2017 Leo Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017
11:30 AM PDT / 2:30 PM EDT / 6:30 PM GMT
28 Leo 52

The main astrological event of the year is here: the much ballyhooed Leo lunar eclipse. The hype is justified. This new moon is ushering in high drama and breathtaking, rapid-fire, game-changers.

A new moon launches a phase. A solar eclipse brings dramatic force to that launch and extends its reach for months, sometimes longer. It’s akin to rebooting an operating system to install an update. The system goes down. The screen goes black. When the system comes back online, it’s in revised form, running differently and likely faster. Some previous components are gone; some remain. Some work differently. And some are new, even unexpected.

Most solar eclipses have the force of a new moon on steroids. This one’s coming with amphetamines and a couple of cases of Popeye’s spinach as well.

We’ve been warming up for it. It is this year’s second New Moon in Leo, the warm-hearted, flamboyant, attention-seeking domain of royalty, children and drama queens alike.

July’s was at the first degree of the sign, acting like a tap-tap-tap on the gas pedal, fueling us to let more and more of our true selves come out and play. August’s is at the very last degree of the sign, at maximum Leo, if you will, inflaming all its qualities to largest possible expression.

Warrior god Mars is not only upping the action, but also shoving us right into it. He’s igniting drive, motivation, passion and gumption, irritation, tempers, tantrums, fury and outright attacks.

He’s shoving all of us, individually and as a group, in a direction that smacks of destiny, the path of the North Node in Leo, occupying in the scant space between Mars and the New Moon. The North Node is last point the Sun and the Moon cross before fusing. Its mission for us is seared into the eclipse: to take the place in the collective that allows fullest expression of ourselves.

You may feel cosmic hands against your shoulders, propelling you to action. Regardless, you will  find yourself getting moving, zooming as if you hit a power-up in a racing game, or catapulting through time/space as if shot out of a cannon.

There’s little room for logic, planning or strategies, but scads of room for bold, unhesitating, unapologetic moves. These energies are rising up within us naturally, instinctively and organically. And probably unstoppably.

The blast is volatile, liberating, paradigm=shattering, yet stabilizing. While some specifics may take unexpected forms, it’s activating energies that have been building in and around you since last December, when structure-loving Saturn began teaming with innovative, disruptive Uranus.

The New Moon, Mars and the North Node are completing the circuit, creating a grand trine in fire that’s coursing through the late-degree Aries, Leo and Sagittarius areas of your chart. Ready or not, here you come.

The eclipse is a moment (or chain reaction) of detonation. The agent of unpredictable change is in an exact and unfettered flow with the New Moon. Dynamite fuses are going off that have been burning for months.

Life force, survival instinct, deafening choruses of “I Gotta Be Me” are all surging. Support is beaming in from Jupiter in Libra, offering assistance, benefits and expansion in and through relationships.

Whatever goes is for the best. Whatever stays, whatever comes, whatever flourishes enhances who you are, and who you are becoming.

Watch for more to be revealed when Mercury stations retrograde on the eclipse degree from September 3-5. Info should be hard to miss, since combative Mars will be keeping company with the winged messenger. Watch, too, for hearts to embrace the updates when Venus forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus later that month.

And mostly, watch for an awakening and revitalizing beyond what you have ever experienced. Your guiding images are the last three cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot: the Sun, Judgment and the World. Tack them on a wall and contemplate them daily.

It’s time. You’re off.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Campbell

To learn what this means for you:

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2017 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

August 7, 2017
11:10 AM PDT / 2:10 PM EDT / 6:10 PM GMT
15 Aquarius 25


What’s that sound? Gasps? Exploding light bulbs? Lightning strikes? Slamming doors? Sighs of recognition and relief?

How about: All of the above?

The racket — and dawning recognition — are part of this month’s Aquarius Full Moon, the first of two eclipses that are rocking and reshaping our realities. This one clears and primes us. The second, the solar eclipse of the Leo New Moon on the 21st, skyrockets us along our way.

