Power Up; Power Down: Forecast for Week of May 9

All our fiery Aries impulses peak this week. It could feel like the rush before New Year’s or some other big calendar date, when an urgency grabs the wheel and propels everyone into high gear.

What we accomplish in the first two days alone will outshine the productivity of the recent moon void-laden weeks — and then our jets will cool as everything comes down for a landing.

The last big push comes with an intense and exciting mixed bag of instinctive behavior: more heart-centered communication, more sharing, more expressions of love and desire, yet more aggression, more conflict, more brusqueness, more recklessness and more egocentric disregard for consequences or collateral damage.

This week brings a final cluster of conjunctions at the end of Aries, each one like a handful of matches igniting and flaring up together. The first involves information flow and what we value. Mercury and Venus meet each other and inflame our minds and hearts, sparking impassioned messages, risky strikes at objects of desire and courageous speaking out.

This meeting has positive potential indeed, but that, alas, may go momentarily astray. The messenger and the goddess run from each other into the scorching force field of Eris, a dwarf planet named for a lesser goddess of discord, hatred, jealousy and battle. Like a fairy who wasn’t invited to a christening, she’s been making her vicious, vindictive, you-know-what-stirring presence known lately.

Think back to the beginning of last week, when Mars and Jupiter met up with her. That three-way is the reason for the anger and venom that erupted then. And the reason it’s had staying power — you haven’t been able to shake all that, have you? — is Mercury and Venus coming into her midst. Adding to the drama, they go straight from her to play with flame-fanner Jupiter, meaning that skirmishes that start out small will spread uncontrollably.

So: put on fire suits and safety goggles, and be sure to bring along your sense of humor. Pick your battles. When the flame of one dances enticingly in front of you, consciously consider: (a) Is this my battle? (b) How important is it? (c) What quality of passions is this battle stirring in me? (d) Do I enjoy or want those feelings? (e) Do I want to live with this if it continues (because it will)?

A lot of people are going to come out of this feeling like scorched earth, so act mindfully. Take care that whatever you get out of this process justifies what you’ll go through to get it. Consider redirecting your own anger and, let’s be honest, venom, too. Blasting them at someone now will burn both of you. On top of which there’s no telling what fire bombs may come at you in return.

There’s another and more beneficial potential in this playing out. After Mercury and Venus fire you up about what you want, they run it by Eris for a taste of the lower energies around her: jealousies, envy, anger, pettiness, strife for its own sake. No blame, please. Remember that if you’re seeing it outside yourself, it’s in you somewhere, too. You can see (more likely, experience) what you don’t want and possibly burn it off.

The fieriness is short-lived. It’s coming to ground as the inner planets make their exodus from Aries. Mars, the sign’s spirited ruler, leads the way into Taurus. As he moves into Venus’ home, he hands the reigns of his control over to the goddess. His testosterone levels dial back a bit in the relaxing environment of her boudoir. His mode shifts to the old slogan “make love, not war” in anticipation of her arrival and their private date scheduled for the 23rd. This means he will no longer be at his fiercest strength as Venus and Mercury pass Eris and Jupiter on their way out of Aries — a counterweight and mild damper to whatever erupts from their activities.

Venus and Mercury come on over into Taurus on Sunday. The Sun, Mercury and Mars will then be under the gentle, sensual guidance of Venus. Our minds and bodies will stop racing all over the place. The pace of life will slow to more deliberate, languid motion, with breaks for rest and snacks and watching flowers dance in the breeze. We’ll be wanting to see concrete results from the projects we’ve been initiating.

Lead with your heart, and measure everything against it. You’ll be working in this metaphoric garden for the rest of the month and beyond. Next week’s Full Moon will light up weeds and other unwelcome growth that you might want to uproot. The following week, Venus and Mars engage in a private ritual for fertility and prosperity. (In their honor, I’m leading a talk and ritual to reclaim your energy; details here.) And Jupiter will be arriving in June with a year’s supply of Miracle-Gro.

Keep all these helpers in mind. Sink into the moment. Really settle into the physicality of your existence. You’re cultivating your own new world.

More in my day by day forecast and podcast for the week.

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Get Ourselves Back to the Garden: The Taurus New Moon

May 2-3, 2011
11:51 PM PDT / 2:51 PM EDT / 6:51 AM GMT
12 Taurus 30

The Taurus New Moon signals a gear shift in our approach. We’ve been impulsively launching, lunging after and leaping into bold new initiatives. Now it’s time for some of them to settle in and become concrete and real.

