Venus & Neptune Come Down to Earth

This weekend Venus met Neptune, moved into his home of Pisces, and spun out out a couple of fascinating examples of extraordinary love.

The New York Times reported the arrival of a postcard 24 years late that reconnected two old friends and brought heart healing to the stranger who now lives in the NYC apartment to which it was addressed. The postcard was sent on March 17, 1987, two Jupiter cycles ago, with Mercury, planet of communication at 0 Pisces. The card arrived last month, as Mars was moving into conjunction with Chiron (healer of the abiding wound!) in early Pisces.

The postcard was a message of hope and comfort from one dear friend to another, suggesting that the recipient nurse a broken heart by moving home to California. The woman who received it didn’t realize at first that she wasn’t the intended recipient, that’s how directly it spoke to her current plight and — AND — she has the same last name as the addressee. Further fun fact: the postcard was initially written around the time of the addressee’s birthdate, Feb. 5 — making her an Aquarian woman, whose link to her dear old friend came back around when Venus was in … Aquarius.

“Life is a romantic adventure, remember, romance is everywhere!” the postcard ended, a perfect Venus/Neptune message. All three woman have now connected and expressed an awe bordering on the metaphysical that they have been brought together. The intended recipient told the Times, “It’s an overwhelming gift that the three of us have been given.”

At the other end of the spectrum, TCM inadvertently celebrated the Venus/Neptune conjunction by airing the 1945 film Mildred Pierce on “The Essentials” Saturday evening. It was a career-reviving vehicle for Joan Crawford, but her screen goddess status isn’t the only characteristic that fits the conjunction. The story does, too, following a mother’s love so self-sacrificing that it ruined lives. Mildred Pierce embodies the unhealthy end of the Venus/Neptune spectrum so well that we’re getting a prolonged look at her. HBO has adapted the source novel into a five-part mini-series that premiered Sunday — on Venus’ first day in Pisces.