Forecast for May 2016

“Relax, don’t do it, when you want to go to it.” — Relax, Frankie Goes to Hollywood

When time slows to a crawl this month or, worse, life renders you motionless and you find yourself wishing for movement, action, anything, please remember the mania of March and April. And count your blessings.

Which is not to say that May won’t be hopping, at times. It will, so much so that you will have moments of gasping for breath and begging for a break. When one comes around (and opportunities will abound May 7 – 13), take it and indulge, shamelessly. Otherwise, stock up on stamina, pacing, being in the now — all are qualities that serve you well in May’s singular energies.

Progress is occurring, just not in a predictable or forward-ho manner. The biggest instances of growth and movement will come from matters returning for revisiting, revising, fleshing out and simply more attention. They dominate the first third of the month, when the uncommonly high number of five planets is retrograde.

Even as that count begins to lessen (with Jupiter stationing direct on May 11), the retrospective, redoing vibe remains. Its benefits are many. Going back over old turf or reviving old matters allows for redoing, repairing, rearranging, improving and catching information, details and nuances that make a difference. Dig in the same spot long enough and you may hit paydirt, or discover buried treasure, or strike oil. Or maybe just remove debris that’s crowding out new growth.

Opportunities to solidify, ground and let nature take its course abound around the Taurus New Moon on May 6. It creates an unimpeded current of practical, tangible, growth-oriented earth energy running from the New Moon to bountiful Jupiter in Virgo and transformative Pluto in Capricorn. The effect lasts the whole moon cycle, and spills over into social and financial matters when Venus takes the Moon’s position May 9 and 10.

The line-up is a cosmic invitation to lounge in the garden of life. Enjoy the physical sustenance and pleasures it offers. Look for signs of growth, flourishing and even harvest, and give yourself over to the sensations. Think of yourself as a spiritual being having a physical existence (you’ve heard that saying, right?), or a bridge between spirit and matter. Put your attention on the here and now, and revel in it.

Life slides focus to here and there by the Sun’s annual move to Gemini on the 20th and the Sagittarius Full Moon the next day, with action hero Mars retreat’s taking him right into the festivities. No happy-go-lucky Sag party, this one;we’ll be defending beliefs, or acting aggressively on them or otherwise living out the phrase “fighting words.”

The backward trend will not noticeably loosen until Mercury goes direct on the 22nd. (Read what this month’s Mercury retrograde bodes here.) Despite communication and travel matters gradually returning to more familiar contours, the vibe of going back over old territory will only intensify from the 27th through next month, when  Mars backs into the murky depths of Scorpio.

Before he changes sign, his partner Venus leaves home for a flit-and-flirt-fest in Gemini and has a staring contest with him on the 24th. This face-off drives home the distance between desires and achieving them. He takes that awareness along on his Scorpio mission, which explores loose ends from last summer, when Saturn retrograded over the same turf. Think of it as a clean-up crew in military gear, with tactical weapons, surgical tools and steely determination to tackle whatever they encounter.

The end of the month brings awareness into focus in other ways as well. Rules and limitations mushroom to the point that we address them, thanks to a harsh contact between Jupiter and Saturn, which crests on May 26. Our thought processes and information flow clarify dramatically by the 30th, when Mercury gets an effortless assist from Pluto. The point of Mercury’s retrograde becomes clear (or some of it, at least). Thinking and priorities streamline. Important information comes to consciousness; significant conversations occur. Perhaps empowering, perhaps delimiting, and definitely transforming and simplifying.

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Forecast for April 2016

Keep your knees loose. Anything can happen this April, and it might lead to whiplash. Just when you’re sprung from prison and catapulting into wild adventure, back you go again and again  over territory you thought you’d finished.

Two shifts at the month’s start presage these counter currents. Our interacting style turns impulsive, impassioned and a tad reckless as Venus, ruler of love, money and all we value, turns huntress in Aries on April 5. Everyone’s on the prowl, and the thrill of the chase is the game. Yet talk is slow, concrete and “prove it!” thanks to Mercury moving into Taurus on the same day. Venus inclines us to pounce, but Mercury says to take our time. No one’s going anywhere quickly, which could, actually, end up being just what Venus wants  — especially when she and lover Mars collaborate on the 12th.

