Forecast for Dec. 1-7, 2014

Stabilizing. Energizing. Burgeoning desire. Then we move into Mr. Spock mode but with hearts on fire. Paradox? Sure. Spread it anyway.

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2014 Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

2014 Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
October 8, 2014
3:50 AM PDT / 6:50 AM EDT / 10:50 AM GMT
15 Aries 5/ 15 Libra 5

This month’s Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has the force of dynamite blowing open a safe in our hearts. The emotions it releases may be explosive and fiery, but so is the liberation it’s delivering.

Every Full Moon is a moment of culmination, when events and feelings crest to a level that can not be ignored. A lunar eclipse enhances that quality with moments of revelation. We see factors that have been going on outside our conscious perception, usually for a long, long time, from bugaboos in our own psyches to stuff other people have been up to, influenced by or feeling.

With the revelations, and often because of them, a massive reboot occurs. Chapters close. People leave. Our feelings change.  All of this is for good (in both senses of that word), whether it happens in one life-changing blast, or whether it unspools over a period of months.

Relationships are core to everything happening now: Our relationship to ourselves. How we see and present ourselves in relation to others. The role that relationships play in our lives. How we treat other people and how we let them treat us. Specific relationships and specific people, whether currently in our lives or lodged in our psyches.

The current eclipse brings us full cycle from October 1995, when an Aries lunar eclipse last took place at this degree. What kinds of choices did you make then?   (For example, in 1995 I had knowingly settled for much less than I wanted, because I had given up and decided nothing better was coming. In the build-up to the October eclipse one sentence in a seemingly casual conversation changed everything, and I heard, “This will never work” bubble up from some previously unknown part of myself. Getting out took till the spring — the remainder of the eclipse cycle — because we’d just signed a lease together. But internally, from that moment on, I was done.)

You’re gravitating toward different options now, because you have profoundly changed since then — especially in how you value yourself. Everything that’s being fired up now has been undergoing relentless pressure to evolve for the past couple of years. Your current situations, impulses and options are outgrowths of two recent times in particular:  the end of last year and again this past April.

Think of the signals you got then that your personal relationship (and self-worth) status quo was entering a wildly different phase. The first round, between Christmas and New Year’s (and perhaps into the middle of January) might have brought startling breakthroughs, or might have been more of a head’s up. The second, in April, might have had more of a quality of being suspended in awareness of brewing changes, rather than experiencing them.

The instigator both times was Mars, which rules the masculine drive, marching through the relationship sign of Libra and locking horns with Uranus and Pluto, the two cosmic change agents that have been destabilizing all of our foundations since 2012.  In mid-April, the three of them formed a grand cardinal cross with the enlarging influence of Jupiter. They’re all in play again with this eclipse, but it different positions, and new players have entered the fray.

We have reached the point of accepting, assimilating and doing something about all the relationship and self-worth issues that have been sensitized.  Be honest with yourself about what you want — and your deserving to have it. Your order’s being fulfilled, and allies are on the scene to help. The Sun and Venus are in the position that Mars occupied at Christmas and during April’s cardinal cross, so whatever’s arriving is in alignment with what you now value.

No timid or half measures now, either (as if there were currently possible). We’re all in for high-voltage, high-velocity twists, blasts, take-offs, break-outs and breakthroughs. The eclipse’s revelations will have a combustive and motivating emotional impact on us, since the Moon is siding with the volatile, unpredictable and individual element in the ongoing change imperative. (Think: Molotov cocktail.)

She’s sandwiched between Uranus and her south node, a point that represents what we are moving away from.  This combo holds the power to blow up attachment to the past, to ignite booster rockets and shoot us into daring new orbits and to leave bridges blazing in the wake of our take-off.

That alone would be enough to make this eclipse a life changing event. Another configuration is pouring right into it that is unlocking energy and life force like we have never experienced, and will not again. (Heady words, but true.)

A round robin of fire energy, called a grand trine, is coursing from the Moon and Uranus to Jupiter to Mars — two of the forces that held us suspended but chomping at the bit in April.  They’re igniting the opposite extreme, inflaming us to impulsive action and self-actualization, without forethought or consideration of the consequences. (Good thing we’ve been grappling with these issues for years, right?)

We’re roaring back to life and riding fierce, furious and unpremeditated passions. They could be anger, could be boundless, enthusiastic derring-do, could be kundalini rising; at times, they will be blazing in wild cauldron of all. They’ll tamp down, a bit, at the Scorpio New Moon in two weeks, but only a bit. What they spark in us, in our connections and in our lives will not have its first big measuring point until the Libra lunar eclipse next April.

