Forecast for October 2016

“Overture, curtains, lights,
This is it, you’ll hit the heights,
And, oh, what heights we’ll hit,
On with the show, this is it.” – Bugs Bunny Show theme song

December brings a head-spinning mix of inevitability and unpredictability. Don’t expect it to go according to either tradition or plan. Keep your mind and schedule open, follow your instincts and you might actually have fun.  Having popcorn on hand might prove useful, too.

Been stuck? Waiting for motivation? Or the right opening? Not any more. Santa (or your holiday benefactor of choice) is delivering cases of Popeye’s spinach that unleashes startling, nigh-on superhuman action.

We’re being catapulted out of the upheaval of the past five years and into directions that upheaval made possible. Everything that has broken, cracked open, shifted and reshaped over the past five years has led to the events of this month.

The next stage of the adventure is here, and the skies are giving us a high-octane send-off. Saturn and Uranus, the lord of structure and the guy who blows structures up, are igniting the first of three booster rockets that define the trajectory of the next year. (Rounds two and three come in May and November.)

The inaugural launch has Jupiter in Libra amping up (trining) Saturn and triple-dog-daring Uranus (via an opposition), effectively throwing flame accelerant into the mix. Uranus is intensifying the launch with a dragging energy that comes from nearing the end of his retrograde. Blast-off happens on Christmas Eve. (Oh, goodie, right?) We’ll be feeling the build-up in the weeks before — and the backdraft well beyond.

Jump on this and ride. This blend of controlled planetary firepower is firming, grounding and stabilizing the dramatic, innovative, going-for-broke developments so many of us are being compelled to pursue. (If you’re not acquainted with the concept of self-actualization; read up on it; we’re in for an epidemic.)

The teamwork is also zapping established ways of thinking and doing — tilting them, electrifying them, blasting them apart. Loose cannon on a rampage is one aspect of this potential, as we’ve been seeing in the collective (okay, the political news). We’re in for a startling, unforeseeable, possibly previously unthinkable development or three, a fitting cap for a year that can be charitably described as weird.

Don’t panic! The disruptions can be fun, freeing and beneficial, too. Amid this volatility, traditions hold little sway. Consider yourself off the hook from anything that does not enhance your life or bring you joy. This is a holiday season to do whatever you darn well please. Make it up as you go along, even.

As tricky as this high-octane blend sounds, the skies are beaming down plenty of reason to get on board.  Links from action hero Mars to the firestarters have us raring to go as the month begins. While we’re ramping up, thoughts and communications keep us fixed on the concrete, practical and long-term, thanks to messenger god Mercury’s entry into Capricorn on the 2nd.

Venus gives relationships breathing room and a 20,000 feet-high perspective stretching far into the future, when she moves into Aquarius on the 7th.  The Sun steps into the dance when he collaborates with the outer planet trio in the second week, which also brings a boost in detachment (and scads of data) from the Gemini Full Moon.

From mid-month on, that mental focus on terra firma has us slowing, turning around, rethinking and flirting with do-overs. The impetus comes from the double whammy of Mercury stationing retrograde and Mars entering anything but straightforward Pisces on December 19right as the calendar is hurtling us into the thick of the holidays and year-end crunch.

With Mars out of forward, march mode, this Mercury retrograde presents more than its usual challenges, adding to the anything-can-happen (or be revealed, she says cryptically) vibe coming off Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Take ordinary retrograde precautions and then some. Approach communication as susceptible to the misleading, confusing and truthy. Make allowances for technology and traffic developing snarls and blips for reasons that are not always apparent. Rely on your inner GPS.

And work the double whammy to your benefit. At the very moment you feel your life escalating into excitement and adventure,  this planetary pair can draw attention to foundational matters and encourage soft, indirect action that flows around or permeates blocks. Do less, so you can do more. Reopen plans, goals, traditions for discussion (or simply back out). Play the backhand that comes so naturally to Mars in Pisces. Direct requests or demands are going to draw resistance and blow back. Try a little tenderness. Lure what you want.

