Forecast for July 1-7, 2013

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Did you sense the tide turning last week? Several times, in different directions, sometimes at once? We are in the midst of an enormous sea change, and the waters are still swirling this way and that. They are going to be highly active all summer. This week gives us more of a look at what’s churning and, just as importantly, how we feel about it.

Jupiter has brought his expansive properties to the home and family-focused sign of Cancer, which he is visiting for the first time since mid-2001-2002. This tour of duty promises high drama and emotions, as we are already seeing. His first 24 hours there alone precipitated terrain-altering Supreme Court decisions on marriage and an unprecedented, women-led pushback against legislation in Texas on reproductive rights. That’s the first splash of the rapids that lie ahead, as Jupiter moves into a grand trine in water with Saturn (law, social order) and Neptune (love, illusion, deceit). For a longer look at what this link-up means, go back to last week’s forecast. Just keep in mind: everything is enlarged, exaggerated, super-sized and aggrandized, triggering overwhelming outpourings of emotion and intensely personal reactions.

This week, we’re running through a gauntlet focused on relationships, money, attitudes about possessions, self-worth and value systems. Their ruler, Venus — who is, by the way, adding the larger-than-life, dramatic bent of Leo to this mix — is setting off two major configurations in the sky. In keeping with the current level of subtlety, the gauntlet begins with a shove and ends with an explosion, as she contacts not only the static arm of the grand trine, but also the cosmic change agents that have been upending our lives for the past year.

The shove comes on Monday and butts her up against authority, rules, laws, commitments, obligations and other constraints. We want X and someone tells us no, or puts on the brakes, or makes us eat our vegetables first.

No coincidence that this is the day a second special session of the Texas legislature is convening to reconsider the abortion restriction statute that went off the rails last week. No coincidence that Planned Parenthood has called a rally on the capitol grounds for noon, when the Venus/Saturn square is exact at 12:04 PM CDT. (I love astrology.) This battle is going to be pitched from both directions; Venus in Leo means the feisty woman who claimed the capitol as their house are not backing down, at all. The police aren’t going to be light-handed, either. At all.

This force is not necessarily argumentative or reactive in all cases, however. It could funnel situations into workable structures, such as relationships or deals responding to pressure to take form or possibly even commit.

This impact propels us to two crossroads. Monday brings a navigational choice as Venus inconjuncts Neptune: will we be guided by love, compassion or some other higher urging, or will we slip into illusion, deceit, manipulation or escapism? (Back to that Texas legislation: could further shenanigans or obfuscation be likely, given that the leadership backdated the time stamp last week to make it look like the bill had passed before the deadline that ultimately stopped it?) Friday’s choice, when Venus meets Pluto, involves octaves of desire and power. Are we honest about our motivations and desires? Are we pushing past fear and going for what we want? Do we crave something/one because we truly want it, or because it belongs to someone else (and we’re trying to best the owner)?

Over the weekend, as Venus nears the end of the gauntlet, the Moon joins in the grand trine. Emotions swell, fluctuate (possibly flowing in several directions at once) and rush into a stable channel where the water feels fine. This could involve wine coolers for some people, time in the pool or at the movies for others, and probably a momentary pause when all’s right with your world.

Then comes the fireworks display, as the Moon and Venus set off volatile Uranus. The center can not hold; things fall apart. Work this to your benefit. Take chances. Open windows. Kick out walls. Break out.

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Forecast for June 24-30, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

Get ready for increase! Wherever you’ve been feeling, sensing or placing energy or emotion, more is on the way. The emotional tides you’ve been feeling are about to swell. That riptide that’s been tugging finally catches you. Floodgates are opening. Dams are breaking.

Remember February, when the energy was wet and static and stagnant? When you were stewing in your own juices (and everyone else’s)? You wanted movement then (be honest); now you’ve got it. The flow we’ve been experiencing all month is ramping up — as unbelievable as that may sound.

The cause is Jupiter moving into Cancer on Tuesday. He’s the guy who says if one is good, why not two? Or five?

For the past year, Jupiter has been whipping issues connected to how we think about ourselves and our world. For the next year, he’s escalating issues of nurturing, nesting, family and tribal connections, tradition, food and parent/child relationships. (Two memes from 90’s TV shows will be iconic: Pteri whining, “I want to be the baby,” when Miss Yvonne and Cowboy Curtis are playing house on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and the baby in Dinosaurs calling his father, “Not the mama!”)

The last time we enjoyed his more-the-merrier properties in this sign was mid-July 2001 through the end of July 2002. Themes, issues, situations and people from that time will be cycling back through our lives as he passes through Cancer over the next year.

This time, though, the water is different. Jupiter isn’t merely influencing Cancer, but is also stirring up the other two water signs as well. He is joining the grand trine that’s already in progress, anchored by Saturn (structure and order) and Neptune (transcendence, illusion, divine love). Ordinarily a Jupiter transit is subtle and nuanced; the fact that this one is beginning locked into a powerful configuration makes the usual experience unlikely, at first.

How these three planets affect and meld their influences will ebb and flow. When Jupiter first steps in, the raw, unrefined, unfettered expression of his energy could set off the equivalent of a tidal wave.

Don’t panic. Some of this could be beneficial. A lot of it, actually. The dreams-coming-true potential of Saturn/Neptune could mushroom; magical, even heaven-sent developments could rain down and wash over us. (One late-middle-aged manly man I know has been admitting to tears of joy over a third-time’s-a-charm committed relationship.)