That notion that you have to do everything on your own, that you can’t rely on anybody, that no matter what you do, you’re fundamentally on your own? It’s toast. So are those patterns of putting up with less than loving treatment. Stop hauling this stuff out of the garbage and into your heart and life. Let it burn away, finally. The same with all those ghosts that Mercury retrograde is summoning.  Send them into flames that will purify the memories and turn pain and resentment to ash.

Open your eyes and look around. The true you is not alone. A new traveling party has assembled And at least one somebody  is on the scene who sees You at the depth of your soul.

Suggested ritual: Since we’re all on fire, work with fire. Write out descriptions of the chapters you are closing, the past behaviors, programming and attachments you (or that) are blowing up and anything else you’d like to burn away. Ceremonially set fire to the paper(s) in a pit or fireplace or large bowl. If you’re daring, energetically place yourself in the fire, too, with the intention that you will emerge reborn and revitalized like a phoenix. And you will.

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2014 Capricorn Full Moon

July 12, 2014
4:24 AM PDT / 7:24 AM EDT / 11:24 AM GMT
20 Capricorn 3 / 20 Cancer 3

When you’re in the thick of action, it’s easy to miss the big picture. That’s coming into focus under the light of this month’s Capricorn Full Moon. It’s providing a platform for viewing the destabilizing and reshaping of recent months and years. Passive observation is not the point of this platform, however. It’s designed to push — push you onto it, push you into seeing, push you into evaluating, and push you (and everyone else) into action.

This Full Moon begins the wrap-up of the tumult we’ll all been experiencing since the winter holidays. We’re starting to see the point of it and where it’s headed. This phase is calculating and unyielding, yet, in a grand sense, forgiving. Players are leaving; alliances are taking new form; potentials are blossoming or blowing up.  People are reaching monumental turning points: shifting shape; viewing themselves drastically differently; banishing annoyances, drains, behaviors and attitudes that have been nibbling away at their sanity, finances and energy.

We are revisiting the complex and divisive energies of April’s cardinal cross. This time, each of us is experiencing them on a profoundly personal level, with the Sun and the Moon now in the configuration.  You have outgrown much; hence the goodbyes and nevermores. You’ve grown into much as well.

For starters, aren’t you taking more and better care of yourself? Or, at minimum, thinking that you should?  Nourishment and nurturing have been themes for the past year, as Jupiter has made his way through Cancer and escalating thechange imperative of the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. Now at the final degree of that sign (he moves into Leo on Wednesday), he is whipping those themes of nourishment and nurturing up to maximum force.

Consider it a parting gift. Let them lock in at a cellular level and make taking care of yourself your new starting point.  This will happen to some extent whether you embrace it consciously or not. Make the effort. Treating yourself well attracts people and situations that will do the same, and ushers out ones that won’t, can’t or don’t.

Be kind to your inner child just now, too. With what you’ve come through, don’t you deserve a treat? Jupiter encourages self-indulgence. Ice cream or equivalent is definitely in order. That’s not a flip suggestion. It’s an exercise in allowing yourself to have. If that hasn’t come naturally to you before, there’s no time like the present for a work out.

You’ve changed in other profound ways. You are more focused and self-aware. You know more clearly what you want, what you value and who you are. All of that factors into your experiences, emotions, reactions and decisions under this Full Moon.

There’s a definite edge, too. It’s akin to street smarts, or being worldly wise. As much as some relationships and dreams are flourishing, as much as magic and miracles are in fact materializing down here on the earth plane (as they most definitely are for many people), there’s a simultaneous epidemic of discernment, discrimination and awareness in investing time, energy, resources and trust. Long-term security, consequences and viability are part of every analysis. If X feels like it has staying power (and X is something you want), you’ll let it in. If it doesn’t, you’ll drop it, perhaps without explanation or saying goodbye.  Brusk and businesslike, that’s the mode. Second chances are few, at this point, except maybe ones you give to yourself.

See if you don’t find yourself look at situation after situation with stark and sudden clarity:  I like this. I don’t like that. This feels safe (or nourishing) (or supportive). I’m done with that. I didn’t see that coming. And then acting, or responding to others, with that clarity.

Yet it’s not grim. In fact, a lot of it will be fun, life-enhancing and encouraging. Venus and Mars, rulers of our desire and drive, are cooperating beautifully. Knowing what you want and going for what you want come easily, to the point of effortlessness.

The harmony between the cosmic lovers greases social connections of all kinds. This is promising for reaching out, making overtures and following through. Conversations could flow organically on the often dangerous topics of “What is going on between us?” and “Where is this going?” — questions that are as important in business/financial dealings as in romance.