The two approaches will overlap for a few weeks. We’ll still be running all over creation for a bit longer, until Mars, Mercury and Venus join the Sun in Taurus next week, with Jupiter to follow a few weeks later in June. At the same time, we’ll start being more selective about where we’re running around and more focused where it could possibly lead.

The Taurus New Moon begins a slowing process. It invites us to put up our feet and rest a spell, to survey the little patch of world we inhabit and admire its beauty, and to tend to it as we take nourishment from it for body and soul. This is a time to stop and remember the point of all that rushing around: We are here on a physical planet, in physical bodies, to experience and enjoy both.

That fact has gone lost in the shuffle of late, with all the chaos and upheaval in the world. We are in a strange and wondrous new world, with no going back to life as it was. We are, though, beginning to acclimate, perhaps more than we have been consciously aware. This Moon is on the far side of a trine to Pluto, agent of metamorphosis, indicating that we are updating our comfort level with life to reflect the changed conditions. We’ve undergone a process of emotional and tangible downsizing, cutting out stuff and clutter and simplifying existence. Isn’t what’s left all the more meaningful? (I for one have been finding apples and lettuce startlingly refreshing lately.)

In other ways, life has ballooned into something bigger and bigger and bigger. We’ve expanded our concepts of what life could be, with a willingness bordering on insistence to risk intensely personal and satisfying pursuits. Our hearts are fully engaged in this way of life — shown in this New Moon by its growth aspect to its ruler Venus, in her Aries huntress mode and unapologetically striking out after what she wants (and she wants it NOW.)

Now is the time to enjoy what is left, to allow some of those bold, new initiatives to come down to earth, and to consider what else we want to let in, plant or cultivate. Wake yourself up! Be mindful, conscious and deliberate. Your heart and mind are in constant dialogue these days, with Venus and Mercury traveling closely together. Mercury is a magician, and soon he will take Venus’ whisperings to Mars, the guy who makes things happen.

Pay attention to your thoughts, intentions and projections into the future. What you think leads directly to what you will get. For far longer than you might think.

This isn’t just a nice little spring garden you’re planting. Jupiter will be dosing it with cosmic Miracle-Gro come June and hanging out in the garden for a year. Take care that what you’re thinking about and allowing in now (a) is positive (not phrased in terms of what you don’t want), (b) enhances your enjoyment and experience of this physical life and (c) is really what you want.

Not what you wanted 10 years ago, not what you think you should have at this point in your life, not what your family has been telling you is what you should want and have, not what you dream would be nice to have if you only had the money. None of them. Pretend you do have the money and drop yourself into the experience of having the bauble, the trip, the whatever. Does the energy of having it resonate with you? There’s your answer.

Factor in sheer sensual enjoyment, too. This is, after all, the New Moon of Beltane. Go outside and breathe in the spring air. Gaze at the colors. Listen to the birds. Bite into fresh produce. Sip wine or champagne. Indulge in a decadent dessert. No rushing through any of this. Savor the moment. It is sympathetic magic for proceeding.

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Gather Ye Rosebuds (and Some Firepower, Too): Forecast for Week of May 2

The passionate, impulsive life force of Aries continues to dominate the sky. This is the last week we will have such firepower at our disposal. It’s time to spend it while we can.

That means: push, leap, jump, dare, act first and ask questions later. No waiting to see what other people want. Traveling parties will meet up again soon enough; for now, we’re all solo scouts and pioneers.

Old paths are not the route now, either. Go for the new, the bold, the option that erupts out of the blue, the idea that’s so crazy it just might work — because even if it doesn’t, it’ll still blow open the vistas of possibilities for you. Besides, the point is not the destination; the point is launching an unprecedented journey.

That’s how you’ve been living lately, right? Don’t stop yet. The firepower dies back next week with the exodus of Mars, Mercury and Venus into stabilizing Taurus.  For now, four of the five planets in Aries (these three plus Jupiter) are moving through the last degrees of the sign, where the energies’ expression becomes bigger and more pronounced. It’s like the moment in a bonfire when all the layers of kindling and logs finally catch and erupt into enormous, roaring, all-consuming flames.

It’s truly a use-it-or-lose-it time. As if to underscore the point, the sky is throwing little in our way, for a change. This week has no brutalizing, disruptive planetary aspects, which means that life will feel comparatively calm, even with the fieriness.

