August 2017

Volatile, catalyzing, head-spinning, game-changing: August is a month (or is that: minefield?) of milestones.

They come with revelations, departures, confusion, high-octane passions and a faster than fast pace. Fuel accelerant is pouring into impulses that have been building since December. (Self-actualization is one of them. Specific situations should be easy to spot.)

A drive is blazing that defies extinguishing or containment. Directing it may be possible, though. So is riding it. And it might actually be fun. (At times.)

The influence that kicks off the month builds more slowly and probably with less fanfare than what follows. It will pervade the headlines all the same, if you look for it, and run like a background program whether anyone is paying attention or not.

Foundation Work Continues

Seismic shifts and super-sized evolutionary surges hit foundations, infrastructures and institutions as the month begins and Jupiter squares Pluto. The pressure will mount with the subtlety of a lobster pot for nearly two months, not finding release till Jupiter completes his opposition to norm-shattering Uranus at the end of September.

More immediately noticeable in the first three weeks: Dramatic action and reaction are the general order of things, with warrior god Mars accompanying the Sun till he enters Virgo on the 22nd. This traveling pair is a double-dose of the masculine archetype, firing up courage, assertiveness, aggression, combativeness and anger. Everyone’s got a fix-it gene. No waiting to be asked; everyone’s going after what they want.

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The month’s first eclipse, a lunar, brings a paradox: simultaneously experiencing defcon 2 level emotions and observing them with the intellectual curiosity of Mr. Spock. Watch for spiked understanding of your own inner workings, particularly in response to developments since February’s lunar eclipse in Leo. Much will take on a different light — a lunar eclipse always brings revelations — amid the clatter of doors slamming and chapters closing.

It’s Time For Another … Mercury Retrograde!

A cosmic invitation to think things over continues throughout the month. We won’t always welcome the suggestion, but declining isn’t much of an option. Communication, technology and travel are a patience-testing ground of snarls, complications, malfunctions and delays once Mercury stations retrograde on the 12th.

The implications may sneak up on us, since the two love and creativity planets, Venus and Neptune, are making beautiful music that day and lulling us all into reverie. We have weeks to wise up to the retrograde, which lasts till September 5.

He’s in one of his home signs, Virgo, which puts a practical spin on everything that unfolds – or misfires. Details are more than the usual tripwire. Annoyances may be … annoyingly … concrete.

On the plus side: the sign of the messenger’s retreat fits in with a retrograde’s potential for reorganizing and tidying matters up. Not to mention that tripping over words and our metaphoric shoe laces may keep us down here on earth while other influences threaten to blast us off it. And we may welcome a breather, even if it comes in the form of a retrograde snafu.

Read more in my guide How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in 2017.

Can’t Stop The Grand Fire Trine

Those other influences come from the fire that dominates the middle of the month, with the Sun, the New Moon (solar eclipse) and Mars running a circuit with Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Uranus, lords of order and disruption, have been teaming since December. Their unlikely collaboration has been simultaneously bringing form to new growth and shattering structures and conventions. Now ego, heart and will get into the loop, forming the free flow of energy of a grand trine in fire.

Total Eclipse of the Sun

These linkages would be incendiary on their own. They take on super nova impact from coinciding with a total solar eclipse at the end of Leo, on August 21. A solar eclipse blots out people and situations, never to return, and hits the reset button. This time, with the added kick from Mars, our systems come back on line with a breathtaking, propulsive force, shooting us forward as if we’ve hit a power up in a racing game.

The Mars-powered solar eclipse is igniting the self-actualization imperative of the Saturn/Uranus trine. The explosion is blowing up conventions, norms, beliefs. shoulds, and situations built on them — commitments and teachings that have restrained you from living your own life and expressing your own being.

It won’t be all fun and games. At all. Some people will not accurately recognize these rumblings and will respond by acting out. With retrograde Mercury spawning misunderstandings and misstatements (and, alright, lies), it’ll be easy to react without confronting peaceably and unraveling the snarl.

Patience will be in short supply. Tempers will flare. Anger will have the effect of eating cases of Popeye’s spinach. Be mindful of who and what are in your line of fire.

Venus in Fur (Leo)

The rebooting plays out long beyond August. It may be easier to chew on what is transpiring after the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd. A wave of noticeable shake-ups, break-ups and breakthroughs follows when Venus, ruler of our desires, approaches maximum nesting mode and slams the agent of unpredictable change, Uranus, on August 24.

She makes a quick change herself, taking on the flair and drama and grandeur of Leo on the 25th. It’s out of the kitchen (except, perhaps, for showy parties) and into the world, in search of attention, sun and fun. However the eclipses and grand trine are playing out, our hearts are beginning to get on board.

The month ends with potential for optimism and locking in some benefits from the hubbub. The 27th brings an opportunity to stabilize, via a cooperative link between beneficent Jupiter and structure-loving Saturn.

Messenger god Mercury jumps back into the fire of Leo on the 30th and criss-crosses the solar eclipse degree until mid-September. High-energy exchanges are a given. Ideas may move from intriguing concept to burning personal quest. The combustible atmosphere continues. These fires aren’t going out any time soon.