The conversations and the evolving connections both have a mature, responsible and softly therapeutic quality.  No one’s inclined to trifle with his or her own heart or money.  Long-term potential is part of the appeal as well as the nature of situations that blossom now.  A round-robin of energy is running that has the power to soften the stark, mountainous terrain of the Capricorn Full Moon. The current is flowing from the Sun in home-and-family-oriented Cancer to Saturn in Scorpio (and his preference for structure and commitment) to Chiron in Pisces and the potential for transcending longstanding emotional wounds. What unfolds for you now — what you choose to unfold now — can be stable, dependable, nurturing and beyond what your perceived wounds have allowed you to let in previously.

Watch for the brake pedal to come off when Saturn goes direct next week, on July 20. The first half of the year will be soon be distant history. A magical phase of life is beginning.

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2014 Sagittarius Full Moon

June 12-13, 2014

9:11 PM PDT / 12:11 AM EDT / 4:11 AM GMT

22 Sagittarius 6 / 22 Gemini 6

This month’s Sagittarius Full Moon is the stroke of a cosmic clock. It’s signaling that ways of thinking about the world and ourselves have hit the end of the line. There’s no snooze button, either. This chiming is loud, insistent and impossible to ignore. And it’s propeling situations, and each of us, into a state of fierce and forceful action.

You’d think we were still in eclipse season, as intense as the build-up to this Moon has already been. It certainly carries the resetting and activating impact of an eclipse, but it has a profound stabilizing and healing potential as well.

This Full Moon is spotlighting what goes in and out of our minds and mouths — and whipping it into extremes, logical and illogical. We are seeing cartoonishly large the impact that words and beliefs have on physical reality, each other and, most importantly, ourselves.  As the evidence and surrounding emotions come to a head, pressure is amplifying, escalating and accelerating to lock-and-load proportions.

The pressure is teeming with factors, issues and influences swirling in uneasy, motivating co-existence.  Limits, ramifications, commitments and hearing — or saying — “no” are rampant themes. With Venus, ruler of all we desire, tightly opposing ruler-maker Saturn, walls are coming down to permanently separate us from connections and wishes, while others lock into place, seriously, maturely and at a cost. In some instances, we’re in the driver’s seat, steering clear of wishes, people and situations that do not nurture us or feel healthy, and heading toward ones that enhance and support a newly honed appreciation of our own worth.

Battle cries are in the mix:  “This far and no farther.” “This has gone on long enough.” Or even simply, “Uncle!”  The air is filled with impatience, frustration and an unwillingness to wait any longer.  Not to mention the sense that something big is about to happen. Hair-trigger tempers abound; clear thinking, alas, is at a minimum. Remember that. Mercury, ruler of the Gemini Sun, is retrograde at the beginning of Cancer, which encourages taking statements personally that likely had nothing to do with you. Remember, that, too.

At the core of the intensity is a mechanism for monumental movement and change, which is poised to spring at any moment. The Full Moon locks into the cardinal grand cross that dominated April. As the Full Moon wanes, Mars, the planet of action, will hit a sequence of sensitive points and set off developments that have been rumbling since late December.  His journey will release the current pressure over the next few weeks. That’s not likely to happen in any controlled, measured fashion, but instead in a series of sporadic, dramatic bursts.

The first is underway. Mars is already triggering Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change. The two hothead influences will move into an exact clash on Saturday, but they are already close enough for us — and events — to feel it. They will birth enormous progress on matters that have been in the works. Do take note, though:  Mars + Pluto + retrograde Mercury is a recipe for violent misunderstandings and for accidents. Your conscious mind is not quick enough to navigate any danger that may come up. Higher or inner guidance is essential. (If you don’t have my inner guidance system visualization mp3, get your copy here.)

Fortunately, faith, trust and optimism are also in abundance, courtesy of Jupiter, ruler of the Sagittarius Full Moon (and the cosmic benefactor that ups any action he touches, usually with a silver lining, though you may have to wait to see it). Combine those qualities with the potent Mars/Pluto imperative and you can deftly restructure the beliefs that underlie your life. This Full Moon is wired to empower us to move beyond current mindsets. Jupiter is making an exact link to the Sun and the Moon that emphasizes the growth that we have already undergone. This link also primes and impels us to update and upgrade our thinking and beliefs.

We have choices in the nature, quality and content of information to which we expose ourselves. (Time to trim social media?) We have choices in what we think, say and believe about others. We even, and most importantly, have choices in what we think, say and believe about ourselves.

That last area of chatter is getting heavy lobbying from the skies. They have made it easy lately for each of us to mash on our own core wounds — but just as easy to catch ourselves. You may have noticed lately that certain lines of thinking are doing you more harm than good. You may even have noticed that certain lines of thinking don’t apply anymore, at all. The time is ripe for doing something about both: for moving your thoughts and beliefs about yourself into more nurturing, gentle and compassionate waters.

