Astrology in the News: NPR & the Moon

In the buildup to this weekend’s Virgo full moon, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund National Public Radio. Talk about a reboot of our relationship to our information sources and flow! That’s part of the current Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle, and no surprise that the skies are currently activating the lunar eclipse that launched the cycle last December.

The nodes of the moon are within a degree of that eclipse. The Sun is pressing on that point in an action-demanding square, while the Moon will soon be applying the same pressure from the other end. They’re conducting the first stress test of this eclipse axis and voila! This vote.

Every element of this event had a counterpart in the sky. The north node, representing our collective experience, is in the sign of Sagittarius, which rules law, philosophical and political beliefs, propaganda and the media; the south node, embodying old behaviors, is in Gemini, the sign of communication and things that move through the air (sound and radio waves, say). There’s the framework for the issue, as well as the national radio network and its 100 million or so listeners, not to mention politicking, partisanship and legislation.

The impetus for the vote is up there, too. A video with questions about its credibility and accusations of manipulated editing (capturing NPR’s now ex-CEO saying she didn’t want federal funding) — that’s spin doctor Neptune in an easy flow to the nodes of the moon, and in growth aspect to the Sun. Who’s to say what she really said; the glamor of that sound byte was enough for the podium, the cameras and a party-line vote split. The escalation to emergency status and lightning strike timing? Uranus conjunct the Sun and adding his own wild-card, out-of-sign pressure on the nodes and the eclipse point.

Will the vote hold? It doesn’t have the support of the White House and much of the Senate. Nor do the skies lend it much staying power. For one thing, the pressure building up among the Sun, the nodes and, soon, the Moon is all in mutable signs — signs that go this way and that exploring all manner of options.

More importantly — most importantly — the vote took place when the Moon was void of course. This is a condition that occurs when the Moon has made her last major aspect before leaving a sign, and it almost guarantees that nothing will come of anything that’s put in place during the void. It’s worth noting that the Moon’s last aspect before this vote was an opposition to Neptune, the cosmic smoke machine. The vote took place under a veil of illusion, whether that was due to misinformation, obfuscation or, perish forfend, lies and deception. Very likely the real reason for vote was not the stated ones, but more for Neptunian posturing and creating an appearance.

Still, this vote is important. It is a shot across the bow in the information skirmishes that will increasingly characterize the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses we’re undergoing through May 2013.

As I wrote in my article about that eclipse: “We are coming to the logical — and in many cases illogical — extremes of all aspects of life ruled by the Gemini/Sagittarius axis — our information flow and belief systems. our electronic networks and use/reliance on technology, our attitudes about our communities and the people we see as foreigners, our approaches to learning and credentials, our relationship to the media and the credence we do or do not give it. Over the long haul of the eclipse cycle expect to see milestone developments in political parties and agitprop, … the role of social media, broadcasting (shifting away from the decades-long TV and radio model), … and issues involving the superficiality, depth, truthfulness or reliability of information sources.”

In the course of a day, it suddenly became possible to envision a world without the news, cultural and entertainment programming NPR has been delivering for decades. If this matters to you … wake up.