It’s Heeeeeeeere! Uranus at 0 Aries

BLAST OFF! Uranus has moved off the last degree of Pisces and into Aries at last. The cosmic awakener and wild card has changed mode of expression, going from the boundary-less interconnectedness of all being to absolute individuation.

In the hours before this extreme shift, astrological metaphor turned into horrible physical reality: the monstrous earthquake in Japan and nearly a dozen powerful other ones, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions throughout the Pacific. The environmental devastation was a Uranian message for the memory books: In the face of nature, geopolitical borders are irrelevant. We are all inhabitants of one fragile planet, and what happens in one part of it sends actual shockwaves into the other parts.

While the world is reeling from the convulsions of land and sea, Uranus has moved his electrifying, revolutionizing influences to the beginning of the zodiac. Spring doesn’t officially start till Sunday, March 20 — but with the level of energy that Uranus is unleashing, the calendar is a technicality.

Uranus is channeling the most raw, primal and explosive degree of life force. Unpredictability meets fast-acting impulses. Like a flame spreading from match to kindling to logs. Or a string of fire crackers detonating. Or one volcano erupting and the force setting off another, then another, then another. Or uprisings in one city inspiring revolts across state lines, across national borders, across continents and oceans.

Everyone’s feeling the urges — the power surges — and everyone’s ready to GET GOING ALREADY!

Pisces are blissfully free of nervous anxiety, now that the live wire has been taken out of the bathtub of their life. (Underestimate Fish at your own risk; though; they’ve got backbone these days, not to mention firepower.) Aquarians are breathing easily, too, hope-hope-hoping that the financial roller coaster has really entered the station and let them disembark. Capricorns have calmed down in general, stopped worrying so much about their siblings and started to stir it up at home.

Sagittarius has lost the drive to rearrange the furniture and declared a truce with the family. He’s cracking jokes again and — what’s this? — feeling long-slumbering sensations of attraction coming back. Scorpio has loosened up about kids and creativity and, heaven forbid, enjoying life, and suddenly has sooooo much more energy at his disposal. Libra has stopped rewriting his job description and routine every few months, put aside all those experiments and about-faces on food and exercise and habits, and is feeling the urge to have a real face-to-face relationship, instead of just singing show tunes about it.

Virgo is settling down on the relationship issue and ready to take big risks in intimacy. Leo has stabilized his investments of time, money and emotions and given up on trusting the wrong people. And, oh, the places he wants to visit now… Cancer has attained — well, not quite nirvana, but a more enlightened understanding of how the world works — and is ready to kick career butt.

Gemini’s career path, on the other hand, is no longer such a maze of rabbit trails (but oh, the adventure that’s coming with revisions in that bucket list). Taurus, never big on change in the first place, has weathered more than enough disruption in friendships, group memberships and dreams for one lifetime, thank you very much. So why is it he feels so good right now? Happy. Energized. Motivated. Optimistic.

And Aries? Stay out of Aries’ way. His battery’s been recharged, and it’s long-life. Aries is hollering “Yeeeeeehaw!” and hitting the gas on its vehicle of choice (Ferrari? steamroller?)

Thus begins the next seven years … and the next 84 for humanity.

Here’s one theme song for Uranus’ stay in Aries: Freedom Calling by Phil Ochs. We’ll be singing this louder and louder as Uranus and Pluto, the two cosmic change agents, square off seven times from 2012-2015. For now, enjoy the freedom of movement. Exhilarating, isn’t it?