January 2017

Feeling fired up? Riled? Combative? Wondering how much more of this you can take?
The cosmos has something for that. A giant wrap-up, reboot and restart dominate the month of February. One eclipse cycle is starting while another is ending, with the combined effect of a powerful vacuum sucking us into a worm hole and spitting us out.
Much will become clear during this strange ride. Lives are changing, permanently, inside and out. Epiphanies will flash like lightning strikes, suddenly illuminating while zapping targets with an overload of energy.
A lot of games have hit the point of no longer being playable. Some connections, of all kinds — relationships, family, group, political, work — will not survive. Others will find previously unlikely common ground and unite. Still others will regroup, consolidate and negotiate how to travel together.

We’re starting a two-year revisiting of a core human challenge, expressing individuality while coexisting in a group. (Not unconnected side note: the same journey has the US revisiting who we are as a people.) Each end is getting quite the backing and buffeting this month as we do.

The new cycle comes first, on February 10, when the Leo Full Moon plugs into the stabilizing but activating fires of the Saturn/Uranus trine that have been blazing since December.  Validation, recognition and just plain being seen are core themes of this high-octane lunar eclipse, fueling emotional flare-ups and sending inner children and drama queens alike into the spotlight.

These and related issues are coming back around from 1998-2000, the last occurrence of this Leo/Aquarius eclipse family, which has returned for the next two years. Our priorities, circumstances and self-awareness have been radically refined since the last go-round, so the themes will likely play out differently this time, too.

The kick-off comes with impulsive, self-propelling daring bordering on ferocity. Venus, ruler of relationships, money and creativity, enters Aries, the sign action hero Mars is marching through, on the 3rd. She’s no delicate flower in this mode, waiting for a big, strong man to come to her rescue. She is a force of nature, more than capable of seizing what she wants. And the big, strong man is absolutely in sync.

For the rest of the month, desire and will are in hunter mode, on the prowl without hesitation or apology. We’ll be standing up for ourselves, pouncing on what we want and fighting on a moment’s notice — or without provocation.

Watch for acute, perhaps sudden awareness of who’s paying attention and who’s not, of who and what fan your spark and who and what put it out. Revelations will impel us toward the first in each pair and shut out the second.  And because of the chapter-closing nature of a lunar eclipse, some of the second is on the way out, for keeps.

As progress reports come in on the condition of our inner spark, we are simultaneously undergoing a graduation exercise in maintaining intact boundaries amid immersion in all of life. It’s one of the gifts of the Pisces New Moon on the 26th, which is the final in the Virgo/Pisces eclipses that started in March 2015.

Over the past two years, we’ve been resetting boundaries and notions of service vs. martyrdom, logic vs. faith, and intactness vs. enmeshment. The solar eclipse hits the refresh button one final, time and unleashes a wave that carries us dramatically onward, leaving much — and many  — in the past. The waters we’re riding teem with compassion, transcendence, escapism and more than a hint of forgiveness, especially directed inward. (Potential downside:  am updated version of scapegoating is likely in those waters as well.)

The ride is hardly gentle or smooth, at least not initially. The final week of the month shoots us through an intense gauntlet that challenges, furthers and tempers individual drives and agendas, and forces potent action on situations and structures that have been in upheaval and turmoil for the past five years.

The ending stretch is a hotbed of anger, eruptions, accidents, blows for autonomy, and relationship standoffs, as Mars squares Pluto, joins Uranus and opposes Jupiter. Compromise is in short supply; Davids and Goliaths abound. Funny thing is, everyone assumes that he’s David. Even the big and powerful.

What’s happening is a more forceful replay, and a forceful furthering, of the energies of the last week of December 2013. Think back to how family/tribal foundations evolved then, for an indication of what’s likely now.

Whether you remember that time or not, think of February’s gauntlet as a birth canal. We’re forcing out new ways of coexisting. The passageway is tight, dark and uncomfortable, and some of the pressure could be painful. But it’s pushing us. Elsewhere.

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2016 Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

March 23, 2016
5:00 AM PDT / 8:00 AM EDT / 12:00 PM GMT
3 Aries 17 / 3 Libra 17

This year’s Libra Full Moon puts a bow on the relationship reworking of the past two and a half years. Ground rules, patterns and expectations have changed, and so have we. Now all are hitting a point of no return — or demonstrating that point arrived some time ago, while our attention was focused elsewhere. Previous agreements, alliances and relationships are dying, vanishing, or morphing into forms that fit who we have become, permanently and irreparably.

The end of an era sensation is huge. (And, in some instances, end of an error.) This event has the culminating emotional surges of a full moon, only bigger. Much bigger. And it stretches back far longer than a single moon cycle. It’s not only a lunar eclipse, which amplifies the impact exponentially, but also the final eclipse in a cycle that’s been going on since October 2013. This eclipse family has been rocking, resetting and rebooting the Aries/Libra axis, home to the cosmic seesaw between the self and the other.

Themes, issues and even specific people have been resurfacing from August 1995 to March 1997, the last time the skies treated us to exploring new horizons in relating. Our experience of these eclipses has been radically different this time around, though. This time, the relationship-centric eclipses have coincided with, and locked into, the upheaval of the Uranus/Pluto square, which has unleashed an epidemic of foundations collapsing and restructuring. Weathering that has transformed us and how we coexist with others. We are clearer about ourselves and about what we need, want, can and will not do in relationships. We are not settling, tolerating, or putting up with factors that defined a lot of the relationship choices during the 95-97 cycle.

“A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.” — Alvy Singer, Annie Hall.

Watch for endings and shiftings that have been a long time coming. What’s left in many cases is flicking the first domino in a line, or barring a door, or signing the death certificate.  Or cleaning up lingering business in situations with tendrils long or sticky enough to pull us back from the fast and forward moving waves of the Pisces New Moon solar eclipse on March 8-9.

We are no longer inclined to coast along and hope situations improve or go away. The skies are delivering the gumption and motivation to get moving already. The Full Moon’s only exact aspects are to action hero Mars (sextiling the Moon, trining the Sun). He’s triggering a flurry of  bold decisions and high-energy follow-through — actively ending chapters, rewriting ground rules and contracts, reallocating the balance of power and duties, and transporting all manner of connections and agreements into next phases.

The outlook is … boisterous. With the warrior god in Sagittarius, differences of opinion, or code of ethics, or basic outlook on life could be triggering factors. Humor may play a role, so do look for reasons to laugh; you may find plenty. Developments may not be subtle (Sag is prone to foot-in-mouth disease), and could be aggressive, impassioned or angry. (You don’t need to read the skies to know politics, prejudices and words themselves are all powder kegs right now.)

Although specific relationships will bear these effects, they’re part of a bigger picture of change. It’s taking us from an outmoded relationship paradigm to a revised model with the potential for being more honest, more open, more consciously negotiated and contracted. The ideal (and, with luck, reality) is for self-aware individuals to be who they really are, rather than contort their true nature to get or keep a partner, and to travel side by side, rather than one of them carrying most of the weight of keeping the relationship going.

This evolution will be playing out over the next six months, in fits and starts and a few protracted sagas. Some endings will have the swiftness and immediacy of a guillotine. Some will have the gentle, bittersweet inevitability of unplugging life support. Some will involve stages of dissolution and winding down, as a corporation does when it’s going out of business and ceasing operations. All of them form a gateway that will stand out in memory — and likely get our attention as we pass through — from old ways to the new. Bless what leaves. Embrace what remains, morphs and blossoms.

Learn more in my astro-overview for 2016.

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