Forecast for August 2016: Shifting Sands

August is the bridge between the weird, unsteerable stasis and discomfort of the past two months and the paradox of stabilizing and reboot coming this fall. It’s a wobbly bridge, to be sure,  swaying and shifting like a trick floor in a funhouse. Still, the movement is ultimately productive, instead of just getting in the way, or annoying.

Hearts and minds are assimilating, adjusting and adapting, working over so much that’s surfaced and striving to process the developments into something that makes sense. The exercise largely succeeds. Just as a sensation of balance descends, though, our attention flies back over territory we thought we’d covered.

No worries. The exercise, like the rest of the month, is valuable prep for what lies ahead.

The first half of the month delivers the oomph to send us on our way. The journey begins with Mars, ruler of our drive and actions, entering boisterous Sagittarius and energizing the Leo New Moon on the 2nd.

He’s been trawling the murky depths of Scorpio since spring, dredging up weighty, uncomfortable and unpleasant business that’s refused to go back in the closet. His entry into Sagittarius has us making like colts breaking out of a corral in search of movement, maneuverability, adventure and free-range contact with the outdoors.

Bemoaning and tending to wounds and nasty situations are out. Putting philosophies into action (or fighting for/over them), cracking jokes and generally having a good time are in. Moods improve;  motivation returns; optimism mounts.

Marching orders come from the heart as well.  It zips through three distinct styles of desires and relating. For the first four days, they’re maximum Leo, vibrant, extravagant and attention-seeking. Sober sensibility takes over from the 5th through the 29th, when Venus cools down in pragmatic, improvement-oriented, boundary-focused Virgo.

The appeal of thinking and talking things over has a shelf-life, though, and then movement and follow through are in order. It’s through this clear-headed lens that she demands action from Mars on the 6th. (Minds are screaming, “Move it!” too.) By the 17th, itches will be scratched and appetites  will be pursued, when the goddess of earthly desire and money collaborates with her primal, feral, force-of-nature counterpart Pluto.

Objective assessment hits immediately, with the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th. A firm reality check follows. Mars has a law and order meeting on the 24th with Saturn, enforcer of rules. The ramifications of recent high-energy actions crystalize. Questions arise (and likely resolve) about responsibility and wisdom. Don’t be surprised if Venus’ orders have sent Mars down the path to structure and commitment. Don’t be surprised, either, if he trots back into the corral and shuts the gate after himself.

The aftermath kicks up cosmic fog and glitter, with equal potential for confusion, illusion and romance, when Mars squares Neptune on the 26th. Who cares about reality, for the moment? Venus joins boundless Jupiter in a super-conjunction (by degree and declination) on the 27th. Hearts are viewing the glass not only as half full, but also fillable, and requesting more, please. Lots.

A meeting of hearts and minds leads to sighs of relief all around, as Venus meets Mercury and goes home to Libra, aka Relationship Central, on the 29th (bringing the heart’s third mode of expression). She’s still glowing from her date two days earlier with Jupiter, who’s heading over in September for his first visit in 12 years. In advance of her house guest (and the emphasis and expansion he promises), social interactions relax into niceties, prettily crafted sentiments, and an awareness of the game of give and take.

On Jupiter’s end, there’s tidying up to be done before he leaves Virgo. Mercury stations retrograde in that sign on the 30th and will not go direct until September 22, after Jupiter has left for Libra. The messenger god’s backtracking provides the opportunity to go over not merely his recent weeks in Virgo, but also the months and developments since last October, when Jupiter began traveling the degrees of this retrograde.

Snafus, breakdowns and garbling that occur now point to areas that have room for improvement and would benefit from attention before Jupiter completes his clean-up tour of Virgo. Look at this time as a chance to pick up dropped threads, learn missed information and address confusion and misunderstandings that have spun off Jupiter’s hard aspects to Neptune and his cosmic fog machine. What comes in September and beyond will be ever so much more solid, if you do.

For pointers, read my guide How to Survive the 2016 Mercury Retrogrades.

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Forecast for the 2016 Leo New Moon

August 2, 2016
1:44 PM PDT / 4:44 PM EDT / 8:44 PM GMT
10 Leo 57

“I have the warmth of the sun within me at night.” — Brian Wilson & Mike Love, from the Beach Boys’ song “Warmth of the Sun”

Dawn always follows night. The sun always rises. Even if it’s obscured by clouds, even if you can’t see it, it is always in the sky, every morning. And that reliability, bundled with light and warmth, is the promise and gift of the Leo New Moon.

No matter what you’ve been through recently, your inner spark has not gone out. It’s coming back to life now under the Leo Moon. The New Moon is reviving you, fanning your flame and inviting you to get out of bed and come out and play. It’s recharging vitality, urges for self-expression, generosity of spirit and appetites for attention.

Still, it’s unlikely we’ll be running around carefree. This Moon is delivering oomph with a worldly-wise perspective.  We’re returning to the game of life, but touched by everything we’ve seen and undergone.

Something deep, serious and profoundly mature is resonating within all of us. Strut your stuff; shine your light; show off — and watch for flickering awareness of responsibility, ramifications and consequences.

Inner children are basking and frolicking in the sun, no longer innocents, with a sensibility, canniness and survival instinct way beyond their years. Royalty is not immune to this phenomenon, either, not even self-anointed, pretenders, bees and drama queens.

Get-up-and-go is coupling with caution, or wisdom, or control, or all of the above. The combo comes from the easy flow of a trine between the New Moon, action hero Mars and Saturn the über-adult, enforcer of rules, order and structure.

