Itchy & Scratchy: Forecast for Oct. 17-23

The last few weeks have brought stabilizing, grounding and, for some, the sense of imposed stillness. That’s all changing now, as the skies needle us into twitching and shifting and getting off dead center.

Yep, it’s already time to move on. No period of stasis can last. It’s in the natural order of things for stability and calm to slip into something more dynamic. Remember that when you feel an electric buzz, or impulse, or discharge this week. They’re not merely disrupting your complacency; they’re also doing their job.

Read the rest of my extended weekly forecast here. And listen to my podcast (under five minutes!) here.

THIS WEEK ONLY: Special rates of $120 for 60 minutes, $100 for 45 minutes for astrology consultations booked, prepaid and concluded by 5 PM EDT on Sun., Oct. 23. Email me to make an appointment. Dally at your own risk; openings are limited!

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