Full Moons always bring emotions to a crest. Lunar eclipses take that trait to the limit, and beyond. This one, though, promises a different experience.

This most emotional event is in the most intellectual and detached of signs, Aquarius, which has the ability to view situations at a tilt, or upside down, or inside out, or from some other angle that wouldn’t have occurred to any other sign. This puts us at maximum observer mode as the usual gifts of a lunar eclipse roll out.

Emotions are hitting high tide, as they always do at the full moon, and this time they come with super-sized drama and a kick, courtesy of warrior god Mars’ standing with the fiery Leo Sun.

An uncomfortable, insistent force is staring down this Moon, like a restless kid in a car kicking the driver’s seat and taunting the adult to react. Inner children are running amuck. The masculine archetype is in overdrive, promoting, pushing, forcing, assaulting.

“Me me me me me” is the propelling force, spoken or not, conscious or not. True colors are showing. Ploys for attention are escalating. So is awareness of validation and appreciation: where you shine, who gets you, who doesn’t, who’s trying to steal your light, who’s trying to diminish it or put it out.

Action and reaction are all the rage — in many instances, literally. People are knocking over game boards, standing their ground and acting out, taking their toys and heading elsewhere.

The ego is screaming, “Look at me! Are you looking at me?” The feminine is taking it all in and replying….”Fascinating.” And coming up with a vision for the future.

Don’t run after anyone or situation that undervalues you, or fails to see you, or, most of all, leaves. A lunar eclipse closes doors and chapters that defy reopening. Bless every ending. Each does truly benefit you and your future, whether the good is immediately visible.

Find an elevated perch, assume Mr. Spock mode and watch the spectacle unfold. The vantage point will position you not only for unparalleled entertainment, but also for the revelations that come with a lunar eclipse: About what has been going on in the corners, behind your back and even right in front of you. About other people. (For some, “Bye bye!” For others, “Well, hello there…”)

Most importantly, about how you feel about all this, and particularly about developments that have been brewing since February, when the first eclipse occurred in the current Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle. (Yes, some of that acting out might well be by you. Observers aren’t always immune to emotions and primal instincts. Remember what happened to Spock when the Vulcan mating imperative overtook him?)

Some revelations will be shocking or jolting. All will be freeing. The Uranus-ruled lunar eclipse puts many of the givens of your life in a different light. We’re in for an epidemic of changes of heart, abrupt and in some cases cold. We’re making changes in the line-up of our teams, based on who plays well with us and who does not. And that boils down to who enjoys and appreciates us and inspires the best, fullest expression of our selves.

All of this is occurring in cartoonishly large format. There’s more reason for that than a lunar eclipse’s fundamental nature of a full moon on steroids. Credit the direct participation of bigger-is-better Jupiter, in Libra, sign of relationships and social contracts.

He’s in the easy flow of a trine to the Aquarius Moon, mushrooming the detached, intellectual potential, as well as the role of relationships in this event. He’s making the opportunity aspect of a sextile to the Leo Sun and Mars, which opens the door to both self-aggrandizement and standing up for one’s self.

Jupiter also brings optimism, expansiveness and silver linings. He’s leading a singalong of “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life,” the ending song from Life of Brian. Sing or whistle along from your Spock-like perch. Look for evidence of beneficial changes in relationship ground rules. It exists. Look, too, for the good in every relationship shape-shift, the departures as well as the new forms or stages.

There’s more to come, of course, as there always is with the playing out of an eclipse. Keep an eye out for planets changing signs, because they will touch this eclipse’s ruler Uranus on the way out the door. At 28 Aries 39, Uranus is currently the planet of latest degree, the one closest to the end of a sign. As planets aspect that degree, they won’t so much turn out the light as trigger his lightning.

Upcoming times to watch: Venus, ruler of love, money and beauty, will team with Uranus mid-September as she leaves Leo, unlocking hearts and desires. In the last week of that month, Jupiter will oppose Uranus and ramp up the drive for self-determination at any cost.

For now, just observe. And feel. And observe some more.