This is one of the gifts of the summer’s skies, thanks to a lovely flow between grounding, order-loving Saturn and Chiron, the wounded healer, which will last into next month. Jupiter’s in the flow with them at the moment and increasing this potential with the Full Moon.

True, these waters have dark undercurrents. Saturn does impose consequences and exact punishment, and he is in the foreboding, sometimes dangerous waters of Scorpio. (Hence the disquieting cocktail the news has been serving of abiding wounds, fear, attitudes about authority and deadly consequences.) We probably won’t like some of what we see and experience. We may well encounter demons and frightening thinking.

Ultimately, we stand to live more solidly, soberly and securely. The reason is the special relationship that Saturn currently has with the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto. (Each is in the other’s sign of rulership, a situation called mutual reception.) This relationship will reward responsible choices — and holds the promise of grounding and stabilizing the phenomenal growth spurt that’s coming.

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2014 Aquarius New Moon

January 30, 2014
1:39 PM PST / 4:39 PM EST / 9:39 PM GMT
10 Aquarius 55

This year’s Aquarius New Moon has the subtlety of a corral gate opening and horses running into an unconfined field.

You’re not likely to hesitate when a barrier moves out of the way, or a key dangles before you, or  incentive erupts to leap out of the safety of the known and into a personal adventure.

The weather may still be under the heavy hand of winter, but the doldrums are in for a good shaking off. This Moon is full of surprises, breakthroughs, brilliant ideas and blasts of excitement. They come out of the blue and turn your experience of reality on a dime (in hair-pin turns, at that).

The volatility has staying power, too. The urgings you follow now will percolate for the next 12 months, and heat up again (and how!) in the fall.  This New Moon is Chinese New Year, marking the start of the year of the horse. (See first paragraph above.)  While the last two Chinese years immersed us in deep, dark, often unpleasant waters, this one sets a different tone from the start. The traits of horse are a guiding metaphor for the energy of the year, portending powerful, at times unbridled, movement.

The rearing and raring qualities will flare up again in October, when a round robin of energy known as a grand trine roars through the fire signs. This week’s event, like that energy in the fall,  stoke your desire and ability to put your own individual stamp on the ongoing change and restructuring that has been running rampant in your inner and outer worlds.

This Moon has the cooperation of the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, the cosmic wild card, rebel, and awakener, and the agent of volatile, unforeseeable change. He is locked in a several year battle with Pluto, lord of death and rebirth and the agent of unavoidable change. Pluto has been receiving the brunt of the attention and energy since Christmas, with deep level restructuring being forced to the surface and into awareness. The balance of focus and power is shifting now, quickly and radically.

Uranus’ helpful link to the Aquarius New Moon inspires and excites actively participating in the ongoing restructuring — standing up, fighting back, stepping out of the norm and taking risks that scream, “What do I have to lose?” These actions and reactions have a pronounced hair-trigger quality, which means the direction you are looking will affect and largely determine the direction you leap.

Fortunately, the past six weeks have delivered encouragement and opportunity galore to choose that direction consciously and wisely. Pluto’s lead role in the major activity since Christmas (the cardinal t-square and Capricorn New Moon) has cut a lot out and given a sharper, narrow focus on what is most important.  Re-evaluating the worth and long-term viability of relationships and more has also been ongoing, too, because of the retrograde of Venus, the ruler of all we hold dear (love, money, beauty, creativity, values).

The final hours of that retrograde are imprinted on this New Moon. Venus stations direct the next day. What you have revisited, revalued, and learned during her retrograde is part of the platform from which you will spring to action.  You put away some toys, desires, trifles, goals and connections, while remembering or discovering the value of others.  This process prepared you for (and bodes well) for catapulting into life-enhancing directions now, rather than landing on dead-end streets.

If you’re still caught up in letting go, Uranian bolts will likely break you from it. More information may help as well. The New Moon is tingling with the possibilities of that. It takes place just before Mercury, ruler of our minds and information flow, leaves the objectivity of Aquarius for the empathic, we-are-one waters of Pisces.  He’ll back back in Aquarius shortly, however, after he goes retrograde next week.

The long process of looking backwards is winding down. Your gaze is shifting to the future, and so are your footsteps. Next month’s Mercury retrograde will bring certain topics back up for further research. The underlying question will not be “Where have I been?”, however, but “Where am I going?” And sometimes, after the fact, “Where have I leapt?”


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Forecast for July 29 – August 4, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

Where we start the week and where we end it are likely to be miles and miles apart. It begins with a rare and welcome moment of stabilizing. After that … fasten your seat belts.