Except that we are going places quickly, and how. Explosions are going off within and around us at the Aries New Moon on the 7th. It’s right next to volatile, unpredictable Uranus, and the combo  ignites dynamite at the individual, liberating end of the cosmic change imperative that’s been restructuring reality for the past four years. The blast sets off a breakthrough that’s been building — perspective-altering, catalyzing and self-actualizing. Look at the ensuing excitement as a coming attractions trailer for when Saturn brings grounding and stabilizing (and, okay, maybe limits) to Uranus, starting at Christmastime.

Enjoy flying high and running free; it lasts unfettered for a week, max. The skies are rerouting us to Retrograde City. We’re already at the outskirts at month’s start, with Jupiter and and Saturn backtracking through Virgo and Sagittarius. Three more planets join the trend from the 16th on. The combined impact has us singing variations on a song from The Monkees’ cult classic Head, “Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?”

Yep. Again and again. We’re returning to issues of education, beliefs, prejudices, legal matters, publicity and foreign people, places and things when Mars turns retrograde at 8 Sagittarius on April 16th. His retreat lasts until June 29 and takes him back into Scorpio starting May 2, when he’ll be triggering action on unfinished business from Saturn’s return to that territory last summer.  For now he’s inviting do-overs and picking up dropped threads — understanding, wisdom, credentials, chances to visit far-flung spots on the globe, seeing how much our perspective filters our experience of life. Watch for irritation, frustration, resentment and anger; look for opportunities to laugh or see the bright side.

Pluto begins his annual retrograde on April 18 at 17 Capricorn (making a harsh, action-demanding angle to the Aries New Moon). His impact is more nuanced, but inescapable, since he’ll move barely a degree until his direct station on September 26. Think of it as drilling deeper and deeper into one particular spot for a more intense, transforming experience. For each of us it has to do with restructuring foundations (the systemic end of the change imperative of the past four years). The potential exists to make even more basic and pervasive chance, to let in light or air, or to let out infestation.

While we’re walking and looking backwards, breakthroughs abound. They involve relationships, finances, self-worth and creativity thanks to Venus’ mid-month assignations. First she gets into a shoving match with bigger, fiercer, grittier ruler of desire and money, Pluto, on the 19th (when the Sun begins its annual time in Taurus). While she’s still hot and bothered, Venus has a long, hot date with firebrand Uranus. They’re conjunct by zodiacal degree and by declination April 22-24, and their tryst begins on the Scorpio Full Moon, the most intense, magnetic and intimate emotional culmination point short of an eclipse. The only sure prediction for what that  convergence will unleash is that it won’t be boring. Those days will have the quality of playing with firecrackers, leaping without thinking, much less looking, and hearts breaking free — or open.

Communication and getting around join the fun and games by the 28th, when cosmic messenger Mercury goes retrograde until May 22.  Slow and steady becomes outright slothlike. Expect discussions and commutes to take much longer than the norm (and possibly what uninformed patience can endure). The beauty of living as if suspended in time is that if you gaze long and hard at what’s before you, you could possibly truly see it.  Use this chaser retrograde to go over and pick up details and put your mind, technology and vehicles in reliable working order. Also know that if Venutian impulsiveness brings cause for regret, Mercury retrograde in Taurus provides ample time to chew on the situation and devise a practical response that requires no rush to implement. For more about this retrograde and navigating it, read my article How To Survive the 206 Retrogrades.

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Forecast for March 21 -27, 2016

This week’s plot twists drive the next three months…the next six months…and the next 19 years. No wonder everything feels so monumental.  Be honest; you’re relieved. And ready to turn your back on staleness. Too many satisfying delights await. Brush off those cobwebs and leap onward.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for March 21 – 27, 2016  (6:06 minutes). And in my astro-overview for 2016.

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Forecast for March 2016

March is a game changer. It launches with words and ideas kicking us into action and ends with desires and perspectives blowing wide open. In between is a combination tsunami and whirlwind of activity, emotional, mental and in the circumstances of our lives. Comings and goings, blossomings and endings, cleaning up and clearing out consume the month. In their wake they leave a blend of catharsis, relief, emotional outpouring and firm resolve. And likely spinning heads.

Not surprisingly, March is one of the most astrologically action-packed months of the year. Its four weeks contain two eclipses (one pumping the gas pedal on a cycle, the other wrapping a cycle up), more work on the upheaval of the last four years, and three planets changing signs.
Amid so much activity, each beat will be hard to distinguish. Instead, it will feel like we’re being hit with successive waves. Some of them grow out of the previous one, some are resurgences of the past (eight months, a year, 18 months, four years and 19 years ago are probable time frames), and some will come from places our conscious mind has no ability to pinpoint.