August 2017

Volatile, catalyzing, head-spinning, game-changing: August is a month (or is that: minefield?) of milestones.

They come with revelations, departures, confusion, high-octane passions and a faster than fast pace. Fuel accelerant is pouring into impulses that have been building since December. (Self-actualization is one of them. Specific situations should be easy to spot.)

A drive is blazing that defies extinguishing or containment. Directing it may be possible, though. So is riding it. And it might actually be fun. (At times.)

The influence that kicks off the month builds more slowly and probably with less fanfare than what follows. It will pervade the headlines all the same, if you look for it, and run like a background program whether anyone is paying attention or not.

Foundation Work Continues

Seismic shifts and super-sized evolutionary surges hit foundations, infrastructures and institutions as the month begins and Jupiter squares Pluto. The pressure will mount with the subtlety of a lobster pot for nearly two months, not finding release till Jupiter completes his opposition to norm-shattering Uranus at the end of September.

More immediately noticeable in the first three weeks: Dramatic action and reaction are the general order of things, with warrior god Mars accompanying the Sun till he enters Virgo on the 22nd. This traveling pair is a double-dose of the masculine archetype, firing up courage, assertiveness, aggression, combativeness and anger. Everyone’s got a fix-it gene. No waiting to be asked; everyone’s going after what they want.

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The month’s first eclipse, a lunar, brings a paradox: simultaneously experiencing defcon 2 level emotions and observing them with the intellectual curiosity of Mr. Spock. Watch for spiked understanding of your own inner workings, particularly in response to developments since February’s lunar eclipse in Leo. Much will take on a different light — a lunar eclipse always brings revelations — amid the clatter of doors slamming and chapters closing.

It’s Time For Another … Mercury Retrograde!

A cosmic invitation to think things over continues throughout the month. We won’t always welcome the suggestion, but declining isn’t much of an option. Communication, technology and travel are a patience-testing ground of snarls, complications, malfunctions and delays once Mercury stations retrograde on the 12th.

The implications may sneak up on us, since the two love and creativity planets, Venus and Neptune, are making beautiful music that day and lulling us all into reverie. We have weeks to wise up to the retrograde, which lasts till September 5.

He’s in one of his home signs, Virgo, which puts a practical spin on everything that unfolds – or misfires. Details are more than the usual tripwire. Annoyances may be … annoyingly … concrete.

On the plus side: the sign of the messenger’s retreat fits in with a retrograde’s potential for reorganizing and tidying matters up. Not to mention that tripping over words and our metaphoric shoe laces may keep us down here on earth while other influences threaten to blast us off it. And we may welcome a breather, even if it comes in the form of a retrograde snafu.

Read more in my guide How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in 2017.

Can’t Stop The Grand Fire Trine

Those other influences come from the fire that dominates the middle of the month, with the Sun, the New Moon (solar eclipse) and Mars running a circuit with Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Uranus, lords of order and disruption, have been teaming since December. Their unlikely collaboration has been simultaneously bringing form to new growth and shattering structures and conventions. Now ego, heart and will get into the loop, forming the free flow of energy of a grand trine in fire.

Total Eclipse of the Sun

These linkages would be incendiary on their own. They take on super nova impact from coinciding with a total solar eclipse at the end of Leo, on August 21. A solar eclipse blots out people and situations, never to return, and hits the reset button. This time, with the added kick from Mars, our systems come back on line with a breathtaking, propulsive force, shooting us forward as if we’ve hit a power up in a racing game.

The Mars-powered solar eclipse is igniting the self-actualization imperative of the Saturn/Uranus trine. The explosion is blowing up conventions, norms, beliefs. shoulds, and situations built on them — commitments and teachings that have restrained you from living your own life and expressing your own being.

It won’t be all fun and games. At all. Some people will not accurately recognize these rumblings and will respond by acting out. With retrograde Mercury spawning misunderstandings and misstatements (and, alright, lies), it’ll be easy to react without confronting peaceably and unraveling the snarl.

