Forecast for May 15-21, 2017

Behold the dance of order & chaos. Shattering norms. Firebombing rule(r)s. Suppressing insurgents. Harnessing lighting. Controlling firepower. And maybe: spontaneous human combustion.

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Forecast for May 8-14, 2017

The week’s trajectory: Refocusing. Lightning bolts (yep, more). Purging and merging. Stumbling. Certainty. And GO.

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Forecast for May 1-7, 2017

Word of the week: epiphany. Mercury stationing direct + Uranus = lightning striking again & again & again.

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Enormous Changes At the Last Minute: Astrology Forecast for March 2015

Never mind the calendar and the weather. The most active time of the year has arrived.  March puts us through a gauntlet of flaring passions, fire bombs, eruptions, earthquakes, departures, and shape shifts that stabilize surprisingly quickly. And most of the action kicks in well before the first day of spring.

Little is coming out of nowhere. Developments are breaking into being that have been building below the surface, or starting and stalling, or taunting us from the periphery or elsewhere. The trigger comes from three big influences happening in quick succession. Their combined effect escalates the action, rearranges the playing field (and the players) and shoots us in a direction for years to come.

Cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto have their final smack down mid-month, wrapping up the foundational restructuring they have been demanding for the past three years. See if you don’t dive into their last clash head on, consciously or not.  Gumption, daring and a gambler’s confidence are yours, whether you’ve been biding your time, whether you’ve been dillydallying or fence-sitting, and whether the final showdown catches you unawares.  (By the way, if you warmed up to changing conditions last fall but were unable to move forward, the time is ripe to tackle them.)

March 1-10
The beginning of the month fortifies us for the final clash.  Messages and realizations abound that set the stage for our approach. As Mercury, ruler of our information flow, finally leaves the turf he traveled during his recent retrograde, perspectives clarify to make sense of much that happened (or didn’t happen) in January and February.

The month’s first 10 days ignite life force, desire, ambition and other fierce impulses as expansive Jupiter links to Uranus and the cosmic lovers Venus, goddess of love, and Mars, god of war.  These meetings have the effect of throwing flame accelerant on the Uranian end of the equation, escalating unpredictability, volatility, rebelliousness, radical shifts in perspective, and strikes for freedom and individuality, come what may. (You might sense a connection to the fires of last October, when this link most recently occurred.)

Amid such excitement, the Virgo Full Moon on the 5th is unlikely to draw much attention. It offers as a gentle grounding force, reminding us to exercise discernment, maintain healthy boundaries and take our vitamins. We are not likely to heed its cautions, not when we have felt held back for so long and sense so much finally coming to life.

The brakes are lifting on desires, too. Venus and Mars are in hunter mode and going for broke. Nothing’s getting in their way, either. Jupiter is egging them on, Uranus is unlocking inhibitions (as if this pair in Aries had many in the first place), and Pluto is making cravings nigh on impossible to resist. With that outer planet triple whammy, subtlety and caution go out the window and I WANT takes over.

March 12-17
While the fires are still crackling, Mercury enters Pisces (on the 12th), where logical thought gives way to knowing, blending and grokking. Intuitive, instinctive navigation is the only way to go now, especially with Saturn beginning a nearly six-month retrograde on the 14th. His about-face promptly stirs trouble with Mercury, highlighting the year’s theme of answering for the words and beliefs that run through our minds and out of our mouths. “Nos” and walls you encounter may not be the final answer. Pushing through won’t work at this point, though; turn on your inner GPS and bide your time.

As Mercury and Saturn square off, on the 16th, so do Uranus and Pluto, for the seventh and final time. They are unleashing one final tectonic plate shift, which puts the playing field in the condition that will remain for the foreseeable future (and stabilize beyond what you can currently imagine, in the fall).