The stabilizing comes from a fleeting but dazzling configuration that has the potential of harnessing all the water energy of the last two months. If that brings to mind the possibility of generating electricity, you’re on the right track. The rest of the week is an intense, volatile and ultimately freeing ride hosted by the cosmic change agents.

In the process, some of what you’re carrying could and probably will fly out without your noticing. (I’m remembering once coming off the Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas and discovering that my sunglasses and all the candy sticks I’d just bought had escaped from my purse.) Where the ride lets you off may not be the expected destination, but it will fit the trajectory of the last year or so.

Throughout it all, collectively, wounds are out in the open, with Chiron in an easy flow to the North Node. A lot of what’s coming up for air is dank and festering, from being below the surface for years. Sunlight and air will do them, and us, good. Eventually.

On Monday a second grand trine briefly moves into place, in earth (linking the Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn). This interlocks precisely with the water grand trine we’ve had since June and is creating a Star of David, with each point the same distance from the next. (Gaze upon the chart for yourself.)

Whether this presages some magical, mystical development remains to be seen. At a minimum, the line-up is pouring spiritual and emotional potency into practical areas of your life and giving physical structure to the energies and other intangibles that have been coursing through us. Watch for opportunities to ground the rampant water/emotions in mundane situations — love (commitment even), finances, restructured obligations, baggage dumping — and to nourish all the physical manifestations we’ve been seeing of dreams and inspiration.

Some of the current is rushing deep into foundations, too, and reaching the places where we’ve been experiencing cracks, fissures and tectonic shifts for the past year.  The flowing water may wash away debris and loosened boulders; it may also cut new pathways and even canyons as it cleans and reshapes internal landscapes.

During the moment of stabilizing you may feel somewhat like a frog plopping onto a lily pad, or an athlete pressing onto a springboard, or a martial artist sinking deep into his torso and legs before striking. When the moment of rest ends, though, the movement that follows is not one lyrical arching leap into the air. It’s closer to a video game character frantically flying and kicking and flailing this way and that until a barrier collapses and a way out opens.

July ends with an open current between the planets of desire and money (Venus and Pluto) and drastic, sudden clashes between our drive and the cosmic agent of unforeseeable change (Mars and Uranus). Cravings and compulsions override hesitation or common sense. Temptations and triangles defy resistance.  Passions and tempers flare and lead to the unexpected. Walls will tumble. Don’t be surprised if you kick a few down yourself.

Crossroads appear before the dust settles. (The Sun and Venus are making adjustment aspects to Pluto and Uranus.) Will you base your choice on fear or other primal instinct, or stand in your own truth and personal power? Another issue is breaking from the/your norm because it suits you now, as opposed to doing something for shock value or rebellion.

Relationships could turn on a dime. The ones that pivot toward “yes, please” will find opportunities to link up nicely on Friday. For that one day, the archetypes of the masculine and the feminine are getting along and cooperating, which should yield interesting developments on a societal and legislative level.

No matter where your route takes you — and there’s no one-size-fits-all path for this —  everyone’s enjoying fresh air by the end of the weekend. Inner constraints are simply no longer an issue. You’ve been going with the flow, letting life lead you and not forcing your hand for so much of the summer. It’s time to drop the poker face, pick up your cards and play them boldly. 


More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

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Forecast for July 22-28, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

Finally, a change of pace. Go-with-the-flow mode is so last week. This one begins with a thunderclap, a flash of lightning or a clink of chains unlocking and triggering and motivated action.  We’re climbing — or maybe shooting — out of the water in which we’ve been swirling, swimming, surfing and, at times, drowning. And suddenly we know what we absolutely have to do. Actually implementing that knowledge, though, is another matter.

Maybe our time out of the wet is only long enough to look down/back at it and get a fresh perspective. Maybe we actually find a tiny island where we can briefly touch down. Either way we can shake off some of the sogginess and feel the warmth of the sun. We place our feet on the solid ground of sober habits, discernment and healthy boundaries.  We can contemplate the week’s epiphanies, awakenings and liberations and sit a spell with the call to action we’re feeling so intensely. We may pull off some forward movement. The week’s biggest movement, however, is getting some distance on the water and all it entails.

The gear shift hits on Monday, with enough abrupt changes to cause whiplash. First, the watery, emotional flow escalates into another tidal wave as Mars, planet of action, teams with bigger-is-better Jupiter.  Thereafter sociability takes a dive. What we want most is to clean up and dry off, when Venus trades Leo’s fun and drama-loving mode for the earth mother trappings of Virgo. Meanwhile, the Sun leaves the waters of Cancer for his warm, fiery, high-energy home of Leo and quickly sets up the summer’s first Full Moon in Aquarius. (A second comes late next month, at the end of the sign.)