Patience will be in short supply. Tempers will flare. Anger will have the effect of eating cases of Popeye’s spinach. Be mindful of who and what are in your line of fire.

Venus in Fur (Leo)

The rebooting plays out long beyond August. It may be easier to chew on what is transpiring after the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd. A wave of noticeable shake-ups, break-ups and breakthroughs follows when Venus, ruler of our desires, approaches maximum nesting mode and slams the agent of unpredictable change, Uranus, on August 24.

She makes a quick change herself, taking on the flair and drama and grandeur of Leo on the 25th. It’s out of the kitchen (except, perhaps, for showy parties) and into the world, in search of attention, sun and fun. However the eclipses and grand trine are playing out, our hearts are beginning to get on board.

The month ends with potential for optimism and locking in some benefits from the hubbub. The 27th brings an opportunity to stabilize, via a cooperative link between beneficent Jupiter and structure-loving Saturn.

Messenger god Mercury jumps back into the fire of Leo on the 30th and criss-crosses the solar eclipse degree until mid-September. High-energy exchanges are a given. Ideas may move from intriguing concept to burning personal quest. The combustible atmosphere continues. These fires aren’t going out any time soon.

Learn what this means for you (and the United States) in my talk The Great American Eclipse — and You! Live at 4 PM EDT, Friday, Aug. 4 and afterwards on demand.

Harness the eclipses energies in Embracing the Eclipse: A Meditation for Personal Growth, live at 4 PH EDT, Friday, Aug. 19 and afterwards on demand.

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2017 Capricorn Full Moon

July 8-9, 2017
9:07 PM PDT / 12:07 AM EDT / 5:07 AM GMT
17 Cancer 09 / 17 Capricorn 09

What’s that emerging from the deep? Monsters? Or treasures? Or both? Whichever, they’re huge, primal and laying it all on the emotional bottom line. We’ll be evaluating them (and those questions) under the cold, calculating light of the Capricorn Full Moon.

Well, maybe not as cold as usual, except for patches of frozen rage. And even that may be morphing into something much hotter.

Intense. Uncomfortable. Clarifying. Life-changing.

Read more…

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Forecast for the 2016 Libra New Moon

September 30, 2016 – October 1, 2016
5:11 PM PDT / 8:11 EDT / 12:11 AM GMT
8 Libra 15

This year’s Libra New Moon launches a phase of new and improved relating.

It’s the first Libra New Moon in 12 year with the optimism and expansiveness of Jupiter in the sign. The beneficent god made his entrance on the 9th, and he’s closing in on the Sun and the Moon as fuse their lights.

He’s sending them subtle but unrelenting suggestions that will color not just this moon phase, but also the next 12 months — genially advocating for more pleasing, harmonious and polite relationships that take both sides of the equation into account.

His clean-up campaign of the last year is over, and now we’re reaping rewards and sharing them. We’re in for an epidemic of social niceties and expansion, improvement and wild optimism in relationships, agreements and artistic creativity.

Jupiter’s encouraging going after what you want, and then some. Bigger is better is his message, impact and goal. “If you can have X,” he whispers, “Why not X to the 10th power? Or 100th?”

Who can resist urgings like that? Not Venus, Libra’s ruler, possessor of the cosmic sweet tooth and ruler of all we hold dear — love, money, art, precious baubles,  systems of values. Desire is her raison d’etre. Suggest indulging to her, and she’s on it before the sentence is finished.

Nor can Neptune, Venus’ spiritually evolved counterpart (aka higher octave). He’s a master of transcending — and, let’s be honest, unhinging from — the dreary confines of worldly experience. Fantasizing, romance chick-flick style, elevating a mere mortal to muse, to inspiration, to fast track to the divine or to the divine itself — Neptune’s gauzy gifts have powers of seduction that invite hanging out with them as long as possible….and then some. More of that? You bet.

Yet neither is suggesting — or allowing — sliding back into, much less going overboard in, old ways. Both rulers of love play a gear shift role in this New Moon.