See if you don’t dive into this final clash head on, full of daring and gumption and come-what-may bravado. Your life has radically altered since June 2012, when the first square took place. (The rest happened in September 2012, May and November 2013, and April and December 2014.)  Foundations have cracked open. Connections and agreements have shattered. Rule books have changed. Your own priorities and programming have evolved. Odds are by last fall you stopped resisting or fighting the changing conditions and moved to facing and even dealing with them.  What happens now is full of surprises. The person you will likely surprise most is yourself.

The urge for solid ground and firm footing comes quickly. Venus, ruler of how we relate and what we desire, moves into her home base of Taurus on March 17th and encourages sinking all the hubbub into tangible, sensory and bankable currency.  Chocolate, wine, fresh flowers and gentle caresses are not luxuries, but necessary comforts.  Attention is still split, though, with part of it still fixed on going after desires, rather than having them delivered to us. That’s because Venus’ lover Mars will not join her in Taurus until the end of the month; he continues questing on his beloved battlefield until the 31st.

March 20: The Year’s First Eclipse on the First Day of Spring
While shockwaves are spreading from Uranus and Pluto’s final smack down,  the year’s first eclipse occurs on the first day of spring, 13 hours before the Sun enters Aries. March’s new moon takes place at the last degree of the zodiac, 29 Pisces. This is an extraordinarily sensitive location. It is called the degree of ultimate sorrow, because it embodies the culmination of everything carried by all of existence. It is also, effectively, the first degree of the zodiac, the critical Aries point, which is the most instigating, propelling and dynamic degree affecting the collective experience.

As the three-year process of the Uranus/Pluto square sets our new platform into place, this New Moon catapults us far onto it. Issues of boundaries, compassion and interconnectedness color the spring, which officially starts at 6:46 EDT, and last at least until September’s Virgo solar eclipse.

More housecleaning is part of the deal. A solar eclipse always sends situations and people out the door. It is like the lights going out at the end of an act on stage, scene changes occurring in the blackout, and the lights gradually coming on to reveal who and what is now on stage. Martyrdom, sacrifice and carrying other people’s burdens drive many of the set changes, particularly decisions not to engage in any of that any longer. Star Trek’s prime directive is a pertinent guideline: not to interfere in a species’ right to self-determination.

March 22-31
The first days of spring provide a gentle lead-out from the tumult of the first half of the month. They make it easy to embrace empowering truths, connect our hearts to higher guidance and express true love (as opposed to romance) down here on earth. With Mercury meeting Chiron, words have a healing power that can soothe and rectify longstanding wounds, especially involving inner dialogue we’ve used to harm ourselves.

Personal stabilizing builds by the 25th, whether outer conditions are calming or not.  Desires are mushrooming, too. Everyone is asking for more, and you may reach further than is your norm. Don’t worry that you’ve been implanted with an entitlement gene. What you’re wanting — even demanding — isn’t trivial or frivolous, but deeply meaningful and compelling, as the money and desire planets Venus and Pluto open the channel of a trine on the 30th.

Mercury’s shift to high-energy, fearless Aries encourages directly asking for what you want. Our words continue to hop as our drive starts to settle down. Mars enters Taurus on the 31st and inclines us to slow down, examine what is before us,  and proceed deliberately. After the month’s excitement, we’ll be ready for some slow time. Not to mention a snack and a nap.

Learn more in my 2015 astro-overview mp3 set (NEW!) and  2015 guides for each sign.

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Forecast for April 21-27. 2014

We are between the worlds, where day and night, joy and sorrow, life and death come together as one. Reframe this week as sacred and observe, and you might get through the extraordinary energies more easily. The gears’ll be moving again by week’s end.

Learn more in my weekly podcast, the forecast for the Libra full moon and the forecast for April.

Navigate the craziness of April with my 2014 astro-overview *and* guides for each sign! They are mini-readings with staying power for the entire year. Get your own copies here.

The extended weekly forecast is still on hiatus.