Learn what this means for you (and the United States) in my talk The Great American Eclipse — and You! Live at 4 PM EDT, Friday, Aug. 4 and afterwards on demand.

Harness the eclipses energies in Embracing the Eclipse: A Meditation for Personal Growth, live at 4 PH EDT, Friday, Aug. 19 and afterwards on demand.

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Forecast for the 2017 Cancer Full Moon

January 12, 2017
3:34 AM PST / 6:34 AM EST / 11:34 AM GMT
22 Cancer 27 / 22 Capricorn 27

How’re your food cravings these days? Your moods? Staying close to home? Tearing up at ads? Missing your Mommy? It’s all part of the cellular pull of the Cancer Full Moon. If only the rest of the sky would let us crawl under a blankie and enjoy.

A full moon always brings emotions and nonrational impulses to a crest, and none so much as when she is in her natural sign of Cancer. Have you ever gone back home or visited relatives and found old childhood needs, behaviors and dynamics resurfacing? A similarly automatic regressing happens under a Cancer Full Moon.

It stirs issues of home, tradition, comfort and nurturing, in the context of long-term goals and security, and responsibility and dependability. Throws in heaps of shoulds and guilt. And poses the ever-changing questions of who’s the mommy, who’s the daddy, and who gets to be the baby.

No wonder folks are hypersensitive. What we want is something — a hug, a doughnut, a soft stuffed animal — to make us feel safe and secure.

Unfortunately, plenty out there in the world is making us feel anything but that. A lot of people aren’t getting with the program…though, surprisingly, a lot are. Just not consistently who you might have expected.

We’re feeling a monumental evolutionary surge. The Sun has just passed the clarifying, simplifying scythe of Pluto, agent of unavoidable change. He remains close enough for our consciousness to tingle with awareness of our newly honed sense of self.

We can’t go back to how we used to be.  Relationships, alliances and agreements are now playing catch-up in response. They’re bearing the brunt of the unavoidable undercurrents and stresses accompanying this Full Moon.

Part of the tension comes from boundless Jupiter being in Libra, aka Relationship Central, exactly in between the Sun and the Moon. Reason and emotion are bearing down equally on him, demanding awareness, expression and action.

All three participants, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter (forming the dynamic configuration of a tight t-square), are getting riled up non-stop. Agitation, disruption and seemingly unresolvable conflict are in the mix. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

They come from the fiery, uncontrollable duo that has been inflaming the core wound of our nation’s psyche: volatile, unpredictable Uranus, advocate for rebellion, liberation and alternate perspectives, and his current traveling companion Eris, goddess of discord. Lovely couple, right?  Just who you want to have in your home. Where they’ve taken up residence for the foreseeable future.

They’re opposite Jupiter, upping the noise level and making it hard to find common ground or points of compromise. They’re arguing for breaking off on your own, in some cases through other people acting hell bent on stirring up trouble. They aren’t inclined to shut up, either.

Hence the extremes in emotional waters — some turbulent enough to warrant dramamine, some as soothing and nourishing as amniotic fluid. This year’s Cancer Full Moon is showing, more than the usual, who and what feels safe, and who and what decidedly does not.

Based on that status report, the concept of family, so sacred to Cancer, may well be up for redefinition. This goes for legal and blood family as well as chosen and tribal connections.

Relatives are the first front. They’re center stage now, whether they’re in your life (and face) at the moment or popping up energetically. You might be finding certain dramas extending past the holidays, or be experiencing your emotional reactions to them only now.

More than in the past, lines of demarcation have a lot to do with politics, world view and value systems. Thank Saturn, lord of order, rules, the patriarchy and the status quo and, of course, the Capricorn Sun. He’s in the sign of Sagittarius, where approaches to and philosophies of life can become fiery and judgmental.  He’s cooperating with Jupiter in Libra, while fueling those rabblerousers Uranus and Eris.

That teamwork is adding to the condescending, patronizing, self-righteous and condemning blasts so many of us are receiving and observing (but not sending out, right?), and the widening of gulfs that feel less and less bridgeable.

Discord is running rampart, straight into the heart of families. With so little room for peacemaking, compromise or reconciliation — for the moment, at least — ties of blood and shared memories are losing their hold. Instead, this Cancer Full Moon is awakening appreciation of trusted family, chosen family, safe havens and realigned tribes.

It’s also steeling your backbone to stop looking for safety and nurturing from people who are showing so clearly that they are unwilling or incapable of giving it.  And to stop feeling responsible for people, no matter what their legal relationship to you may be, who don’t want, need or appreciate your efforts to care for them.

The good news:  What’s safe and supportive has staying power. We’ve got the motivation to embrace and protect it. Saturn is conjunct Juno, queen of the gods and protector of marriage.  They’re encouraging deals, alliances, serious relationships and legal marriages, complete with license and rings. (Cue Beyonce.)

The bottom line, so dear to Capricorn?  What makes you feel safe and secure is up to you. This Full Moon promises to show you what that means and inspire you to cherish and protect it. And maybe deliver an updated answer to the eternal questions of who’s the mommy, who’s the daddy and who gets to be the baby. (Hint: Could be you.)