This vibe permeates the solstice, which takes place on December 21, and reverberates throughout the winter season.

As weird, unfamiliar and potentially unsettling as these dynamics sound, the year’s final week holds the promise of sunniness and inner peace. Wherever that first booster rocket shoots us, the initial returns are positive. Happy hearts abound on Christmas Day, which sees Venus cavorting merrily with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

The month and year end with clarity (the Sun conjuncting Mercury) and the concerted action and emotional goal-setting inspired by the Capricorn New Moon, on the 29th.  New horizons are calling that same day, as Uranus drops his drag and stations direct. Before heading out, take a dip in the grace and harmony between the Sun and dreamweaver Neptune. They add gentleness and nostalgia as the clock runs out on a most unusual year.

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Forecast for january 2016

January launches 2016 in clouds of soft, swirling fog. It’s a fitting start, given the atmosphere that will be with us through the summer. Grab your favorite grounding stones; turn on your fog lights and internal GPS. They are in for a workout.

What is real and what is an illusion is an ongoing puzzle, and this month puts us through our paces grappling with it. The origin of the puzzle is still going strong, a shoving match between forces of structure and order (Saturn) and forces that evade and dissolve structure and order (Neptune).

Now comes a companion influence that not only amplifies vagueness, confusion and reasons to question someone’s sanity, but also makes them inescapable and personal. This one holds the promise of epiphanies, clarity and mundane, bankable answers by the end of the month. Hang on to that as the journey progresses, because it promises one weird ride indeed.

Just when our minds are on the brink of flying again, finally, we plummet back to earth. January brings a confounding jumble of snarls, glitches and malfunctions in communicating and getting around. Yes, it’s time again for Mercury retrograde, when the usual rules of operation go out the window for information flow, technology and transportation.

This year has four Mercury retrogrades instead of the usual three. The first one runs from January 5 – 25. It starts with the motivation in place to confront, dive deep and research, qualities that come in handy for this transit.  That comes when Mars, ruler of our drive, plunges into Scorpio on January 3. He kicks Mercury as the messenger slows to turn around on Jan. 5, and off we go.

He’s just getting a taste of objectivity and swift-footedness at the gateway of Aquarius when the about-face drags him back down to the methodical, practical, long-term perspective of Capricorn, on Jan. 8.  Brace to be hypersensitive to all. His return to this terrain comes with a triple whammy of practicalities:  impulses to rethink, reorganize and improve (thank Jupiter turning retrograde in Virgo on the 7th), a decided seriousness in matters of the heart and money (Venus meeting Saturn on the 8th) and the Capricorn New Moon (also on the 8th), which launches a four-week refresher course in adulthood.

For the rest of the retrograde, mishaps, confusion and deceptions will involve or lead to consequences, responsibility, ramifications and real-world costs, some of which touch on relationships and financial arrangements. Use the trip-ups as an opportunity to learn more about the structures and goals emerging from the last few years of upheaval. Be on the lookout for greater understanding and self-acceptance (even optimism!) on the 14th, new perspectives on the 20th and 31st, and profound clarity and determination on the 22nd and 30th.

It’s not all work and no play (though at times you may wonder). Venus is in happy-go-lucky mode most of the month, encouraging bright spirits and the ability to laugh at the ongoing carnival show. Desires grab the steering wheel by the 12th as wild cards and breakthroughs shake up relationships and other matters that are deeply important to us. The aftermath is personal satisfaction, the aforementioned understanding and self-acceptance, and shouting all of that to the world. (Or at least, someone closely connected to the saga.) Following that comes wanting more, more, more — contact, socializing, love, cash, you name it — with a light, loving touch of empathy and compassion that could yield real-world magic. (Or the treatment for a chick flick.)

Cobwebs begin clearing when the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th. They blow out noticeably by the Full Moon in that sign on the 23rd. Tilted into new perspectives, our hearts and mode of relating put the desire for fun aside and focus on long-term value, with Venus moving into Capricorn.  We aren’t laughing so much anymore; we’re tapping a finger on the table and saying, “Ante up.” Cue “Santa Baby;” it’ll fit, no matter what the calendar says.