Mars has just cleared a several month diving expedition in the dankest, scariest and potentially treasure-filled waters of Scorpio, which dredged up all manner of unpleasantness, unfinished business and psycho-beasties that refused to go back into hiding. His high energy nature is far more comfortable in fire. His entry into Sagittarius is uncorking relief, exhilaration and the impulse to roam fast, far and free, in both body and mind.

That maneuverability has limits, though, because he’s on a collision course with Saturn, the planet making the tightest major aspect (within a degree) to the New Moon. Saturn is bestowing old-soul wisdom on our inner children. It’s reining in the flamboyant, self-aggrandizing potentials of the Leo Moon, as well as the rambunctious potential of a masculine drive encountering open space.

Saturn is operating as a throttle or governor, keeping us from going out of control, hogging center stage, or dancing with such self-absorbed abandon that we step on people in our ambit.

There’s another aspect besides responsible action:  committing to ourselves, to expressing our voice, and to embracing and enjoying life. This Leo New Moon encourages keeping your spirit bright no matter what you have endured or witnessed.

Insert a platitude about light shining brighter against the darkness, if that helps grasp what’s on offer. As much as possible, though, focus on the light. Focus on the sun. Focus on the fire inside your being. Allow the flames to grow and spread and send their warmth to the world around you. Bravely. Enthusiastically. And responsibly.

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Love Under the Aquarius Full Moon

August 13, 2011
11:59 AM PDT / 2:59 PM EDT / 6:59 PM GMT
20 Aquarius 41

A Full Moon brings emotions to a crest, even in the most intellectual sign of them all, Aquarius. This time around, the working is a bit backwards, in that the wellspring of the emotion is not really the Moon, for a change. With the Sun in Leo, inner children want to come out and play — and if not that, get applause. And if not that, get attention, any way they can.

People will be cavorting, tap-dancing and stomping around all over this spectrum of possibilities. This weekend’s event carries a great potential, though, for emphasizing the highest end of the spectrum. Both planets of love, worldly Venus and transcendent Neptune, form an honor guard for the Sun and the Moon, respectively. Venus is the last planet each of luminaries touches before facing each other, and Neptune is the first they encounter after disengaging. This sets up a process that starts with love, terran style, crescendos into a good, long, emotional look at yourself and where you fit in the scheme of things, and shoots off into spiritual, universal, outright divine experiences and expressions of love and unity.

Compassion and love for yourself are on offer, and they could be the greatest gift to you and to everyone around you. This is not selfish, but healthily self-aware. You can not truly love and accept others until you love and accept yourself; otherwise you judge, balk at and react to your own qualities that you detect in other people. Fill yourself up love and compassion, though, and you’ll have an abundance to pass on to others.

Get ready to fill up and pour out. This weekend brings events to a head that show how well you are succeeding at being yourself — how fully you are expressing your unique nature and how brightly you are allowing yourself to shine. Leo loves and needs an audience, of course, while Aquarius prefers observer mode, even in his or her own life. You get to have both now, in two ways.

The first and more important way: You are your own audience as well as the performer at center stage. Your reaction to yourself is more important than that of any other person, even your mother’s. View yourself through the eyes of love. Interpret your actions and achievements of late in the most positive, encouraging, approving light. Retrograde Mercury will help you with this; he’s just on the other side of the Sun and will be backing towards him as the luminaries move apart.

Still have trouble with putting the most positive spin on your life? Try this: What would you think about your recent developments if a friend lived them out? How about a stranger? There you go. Now dance and sing and perform for your own joy. Applaud yourself. Delight in what you’ve accomplished (and given how brutal recent weeks have been, even pat yourself on the back simply for getting up and facing each day).

The delight, pride and joy that you take in yourself will be magnetic and contagious, and leads to the second way: drawing an appreciative audience to you now. Watch for affirming and validating feedback now. Notice who sees you — not the mask, not the role, but You — and is smiling, clapping and cheering because of that fact alone. Take a bow. Catch the bouquets being tossed at your feet.

Notice, too, who is not getting you. That might be because they are getting an exit cue and are going off on a storyline that departs from yours. It also might be because their inner children are acting out. Neptune’s participation in the Full Moon will be whipping up self-pitying and delusional tendencies in people who feel unloved (or unlovable). This week’s build-up to the Full Moon has already shown some people to be perceiving and nursing slights because of completely innocent behavior that happened to not treat them as the center of the universe.

It’s not your job to placate squalling inner children or to accept whatever blame they fling at you for their wretchedness. If you’re happily taking care of your own business, especially if you’re treating yourself kindly, and someone throws a self-aggrandizing snit at you, consider it screaming signal to rethink that person’s place in your life. Rethink your impulsive reaction, too. What’s the loving response? At some point, that is not caving in, but setting boundaries and not shouldering someone else’s problem. Think tough love. Look at the situation with that famous Aquarian detachment, and you might even understand and forgive the person. That might not change your decision about their place in your life, but it will change (improve, lighten) the energy of the connection.

But that’s the worst case scenario: divas and drama queens stamping their well shod little feet, throwing hissy fits and demanding their due (a phrase I have actually seen invoked this week). Given what most of us have been going through lately, that’s a cakewalk. Turn your back on the ploys for attention. Look in the mirror and make funny faces at yourself. Even better, salute yourself. Take a bow. Celebrate. Then it’s time for an encore.

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