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Forecast for the 2016 Gemini Full Moon

2016 Gemini Full Moon
December 13-14, 2016
4:05 PM PST / 7:05 PM EST / 12:05 AM GMT
22 Gemini 25 / 22 Sagittarius 25

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me. Or do they? The question is up for consideration under the Gemini Full Moon. It’s highlighting the emotional power and impact of words, from the ones you tell yourself to everything that floats by, to and through you.

Where is your mind going? What’s pouring in and out of it? How’s your information flow these days? More to the point: how is it making you feel? Happy? Safe? Disoriented? Confused? Angry? Resolute?

Staying calm and centered — and even just knowing which thoughts are yours and which belong to someone else — have been more than the usual challenge lately. One reason is the epidemic of seemingly inescapable, emotionally laden messages in private and public conversation. Another is the pervasive sense that we have become unmoored from what previously passed as reality. Both trends are escalating to a point of departure now.

The weeks since the Sagittarius New Moon have brought abundant opportunity to commit to your personal code of ethics by putting it into action. They’ve also encouraged people to make statements that show who they really are. Have you been listening? Some of these statements are still hovering around you and have a role to play in your Full Moon process. Tune in to them.

“There’s glory for you!”
“I don’t know what you mean by glory,” Alice said.
Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. “Of course you don’t — till I tell you! I meant, ‘There’s a nice knock-down argument for you!’”
“But ‘glory’ doesn’t mean ‘a nice knock-down argument,’” Alice objected.
“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather scornful tone, “It means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less!”
“Through The Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll

Social media has been abuzz with fake news and admonitions about sites to avoid, calling out lies and spreading tantrums and Tweetstorms. What’s been your personal parallel?  Think about how these phenomena have been showing up in your life. Has someone lied to you? Have you been lying to yourself? Basing opinions on faulty data?

Words that never were true, spoken to help nobody but you, words with lies inside  — “Words,” by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, recorded by The Monkees

This Moon Full supports reviewing the quality and reliability of your information flow — and reshaping it to your benefit. That does not necessarily mean eliminating viewpoints that differ from yours. It’s hardly helpful to live an echo chamber that amplifies one perspective and blocks the possibility of learning and growth.

It may be time, however, to separate yourself from viewpoints and messages that violate your code of ethics, make you feel bad, or harm you. And to rethink your information sources. And maybe to spend less time online. Or more in direct contact. Face to face, even.

You can do this. Easily. The rulers of this Full Moon party are both pushing this along, in their own distinctive ways.

Cosmic messenger Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini Moon, and he’s closing in on Pluto, lord of death and regeneration, who strips everything he touches down to its essence. That’s a recipe for deep-level, permanent change., which we’ll get to revisit and take even deeper when Mercury begins his final retrograde of the year on December 19.

Less dramatically, the ruler of the Sagittarius Sun, boundless Jupiter, is making harmonious links to both the Sun and the Moon, which open both mind and heart to optimism and positive expansion.

The same result is coming from action hero Mars, in progressive, detached, future-oriented Aquarius. He is working with Jupiter and the Moon in the freely flowing energy of a grand trine. which connects thoughts, emotions and actions in a continuous loop. The warrior god’s Spock-like perspective (and willingness to fight for the greater good) is blending with the Gemini Moon’s lively, multi-faceted intellectual bent (and emotional reactions to our data flow) and Jupiter’s optimism, expansiveness and current interest in relationships and agreements.

An example of this trio’s potential is the veterans’ arrival at Standing Rock on December 4, which combined warriors, social action, and communicating information and emotions via channels outside mainstream media. Like that convergence, the Moon/Jupiter/Mars trine is pouring alternate and more beneficial possibilities into our thoughts, emotions, actions and social compacts.

Pressure is bearing down to reset boundaries, too. It may not be as comfortable as Jupiter’s input, but it’s both helpful and curative. It’s coming off the dynamic configuration of the t-square the Sun and the Moon are making to Chiron in Pisces, and offering an escape route into intactness.

With the wounded healer in the waters of interconnectedness, we have been, in some ways, drowning in emotional wounds — ours, our friends’ and family’s, those of the downtrodden or underdogs, strangers’ plights that flash across our screens, down to deep and core traumas in our collective psyche.

This Full Moon has the power to propel us out of the morass. And the way out may be as simple as changing your thinking. And that may be as simple as becoming aware of what is yours and what is someone else’s.

That impulse is right in line with the individuating fervor building within each of us. The Full Moon is a direct lead-in to the month’s biggest astro-attraction, the booster rocket blast detonating on December 24. Order-loving Saturn is teaming with cosmic instigator Uranus, with Jupiter dosing both ends with high-octane fuel accelerant.

Maximum life force is building within each of us. With wild card Uranus in the mix, it’s impossible to predict with any certainty the how and what that’s coming. Still, this Full Moon may provide some road markers.

It’s stoking the future-oriented genius of Uranus, which is inspiring courageous leaps onto our own distinctive paths. The Sun is standing with Saturn, bringing stability and an energetic grounding cord to the Full Moon and the blast that is coming.

So clean your radar. Clear out the static. Dump other people’s baggage out of your flight kit. Fine tune your signal. And buckle up for blast off.