We may well get some of what we ask for, in tangible, reliable form. An intangible but no less valuable bonus is on the way as well. The month ends with a neat tie-in to the source of that ongoing question, what is real and what is illusion. Venus, goddess of all we hold dear, is under the command of Saturn (lord of structure, remember) and receives a helping hand on the 30th from Neptune (ruler of all ways of escaping from or transcending earthly existence). As a door opens between the cosmic overseers of earthly and highest love, real magic can show up here on terra firma. The opportunity is at hand for a dream coming into physical being. Don’t just stand there. Make like a midwife and coach it out.

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Forecast for Dec. 28, 2015 – Jan. 3, 2016

The holiday season isn’t over yet, but a part of us is already saying “Happy Trails.” Okay, so some of what’s said won’t be quite so … gentle.) Enjoy the moments of moving on, and moving toward. Rough magic is afoot.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for Dec. 28 – Jan. 3 (7:14 minutes). And in my astro-overview for 2016.

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Forecast for December 2015

December may have you wondering if humankind lives in parallel universes that masquerade as one. Each of them is now undergoing a massive evolutionary surge, furthering agendas and fundamental restructuring that have been years in the works.  In one layer, kindness, creativity and concern for the existence of others underlie and ultimately propel a flurry of activity that will feel like long-desired progress. In the other, demagoguery, zealotry, lies and delusion spur and justify anger, violence and, by year’s end, sacrifice and martyrdom.

The milk of human kindness is on tap as the month begins (at least, in universe number one). Drink up and pass it around. It may buffer the occasional and inevitable bleed-through of unpleasantries from the adjoining realm.

The month launches with lightning bolts tilting our thinking and letting in broader, possibly healthier possibilities.  Desires and interactions slip into into deeper, possessive mode when Venus, ruler of all we value, moves into Scorpio on the 4th, which she’ll pass through for most of the month. Activity flies for the first 10 days, and it’s not all holiday and year-end tasks. It’s also pushing ahead on the ongoing restructuring of our foundations and long-term security, with Mars, ruler of our drive, entering the ring with cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto.

His last time there was the week between Christmas and New Year’s in 2013. Watch for the next stage of developments that cracked open then, only this time we’re more invested emotionally and financially.  The impact puts testosterone, follow-through and a compulsion to connect in high supply. Relationships and agreements play an enormous role. They instigate, push us, blossom, deepen and/or permanently change their nature. Anger and violence abound as well; December 6 and 10 are particularly hot.

Awareness of cost, consequences and practicalities permeates conversation and commutes after the 9th, when cosmic messenger Mercury enters Capricorn. He’ll retrograde in the sign at the beginning of next year, so matters are likely to come back up then from the last weeks of the month. His presence in earth rather than his preferred element of air lends weightiness to the holiday and year-end info flow. Gatherings will be few, small and select, with serious talk and a higher than usual presence of connections that have stood the test of time.

His mature disposition provides grounding as the Sagittarius New Moon squares Chiron on the 11th and encourages putting long-standing wounds and business to rest. The process promises to go easily, riding on sweet and loving vibes coming off the two rulers of love, Venus and Neptune. If you’ll been running low on the milk of human kindness, that’s the time for a refill.

The vibes give way to personal growth (of the pressure-on-carbon-creating-a-diamond variety) and a maturing in heart and financial connections, as well as in that perspective shift we got at the month’s start. An idea is taking possession, perhaps an effect of those lightning bolts, passionate, all-consuming, intense and clarifying. It summons another round of lightning bolts and a flurry of mental jail breaks.

The clatter is still in the air as the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, the longest day of the year and the start of winter.  A warm, expansive and nostalgic glow envelops Christmas Eve and Day. Their trappings are fit for an old-fashioned Hollywood movie, courtesy of the Christmas Full Moon in home-oriented Cancer: sentimentality, memories of the good old days, appreciation (okay, maybe simply awareness of) loved ones, indulging in food, food and more food.

