2017 Leo Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017
11:30 AM PDT / 2:30 PM EDT / 6:30 PM GMT
28 Leo 52

The main astrological event of the year is here: the much ballyhooed Leo lunar eclipse. The hype is justified. This new moon is ushering in high drama and breathtaking, rapid-fire, game-changers.

A new moon launches a phase. A solar eclipse brings dramatic force to that launch and extends its reach for months, sometimes longer. It’s akin to rebooting an operating system to install an update. The system goes down. The screen goes black. When the system comes back online, it’s in revised form, running differently and likely faster. Some previous components are gone; some remain. Some work differently. And some are new, even unexpected.

Most solar eclipses have the force of a new moon on steroids. This one’s coming with amphetamines and a couple of cases of Popeye’s spinach as well.

We’ve been warming up for it. It is this year’s second New Moon in Leo, the warm-hearted, flamboyant, attention-seeking domain of royalty, children and drama queens alike.

July’s was at the first degree of the sign, acting like a tap-tap-tap on the gas pedal, fueling us to let more and more of our true selves come out and play. August’s is at the very last degree of the sign, at maximum Leo, if you will, inflaming all its qualities to largest possible expression.

Warrior god Mars is not only upping the action, but also shoving us right into it. He’s igniting drive, motivation, passion and gumption, irritation, tempers, tantrums, fury and outright attacks.

He’s shoving all of us, individually and as a group, in a direction that smacks of destiny, the path of the North Node in Leo, occupying in the scant space between Mars and the New Moon. The North Node is last point the Sun and the Moon cross before fusing. Its mission for us is seared into the eclipse: to take the place in the collective that allows fullest expression of ourselves.

You may feel cosmic hands against your shoulders, propelling you to action. Regardless, you will  find yourself getting moving, zooming as if you hit a power-up in a racing game, or catapulting through time/space as if shot out of a cannon.

There’s little room for logic, planning or strategies, but scads of room for bold, unhesitating, unapologetic moves. These energies are rising up within us naturally, instinctively and organically. And probably unstoppably.

The blast is volatile, liberating, paradigm=shattering, yet stabilizing. While some specifics may take unexpected forms, it’s activating energies that have been building in and around you since last December, when structure-loving Saturn began teaming with innovative, disruptive Uranus.

The New Moon, Mars and the North Node are completing the circuit, creating a grand trine in fire that’s coursing through the late-degree Aries, Leo and Sagittarius areas of your chart. Ready or not, here you come.

The eclipse is a moment (or chain reaction) of detonation. The agent of unpredictable change is in an exact and unfettered flow with the New Moon. Dynamite fuses are going off that have been burning for months.

Life force, survival instinct, deafening choruses of “I Gotta Be Me” are all surging. Support is beaming in from Jupiter in Libra, offering assistance, benefits and expansion in and through relationships.

Whatever goes is for the best. Whatever stays, whatever comes, whatever flourishes enhances who you are, and who you are becoming.

Watch for more to be revealed when Mercury stations retrograde on the eclipse degree from September 3-5. Info should be hard to miss, since combative Mars will be keeping company with the winged messenger. Watch, too, for hearts to embrace the updates when Venus forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus later that month.

And mostly, watch for an awakening and revitalizing beyond what you have ever experienced. Your guiding images are the last three cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot: the Sun, Judgment and the World. Tack them on a wall and contemplate them daily.

It’s time. You’re off.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Campbell

To learn what this means for you:

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2017 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

August 7, 2017
11:10 AM PDT / 2:10 PM EDT / 6:10 PM GMT
15 Aquarius 25


What’s that sound? Gasps? Exploding light bulbs? Lightning strikes? Slamming doors? Sighs of recognition and relief?

How about: All of the above?

The racket — and dawning recognition — are part of this month’s Aquarius Full Moon, the first of two eclipses that are rocking and reshaping our realities. This one clears and primes us. The second, the solar eclipse of the Leo New Moon on the 21st, skyrockets us along our way.

Full Moons always bring emotions to a crest. Lunar eclipses take that trait to the limit, and beyond. This one, though, promises a different experience.

This most emotional event is in the most intellectual and detached of signs, Aquarius, which has the ability to view situations at a tilt, or upside down, or inside out, or from some other angle that wouldn’t have occurred to any other sign. This puts us at maximum observer mode as the usual gifts of a lunar eclipse roll out.