Get tips for harnessing the Full Moon in my one-session class Working With the Moon.

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Forecast for the 2016 Sagittarius New Moon

November 29, 2016
7 Sagittarius 42
4:18 PST / 7:18 EST / 12:18 GMT

Beliefs are just ideas until put into action. This year’s Sagittarius New Moon is an invitation to live them.

Well, more than an invitation, actually. Firm suggestion is more like it. Okay: demand.

This Moon may be generally philosophically inclined, but this year’s model has a dynamic bent that will not be denied.  It’s not the reality-upending variety of dynamic we’ve been experiencing lately, though. This Moon’s dynamic flavor inspires action that expands and stabilizes, with an emphasis on structures and commitments involving hearts and values.

What’s Propelling Us
We are feeling the pull of multiple defining moments in recent history, all of which are placing cosmic hands against our backs and shoving, but good. Think back to the following times, and connect the dots to where you are now.

The last week of December 2013 brought a tectonic shift in patterns and foundations, particularly involving relationships and family traditions, when Mars in Libra formed a T-square with the cosmic change agents, Uranus and Pluto.  That shift is currently being pressured into phenomenal expansion and growth.  A T-square involving the same signs accompanies this Moon, now with bigger-is-better Jupiter in Libra and that sign’s ruler Venus with Pluto at the brunt of the T-square.

That focal point warrants emphasizing: the planets of desire and money, mere mortal level and huge, primal, outside-rational-confines level, are together on the receiving end of escalating pressure to break free and evolve. And that pressure is emptying into Cancer: our concept of home, family, tradition, nurturing and security.

On a collective level, the line-up reflects fierce issues of values, economics, and tribal definitions .(Who’s part? Who’s not?) On your personal level, consider how your current relationship rule book / connections / desires connect to what shifted for you that week in 2013. Something has sprouted from that crack in the plates and is blossoming.

This Moon also carries the force of the reboot we all received from September’s solar eclipse. The Sagittarius Moon’s square to the eclipse point is a cosmic shove forward, arguing for taking those post-eclipse improvements seriously. What did you clean up or close out? What boundaries did you redraw? They are moving into insistent realities asking for you to commit.

Underscoring that:  the North Node is occupying the degree of that eclipse. The future has arrived. It’s time to move away from old wounds, victimization, sabotaging and thinking that is wishful at best, delusional at worst. It’s time to head for tomorrow.

Other late summer/early fall moments play a role as well. This Moon is a moving-on point from determination and focused will (and perhaps some anger) that locked in late August, and then the heart (or the resources to back that determination) getting on board late September. At those times Mars, then Venus merged with Saturn, lord of structure, near the degree where the New Moon is taking place.

Issues of integrity and ethics are live and making it increasingly difficult to stay a course that conflicts with yours. A slogan from early feminism is weirdly and directly applicable: The personal is political. These days, the reverse is, too.

Speaking of politics: Have some strategies, tips & popcorn for the post 11/9 world

So much pushing us; so much incentive; so much pressure. It’s not out of the blue, though. It’s all an organic outgrowth of matters that have been brewing inside you, and brewing between you and a certain person or two. And it enables firming the situation(s) up, so everyone can relax into  and rely on them.

Action Comes Easily
Responding to this call comes naturally, too. The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is in an easy channel of energy with Mars, ruler of drive and action. The combo encourages grand action with a view to the future. That could well be progressive, aware of the existence and role of others (social action, for example) and seeking negotiation, cooperation and advocacy. It could be detached, iconoclastic and going about things its own way.

However the Mars/Jupiter teamwork manifests — and however you chose to express it — it has the power to mushroom tiny efforts wildly beyond the intended.

Grab this and run. Expand your vision of what’s possible. Dream big, then bigger, then bigger again.

And then do something. Especially in your dealings and agreements with others.

Major Relationship Developments
This New Moon ushers a phase in relationships with enormous positive potential. This is particularly so for connections that veer from what has been the wounded norm, into mutually supportive, mutually enhancing pairings.

They’re becoming the new model for long-term relationships. Watch for significant gear shifts in that direction growing out of this Moon phase, which is operating as a gateway. (Inspirational image:  the Four of Wands in the Tarot, which depicts a man and woman celebrating publicly at an archway made of wands and garlands.)

Bonds that ramp up or lock in now have long-term durability. That’s not only because love goddess Venus is in Capricorn (and getting the evolutionary whammy discussed above). Another reason is her reinforcement. Juno, the protector of marriage, is right alongside the New Moon. She’s tapping on ring fingers and drawing attention to beliefs about union, commitment and structures that formalize them. Flings will be rare this holiday season. Mistletoe moments with lasting power, on the other hand …

Visibility Advisory
Going with your guidance remains the preferred course of navigation.  We’re still operating under murky visibility. Neptune may have gone direct on the 19th, but his clouds of confusion, delusion and, if we’re lucky, transcendence haven’t dissipated. Saturn, ruler of the authority and the status quo, whipped them up for most of the year, and they’re getting a renewed boost from a harsh aspect to the New Moon.