This week’s Full Moon is in the very first degree of the sign, delivering a raw, unrefined and unsophisticated blast of Uranian electricity. It’s shocking, alarming, awakening and motivating. (Read more in my mooncast).

And that’s just on Monday.

As we come to grips with this Full Moon and all it unleashes, the week unfolds in one long void of course Moon after another. Moon voids are floaty, diffuse stretches between the Moon’s last major aspect and her entry into the next sign. They can feel as if nothing’s happening or nothing can happen, and even when they bristle with activity often little comes of it afterward. This week’s will bring to mind a cartoon character running wildly in place in the air, after a chunk of cliff fell out from under him.

There will be plenty to think about within those voids, and during the rest of the week as well. Cosmic messenger Mercury is now direct again and will return to noticeable movement by mid-week. Confusions will begin to clear up; information will come loose that explains much; misunderestandings may begin to unsnarl.

As the weekend approaches, Venus links up with the major players in the grand water trine, which is creating the rushing round-robin of emotional and other nonrational energy. She brings all that we value — relationships, beauty, creativity, money — within reach of the flow that is connecting Neptune (transcendence of physicality), Saturn (rules, order and the epitome of physicality) and Jupiter, whose golden touch heightens whatever he touches, for good or ill. Love may feel at a standstill, briefly, as opportunities appear to improve and solidify situations, to impose structure, obligations or responsibilities on arrangements, or perhaps to tighten them up in a big way.  (Sounds like more news about legislating women’s health.) The positive spin on this process is optimizing. Go for that.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

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Forecast for July 15-21, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

A tsunami alert is in effect all week. The same goes for monsoons, flooding and abnormally high tides. The summer’s water energy is hitting a peak. Dams are breaking, rivers are overflowing their banks, and streets are filling with runoff and more. Rushing water is finding pathways, toppling or wearing down impediments and carrying anything that moves along with it.

This will play out literally; the weather promises to be spectacular. For many of us, the flow will be primarily symbolic and emotional. Hang on to your boogie boards, ski harness or oars; we’re riding big waves and rapids now.

The flow is a natural continuation and escalation of matters that have been in process since early June, at least. (Possibly as far back as June of last year, too, with some streams from 2009-2011 as well.)  The current ramping up is sending the waters to the highest we will experience this summer.

The defining astrological influence of the summer, the round-robin of energy known as the grand trine in water, is linking up exactly this week, with two different influences completing the circuit. (The grand trine is activating the areas of your chart that contain the early degrees of the three water signs. If you don’t know where they fall, you can run your chart for free here, if you know your time of birth.)

The first planet to complete the circuit is Jupiter, the planet that ups any action he gets near. As he whips up Cancer’s home, family and territorialism midweek, expect cartoonishly large developments and breakthroughs, with nary a rational brain cell in sight. This means new horizons in moodiness, sentimentality, turf-staking, comfort food and petulance — but also miracles, rainmaking, manna and pennies from heaven and situations beyond your wildest dreams. (He’s also going to push women, mothers, children and their issues more into the streets and into the fore.) Whatever impulses rise up within you, or come at you, he is simply going to make them bigger.

Movement below the surface is adding to the agitation of the rising waters. Turmoil is summoning upheaval and rebellion up from the depths as Uranus, the agent of unpredictable change, begins a backward march that will last for nearly the rest of the year.  The waters aren’t merely gaining in height; they are also reaching deeper and deeper parts of your being. The ongoing tectonic shifts in your life are providing the cracks, fissures and other entry points for the flow and emotions to rush down deeper. They’re carving out caverns, canyons and new internal landscapes.

After Jupiter sets tidal waves in motion, the current opens fully in the wing of the grand trine that connects Saturn and Neptune, the most earthbound and least physical influences in the zodiac.  We are well and truly living on the bridge between spirit and matter — we *are* the bridge, I’ve been contending — and what that makes becomes clearer. Realities and ramifications and consequences come down on us. Dreams solidify, or crash against the rocks. Authority figures ramp up lies and shady dealings. Who knows, maybe a government will even expose its citizens to odorless gas. It could happen; this week is a probable window for one of the three days in July that the NYC MTA is releasing fluorocarbons in the subways in a so-called safety test. (Read more about that mind-boggling program here and here.)

After we’ve been carried along on this wild ride, limbs flailing as we hoop and holler and gasp for air, a huge force will push against the water and off we go some more. The cause is Mars, the planet that rules our motivation and drive, taking Jupiter’s place on Saturday and unleashing-to-encouraging assertiveness, aggression and the will to shape where all this is taking us.  Action happens, and how. Emotions surge. Baking frenzies ensue. Anger spins out of control (remember, pushing against water leads to backwash.) With the warrior god so active in the realm of the Great Mother, the political effects will be fascinating.

