Harness Some of That Pluto Power!

As the Scorpio full moon gives way to a gauntlet of trines to its ruler Pluto, a simple tool has landed in my life that’s ideal for working with these intense and clarifying energies. The purpose is cultivating qualities that attract money and discouraging ones that don’t. My experience is that it uncannily brings to light unproductive concepts that are lurking in the depths of my being.

The tool is nothing but a chart of 42 pairs of qualities that attract and repel money. You pick a number from 1-42 and find the corresponding entry on the chart. For 24 hours, you then work on implementing the attracting quality.

Give it a try. If nothing else, the exercise will distract you from the disconcerting news and events that are swirling about this week.

The host is the Namaste Cafe Internet Coffee House. Thanks to astrologer Shelley Ackerman of Karmic Relief for posting the chart on Facebook.

The direct link again: http://www.namastecafe.com/hope/abundance.htm.