Neptune Dives Into Pisces and Splashes Up Some Archetypes

Watching the news is a great, easy and fun way to learn astrology by watching archetypes in action. A lot splashed in the surf as Neptune dove into Pisces on Feb. 3. Neptune’s the lord of the sea (and magic/illusion/alcohol/oil/film/artistry/transcendence), and his home base of Pisces contain the waters that connect all existence. Play spot-the-symbolism with these news briefs:

Ghost signs for Club Atlantis were found under the boardwalk in Coney Island.

Gaze upon the first Wee Peeple doll of the year, a dark goddess with sea shells and a watery backdrop (and read a Uranus moving into squaring Pluto tale, to boot).

CNN reported a possible leak at a California nuclear plant (this has Uranian/Plutonian overtones, too).

On the first Sunday of Neptune’s 14-year voyage, through Pisces, Antenna Television aired an episode of “Circus Boy” with an unintended but pitch-perfect summation of the potential of the next few years when Neptune is traveling with Chiron, the wounded healer, who represents the challenge to master the physicality of existence. The Pisces child actor Mickey Braddock (nee Dolenz, and later of The Monkees), gave a pep talk to an aerialist whose leg and nerve had been broken by a fall from the highwire. Being a big man means you don’t run away from problems. You recognize that people need each other. And you have to forgive. “Who do I have to forgive?” “Yourself.”

That evening, the phrase “The Sea Is Calling” appeared against a black background in a commercial for the Royal Caribbean cruise line during the Superbowl.

And, in pre-show action, while Neptune was at the end of Aquarius and approaching a trine to Saturn (rules and authority) in Libra (society and law),

Moon Over Indianapolis: Madonna, The Super Bowl and the Leo Full Moon

Didja catch the Super Bowl’s half-time show? What a look-at-me spectacle, led by a Leo woman, a breathtakingly fitting lead-in to the Leo Full Moon. In the middle of the most hyper-masculine event this side of actual warfare, one woman took the stage and for one outrageous moment made the event all about herself. Madonna commanded the center of a universe populated by Roman centurions (or were they gladiators?), a marching band, cheerleaders, a choir. High, non-stop, outrageous drama full of flash, sparkle, gold, glint, not to mention her name, her initial, her image, larger than life. What a huge, huge personality it takes to hold your own amid all that; what a huge, huge ego, too. Aging? Has-been? Ha. Struck me dumb. It’s no stretch to see a presaging of Venus’ coming move into Aries and warrior goddess mode, in that one bold, high-energy woman leading all those men…and troops.

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