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2014 LIbra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

April 15, 2014
12:42 AM PDT / 3:42 AM EDT / 7:42AM GMT
25 Libra 15

Deep breath. And another. Yes, this month’s Libra full moon is a lunar eclipse with a lasting and powerful effect. But no, it is not the end of life as we know it, no matter what you may have read.

This lunar eclipse is bringing spring cleaning to relationships. Keep that metaphor in mind as the month (and beyond) plays out and your connections rearrange. Some could use a little airing, some are in for deep cleaning, and some are going out the door to make room for new ones that are more appropriate for this new season of your life.

As with so much this month, there is a huge wild-card element at play. Though the direction or the timing may take you by surprise, none of these developments is truly out of the blue. What’s happening now has been a long time coming, for three reasons.

First, a lunar eclipse always has the dual qualities of closing a chapter and of revelation. The two often play into each other; you learn something that changes the game for good. This eclipse is delivering a bigger picture and understanding of what has been going on in your relationships — whether they’re reciprocal; what the ground rules are; whether the purpose or agreement fits both of you at this point. Watch for “Aha! That explains a lot!” moments. As it shines a light behind the scenes, the eclipse is also bringing feelings to the surface. Enormous feelings, possibly. But don’t panic — what’s coming up is beneficial, as we’ll see in a minute.

Second, this eclipse is awakening themes and issues from April 1995, the last time a Libra lunar eclipse occurred at this degree. Whether the players are the same or not, you have the opportunity now to revisit, redo or make a different choice about an important relationship development that took place that spring or summer. For example, if you left a marriage then, you may now discover and clear out a residual attachment (which you may not have even suspected was there). Or you might, instead, become aware of how drastically you have rewritten personal relationship guidelines since that spring. If you started a relationship in 1995, it was probably unlike anything you would remotely consider now.

Finally, the jumble of endings, adjustments and beginnings occurring now are tied to the ongoing reshaping of the metaphoric earth beneath our feet, which has been cracking and shifting since June 2012. Another round of shifting is building as this eclipse takes place. The tension from the build-up is accentuating and accelerating the the shuffling and reshuffling we’re experiencing in relationships. It’s also bringing up for reconsideration, reworking or renewal developments that occurred between last Christmas Eve and New Year’s.

Here’s why not to panic: No matter what surface form events take, the effect is beneficial in the long run — and exactly where you want to be.

You’ve got ample motivation to rethink arrangements and agreements, renegotiate them, shake them up and even blow them up. (The Powers That Be could deliver an easy out for that last possibility). The gumption comes from the Moon having just passed action god Mars in Libra, while the breaking of perspectives and locks is courtesy of messenger Mercury scheming with unpredictable change agent Uranus.

Everything that unspools, morphs or falls into place has a fated, even blessed quality to it. The Moon is smack up against the North Node of destiny, a combo that is pointing the way to the future. A softened, healing, even heaven-sent feeling is in the air. It’s lingering from Friday’s meeting between the gods of earthly and higher love: Venus, ruler of the Libra Moon and all we hold dear, and Neptune, lord of transcendence, magic and illusion. Venus is in her most exalted mode in the sign of Pisces, and her meeting with Neptune works as a baptism in the most spiritual, compassionate experience of love.

This bodes well for soothing, sweetness and kindness as our relationships rearrange. The combined influence of Venus and Neptune gives us a fighting chance to see God in the eyes of the people this eclipse brings to the fore, whether they’re walking out the door, tempting us to strangle them, or offering their heart. Nostalgia, weepiness, ecstasy and compassion are likely side effects, too. Venus has another gift as well. She’s closing in on Chiron, the embodiment of our core wounds and challenge to master physical existence. Long-festering hurts involving of self-worth and lovability are finding balm, comfort and resolution, all of which color and steer the changes going on.

Effectively, the lunar eclipse is hitting reset. The results will take time before we perceive them fully. The situation is like when a cable company sends a signal to the cable box and several minutes elapse while the system reboots. Old programming has been overwritten, and a process must run before the new programming takes control.