During this storm surge, Mercury, the ruler of communication and transportation, ends his retrograde. Clarity is not immediate; it’ll be a few days until he begins moving. His slow-moving turnaround in emotional waters has the speed and nuance of an ocean liner changing course. The waves, the surges, the dramas, the fast action will take on a timeless, endless quality; we’ll feel suspended in them, probably clearer on our own reactions but not yet able to convey them.

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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Forecast for July 8-14, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

We are in the boundless present. Notice this week how time feels like it is slowing and expanding, inviting us to dive into the eternity of each moment and ride the emotions as they surface, crest and flow.

And my, is emotional flow everywhere. It is unleashing outpourings, clucking, clutching, finger-pointing, guilt trips, personal attacks both real and perceived, reaching for security blankets of all kinds (fabric, food, human, symbolic) (emphasis on the food), yearning, nostalgia (for a past that never was), sentimentality and holding family (blood or chosen) close.

Saturn, the planet of order, structure and authority, is stationing to end his five-month retrograde on Monday, simultaneously with the New Moon in Cancer. Saturn insists we take our time, and when he stations his influence becomes the slowest of the slow.  (Think: ocean liner turning around.) His pause prolongs and heightens the coming into being we are witnessing of inspiration, dreams,  non-violent rebellion, ideology and authoritarian, dissent-silencing moves.  Situations will begin taking shape now that have been brewing behind the scenes or below the surface since mid-February.

This is bringing an “I/we know what’s best for everyone” mentality more out into the open. Not only is the federal government monitoring our phone calls and Internet activity, but as Saturn began stationing last week The New York Times reported that the Post Office is also photocopying and logging our mail. Big Brother authoritarianism is on the rise in state legislatures as well. Astrology in action is one way to view the epidemic of silencing dissent, changing the rules and ramming through legislation that a majority of constituents do not want.  (As for other ways to view … they are up to you.)

Saturn’s preference for slow and steady may be agonizing, it’s to your benefit this week. Use it to  prepare, work on, clean up or shore up your own end of these slow-brewing situations. They will break loose quickly and forceably starting next week, when Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune lock into the grand trine and whip up the waters’ movement. (For more on the grand trine, read my July outlook and forecast for July 1-7.)

Watch for the parent/child angle to crop up everywhere now, particularly in terms of who gets to be in control. Saturn is the father and the patriarchy (evident in many a state legislature at the moment), while the New Moon in Cancer, sign of the mother, is drawing attention to home and family, nurturing and emotional security. We’re feeling these issues keenly, personally and not at all rationally, because our experience of them takes root before our brains have fully developed and continues to exist below the reach of conscious thought.

A full discussion of the Cancer New Moon, including suggestions for working with its primal impulses, is in my mooncast. A gigantic push to implement this new phase in nurturing comes Saturday, when Mars enters the amniotic fluid of Cancer and begins his approach to the grand trine.

Mars is the planet of action and anger. His entry into Cancer provides the Wheaties, spinach or energy drink we need to dive into the waves and and swim through them. When he starts shoving the water around, splashing, surges, backwash and waves will follow.

In the most positive sense, this will motivate us to nurture ourselves and others, to tend to our families and take care of our own emotional needs. Mars is also going to encourage emotional behavior, some of which is going to be pissy, childish, petty, and self-pitying. If you catch yourself heading in that direction, give yourself a time out. If you see this type of behavior coming at you, think of the source as a kindergartner who needs milk, cookies and a nap.

For the six weeks that Mars is in Cancer, a lot of people are going to be pissed off to the point of doing something about it. The patriarchy will ramp up its actions against women, children and families; women will ramp up their actions to protect themselves and their own. Fighting over the food supply will escalate. Note what Russia’s President Putin does to put weight behind his outrage at what Monsanto is doing to the global food supply. Look, too, for more home-gown strikes against genetically modified crops across the world and on our soil, even if it’s not being reported.  The incentive could grow to take more control of your own food — such as buying locally, gardening in whatever small way you can, canning, dehydrating and preparing more of your own meals. Don’t be intimidated by those suggestions, though. Your reaction could be as simple and natural as spending more time in farmers’ markets and the kitchen.

Your beneficial course remains to (a) disengage periodically, empty yourself and sit still long enough to hear your own inner voice, (b) heed your emotions, intuition and energetic impulses, (c) rest when you are tired, (d) eat when you are hungry (and pay attention to what you’re eating), (e) not take other people’s behavior, words, assumptions or above all accusations personally and (f) give your mind the job of acting on your impulses, rather than dictating and forcing a plan of action.

