acclimate and, in that active inaction transcend longstanding, paradoxical wounds of separation and engulfment. The combination brings balance, really: life force, rest and rejuvenation.

We’re getting clearer, more optimistic and more confident about ourselves — and particularly about the new direction into which we’re heading. The cosmic red arrow that has been flashing and pointing since the winter solstice has become a firm, strong, reliable and friendly signal. We start the week with the Sun in an easy flow to the point of that arrow (a configuration called a finger of God), expansive Jupiter in the high-flying, multi-tasking sign of Gemini. The pair beckons us to a future that is brighter and more expansive than our previous concepts. Dream big, and then dream bigger.

The week’s undercurrent is a link between Pluto, lord of the subconscious, and wounded healer Chiron. The first body is primally scary and insistent, but equally, potently empowering. He’s the agent of unavoidable change, and is locked in a several year universal remodeling project with Uranus, the agent of unpredictable change. The second body (a dwarf planet to be exact) embodies the challenge to sink fully into physical existence.

As Pluto and Chiron reach out to each other, they offer balm for the cracks, fissures, splits and torn-up roots we have all been experiencing. The pair also opens the door to feeling less alone — to feeling not at all alone, in fact, but part of a greater multitude. Notice how many people — and specifically who — have been in contact with you in the last week. Notice the quality of the connecting and reconnecting. (One example is a red tide of marriage equality images washing over Facebook last week, showing more and more and more people who stood in solidarity with each other.) Are you feeling more connected with yourself as well?

This soothing, therapeutic air could turn this week’s spate of void of course Moons into personal spa time. The Moon is void of course when she makes her final major aspect before leaving a sign. Because no planets are in the second half of any of the signs at the moment, the Moon has an uncommonly long journey out of each sign, which makes for frequent, long voids. During a void (think: devoid of major aspects), outward activity often amounts to little, or unravels later. The atmosphere is gentle, diffused, contemplative and generally supportive of not striving toward a goal or the future but instead, simply being.

This week, the long voids consume all of Monday and Wednesday and the second half of Friday. These stretches are suited to stoking and gazing into the fires and experience your own life force coursing through you.

And what is on our mind throughout the week? More appropriately, what is driving us? Desire. Desire and the will to go after it, no matter what. Desire and drive got amped up in last week’s Full Moon festivities. This week they will have their way. They will be satisfied.

That driving impulse comes from the week’s big event, a date between Venus and Mars, after midnight early Sunday morning in the East and late Saturday night elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere. This meeting flame-kisses both the spring season and the next two years, which is the length of the March cycle that has just begun.

This meeting is uniting the archetypal feminine and masculine and setting them on fire, within you as well as in the collective. Although there may be an aspect of the phoenix entering the fire and emerging reborn, the focus of this event is definitely the future. The burst is initiating, motivating and kick-starting. This clinch merges our hearts and our willpower, our desires and our drive to get them met, our value systems and our willingness to go to battle for them. We’re all impassioned to the max, bold, driven, hell-bent even on going after what we want.

Anything that starts now will have a progressive, new-paradigm edge, because both Venus and Mars have come through the freeing, perspective-tilting electricity of Uranus, which each of them met in late March. Relationships may erupt into life, or into new life, with parameters unlike your previous experience.

This energy is not merely about relationships, though, not by any means. It is about throwing yourself into life at full throttle.

Use the voids to quiet the voices in your head, still your being, ground, regroup, and listen to your heart. When the signal changes — and these days, red means go! — let your energy lead you. If you feel excited or energized, zoom ahead. If you find yourself thinking about something and running it by your friends and thinking about it some more, that’s a “no” or “not yet” signal. The same’s true if you are feeling neutral or resistant. Any reaction other than emotions rushing toward something means “no,” at least for now.

The astrology of why gay marriage is inevitable.

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Hearts on Fire: The 2013 Libra Full Moon

March 27, 2013
2:28 AM PDT / 5:28 AM EDT / 9:28 AM GMT
6 Aries 32 / 6 Libra 32

“Love is the infinite, placed within the reach of poodles.” — Celine.

This month’s Libra Full Moon reminds me of the end of a spectacular fireworks show, when rockets shoot up faster and faster and erupt into overlapping sparkling patterns of stars and circles and swirls and wiggly bits that glisten and linger and slowly dissipate and fall.

The explosions create one continuously morphing image, taking shape so quickly and simultaneously that onlookers are transfixed, immersed (and overwhelmed) in the totality of the display and unable to focus, fixate or hang on to any one moment in it.

That’s the case with Wednesday’s Full Moon in Libra. Relationships, alliances are agreements are coming to the fore, but not in the lyrical, graceful, pretty wrapping that Libra prefers. The Full Moon pits the Moon in peace and harmony-loving Libra against a band of provocateurs striking matches (and more) in Aries — while depth charges are blasting celestial titans into shifting their weight.

It’s a gloriously messy, exciting, volatile, game-changing extravaganza, forever altering the landscapes of our hearts, connections and world. Passion fuels all of it, with the Moon’s ruler Venus not merely in fiery, fearless Aries but holding hands with the Sun, change agent Uranus and her archetypal partner Mars. She’s so close to the Sun, in fact, that they are indistinguishable, a proximity called in combust.

In combust: Remember that concept. The label fits us all now.

We’re all on fire. We’re all hot heads, impulsive, daring in ways our brains have been braking. But no longer. We’re burning bridges and, in some cases, dynamiting them. We’re throwing memories, heartache and hesitations onto a bonfire — and maybe ourselves, too — and emerging with hearts purified and blazing with desire. We’re simultaneously nuking the past and zapping the future into being, in a baptism of orgiastic fire.