The square could lend high romance to the relationship developments rolling out in this Moon phase. Less pleasant possibilities lurk in the cloudbanks, though. Let your principles guide you through them. Odds are, you won’t be doing it alone.
Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016: Welcome to the New Normal.

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Forecast for the 2016 Scorpio New Moon

October 30, 2016
10:38 AM PDT / 1:38 PM EDT / 5:38 PM GMT
7 Scorpio 43

The Scorpio New Moon delivers a Halloween vibe that’ll outlast the costumes, parties and stashes of candy.

It’s dark and mysterious, with an edge of danger. It’s stirring specters and demons, ghosts and other reminders of mortality, and non-rational impulses with the power to overtake sensibility.

The veil is thin, not just between life and death, but also between conscious and subconscious. Each side is effortlessly tapping into the other just now, and often sliding right across the border. Neptune the illusionist is greasing the way with a direct feed to the New Moon that enhances the season’s otherworldly atmosphere.

He is blurring edges, detail and reason, unhinging us from boring old everyday existence, and shrouding everything in a fantastical glow. With this tight Scorpio/Pisces combo, energetic connections have the power to transcend time/space. You may dream of the dead and wake up feeling like you had a conversation, and likely you did. Life may, at times. feel like a ongoing costume party, at other times like your personal sci-fi movie.

Whether that film is horror or fantasy or rated MA will vary. Fears and phobias are walking among us, in firmer, perhaps more threatening form than usual, perhaps more distorted. Desires and raw sexuality are also on the prowl, with a primal. compulsive force that defies closed doors. (Inspirational image: Spock succumbing to feral passion when he returns to his home planet for spawning season.)

When you feel any of these rising up within you — or see them surfacing in another’s behavior — remember this:  Being out in the open makes them easier to spot and easier to recognize for what they are.

This Moon delivers the tools to do just that. With Mercury close by the New Moon, powers of perception are at our disposal bordering on X-ray vision. Information and messages pass wordlessly, with an unshakeable knowing. Even people who claim to be not the least bit psychic are likely to experience bouts of telepathy.

Trust your gut, your instincts, your intuition, the still calm voice within you (as opposed to the chatter-box). It is finely tuned right and at peak operating speed right now.

Also in this lunar toolbox:  Willingness to confront these demons on the hoof, with fearlessness on tap as if an unseen hand is pumping an alleged natural powers triple-action Spooks Be Gone! spray. Whether we intentionally target them or not, this Moon is shining a light under the bed and into the closet, dispelling the little men and other terrors from early childhood (as well as  of more recent provenance).

Relationships stand to improve in honesty and depth of connection.  That fearlessness, and those afore-mentioned desires, have the power to plow down defenses and lead to vulnerability, exposing our full beings before another, and moving into great and tender intimacy, emotional as well as physical.

This Moon has a time-slowing, time-stopping edge to boot. Life may feel more immediate, more in the moment, more intense and focused. The “get down to business” impulse is still with us from the mid-month meeting between Scorpio’s two rulers, Mars and Pluto.

Mars is still ringing with the effects of his clash two days ago with Uranus, cosmic agent of radical, unpredictable change. This has liberated us in some pertinent way, perhaps from a pattern or way of viewing life, perhaps from an agreement or circumstance. We are now able to move more nimbly.

That movement promises to be both inward and forward. You may find yourself in another round  (or three) of clearing gunk out of your head and your psyche,  of confronting more of your own personal demons and fears and defanging them. If not banishing them.

Every bit of load-lightening and baggage removal frees up energy for pursuing that down to business vibe — via sustained, deepened, streamlined, thorough action, step by tiny step, on long-term goals, structures and ways of being that have been undergoing fundamental revamping for years.

The time is ripe. Circumstances are ripe. We are ripe. Forward movement with far-reaching consequences is occurring now, in part through conscious effort, in part as if pulled by a tractor beam or other greater force.  Point yourself in the direction of your dreams and see if you aren’t carried toward them.

Ask, too, for guidance and insight. Ask to be led in the most beneficial direction. Ask for a gentle, loving journey toward your goals. Ask for magic. All are in reach, thanks to the easy flow of the trine between the New Moon and Neptune, ruler of transcendence and the link to all of life and to the divine.

Even with assistance from unseen forces, and visitations from ancestors, and downloads in dreams — all of which are on the rise this coming month —  you are actively participating in everything that unrolls under this New Moon. Don’t shy away from grabbing any opportunities you spy. They are coming off the cooperative sextile between the New Moon and the North Node of destiny.

When in doubt, say yes. If the opportunity doesn’t support the platform and path you’re building, it may not survive. Or may shape-shift into something that does.

Train your attention on what matters most to you and let everything else drop. (Except for those opportunities; they’ll sort themselves out.) Having trouble deciding? Does it matter in the long run? Do you want to be thinking about it on your deathbed? Yes: that level of matters most to you.

This is your moment to go deep, far and long. The reward is progress toward something precious, to you, and a rich experience of life on this side of the veil.
Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016: Welcome to the New Normal.