The sweetness comes with signals that life will never be the same. Uranus, the agent of liberating change, is stationing to move forward; even as we exchange gifts and hugs, everyone is pulling up anchor and heading for distinctive adventures and futures. Our own values and desires are guiding our actions. Emphatic, separating conversation may be necessary to spell this out in the year’s final days, but it’s not likely to squelch a lovely holiday vibe. (In the first parallel universe number, that is. The other one looks to be completely unhinged from reason by then.)

The holiday atmosphere gets a boost when Venus enters Sagittarius for a four-week stay on the 30th. She encourages fun, cracking jokes, getting out with other people and exploring (though she may not so privately be convinced that her way of thinking is superior). Even so, this New Year’s Eve is not the stuff of mob scenes. We are ending the year with refocused hearts and minds, inclined to connect with a select few.

Turn off the news and concentrate on shoring up your little nook of the universe. You can’t stop the violence or the crazies, but you can maintain your own sanity and joy and allow that to radiate outward and maybe, just maybe slip into the universe next door.

The last day of the year encourages tenderness, intimacy and profound embracing of personal truth and streamlined but unshakeble priorities. They stay with us and mold our vision as we ring out the old and welcome the new.

May peace an love guide your hearts and lead you into the new year.

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Forecast for Dec. 30, 2013 – Jan 5, 2014

Some New Years feel like a technical calendar entry. This one lets us know coming and going that it’s a major passageway with the door bolting behind us.

A New Moon on New Year’s Day is just one of the reasons this one feels so fresh and clean. (Read about it in my mooncast, which will be on the site first thing Saturday.) The Moon has plenty of  of high-powered, future-oriented company in the sky, though, and how.

Last week’s heavy machinery is still churning. It’s coming right at you and working over the very ground beneath your feet.  While fireworks usher one year out and the next in, evolutionary depth charges are going off like a string of firecrackers (make that: sticks of dynamite) tossed into a sewer.

Developments that have been rumbling for months, perhaps more than a year, are erupting into being — in many cases, erupting from within you.  They are quickening fundamental renovations of structures, foundations and systems that have been integral to your life.

The week promises an epidemic of no-turning-back realizations, decisions and conversations,   of shape-shifting, of skin-shedding, and of stripping down to the bone. Relationships play a precipitating role, upping the pressure that is causing us to burst open or, taking the metaphor into the opposite direction, transform from carbon to diamond.

Mars, the planet of action, aggression and drive, is still locked into a dynamic configuration with the two cosmic change agents. Last week he had a stare-down with Uranus, agent of unpredictable, radical change, and we likely saw situations we wanted to get as far away from as possible. On Monday, he completes his clash with Pluto, lord of death and rebirth. He’s activating decisions and redirections from the beginning of October. A new phase dawned then in getting along with each other. Now new approaches in or qualities of relationship dynamics are moving to the center and screaming, “It’s time!”

Our side of each relationship equation is becoming clearer and more focused in the middle of the week, as the Sun and Mercury enjoy Pluto’s simplifying company and feel Mars’ heat. This is a recipe for dropping pretense, embracing personal truths and no longer tolerating the intolerable.  Contemplation, conversations and messages are monumental and game-changing. People are being forced to walk their talk. Forget small talk, or the possibility of take-backs. Both are out of the question in this storm of demands, ultimatums and disclosures.

Much of this could come as a relief, actually. The week is a nonstop updating to get clear, focused and on track. It’s underscoring, yet again, what is most important, and yanking you out of situations that are inconsistent with that. We are all grappling with this monumental process and inclined to communicate about it, a lot, as the week goes on.

With this whirlwind inaugurating the year, resolutions are going to be overlooked, except maybe to clean up and move ahead on everything that rearranges now. A guideline does drop into view by the end of the weekend. No matter how rocky the road that leads to it, the first weekend of the year finds you sure-footed and on solid emotional ground.

For a fuller discussion, please read my extended weekly forecast at my site For another take on this week’s events, listen to my quickie podcast.

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