The cosmic foot is letting up on the brake pedal, too. Only once do we have a void of course moon that eats an entire day (Tuesday and the first half of Wednesday). From then on we can push boldly forward without finding ourselves floating through time/space like a pearl dropped in liquid amber.

The lead-in to that one super-sized void is the New Moon in Taurus. Consider where all your bold initiatives might be leading. What are you seeding? What dreams, schemes and ambitions are coming to ground and taking root? How can and do you enjoy the physicality of existence? (Because otherwise, what’s the point?)

Flowers will be popping up soon for admiring, smelling, gazing upon and maybe nibbling, too. This particular garden has a prolonged season, because Jupiter will be moving into Taurus in June for a one-year stay.  He’ll be encouraging and increasing whatever’s there, and likely coaxing out growth as well from plants you’d forgotten.

With  a fairy godfather of this magnitude in the wings, the Taurus New Moon takes on heightened power and importance. Watch where your thoughts and words are heading. They are tangibly creating your future. Be mindful, conscious and purposeful — and factor in enjoyment, too.

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Grounding the Fire: Forecast for May

After April’s showers — which were more like firestorms, weren’t they? — we’ll be ready to smell and cultivate and embrace the flowers that bloom in May. And, yes, they will bloom, more and more noticeably, as the month unfolds into grounding, stabilizing and something closer to calm than we’ve experienced for weeks.

En route we’ve got two more weeks of intense, bold, self-promoting, paradigm-busting derring-do, before the pile-up of planets in Aries moves into Taurus. Take advantage of your access to that high-octane fuel. Push yourself, leap, reach and dare, more fiercely and more fearlessly than you have ever allowed. You are pushing out the walls of your existence.

That urge is nearing the end of its lifespan. As Mars, Venus and Mercury join the Sun in Taurus, you will be less driven to innovate and instigate, and more inclined to tend to and enjoy what is already sprouting from your efforts. Inspect your garden carefully and weed it ruthlessly under the Full Moon of the 17th and Pluto’s contacts to Mars, Mercury and Venus May 20-21. When Venus and Mars meet in Taurus on the 23rd, you’ll be not only crystal-clear about what your heart wants, but determined to go after it — and let yourself have it. (Not always the same thing.)

With Neptune in the earliest stages of his voyage through Pisces, all of this activity — and all of existence — is blanketed with fog. It’s sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes thick; sometimes weaving magic and enchantment, sometimes deliberately obscuring, spinning or misrepresenting facts. Aim for the higher end of that spectrum (with your inner guidance on), but be mindful of the lower end. Neptune’s slow-building conjunction with Chiron will gradually dissolve many an illusion and immerse us in the truth that we are all in this physical existence together.

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Hot Dates for the Week of April 11, 2011

April 11: Mars square Pluto. David headbutts Goliath. Tora, Tora, Tora. You get the picture. The question is, do you want to be in it? Really? Mercury conjunct Jupiter. Yakitty yak.

April 17: Full moon in Libra. Who’s on first? More importantly, who’s on top?

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Forecast for April 2011

Most of us have never lived through a month remotely like this one. Remember the drama of the cardinal cross last summer? That was just prepping the ground.

The time is here to get moving, moving, moving on all the foundational restructuring that’s been rumbling around for nearly two years. The ego, the will and the heart are making no-nonsense contacts with agents of chaos, transformation and structure. Remember that sequence: Every process this month ends in further testing social commitments, obligations and rules that have somehow survived the earlier lightning bolts, fireballs and tectonic plate shifts.

Mars, god of war and planet of push, is in his hottest head, while love goddess Venus is moving late month into huntress mode. Things will be fiery indeed, but take care: They will not not always as they seem, with Mercury retrograde until April 23 and Neptune taking his cosmic fog machine home to Pisces (for the first time since 1848).

Read more in my April horoscopes and a list of dates to beware; take care!

Candle in the snow – forecast for week of 1/24/11

Can you feel the warmth? Jupiter has completed a 12-year cycle and is restarting his journey around the zodiac. A primal life force is igniting within each of us even in the dark and cold of winter.

Meanwhile, Saturn is beginning a retrograde that lasts into June. His journey will play out ever so slowly. Keep stoking the light within.

More’s in my five minute spoken forecast.

We're all like a candle in the snow right now.