Our waiting period lasts at least through the grand cross of the 20th to the 23rd, when Mars and Jupiter lock into the ongoing clash between cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto. The cross will suspend us in the radical restructuring that we’ve been undergoing for two years. It may feel as if we’re hanging in the air, on our bellies, being pulled in the four directions of identity, home, relationship and career, and looking down deep into the cracks, fissures, and new forms that those foundational issues are taking. When the configuration begins to break up after the 23rd, we’ll be put back on our feet — and our new traveling parties will either be with us or sending signals that they’ll be coming along soon.


Navigate the craziness of April with my 2014 astro-overview *and* guides for each sign! They are mini-readings with staying power for the entire year. Get your own copies here.

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First Gear: Forecast for April 16-22, 2012

The pause button is off. The brakes are being released. All manner of developments are creaking forward and gaining slow but rolling momentum. That’ll mount and speed up next week. What’s important now is that mobility has returned.

That’s because two bodies in the sky have regained ease of motion. One is Mars, the planet of action, who ended his nearly three-month retrograde over the weekend. Matters that have been stalled are moving into position for something, anything, to happen with them at last. Mars will not clear the degree of his turn-around until Monday of next week, which gives us one last, solid week of fiddling with details, fixing, organizing and tidying up.

The Mars Travel Agency

The Mars Travel Agency

Mercury, ruler of communication, transportation and the technology that has become so pervasive in our lives, is the other body moving more comfortably. The week begins with him leaving the all-connected, sometimes confusing waters of Pisces for the fiery impulsiveness of Aries. Some of that recent brain fog will be dissipating, thank gawd, and we’ll be getting our mental groove back. Mercury is far more compatibly and comfortable in Aries, which encourages bold, independent leaps of thought and action. He was last in these parts in the beginning of March, before his retrograde, and instances may arise now of picking up pieces from them and moving ahead.

With Mercury back in Aries, he is resuming a special relationship with Mars. Each of these planets is in a sign the other governs. This relationship is called a mutual reception, and it blends their energies and influences, so that anything that happens with one resonates with the other. With both of them moving comfortably now, everything that breaks loose or inches forward will have an added oomph, excitement, exhilaration … or maybe just impulsiveness.

Not all of the impulsiveness is going to be pretty, or sweet, or fun. Mars is approaching a clash with the nodes of the Moon, which represent the path to the future, on one end, and instinctual, past behaviors on the other. This clash will dislodge more angry bursts from masculine forces attempting to drag the collective back decades. (Mars is moving into a showdown with Chiron, too, so a lot of wounds are getting salted and irritated.) On a personal level, watch for situations to impel you (not compel — you have a choice) to ditch old ways and step into ones that can carry you into the future. Healthier habits, healthier eating, healthier boundaries, healthier thought patterns, more efficient systems — those are just a few ideas of where the pressure’s heading.

The point is to settle more fully into physical experience and live fully and sensually in the moment. On Thursday, the Sun enters the enjoy-the-earth-mode of Taurus and resuscitates the foundational shoring up of the earth grand trine that took place in mid-March. The Taurus New Moon follows on Saturday, in a tight, easy flow to Mars, a tight cooperative link to Neptune and an easy flow to Pluto that will intensify as the Sun and the Moon move apart. (Read more in my mooncast, which will be posted by Friday.)

This progression is making personal and internal the gifts of last month’s grand trine. At that point, three areas of your life locked together and firmed up, into a supportive patch of ground, tiny as it may be, that is beginning to flourish. Mystical, transcendent Neptune is watering that patch of ground now — perhaps with compassion (toward yourself, first of all), perhaps with artistic inspiration, perhaps with spiritual guidance and insight — and nurturing further growth. This is the platform on which you will stand when Uranus and Pluto go at it in June and September . It’s the promontory that will remain beneath your feet when other parts of your surroundings and life break away.

Ponder the nature and parameters of this patch on a symbolic level. Then go outdoors and immerse yourself in the physical world around you.