Remember, too, that it’s summer. Inside you lives a little child who’d like to go outside and play every now and again. Why not?

More’s in my extended weekly forecast, which includes day to day analyses. For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

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2013 Cancer New Moon

July 8, 2013
12:15 AM PDT / 3:15 AM EDT 7:15 AM GMT
16 Cancer 17

“It’s like a wave. Resist and you’ll be knocked over. Dive into it and you’ll swim out the other side. This is a new and different world. The challenge is to cope with it and not just cope — but thrive.”

— Mrs. Greenslade, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This month’s Cancer New Moon ushers in a new phase in families, nurturing and emotional security. It prompts us to take in and act on the waves of emotions that have been throwing us about for the past month.

We are in an intense, volatile time. The element of water is dominating events and our experience of them, and it is one that our conscious minds can neither control nor entirely fathom. Uncanny, unnerving impulses are pulling and pushing us, as our water-based bodies and emotional beings respond to the fluctuation energies around us. Influences we can not see, can not grasp and can not halt are triggering nonspecific anxiety, physical discomfort and primal, nonrational behavior.

Think of the flow of the tides, dogs howling at the moon, or a werewolf transforming under its light. Think, in fact, of the moon, which is an apt symbol for the cause. Find an image of the Moon card from the Tarot. Really look at it. In the Rider-Waite tradition, the card shows the Moon with her eyes closed and three animals responding to her enigmatic command: a wolf (representing the wild), a dog (the domesticated) and a crawfish (the nonconscious) emerging from the water. Whatever version of the Moon card speaks to you, tack the image in your line of vision as a reminder of what’s going on.

It may help you understand the potential of this month’s Moon, which is in her home sign, Cancer, the most emotional, nurturing and moody of the water signs. Issues loom large here of home, family, parent and child relationships, emotional security and safety, food as a vehicle for such, nesting, traditions and loyalty to the clan. Apple pie, motherhood and country are one short-form summing up of this amniotic sac. Even shorter is the phrase I frequently use for this placement: Mommy Moon, which generally begs the question of who’s Mommy and who gets to be the baby.

For the past few weeks, one celestial body after another has entered Cancer and completed this summer’s defining astrological configuration, the free-flowing round robin of energy through the water signs known as a grand trine. This New Moon is already past this completion point. She is no longer in the process of setting off the grand trine, but instead setting up what we are going to do with all the emotions and waves and currents we’re experiencing.

What do feel washing away? Washing in? You could be looking at the past wistfully; you could be letting some parts (and people) go and reconnecting with others; you could be sensing soul-feeding connections emerging from the spray. Don’t be surprised if you experience and encounter an upsurge in sentimentality, nostalgia and tearing up. (Listen to “Sunrise, Sunset” at your own risk; don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

This is an appropriate time to begin approaching your day and your life in more conscious awareness of your feelings and their power. Periodically sit with them. Don’t analyze; don’t think; simply sit. They’ll come to you more easily with quiet or down time. Carve out the space and time to sit quietly by yourself at least once a day. The time it takes to drink a cup of coffee is enough. Let them guide you. Wait until they lead you to send a text, make a phone call, make a decision or walk out the door to run an errand. Instill this approach under this New Moon and it will become a habit.

Look around your home, too. How can you make it more comfortable to you? Fluff the pillows. Soften edges with soothing fabrics and lights. Make your bedroom more cozy.

What about your food? Don’t fight it: food is intrinsically connected to feeling loved and safe. If you are going to take comfort in it and you ARE going to take comfort in it — do it mindfully. Go ahead and indulge in a cream-filled doughnut, or ice cream, or pie; just make it a really good one. Sit at the table. Use your favorite dishes, even if you’re eating alone. (As the mother in Repo Man says, “Put it on a plate, dear; it’ll taste better,” and this article explains why.) Don’t multi-task; pay attention to the food while you’re putting it in your mouth. And if after the last swallow you’re still feeling unfulfilled, ask your body what the hunger’s really about.

Look at the emotional flow from you to others, too. This Moon marks a new beginning in how you express, not just receive, caring and nurturing. With your own mother, too, if you’re brave enough to allow that. (How many of you felt a physical shutdown or terror at that concept? Be honest.)

How can you — the real, true, authentic you that is showing its face more boldly to the world — share love? No smothering, please, no controlling and no guilt-inducing, guilt-demanding sacrifice. No matter if your family background is the stuff of a bestselling memoir. No matter if you don’t have the greatest track record in this department. A new world is emerging this summer. Allow your emotions. Trust them. Let them flow.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

This image is completely wishful thinking ;-)

This image is completely wishful thinking 😉