Emotions are hitting high tide, as they always do at the full moon, and this time they come with super-sized drama and a kick, courtesy of warrior god Mars’ standing with the fiery Leo Sun.

An uncomfortable, insistent force is staring down this Moon, like a restless kid in a car kicking the driver’s seat and taunting the adult to react. Inner children are running amuck. The masculine archetype is in overdrive, promoting, pushing, forcing, assaulting.

“Me me me me me” is the propelling force, spoken or not, conscious or not. True colors are showing. Ploys for attention are escalating. So is awareness of validation and appreciation: where you shine, who gets you, who doesn’t, who’s trying to steal your light, who’s trying to diminish it or put it out.

Action and reaction are all the rage — in many instances, literally. People are knocking over game boards, standing their ground and acting out, taking their toys and heading elsewhere.

The ego is screaming, “Look at me! Are you looking at me?” The feminine is taking it all in and replying….”Fascinating.” And coming up with a vision for the future.

Don’t run after anyone or situation that undervalues you, or fails to see you, or, most of all, leaves. A lunar eclipse closes doors and chapters that defy reopening. Bless every ending. Each does truly benefit you and your future, whether the good is immediately visible.

Find an elevated perch, assume Mr. Spock mode and watch the spectacle unfold. The vantage point will position you not only for unparalleled entertainment, but also for the revelations that come with a lunar eclipse: About what has been going on in the corners, behind your back and even right in front of you. About other people. (For some, “Bye bye!” For others, “Well, hello there…”)

Most importantly, about how you feel about all this, and particularly about developments that have been brewing since February, when the first eclipse occurred in the current Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle. (Yes, some of that acting out might well be by you. Observers aren’t always immune to emotions and primal instincts. Remember what happened to Spock when the Vulcan mating imperative overtook him?)

Some revelations will be shocking or jolting. All will be freeing. The Uranus-ruled lunar eclipse puts many of the givens of your life in a different light. We’re in for an epidemic of changes of heart, abrupt and in some cases cold. We’re making changes in the line-up of our teams, based on who plays well with us and who does not. And that boils down to who enjoys and appreciates us and inspires the best, fullest expression of our selves.

All of this is occurring in cartoonishly large format. There’s more reason for that than a lunar eclipse’s fundamental nature of a full moon on steroids. Credit the direct participation of bigger-is-better Jupiter, in Libra, sign of relationships and social contracts.

He’s in the easy flow of a trine to the Aquarius Moon, mushrooming the detached, intellectual potential, as well as the role of relationships in this event. He’s making the opportunity aspect of a sextile to the Leo Sun and Mars, which opens the door to both self-aggrandizement and standing up for one’s self.

Jupiter also brings optimism, expansiveness and silver linings. He’s leading a singalong of “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life,” the ending song from Life of Brian. Sing or whistle along from your Spock-like perch. Look for evidence of beneficial changes in relationship ground rules. It exists. Look, too, for the good in every relationship shape-shift, the departures as well as the new forms or stages.

There’s more to come, of course, as there always is with the playing out of an eclipse. Keep an eye out for planets changing signs, because they will touch this eclipse’s ruler Uranus on the way out the door. At 28 Aries 39, Uranus is currently the planet of latest degree, the one closest to the end of a sign. As planets aspect that degree, they won’t so much turn out the light as trigger his lightning.

Upcoming times to watch: Venus, ruler of love, money and beauty, will team with Uranus mid-September as she leaves Leo, unlocking hearts and desires. In the last week of that month, Jupiter will oppose Uranus and ramp up the drive for self-determination at any cost.

For now, just observe. And feel. And observe some more.

August 2017

Volatile, catalyzing, head-spinning, game-changing: August is a month (or is that: minefield?) of milestones.

They come with revelations, departures, confusion, high-octane passions and a faster than fast pace. Fuel accelerant is pouring into impulses that have been building since December. (Self-actualization is one of them. Specific situations should be easy to spot.)

A drive is blazing that defies extinguishing or containment. Directing it may be possible, though. So is riding it. And it might actually be fun. (At times.)

The influence that kicks off the month builds more slowly and probably with less fanfare than what follows. It will pervade the headlines all the same, if you look for it, and run like a background program whether anyone is paying attention or not.

Foundation Work Continues

Seismic shifts and super-sized evolutionary surges hit foundations, infrastructures and institutions as the month begins and Jupiter squares Pluto. The pressure will mount with the subtlety of a lobster pot for nearly two months, not finding release till Jupiter completes his opposition to norm-shattering Uranus at the end of September.

