Well, Trine My Fire: The Launch of My Astro-Videoblog

My astrology videoblog ignited into reality on Friday the 13th. The idea had been kicking around for almost a year. It took the march of planets through the last degrees of Aries to make it happen.

Last week transiting Mars (action) in my second house (my talents and earning potential) trined my natal Jupiter and Pluto (over-the-top expressions of power and transformation) in the sixth (daily work). Full-blown ideas for a half dozen videos erupted, down to props and camera angles. On Friday the 13th (I do love that date), Venus (women, money, values, art) and Mercury (communication) made trines to Jupiter/Pluto as well, and the astrological symbolism spread like wildfire throughout the day (and, apparently, my psyche).

The first stage was lunch with two female colleagues, an Aries bankruptcy attorney and a Scorpio business coach, the latter of whom kept bringing the conversation back to setting a value on our services, speeding up the time frame for financial goals and taking imperfect action instead of waiting for ideal circumstances. (Don’t you love the magic realism of astrological aspects?)

That imperative seized the day. “I’ll get around to it someday” turned into a couple of test shoots and diving with the Fool’s confidence into my first solo edit using iMovie, which I haven’t even opened since my only One-to-One training session for the program two years ago. I set up a new YouTube channel to house the blog, The Professional Aquarian, and sent out the first wave of announcements of the new arrival.

On reflection, I now see that the launch was right on schedule. When Mars, Venus and Mercury sparked my Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, they also set off the degree of last December’s Gemini lunar eclipse. The trio completed a grand trine to the Sun’s position then, in my 10th house (public life), and sextiled the Moon’s point in my 4th (home). And what happened at that eclipse? I received a group gift from my siblings and the media-savvy quasi-family member who had first suggested the blog: a video camera.

The solar eclipse coming on June 1 is conjunct my Mars. December’s lunar eclipse is on my MC/IC. This rocket ship is heading to points unknown. I have a good feeling about this!

Eternal thanks to Matt Wayne and Divya Chandra for suggesting the blog, to Karen Biehl, Kurt Biehl, Kim Fryar and Matt Wayne for providing the technology, and to Barbara Nelson for unwittingly pouring lighter fluid on the fire.