More in my extended weekly forecast and quickie weekly podcast.

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Something’s Coming: Forecast for March 5-11, 2012

Say goodbye to the relatively quiet, if sometimes disorienting, tone of recent weeks. Have you been longing for action? It’s coming. This week brings a few noticeable atmospheric shifts and lots of staging for big, big developments next week.

All that groundwork you’ve been doing for months — all that maddeningly slow and steady preparation that’s been underway — is on the brink of blossoming and paying off. Next week an aspect becomes exact that has been loosely with us on and off since November: the grand trine (I mistyped it as “ground trine” again!) linking Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the three earth signs.

As if to bless the fruition that’s coming, Venus is joining their line-up now. Before most of us awaken Monday morning, she is entering Taurus, the more sensual and earthy of her two homes. (Saturn’s in her other one, the more refined and verbal sign of Libra.) Her homecoming bodes well for relationship and financial matters, which are up for more solid, grounded and rewarding form. The easy, natural comfort she has in Taurus will carry over into them and also smooth the sometimes troubled waters we’ve been experiencing lately.

Her unabashed enjoyment of physical existence is an open invitation to go out in nature, savor food and drink, admire beauty, wear clothes and engage in activities that make you feel good, and generally have a good time. Kindred spirits will be gravitating to each other and making merry, just because they can. The opportunity opens to heal some old wounds when Venus reaches out to Chiron over the weekend. Let the good vibes awaken you to awareness AND appreciation of the bounty that already exists in your life. That is the starting point for maximizing what more is coming.

Signs of that will be emerging with expansive Jupiter and action-oriented Mars gliding into position for next week’s round robin. Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo will review your efforts so far and point out where there’s room for improvement. (More in my mooncast, which will be posted on Wednesday.) Continue your groundwork. This is not the time to let up; it’s the home stretch for the first big flush of growth.

One more of next week’s developments starts making itself known Friday when Mercury arrives at the degree where he will retrograde on Monday. He and Mars are in each other’s signs now, a condition called mutual reception, which blends their energies. Since Mars is already retrograde and Mercury on his way there, what will happen will be closer to spinning in place than moving forward. The whole weekend could feel suspended in time, with so many bodies in earth signs and the planet of communication and travel effectively not moving. Sounds like a formula for a lazy, indulgent time, if a bit weird. Don’t be fixated on outcome (think back to the massive weirdness of last Friday evening.) Just accept, deal with and, best case scenario, enjoy whatever wafts (or blasts) your way.

For more on this week, read my day by day forecasts and listen to my five-minute podcast.

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The Power of Pluto: Forecast for Week of May 16

Tie down your grounding cord! First a full moon in Scorpio, then a weekend of Mars, Venus and Mercury aspecting Pluto — this is going to be one intense week.

This weekend got the party (?) started. In my own circle that brought (a) a theatrical production stopping for paramedics to assist and wheel out an elderly gentleman in a medical crisis; (b) waves of lies and backstabbing coming to light in a nonprofit project; (c) an invoice for a huge legal fee the attorney had never discussed with the client (much less obtained an agreement for), out of the blue two and a half years late and with no breakdown of services provided or time spent; (d) a mugging that resulted in a broken nose and overnight hospital stay.

Powerful energies are afoot. Work with them consciously. For how:
☛ Read my forecast for the week of May 16
☛ Listen to my podcast for the week (it’s short!)
☛ Read my Scorpio full moon forecast
☛ Watch my Scorpio full moon video (it’s short, too!)

Be careful out there!

Power Up; Power Down: Forecast for Week of May 9

All our fiery Aries impulses peak this week. It could feel like the rush before New Year’s or some other big calendar date, when an urgency grabs the wheel and propels everyone into high gear.

What we accomplish in the first two days alone will outshine the productivity of the recent moon void-laden weeks — and then our jets will cool as everything comes down for a landing.