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Forecast for the 2016 Aries Full Moon

October 15 – 16, 2016
9:23 PM PDT /12:23 AM EDT / 4:23 AM GMT
23 Aries 14 / 23 Libra 14

The cosmic alarm clock is going off, but don’t bother reaching for the snooze button. There isn’t one. Not that anyone could sleep through the racket.

It’s coming off this year’s supercharged Aries Full Moon and its powder keg of emotional explosions, epiphanies, breakthroughs and jailbreaks. They are blasting us out of complacency and stuck places. Pushing fence sitters to jump to the ground and get going already. Detonating hair-trigger impulses venting pressure that’s been building for months, even years.

It’s all a cathartic antidote to the surreal atmosphere and whiplash-inducing reboots we’ve experienced this year. No more daze, shock, questioning sanity, feeling stalled, licking wounds or dissolving in tears. Raw, primal energy is being unleashed — life force, kundalini, courage, rage — that ignores (or thrives on) danger.

If you’ve been waiting for the nerve to pull off a risk, or make a move that’s given you pause, you now have at your disposal all the incentive, gumption and rocket fuel you could ever want. You are, in effect, packing heat. The complication is, so is everyone else.

The emotional harvest of this Moon is erupting both within us and all around us. Loose cannons and wild cards are everywhere. Ever heard of the phenomenon spontaneous human combustion? You may well see it. You may well experience it.

Little is neat, tidy or subtle. Even action you’ve been considering comes with surprises, leaping out on a schedule you didn’t contemplate, igniting with unexpected force, catapulting you into unforeseen — and probably unforeseeable — circumstances.

The volatility, unpredictability and chaos stem from the Moon’s tighter than tight company with Uranus, agent of radical change, and Eris, the goddess of discord. The Libra Sun may prefer playing nice with others, but that’s outweighed by these rabble rousers inflaming the individual end of the relationship axis represented by the Aries Moon.

Think you’ve already hit the point of “enough is enough?” Think again. With Uranus and Eris stoking this hothead, fearless Moon, there’s little chance of backsliding into dynamics of putting up with, tolerating or settling. The combined impact is making Humpty Dumpty out of out-of-balance arrangements, as well as any lingering inclination to remake yourself to fit someone’s expectations — or your projections, assumptions or beliefs of what someone expects or needs.

The Moon and her rough and rowdy companions are blowing up resistance, impediments and other forms of prisons, internal and circumstantial. The effect is catalytic, radically liberating as well as empowering, challenging us to step up and take charge of ourselves.

It’s time. We feel it, too. This Full Moon is a palpable milestone in the process of foundational upheaval, change and restructuring we’ve been undergoing for some four years, courtesy of the ongoing squabble between Uranus and Pluto.

The Aries Moon’s ruler, Mars, is heading for a conjunction with Pluto, ruler of the unavoidable end of the ongoing change imperative. Their meeting promises targeted, step-by-step, practical, mundane, concrete effort toward long-term goals — including that foundational restructuring we’ve been undergoing.

These two bodies are the traditional and modern ruler of Scorpio, the sign currently being visited by the ruler of the Libra Sun, Venus, goddess of all we hold dear (love, money, creativity, precious baubles, etc.). All the epiphanies and jailbreaks, all the apple carts being upended, all the glorious conflagration of this Full Moon, all are freeing us, hearts, energy and resources and all, for incremental progress on those long-term goals and revamped structures — including the relationships that are going along with us.

It’s time to get moving. It’s time to be bold. It’s time to just do it, whatever “it” we may have been pondering.

Postponing is unlikely, what with the cosmic alarm clock blaring for most of the rest of the month. Mars continues carrying out the cosmic change imperative by challenging Uranus, in an action-demanding square that peaks on the 28th and moves us further onto and into updated structures.

The Full Moon and the fortnight following it involve a concept that will dominate next year:  self-actualization. This Moon is priming our engines for a three-stage blast-off into that, and more, when order-loving Saturn trines radical Uranus, from the coming holiday season through November of next year.

That blast-off is part of the point of the last few years’ upheaval. This Moon frees and preps us for the journey.



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Forecast for the 2016 Libra New Moon

September 30, 2016 – October 1, 2016
5:11 PM PDT / 8:11 EDT / 12:11 AM GMT
8 Libra 15

This year’s Libra New Moon launches a phase of new and improved relating.

It’s the first Libra New Moon in 12 year with the optimism and expansiveness of Jupiter in the sign. The beneficent god made his entrance on the 9th, and he’s closing in on the Sun and the Moon as fuse their lights.

He’s sending them subtle but unrelenting suggestions that will color not just this moon phase, but also the next 12 months — genially advocating for more pleasing, harmonious and polite relationships that take both sides of the equation into account.

His clean-up campaign of the last year is over, and now we’re reaping rewards and sharing them. We’re in for an epidemic of social niceties and expansion, improvement and wild optimism in relationships, agreements and artistic creativity.

Jupiter’s encouraging going after what you want, and then some. Bigger is better is his message, impact and goal. “If you can have X,” he whispers, “Why not X to the 10th power? Or 100th?”

Who can resist urgings like that? Not Venus, Libra’s ruler, possessor of the cosmic sweet tooth and ruler of all we hold dear — love, money, art, precious baubles,  systems of values. Desire is her raison d’etre. Suggest indulging to her, and she’s on it before the sentence is finished.

