Water, Water Everywhere: Forecast for Feb. 13-19, 2012

…and not a drop to think.

How’s the water feeling to you? We’re still acclimating to the Piscean atmosphere now, and it’s only getting more so this week. Hold tight to your grounding cord and follow your internal guidance system. If you’ve been uncommonly spacey or absent-minded, remember that these tools are at your disposal. (And if you haven’t been….are you sure?)

The planet of communication and transportation is descending from the high-rise perspective of Aquarius and setting sail in Pisces. When the Sun follows on Sunday, Pisces will be the dominant influence in the sky.

All that water can be assaultive (think: tidal wave), but it can also slip around, engulf and wear down. Signals will undergo something similar to what happens to sound when you dunk your head. The waters may distort messages, wash information for or from other people by you, and soften intellect and reason with caring, romanticism and otherworldly inspiration. The usually simple act of getting around may hit patches of confusion and misdirection, too. You could end up lost or at a destination without a clear understanding of how you get there.

It’s easier now to soak up images, concepts and emotions than grasp than cold, hard, verifiable facts. Some beings are banking on that, so monitor your boundaries *and* your filter. Notice the news stories — and how the media and public figures spin them — as Mercury moves from Neptune (Pisces’ ruler and the cosmic fog machine) to Chiron (the challenge to transcend abiding wounds and master physicality) to squaring the Moon’s nodes next weekend. The last contact will spit out developments having to do with law and politics (big surprise), religious beliefs, foreign relations, technology and the Internet and, very possibly, sports and academia.

On a personal level, this wave may crash you against thinking, beliefs and modes of technology and transportation that it would benefit you to reconsider and change, or that shove you in a direction that feels like destiny. Give yourself quiet time to process. The impact of this wave may be subtle at the moment, but its importance is long-term.

Ah, quiet time. It’s got a Required Daily Amount now. If the urge hits to nap, daydream, watch TV or stare out the window, indulge it. Hanging loose, going with the flow and leaving big chunks of time open on your calendar are the order of things for a while. Baths are calling, too.

Much of the RDA is scheduled for the predawn hours. No night this week passes without activity in the sky. Influences abound every single night to send gears and levers whirring, processing and assimilating. It might be fascinating (and would eventually be revealing) to jot down dream fragments every morning.

Mundane: Recent days have brought scads of examples of Neptune’s new phase. A few are listed in my article Neptune Dives Into Pisces and Splashes Up Some Archetypes. Whitney Houston’s death may well warrant a place on that list. Music, glamour and drugs are all part of Neptune’s realm. Pisces can demand a sacrifice, and Neptune’s trident has a way of hooking the person who will be it. Attending to the astrological overtones, Billboard is reporting that she was found in bathtub, with a legion of prescription drugs in her hotel room. I would not be surprised if the trigger for her death occurred a day or two before, in a sudden, angry outburst, when Venus was contacting Uranus in Aries.

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