Pisces New Moon: Choppy Waters, Tidal Waves

Mar 4, 2011
13 Pisces 55
3:47 PM EST / 8:47 PM GMT

Forget the usual attributes of Pisces as quiet, gentle and unobtrusive. They’re not likely to be what we experience under and remember about this year’s Pisces New Moon. It’s got three planets and Chiron in the water with it, and one of them is on the brink of launching a bold and exciting new cycle in our lives.

The last planet that the Sun and the Moon cross over before meeting each other is Mars, the god of war and representative of our masculine, assertive-to-aggressive impulses. He’s closer enough to their union to color it. If he were the only planet touching the Sun and the Moon, his presence would be enough to energize their meeting. He’s pushing them forward and motivating all of us to express its potentials — ranging from acting with love, compassion and awareness of the interconnectedness of all being, to sponging up other people’s agendas and losing clear vision of your own, to using indirect, passive-aggressive, misleading or intentionally deceptive behavior.

Mars alone could produce choppy waters. He’s got assistance, though, and he’s bringing in other influences that could complicate or cloud the waters as well. He’s pulling in Chiron (the embodiment of our abiding wounds and the challenge of mastering them), which adds a super-sensitivity to events and actions now. They could put metaphoric balm on wounds or just as easily irritate them, pound them or rub salt into them.

Chiron, in turn, is pulling in Neptune, the ruler of these waters, who is just over the border in Aquarius and gliding toward his entry into Pisces, which will happen in April. As a result, Neptune’s not merely the ruler of this New Moon, but an active, if indirect, participant in it. His presence adds to all of the potentials of the New Moon, making them all the more loving, spiritual and artistically inspired, yet all the more illusion-filled, unclear, vague, confused and deceiving.

On the other end, the New Moon is moving into a link with Mercury, the ruler of our mental processes, communications and means of getting around. Instead of concrete, specific, grounded thought, this Moon immerses us in knowing — not so much intuition or gut instinct, but rather absorbing information simply from being in a situation or near another person. Thoughts are abstract and nonlinear and, perhaps, reactive and projected, representing more what we have picked up from someone else than what we would say we believe if we were to step outside of the situation.

Susceptibility to subliminals and shadings of the truth will run high. Instead of automatically buying into everything you hear and read (especially if you have an emotional reaction to it), check it out. Check in with your heart and your higher guidance, too.

Be aware when you’re on the road: This influence could lead to a lot of automatic driving, with people arriving somewhere without much memory of how they got there. It’s also possible, since Mars and Mercury are sandwiching the New Moon, that people will be increasingly walking their talk, whether they’re conscious of it or not. in other words, actions will reveal much about people’s underlying beliefs.

Mercury has a hand stretched out about as far as it can go to bring in the final influence in Pisces, which is Uranus at the out door. Uranus’s eight years in Pisces have brought an electric, nervous quality to the sign, akin to a live wire in bath water. In just days, on March 11, he makes his exit into Aries and begins his next 84-year trip around the zodiac.

His final moments in Pisces are fraught with bittersweet and sometimes abrupt redefined boundaries and endings, blasting us from beliefs, programming, associations, and situations that belong to the era that’s on the brink of closing out forever. The closer he comes to the door, the more intense and extreme the explosions and illuminations. They’re taking on a fiery, impulsive, impatient and even angry volatility, too, Aries characteristics that he’s already accessing and expressing through his conjunction to Jupiter running ahead of him in that sign.

There’s another cause for the peaking of the end-of-an-era quality. This is the last New Moon we will experience in our lifetimes with Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception (each in the other’s sign). They’ve enjoyed this special relationship since 2003. Whatever their collaborative impact has been on you for the past eight years, it’s coming to a head and will swell and roll like a tidal wave carrying you into new territory.

See how this combination is not conducive to still waters? Think about what happens when you push water in the tub, or in a pool, or in the lake. If the container is small, such as the tub, it hits the wall and comes back at you. If the receptacle is larger, you may not feel a return, but the movement still has consequences. Anyone close by feels it and might shove it back at you. It may well be felt outside your line of vision, too. You can’t always foresee or see how far out ripples go.

And when waters come at you — when they lift you up and you realize they’re carrying you along and away — you’ve got navigational tools: your connection to your higher self; your awareness of and openness to your soul, spirit and inherent divinity; your awareness and acknowledgment of your connection to other people and beings on this planet and, just as importantly, the divinity within each of those. We are all in this together. Do not allow anger, posturing and spin to obscure that truth.