More immediately noticeable in the first three weeks: Dramatic action and reaction are the general order of things, with warrior god Mars accompanying the Sun till he enters Virgo on the 22nd. This traveling pair is a double-dose of the masculine archetype, firing up courage, assertiveness, aggression, combativeness and anger. Everyone’s got a fix-it gene. No waiting to be asked; everyone’s going after what they want.

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The month’s first eclipse, a lunar, brings a paradox: simultaneously experiencing defcon 2 level emotions and observing them with the intellectual curiosity of Mr. Spock. Watch for spiked understanding of your own inner workings, particularly in response to developments since February’s lunar eclipse in Leo. Much will take on a different light — a lunar eclipse always brings revelations — amid the clatter of doors slamming and chapters closing.

It’s Time For Another … Mercury Retrograde!

A cosmic invitation to think things over continues throughout the month. We won’t always welcome the suggestion, but declining isn’t much of an option. Communication, technology and travel are a patience-testing ground of snarls, complications, malfunctions and delays once Mercury stations retrograde on the 12th.

The implications may sneak up on us, since the two love and creativity planets, Venus and Neptune, are making beautiful music that day and lulling us all into reverie. We have weeks to wise up to the retrograde, which lasts till September 5.

He’s in one of his home signs, Virgo, which puts a practical spin on everything that unfolds – or misfires. Details are more than the usual tripwire. Annoyances may be … annoyingly … concrete.

On the plus side: the sign of the messenger’s retreat fits in with a retrograde’s potential for reorganizing and tidying matters up. Not to mention that tripping over words and our metaphoric shoe laces may keep us down here on earth while other influences threaten to blast us off it. And we may welcome a breather, even if it comes in the form of a retrograde snafu.

Read more in my guide How to Survive Mercury Retrograde in 2017.

Can’t Stop The Grand Fire Trine

Those other influences come from the fire that dominates the middle of the month, with the Sun, the New Moon (solar eclipse) and Mars running a circuit with Saturn and Uranus. Saturn and Uranus, lords of order and disruption, have been teaming since December. Their unlikely collaboration has been simultaneously bringing form to new growth and shattering structures and conventions. Now ego, heart and will get into the loop, forming the free flow of energy of a grand trine in fire.

Total Eclipse of the Sun

These linkages would be incendiary on their own. They take on super nova impact from coinciding with a total solar eclipse at the end of Leo, on August 21. A solar eclipse blots out people and situations, never to return, and hits the reset button. This time, with the added kick from Mars, our systems come back on line with a breathtaking, propulsive force, shooting us forward as if we’ve hit a power up in a racing game.

The Mars-powered solar eclipse is igniting the self-actualization imperative of the Saturn/Uranus trine. The explosion is blowing up conventions, norms, beliefs. shoulds, and situations built on them — commitments and teachings that have restrained you from living your own life and expressing your own being.

It won’t be all fun and games. At all. Some people will not accurately recognize these rumblings and will respond by acting out. With retrograde Mercury spawning misunderstandings and misstatements (and, alright, lies), it’ll be easy to react without confronting peaceably and unraveling the snarl.

Patience will be in short supply. Tempers will flare. Anger will have the effect of eating cases of Popeye’s spinach. Be mindful of who and what are in your line of fire.

Venus in Fur (Leo)

The rebooting plays out long beyond August. It may be easier to chew on what is transpiring after the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd. A wave of noticeable shake-ups, break-ups and breakthroughs follows when Venus, ruler of our desires, approaches maximum nesting mode and slams the agent of unpredictable change, Uranus, on August 24.

She makes a quick change herself, taking on the flair and drama and grandeur of Leo on the 25th. It’s out of the kitchen (except, perhaps, for showy parties) and into the world, in search of attention, sun and fun. However the eclipses and grand trine are playing out, our hearts are beginning to get on board.

The month ends with potential for optimism and locking in some benefits from the hubbub. The 27th brings an opportunity to stabilize, via a cooperative link between beneficent Jupiter and structure-loving Saturn.

Messenger god Mercury jumps back into the fire of Leo on the 30th and criss-crosses the solar eclipse degree until mid-September. High-energy exchanges are a given. Ideas may move from intriguing concept to burning personal quest. The combustible atmosphere continues. These fires aren’t going out any time soon.