Nor can Neptune, Venus’ spiritually evolved counterpart (aka higher octave). He’s a master of transcending — and, let’s be honest, unhinging from — the dreary confines of worldly experience. Fantasizing, romance chick-flick style, elevating a mere mortal to muse, to inspiration, to fast track to the divine or to the divine itself — Neptune’s gauzy gifts have powers of seduction that invite hanging out with them as long as possible….and then some. More of that? You bet.

Yet neither is suggesting — or allowing — sliding back into, much less going overboard in, old ways. Both rulers of love play a gear shift role in this New Moon.

It’s time to not only ask for more in what we can do together, but also to move relationships on to a more beneficial track. This New Moon is a gateway for consciously embracing and implementing dynamics that are appropriate for who we are now.

There’s not much choice, really. Venus’s semi-sextile is driving home how drastically and permanently our concepts of relating have evolved. Neptune’s adjustment aspect (inconjunct) indicates that there’s still tweaking to be done in how we deal with each other. More compassion is likely needed. So, too, is unhooking from fantasy and bringing Neptune’s sweet potential down through the clouds and into something that can exist in earth’s atmosphere.

Besides, sea changes in relating have been coming more and more to the fore as our foundations have groaned, cracked and restructured over the past few years. Relationship rule books have been undergoing radical revising since since the end of 2013, when Venus’ paramour Mars got into the ring with cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto.

Though experiences have varied from person to person, the changes have had some common themes: greater self-awareness, greater willingness to put cards on the table, and near-zero tolerance for settling and, well, tolerating. (Thank you, Aries/Libra eclipses!).

We’re less inclined to remake or posture ourselves based on what we think or imagine or project the other person wants or needs. (No more living out “Bend Me, Shape Me,” the American Breed song that was a hit in the 1960s, and a Piscean Age anthem if ever there was one.)

The updated paradigm is of self-possessed, self-aware individuals choosing to stand side by side, rather than enmeshing and drowning in each other. Gone is the model of one person bearing the bulk of the responsibility for the relationship; give and take is much more part of the picture, too.

More refining is to come in the next few months. In October, Mars is heading back into the fray with the cosmic change agents, this time to meet directly with Pluto in Capricorn and have a showdown with Uranus in Aries. By the end of the year, Jupiter will be in the ring himself and egging on both sides of the change imperative.

Don’t fool yourself, though. This New Moon, and the phase it ushers in, are not all hearts and flowers. Libra energy is more about seeking balance than having it.

With Jupiter in the mix, watch for scales to go wildly out of balance and polarizing to grow even more extreme. It’s daunting to think that could get worse, given the Us Against Them vibe that has politics in a stranglehold. Yet it will.

More fierceness, more outlandishness and more entrenchment are all in store as the sides of each equation rock and try to commandeer the seesaw. The dynamic will show up individual relationships and public/social conflicts. It will also pit archetypal poles against each other, such as love against fear, masculine against feminine (new horizons in misogyny, oh goodie1), art against greed.

Knowing that, and knowing that fine-tuning is coming later this year, welcome and work with the auspicious potential of this New Moon. Consciously embrace it as a fresh start. Consciously embrace a new model for your relationships and your approach to them.

Libra loves vows. Honor this New Moon by making some vows to yourself. Here are a few that will stand you well.

Be honest with yourself about what you need, what you are (and are not) willing to do and what you are (and are not) willing to receive or expect.

Ask for what you want.

Adopt the Golden Rule as daily life mantra:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be kind. Treat others with respect.

Be mindful of the power of words. Endeavor to speak gently. Episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” are a master class in manipulating an awkward situation to everyone’s benefit, without humiliating anyone or hurting feelings (usually Barney’s or Aunt Bee’s).

On the other hand, don’t go overboard with soft-sell or backhandedness. Libra’s flair with words and non-confrontational streak can wander into passive-aggression and outright deceit. You’re more honest with yourself now. Accord others that courtesy.

Treat your relationships as a gift. Tell special people how you feel. Graceful, heartfelt sentiments have magical powers.

Dream big, together, and see how much grace and beauty, joy and magic you can summon into this worldly existence. Then tell the rest of us about it, okay?

Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016: Welcome to the New Normal.

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Forecast for the 2016 Pisces Full Moon

2016 Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
September 16, 2016
12:05 PM PDT / 3:05 PM EDT / 7:05 PM GMT
24 Virgo 19 / 24 Pisces 19

Hear that roar? It’s the tidal wave coming off the Pisces Full Moon.

An umbrella won’t do you any good. A surfboard might not, either; these breakers have indomitable force. Running away is pointless, too.

This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, escalating everything unfolds under it into larger-than-life proportions. What’s cresting is beyond mortal power. It will find you, no matter where you go.

Better to let the waters wash over (and out of) you. Better still to dive right in. The ride will be exhilarating, purgative, curative and, ultimately, a relief. And you’ll end up on dry land. Eventually.

You’ve been feeling the build-up to this, whether you recognized the signs for what they were. The month has been edgy, unsettling to the point of physical discomfort and motivating, inviting look after look at situations big and small that scream for improvement.