It’s time to not only ask for more in what we can do together, but also to move relationships on to a more beneficial track. This New Moon is a gateway for consciously embracing and implementing dynamics that are appropriate for who we are now.

There’s not much choice, really. Venus’s semi-sextile is driving home how drastically and permanently our concepts of relating have evolved. Neptune’s adjustment aspect (inconjunct) indicates that there’s still tweaking to be done in how we deal with each other. More compassion is likely needed. So, too, is unhooking from fantasy and bringing Neptune’s sweet potential down through the clouds and into something that can exist in earth’s atmosphere.

Besides, sea changes in relating have been coming more and more to the fore as our foundations have groaned, cracked and restructured over the past few years. Relationship rule books have been undergoing radical revising since since the end of 2013, when Venus’ paramour Mars got into the ring with cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto.

Though experiences have varied from person to person, the changes have had some common themes: greater self-awareness, greater willingness to put cards on the table, and near-zero tolerance for settling and, well, tolerating. (Thank you, Aries/Libra eclipses!).

We’re less inclined to remake or posture ourselves based on what we think or imagine or project the other person wants or needs. (No more living out “Bend Me, Shape Me,” the American Breed song that was a hit in the 1960s, and a Piscean Age anthem if ever there was one.)

The updated paradigm is of self-possessed, self-aware individuals choosing to stand side by side, rather than enmeshing and drowning in each other. Gone is the model of one person bearing the bulk of the responsibility for the relationship; give and take is much more part of the picture, too.

More refining is to come in the next few months. In October, Mars is heading back into the fray with the cosmic change agents, this time to meet directly with Pluto in Capricorn and have a showdown with Uranus in Aries. By the end of the year, Jupiter will be in the ring himself and egging on both sides of the change imperative.

Don’t fool yourself, though. This New Moon, and the phase it ushers in, are not all hearts and flowers. Libra energy is more about seeking balance than having it.

With Jupiter in the mix, watch for scales to go wildly out of balance and polarizing to grow even more extreme. It’s daunting to think that could get worse, given the Us Against Them vibe that has politics in a stranglehold. Yet it will.

More fierceness, more outlandishness and more entrenchment are all in store as the sides of each equation rock and try to commandeer the seesaw. The dynamic will show up individual relationships and public/social conflicts. It will also pit archetypal poles against each other, such as love against fear, masculine against feminine (new horizons in misogyny, oh goodie1), art against greed.

Knowing that, and knowing that fine-tuning is coming later this year, welcome and work with the auspicious potential of this New Moon. Consciously embrace it as a fresh start. Consciously embrace a new model for your relationships and your approach to them.

Libra loves vows. Honor this New Moon by making some vows to yourself. Here are a few that will stand you well.

Be honest with yourself about what you need, what you are (and are not) willing to do and what you are (and are not) willing to receive or expect.

Ask for what you want.

Adopt the Golden Rule as daily life mantra:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be kind. Treat others with respect.

Be mindful of the power of words. Endeavor to speak gently. Episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” are a master class in manipulating an awkward situation to everyone’s benefit, without humiliating anyone or hurting feelings (usually Barney’s or Aunt Bee’s).

On the other hand, don’t go overboard with soft-sell or backhandedness. Libra’s flair with words and non-confrontational streak can wander into passive-aggression and outright deceit. You’re more honest with yourself now. Accord others that courtesy.

Treat your relationships as a gift. Tell special people how you feel. Graceful, heartfelt sentiments have magical powers.

Dream big, together, and see how much grace and beauty, joy and magic you can summon into this worldly existence. Then tell the rest of us about it, okay?

Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016: Welcome to the New Normal.

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Forecast for March 21 -27, 2016

This week’s plot twists drive the next three months…the next six months…and the next 19 years. No wonder everything feels so monumental.  Be honest; you’re relieved. And ready to turn your back on staleness. Too many satisfying delights await. Brush off those cobwebs and leap onward.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for March 21 – 27, 2016  (6:06 minutes). And in my astro-overview for 2016.