Learn what this means for you (and the United States) in my talk The Great American Eclipse — and You! Live at 4 PM EDT, Friday, Aug. 4 and afterwards on demand.

Harness the eclipses energies in Embracing the Eclipse: A Meditation for Personal Growth, live at 4 PH EDT, Friday, Aug. 19 and afterwards on demand.

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Forecast for July 3 – 9, 2017

Cue Bette Davis’ seat belt warning. Be alert for silver linings (they do exist), and breathe.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for July 3 – 9, 2017.

Forecast for the week of July 3 – 9, 2017. 9:34minutes. Please do not forward w/o copyright notice intact, which is: Text and recording © Kathy Biehl 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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Forecast for June 4-11, 2017

Mouths and hearts are back in working order, at last, as Mercury and Venus go home. Good thing; the reach won’t be too far to pull out big-kid pants, requisite attire for Friday’s Sagittarius Full Moon.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for June 5-11, 2017.

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Forecast for the 2017 Sagittarius Full Moon

June 9, 2017
6:10 AM PDT / 9:10 AM EDT / 2:10 PM GMT
18 Gemini 53 / 18 Sagittarius 53


The emotional power of words dominates this month’s Sagittarius Full Moon. This intellectual sign and its verbally adept opposite, Gemini, aren’t ordinarily associated with the realm of feelings. But that’s where this Moon is sending us all.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me,” many of us learned in childhood. Wrong. Thoughts, statements, beliefs and ideologies alike pack a wallop, and their real-world ramifications and consequences are palpable now.

They’re inescapable, too. The Moon is closing in on Saturn, which brings his insistence on rules, order and adulting into the mix.

Under his watchful eyes (and ruler poised to rap a wrist), we can’t run from what’s coming up now. His presence is reining in Sagittarius’ “don’t fence me in” proclivities.
It’s making emotions weighty, constraining and even depressing. Requiring that we take responsibility for what we say and espouse — and demonstrating how that can oppress and hold us down.

Some of that may be looming cartoonishly large, with bigger-is-better Jupiter — the ruler of the Sagittarius Moon — amping up both ends of the Full Moon. His command post being in Libra, some of it is coming through other people, so pay attention to the role they play. (This includes anything to which you expose yourself, such as Facebook, Twitter, specific news outlets, friends who are always going on about the same dramas, etc., etc.)

Jupiter also holds optimism and the silver lining, which can lead to grander, more beneficial possibilities from processing this Full Moon. (Hold that thought.)

Some of what’s escalating may not be as it seems, either. And some may be the result of faulty, delusional or confused thinking, conclusions or beliefs. They are swirling in the air from the t-square the Full Moon is making to illusionist Neptune, keeper of the cosmic fog machine. The pressure is dumping out into the self-improvement lab of Virgo, which is empty but ruled by Mercury, as is the Gemini Sun. Our minds — and reason — may be part of the way out.

Questions for sorting through the mix include: Where did I get this? (The answers may lead to reevaluating the role that certain people or information streams play in your life.) Does it belong to me? Do I believe it? Is it true? How does it make me feel? Is it dampening or imprisoning me?

How does it fit with my integrity/ethical code/moral compass? Am I committed to my integrity/ethical code/moral compass? Am I taking responsibility for my words and beliefs? For their repercussions?

The outer planets all have a role in responding to the answers and dealing with the emotions and proclamations flying under this Full Moon. (Spoiler alert: “My way or the highway” will be in heavy rotation. If it hits you, refer back to the suggested questions.)

Jupiter is upping your data flow, shooting extreme positivity into your thoughts and making the unhelpful or faulty ones so ridiculously huge that you can’t avoid them. He’s also putting relationships and agreements into the spotlight, raising the questions: How does this benefit me? How could it benefit me more? (A call to action for those who are putting more into a connection than they’re getting back.)

Saturn encourages taking emotional reactions seriously (forget any belittling “you can’t take a tease” commentary anyone dishes out), as well as taking responsibility for what you think, say, believe and live by. Uranus is zapping him with liberating insights, flashes of genius and the daring to step into self-actualization — which could blast channels out of your media diet that hold you back.

Neptune’s not just clouding issues. His mists are also injecting guidance, compassion and gentleness with yourself and with others.

Pluto, in the clean-up role, holds the tools for purging garbage thoughts, ingrained beliefs and info streams, not to mention mental junk food and tribal patterns. Adjustments are required to pull that off (he’s in an exact inconjunct to the Sun), but we have emotionally evolved to the point that’s possible (he’s in an exist semi-sextile to the Moon).