As unexpected as specific events will be — the triggers could catch you completely unawares — whatever blows up or open now has been long brewing. The line-up is pressuring points that have been tenderized since June, September and December of last year.

This Moon’s complex configuration is lobbing grenades and pouring flame accelerant into the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, the conflict that is forcing so much restructuring in our lives. This week’s events will tie directly to their next clash, coming up later in May. The line-up is also firing up the cosmic red arrow (finger of God) that has been coming into sharper and more insistent focus since the winter solstice. It’s combining celestial players into two additional interlocking fingers as well. We’re being hammered, prodded, taunted, enraged, inflamed, engulfed and energized from all sides, in all ways.

There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nothing to do but stand in the middle of the fireworks until your mission kicks in. You’ll know what it is — maybe not until you’re well into it, but you’ll know.

One caution: This may not be comfortable. Strong emotions are coursing, and you may feel physically strange, uneasy, even at times like scorched earth. Take time periodically, at least each morning, to regroup and ground. If you’re inclined to ask that your actions be guided by a higher wisdom, that would be one prudent approach for navigating this initiation. Remind yourself not to take anyone’s behavior personally. Primal impulses are on the loose and otherwise sober-thinking, mature individuals will be throwing tantrums that would land a toddler in a time out.

Make use of all this fire. May it embolden you to burn away what no longer serves and to leap into situations that keep your flame blazing bright.

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March 25, 2013

Glad Tidings: Forecast for Dec. 24-30, 2012

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Ready for some stabilizing? Don’t all shout at once; there’s plenty to go around. Stabilizing is what the skies are offering this week. Not finality and not stability, exactly, but a process of stabilizing — in terms of your own footing and the ground you tread. You’re birthing your new self, a fitting development for this week’s holiday.

The process is a definite continuation of what we have been experiencing in two time frames: short term, in the shifts of last week (owie-zowie, right?) and long term, in the rumblings that have been rocking our worlds since last June.

What’s happened in the short term has done nothing short of ripping our hearts open. We’ve been tenderized from every angle, happy and not — from unexpected losses, from reconnecting with people and memories that reminded us how profoundly important they once were, from attempting to go about normal life without being overwhelmed by the sadness, longing and wistfulness that’s filling the air.

In a sense, we have come through end times. As last week’s finger of God swung into place, each of us experienced an inner restructuring that has left us permanently changed. It yanked treasures into consciousness from the depths of our pasts and beings, reacquainted us with their value, dropped some into our laps for continuing enjoyment and bricked others behind walls that will never come down.

No matter what external events you experienced, the real and lasting impact was internal. What you have been through cannot be undone. You can never go back to the way you viewed and approached life before. It’s akin to a loss of innocence — in fact, that is a component of what is going on for everyone — a quick and irreversible slide, plummet, catapult, shift, pick your term of transport, into a perspective that forever bears the mark of what you’ve just experienced.

The finger of God swung into action Thursday (Jupiter made an adjustment aspect to Pluto) and Saturday (when Jupiter did the same with Saturn), bringing into focus the cosmic red arrow that I have been writing about. It has mandated changing your thinking, clearing out your filter, and updating your entire approach to life.

The swinging stops this week, on Wednesday, when the two ends of that configuration firm up their teamwork. Saturn and Pluto are making an exact sextile, which invites rebuilding structures from the ground up (actually, even from the basement), in a huge, grand, expansive way. Claim the experiences you have undergone. Claim the impact they have had on your heart, your mind, your outlook. Claim the new views they have birthed in you, and allow them to settle into your reality.

This dovetails completely with the long term process that’s simultaneously coming to a head. This week revisits the evolutionary mandate from Uranus and Pluto, the cosmic change agents, who are disrupting our comfort zones, undermining rotting or unsupportable structures and inciting us to rebel against our status quo. Their work becomes outright personal now. (I can hear Rocket J. Squirrel: a-GAIN?)

An impulse for — or toward — liberation erupts on the 26th, when the Sun pushes against Uranus, and action-oriented Mars moves into Uranus’ sign of Aquarius. The two moves set off the energetic contractions that are pushing you out of the rebirth canal. Those recently honed new ways of thinking are requiring breaking out of some old conditions. They’ve been undergoing destabilization long enough that some will topple without enormous effort, and their tumbling leads right into Friday’s Full Moon in Cancer.

That event activates the degree of the first clash between Uranus and Pluto in June. Rumblings were set off then, rumblings that became more insistent during the pair’s second clash in September. The Full Moon sheds light on what’s become of the rumblings, how they are breaking through the surface and taking or affecting physical form, and — most importantly — how we feel about all that.

Since Cancer is the Moon’s home base, this Full Moon is the most watery, the most emotional, the most intricately tied to questions of nurturing, the most likely to send us running to jelly doughnuts and blankies and other pacifiers. This one is a degree away from the lunar eclipse that ended December 2009. That eclipse had a comforting retrospective feel, which you may find yourself revisiting now. You can experience nurturing in time present from love you have exchanged and received in the past, which sounds to me a lot like nostalgic holiday memories.

This Moon is a definite pivot point. While you are looking longingly and even lovingly at the past, you are also catapulting into a radically new future, one that’s directly emerging from developments in June and September. By Sunday, step more deeply into the change imperative with the stabilizing assistance of Saturn and Pluto. This pair brings you the ultimate gift: rebirth, renewal and regeneration of nobody but you.

It’s the most natural thing in the world to get unabashedly, unapologetically on board with the new approach to life. Accept it, embrace it, take it seriously and commit to it and glorioski — outer circumstances fall into place around it.

For more about the Full Moon, read my mooncast, which will be posted at by Thursday.

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