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Forecast for the December 2015 Cancer Full Moon

2015 Cancer Full Moon
December 25, 2015
3:11 AM PST / 6:11 EST / 11:11 AM GMT
3 Cancer 19 / 3 Capricorn 19

The heavens are giving a phenomenal boost to the Christmas season this year. The day that celebrates a child’s birth sees the moon full in Cancer, the sign of motherhood, home, family and tradition. It’s an appropriate placement, given how associated this time is with family gatherings, festive meals and time-honored rituals. True, all of these have a way of adorning emotional baggage, but don’t be so sure the usual unpleasantness is in store this week. It has the potential for a surprisingly sweet, yummy time, a swelling of hearts and a well-needed respite from the harshness of recent weeks.

Emotions are running high. The Moon is in her home base, which encourages hypersensitivity, even in the Scrooges among us, and turns emotional barometers up to 11. For a change, our feelings are actually lining up with the emphasis of this time of year.  Cues for how to feel and act may be bombarding us in stores, on TV and online, but they are not what’s triggering the emotions cresting within us.  Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, whether you’re with family, stuck at work or waiting out the long weekend on your lonesome, you’re likely to be riding a wave of nostalgia, sentimentality and renewed appreciation of blood and chosen bonds.

The event and the days around it are occupying their own extraordinary spot on the time/space continuum. This Moon culminates amid clouds of …. well, no one knows quite what. We’re in a fuzzy-woozy atmosphere that feels unhinged from normal reality. That atmosphere is with us for the foreseeable future, thanks to an ongoing clash between Saturn, lord of order, and Neptune, lord of formlessness and transcendence. This Full Moon is in a direct, easy flow to the magical, unearthly, illusory end of that clash, which pushes this week’s experiences into a sweetness bordering on cinematic.

The link to Neptune is pouring glamour into the swirling wisps and clouds and fog that envelop life now. They’re filling with gentleness, kindness, tenderness and compassion as well. Breathe them in deeply; they are a healing mist, and they are spanning timelines and dimensions. They teem with the best qualities of any Christmastime you’ve experienced, along with the best qualities you’ve not yet enjoyed. You may be surprisingly, acutely aware of how deeply connected you feel to the people around you (yes, even your relatives; even the people for whom you have a carefully compiled list of grievances to air). This may include recognizing the role that has been played for you by gatherings and relationships you have taken for granted, and at times resented. Even if you’re alone, you’ll likely wise up to what you need in order to feel safe, secure and loved (and come away determined to bring that into your life).

Some moments and interactions may feel uncommonly precious, thanks to a nagging realization that this experience will not last and will not come again in quite this form. Savor the moment and the people who are sharing it with you. Next year’s Christmas season and late-winter gatherings will have a different configuration; everyone is moving on. Your exit cue will begin tugging at you on the 25th itself, in the midst of the day’s activities, when Uranus the awakener stations direct and permanently tilts your perspective. You may be opening presents, giving a hug, changing the TV channel, helping yourself to pie and coffee. Suddenly you will know you’re heading off, maybe not that day, but soon, and into your own direction. So give the old traditions one last go-round  — one last grand hurrah.

It’s possible, of course, that some people will translate these influences through a darkly clouded filter and fall into self-pity, taking things personally, or feeling victimized, unappreciated or unloved. If you sense yourself succumbing to any of these, stop. Pull yourself out and do something nurturing, for yourself first of all. The loving and healing possibilities of this Full Moon are not to be squandered.

Use this Full Moon to experience and explore what makes you feel safe, secure and loved. Spend time on activities that feed your soul and let everything else go. (That impulse is why so many people have gone into this season deliberately shelving all kinds of activities that once filled their schedules.) Enjoy this time, its traditions, gatherings and sharing food (don’t fight it; indulge), and the people you care about. Let people off the hook – your parents, your kids, your siblings — and do the same for yourself. Be present in this holiday season like you have never been before.

May sweetness, tenderness and abiding love be yours.

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