And if you find events in the world at large hitting you emotionally, they could be feedback from this Moon as well — and worth a similar examination. Sagittarius rules systems of thought, and Saturn can represent the government. The political is personal and vice versa these days, and especially under this Full Moon.



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June 2017

June promises a wild and wooly ride in an ever-changing environment. Don’t like the weather? Just wait. It’ll switch soon enough.

The atmosphere, conversation, alliances, agendas and tactics are all in for fluctuations (to put it charitably) that could spin a person’s head around.

Fortunately, flexibility is at your disposal as well. This is a month to make like a reed and sway in the wind. And the skies give you the roots to keep your heart and desires firmly planted.

The month begins with a self-actualizing send-off between Venus, ruler of all we value, and the lords of order and chaos, Saturn and Uranus. That pair has been fueling the year’s dominant and most paradoxical themes: simultaneously bringing form to individual, passionate impulses, and breaking apart norms and systems of thought.

The trine between Venus and Saturn on June 1 links to those individual, passionate impulses and attaches a grounding cord to our hearts and desires. Commitment (including acceptance of contours) flows easily and naturally, stabilizing relationships, money and creativity.

Breakthroughs follow when Venus meets liberating Uranus on the 3rd. Their contact explosively, dramatically ends whatever may remain from her recent retrograde and blasts us further along radical, personal trajectories.

From this point through the rest of the month, our anchors are firmly within ourselves. Your heart and your moral compass are aligned, freed from certain (but not all — you’re still human) debris. They are your guidance system, so press them into service.

The winds shift almost immediately. Mars, ruler of our drive, enters Cancer on June 4 and directs our energies for the rest of the month into home, family, nurturing and tribal issues. Watch for an upsurge in clucking, nesting, cooking and fighting for matters you care about (And taking things personally. And maybe pouting, too).

The noise level ramps up when Mercury comes home to Gemini on June 6.  During his brief stay — 15 days only! — minds and mouths fly, and so do our feet, as we’re inclined to get up from devices and run around a bit, too.

There’s still a bit of laziness in the air, though, and a pervasive “Show me!” attitude instead of a willingness to accept words. Chalk that up to Venus going home to Taurus, also on the 6th, and sending social and financial dealings into earthy, sensual, prove-it mode.

How we feel about what we’ve been hearing — and how well that meshes with our moral compass — come to a head at the Sagittarius Full Moon on June 9. The noise-to-signal ratio is high then, especially regarding relationships, agreements and reciprocity. With Saturn at the party, this Moon has a built-in brake, which pulls in that moral compass, accentuates the weight of responsibilities and brings the walls in closer if we’ve played fast and loose with either.

Hard truths (and flurries of beasties that prefer being out of sight) follow, when Mercury squares Pluto on the 15th. The air lightens within five days, when opportunities fly to regain sparkle and lightness, to shift perspective and to pull genius-level ideas out of the air.

Home exerts a magnetic pull on the solstice (June 21 this year), when both the Sun and Mercury slide into Cancer and then fuse in emotional self-awareness. The day’s chart  colors the entire season with  a sweet jumble of sit-close-so-I-know-you’re-there emotional sustenance, flowing spiritual love and inspired creativity, and deepening, dependable intimacy.

The mix bodes well for staycationing, furthering interests of family (blood, chosen, tribal), and flourishing in relationships, creativity and tangible resources — if only unsettling music weren’t playing in the distance.

It’s surging by the Cancer New Moon on June 23, which squeezes relationship ground rules into new forms, or else. The imperative comes from aggressive Mars and Pluto pressuring Jupiter in Libra. Money, love and resources are at the root of it all, thanks to Venus in Taurus (in simpatico aspect with Mars and Pluto and in charge of Jupiter’s sign).

Desires become only more insistent, magnetic and obsessive as she completes a trine to Pluto on June 24. Reason has no power in the presence of a tractor beam.

That doesn’t rule out a backwash, however. The music grows louder (recognize the “Jaws” theme yet?) in the month’s final week. First emotional agendas, then all manner of communications, escalate wildly, only to open to grace and compassion. And maybe some confusion.

By the 28th, our walk and talk merge in the waters of emotion — which could be tender and loving, or the stuff of a pity party. The disconcerting music’s still playing at month’s end. And the off switch is not in reach. May as well stare into the abyss and become more conscious of what lurks in it.


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