The Pisces New Moon on the 8th is the first eclipse, a solar.  Bigger-is-better Jupiter and Chiron, influence of healing, are in the mix. They’re making emotions, boundary and underdog issues and longstanding wounds crest into tsunamis, washing away some people and situations while depositing or anointing others.

Although the waters are surging and receding for weeks, the ebb tides reveal surprisingly stable ground. Jupiter is making the second of three assists to Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change. (The other two were last September and will be again in June.) Their teamwork is beaming right into the construction zone you know as the areas of your life that have undergone utter upheaval in the past four years.

The effect is two-sided. On the positive end, new or rebuilt structures are taking on more solid contours. Supports are sinking deeper. On the less immediately pleasant end, Jupiter’s golden light is reaching deeper into cracks that have opened up in recent years. No end of frightened and frightening psychological beasties are crawling to the surface. (Just look at the news, and behavior on social media.) Watch for stirrings,  of your own, of your friends’, and neutralize the beasties gently. “I wish you all the love and happiness I wish for myself” is a useful mantra. Say it even if you don’t mean it. To yourself, of course. Voicing that to someone’s face could get you punched, in the current climate.

Chapters are closing in relationships, our attitudes toward them and our operating ground rules with the second eclipse, the Libra Full Moon on the 23rd. All have been up for resetting and rebooting since October 1993. Since then we’ve reached increasing awareness of compromises and settling that can not continue. Even with the adjustments we’ve already made or experienced, with this lunar eclipse come decisive strikes underscored with “And I really mean it!”

Throughout all of this, logic is hardly the navigational system. Mercury, the planet the rules our thoughts, words and how we get around, unhooks all of his terrain from the rational and concrete when he travels through Pisces from February 5-21. Telepathy, impressions and osmosis will abound. They’ll carry more reliability than anything you read, hear or see.  When they contradict empirical evidence, trust them.

Starting with the 21st, communication and transportation shift to Aries and leap first, think later mode. Though more more energetic, bold and decisive than Pisces, this mode is another flavor of intuition and instinct, going on gut rather than thinking about and evaluating evidence and plans of action.

We get a foretaste of this forceful, aggressive potential at the month’s start, when Mercury slams into Mars, lord of war and the ruler of Aries, and shoves minds, mouths and tempers into action. That same day, March 5, Mercury heads for Pisces (see above) and Mars enters Sagittarius. Agendas, motivations and drives become more energetic and fiery. Optimism and humor are on the rise, but so are jingoism (“My way or the highway”) and arguing over politics and theories. Physical activity is a safe outlet.

Fortunately, our hearts are not gearing up for battle. Venus, goddess of love, money and creativity, is moving into Pisces, the sign of higher love and her exaltation, on the 12th. This shift stirs a potential for compassion, kindness and gentleness, an awareness of others (some call that empathy), and an appreciation of the arts, romance and other escapes from mundane reality.

She tells Mars what she wants in no uncertain terms on the 14th. (Sparks fit for a screwball comedy could fly!) On the 20th, she dissolves in blissful communion with Pisces’ ruler Neptune.   What she wants — and, by extension, what we’re looking for — mushrooms and demands satisfaction on the 25th, the very day that Saturn goes retrograde. Between then and his turnaround mid-August, we’ll be researching and tying up loose ends (perhaps legalities) to bring those desires into tangible form. An opportunity to get a taste of them opens on the 26th.

More importantly, her Piscean cloaking bodes well for coming through this month’s tumult decently, civilly and even lovingly. Let love for all beings guide your actions (say it even if you choke on it, please), and let that love begin with yourself. Exude that and endings will proceed with less rancor, while the new beginnings and blossoming of next stages will be all the more sweet.

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Candle in the snow – forecast for week of 1/24/11

Can you feel the warmth? Jupiter has completed a 12-year cycle and is restarting his journey around the zodiac. A primal life force is igniting within each of us even in the dark and cold of winter.

Meanwhile, Saturn is beginning a retrograde that lasts into June. His journey will play out ever so slowly. Keep stoking the light within.

More’s in my five minute spoken forecast.

We're all like a candle in the snow right now.