A lot of them, if you’re honest with yourself, have been hovering for some time. The skies have targeted them in a massive clean-up and resetting campaign, and we’ve reached the most intense, inescapable phase.

We’re in the next to last round of a cycle of eclipses on the Virgo/Pisces axis, which started in March 2015 and winds up next spring.  They’ve had us ping-ponging between extremes of utterly earthbound, rational existence and utterly unhinging from the earthly.

That cycle kicked off with a Pisces New Moon at the last degree of the zodiac, so emotionally powerful that it sent people with a heavy chart emphasis in water to their beds.  The current Full Moon is in the neighborhood, just a few degrees away. Instead of knocking us on our backs, though, this month’s is propelling us to action — and communication.

This lunar eclipse is in complex astrological company, which is transitioning us from a dying way of being in the world to the way that will be the new normal. This Full Moon is an ideal follow-up to the Virgo triple-whammy that launched that process: the solar eclipse on the 1st, with Mercury retrograding in late Virgo and Jupiter ending a year-long trip through the sign.

After the clean-up and reorganizational spree that line-up unleashed, what better final touch than power washing our lives with an emotional blast or two?  It’s like spraying suds and debris off a deck after scrubbing it down. Only a little messier. The power wash is showing situations in a way we haven’t quite perceived until now.

This Full Moon is teeming with revelations, exponentially more so than most lunar eclipses (which are generally off the charts in this department). Thank a shift in the machinations of the cosmic fog machine. It’s been on overdrive since late last year, the byproduct of a protracted clash between Saturn, lord of form, and Neptune, lord of all that defies form (and ruler of the Pisces Moon).

Their conflict is behind the vagueness, weirdness and confounding, credulity-defying statements and behaviors that have enveloped us since late last year. The two planets squared off for the last time on the 10th and are slowing backing away from battle.

As the fog evaporates, backstories are emerging; masks are dropping; lies and conceits are being revealed; explanations for all manner of mysteries are tumbling forth.

And as we see more and more what has been going on in front of us, or behind our backs, or in the fog, the lid is flying off emotions. Ignored, buried or denied ones are pouring out with an especially uncontrollable, physically uncomfortable power.

The combo — reality-tilting revelations plus tsunami-force emotions — is motivating us to Do Something.

So is Mars, god of war and ruler of the masculine and our drive and energy. The Sun and the Moon are squeezing him in a dynamic configuration called a t-square. The pressure demands action, so not only ia the lunar eclipse coaxing out emotions and revelations like crazy, but we are acting and reacting. Maybe like crazy, maybe not.

Since Mars is in Sagittarius, the resulting action is spontaneous and high-energy. It may have an element of putting beliefs in motion, perhaps forcefully or with a touch of anger. It may also have a premeditated streak, even with notes of maturity and commitment, reflecting the marching orders that Mars received from order-loving Saturn at the end of August.

Then again, it might be daring to the point of recklessness. Mars is in a direct easy flow to Uranus, agent of radical change, in leap-first, look-later Aries. Fired up by this pair, emotional expression promises to be bold, abrupt and risky, revealing personal truth and letting chips fall where they may.

Whatever we feel, whatever we realize, whatever we express, we are not keeping it to ourselves. The pressure has Mars shooting arrows across the zodiac into Gemini, aka Cosmic Communication Central. We’re broadcasting the effects of this eclipse far and wide, face to face and across social media. (Invoke that Saturnian caution and remind yourself: anything you post online becomes part of your permanent record.)

The playing out is loud, messy, at times overwhelming and ultimately cathartic. Chapters are ending. Doors are slamming and bolting behind us. Many situations will never be the same, and neither will we.

Good thing, too. The waters pouring forth have profound therapeutic properties, with wounded healer Chiron traveling close by the Moon. His presence acts as a cosmic solvent, washing away the illusion of isolation as well as tendencies to soak up, carry and drown in other people’s pains, burdens and sorrows.

The mind can’t stop it. It can’t even overanalyze effectively, at this point. Chiron is opposing Mercury, ruler of the mind and the Virgo Sun. The positioning is putting the whammy on Mercury, overpowering the mind and permeating thoughts, words and messages with compassion, forgiveness and healing on all levels.

Fight it, block it, or dive into it. We will ultimately feel tremendously better, as the eclipse’s effects unroll over the next six months. First signs of relief may well show up as September ends and fades into October.

So take a deep breath. You can’t hold back, much less stop, whatever’s coming. Face it. The skies are providing plenty of courage and fuel; dive straight in. The ride will be wild; it’s true. But the process will be gentler in the long run.

Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016: Welcome to the New Normal.

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Forecast for Dec. 20 – 27, 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like — well, hard to say what. All bets are off. Including your previous experience of Christmastime. Home is where the heart is, and boy howdy is the heart after sweetness. Let your inner kid go for it. Adult you has plenty of time to come back to the fore.

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Forecast for Dec. 7 – 13, 2015

Warning: Pay attention.Proceed with caution. Forces are afoot that further your long-germ goals — and also stir anger, accidents and violence. May as well choose love. It’ll find you in some form by the weekend.

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