The last big push comes with an intense and exciting mixed bag of instinctive behavior: more heart-centered communication, more sharing, more expressions of love and desire, yet more aggression, more conflict, more brusqueness, more recklessness and more egocentric disregard for consequences or collateral damage.

This week brings a final cluster of conjunctions at the end of Aries, each one like a handful of matches igniting and flaring up together. The first involves information flow and what we value. Mercury and Venus meet each other and inflame our minds and hearts, sparking impassioned messages, risky strikes at objects of desire and courageous speaking out.

This meeting has positive potential indeed, but that, alas, may go momentarily astray. The messenger and the goddess run from each other into the scorching force field of Eris, a dwarf planet named for a lesser goddess of discord, hatred, jealousy and battle. Like a fairy who wasn’t invited to a christening, she’s been making her vicious, vindictive, you-know-what-stirring presence known lately.

Think back to the beginning of last week, when Mars and Jupiter met up with her. That three-way is the reason for the anger and venom that erupted then. And the reason it’s had staying power — you haven’t been able to shake all that, have you? — is Mercury and Venus coming into her midst. Adding to the drama, they go straight from her to play with flame-fanner Jupiter, meaning that skirmishes that start out small will spread uncontrollably.

So: put on fire suits and safety goggles, and be sure to bring along your sense of humor. Pick your battles. When the flame of one dances enticingly in front of you, consciously consider: (a) Is this my battle? (b) How important is it? (c) What quality of passions is this battle stirring in me? (d) Do I enjoy or want those feelings? (e) Do I want to live with this if it continues (because it will)?

A lot of people are going to come out of this feeling like scorched earth, so act mindfully. Take care that whatever you get out of this process justifies what you’ll go through to get it. Consider redirecting your own anger and, let’s be honest, venom, too. Blasting them at someone now will burn both of you. On top of which there’s no telling what fire bombs may come at you in return.

There’s another and more beneficial potential in this playing out. After Mercury and Venus fire you up about what you want, they run it by Eris for a taste of the lower energies around her: jealousies, envy, anger, pettiness, strife for its own sake. No blame, please. Remember that if you’re seeing it outside yourself, it’s in you somewhere, too. You can see (more likely, experience) what you don’t want and possibly burn it off.

The fieriness is short-lived. It’s coming to ground as the inner planets make their exodus from Aries. Mars, the sign’s spirited ruler, leads the way into Taurus. As he moves into Venus’ home, he hands the reigns of his control over to the goddess. His testosterone levels dial back a bit in the relaxing environment of her boudoir. His mode shifts to the old slogan “make love, not war” in anticipation of her arrival and their private date scheduled for the 23rd. This means he will no longer be at his fiercest strength as Venus and Mercury pass Eris and Jupiter on their way out of Aries — a counterweight and mild damper to whatever erupts from their activities.

Venus and Mercury come on over into Taurus on Sunday. The Sun, Mercury and Mars will then be under the gentle, sensual guidance of Venus. Our minds and bodies will stop racing all over the place. The pace of life will slow to more deliberate, languid motion, with breaks for rest and snacks and watching flowers dance in the breeze. We’ll be wanting to see concrete results from the projects we’ve been initiating.

Lead with your heart, and measure everything against it. You’ll be working in this metaphoric garden for the rest of the month and beyond. Next week’s Full Moon will light up weeds and other unwelcome growth that you might want to uproot. The following week, Venus and Mars engage in a private ritual for fertility and prosperity. (In their honor, I’m leading a talk and ritual to reclaim your energy; details here.) And Jupiter will be arriving in June with a year’s supply of Miracle-Gro.

Keep all these helpers in mind. Sink into the moment. Really settle into the physicality of your existence. You’re cultivating your own new world.

More in my day by day forecast and podcast for the week.

In honor of the Venus/Mars conjunction (in Taurus; yum!), I’m teaching a technique by teleclass for reclaiming your energy for your own use and enjoyment. Monday, May 23, 8 PM EDT, $15/person. Registration info.