Since Jupiter lacks a governor, the open current with Saturn will channel some of the rising waters into focused directions, or help us ride them (think: jet ski), or harness the waters’ force as power source. The collaboration with Neptune will give us a live feed to inspiration (artists, watch out; you’re heading for overdrive!), to wisdom and compassion, and to guidance from a non-rational and likely non-earthly source. It’ll be all the easier to access knowing, intuition and divine messages, so (a) ask for them and (b) heed them.

You are already getting the hang of living in and with the water atmosphere. The next few weeks, while Jupiter is lolling about the early degrees of Cancer, will just be a little, well, wetter. Go with the flow, or the flow may knock you over. If you’re comfortable surfing, catch a wave. If you’re not (no way I have the balance to stand on a moving board!), play like you’re a kid at the ocean. Run to meet the waves as they roll in, jump into them and let them carry you.

On Wednesday, Mercury stations for his second retrograde of the year, which will last until July 20. All his retrogrades in 2013 are in water, which adds to the formless, uncontainable, hard-to-grasp aspects of this type of transit. When the confusions and misunderstandings of a retrograde pop up, the effect, impact or reactions will be heightened. We’re all crabs without our shells and will take things personally and recoil, as if someone is poking our tender, exposed skin with a stick. Thoughts, words and messages will become more emotional, nonrational and nonlinear. Concepts will be even harder to delimit with words. We’ll be even more susceptible to picking up each other’s thoughts and energies.

Where’s the plus in this? We could be a lot more tender, sweet, kind, sympathetic, empathic, caring and just plain nurturing. We could “get” each other wordlessly. We could understand the recent past or, more likely, have a feeling of understanding, whether our brains get it or not. And as for those brains, they will have no choice but to throttle back while some other navigational tool leads us. Read more in my June/July 2013 Mercury Retrograde Guide.

The week does usher in a saving grace amid all this water: Venus, ruler of all we love and value, moves into fiery Leo on Thursday. She’s livening the beach party with sparkle, glamour and an insistence on fun. She loves to take center stage, which requires an audience, which means not being alone, which means that the impulse to socialize will soar. Her beach gear has the glint of gold and pearls, or maybe a tiara, or both, depending on her mood, and that cooler that someone’s carrying for her (as if she would for herself!) likely has champagne on ice. All this spells fun in the sun, parties, dressing up, laughing, living large, making like reality TV shows and letting big warm hearts radiate through all that water.

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2013 Capricorn Full Moon June 23, 2013

June 23, 2013
4:33 AM PDT / 7:33 AM EDT / 11:33 AM GMT
2 Cancer 9 / 2 Capricorn 9

by Kathy Biehl

The surges and lurches and grounding that we’re feeling now aren’t fleeting, at all. Like a flowing river gradually cutting a course across land, they will be pushing and rushing and gushing and sinking in for the next three months. Sunday’s Capricorn Full Moon captures the defining energy of the summer and channels it straight onto the earth plane.

And what is that defining energy? We’ve been in it all month. The theme of the Full Moon, the solstice and the entire summer is water, symbolic and physical. Emotions are cresting. Sensitivity is swelling; tears are flowing. Currents of energy are rising up under us and carrying us along. Monsoon-level rains are falling (and falling) (and falling), and rivers are spilling over their banks.

This Full Moon offers a platform for observing the effect all that water is having. Look for indicators of its impact on your physical environment, on your comfort level out in the world, on goals you have been working toward and especially on your emotional experience. Is your turf being watered and replenished, or deluged, or washed away? Do you feel safe and secure? Nurtured? Satisfied?

Try viewing your world through the filter of what you do have, instead of what you do not yet have. (Focusing on lack underscores its presence — or absence, depending on how you look at it.) Progress is occurring, and right now you can play a role in molding what comes next. This is a moment when you can redirect some of that energy, or pull it into the ground, or correct your course.

This weekend, the Sun is joining in the flow of energy, or grand trine, through the early degrees of the water signs. Ideas, inspirations and some outright fantasies are coming into contact with earthly considerations (ramifications, structures, costs, return on investment). Some outcomes are spirit taking form, some are illusions hitting walls, some are dreams materializing via a slow-mo teleporter.

The grounding point for all of this, and for the grand trine, is the Capricorn Moon: the cautious, practical, bottom-line-focused, eye-on-the-prize Capricorn Moon. The Moon’s position, between two of the points of the trine, transforms it from an endless loop of energy into a kite. In fact, you can look at this Moon as the string of the kite. Its location in your chart shows where you can grab on and stabilize the currents that are sweeping you this way and that. (Care for some musical inspiration? Check out Davy Jones wishing for a string for his kite at 6:07 in this excerpt from 33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee. You don’t need to thank me. No, really you don’t.)

Another way of looking at this line-up leads to the same conclusion. Who’s in charge? Let’s play follow the leader. The Moon is in charge of the Sun, because it is in the sign the Moon rules, Cancer. The Moon herself answers to Saturn, ruler of her current sign of Capricorn. (She answers nicely, too, and so does the Sun by extension, because both are making harmonious links to the archetypal taskmaster.)

And who does Saturn answer to? Because he’s in Scorpio, that would be Pluto. Which is in Capricorn. Which is ruled by Saturn. Which is in the sign ruled by Pluto. Which is…

The end to this back and forth is: they’re both in charge of this Full Moon. They’re in mutual reception, which means that each in the other’s sign, and each resonates with whatever is going on with the other. (They’re traveling in a close sextile now, too, a compatible link that greases their cooperation.) Add to this that the Sun and the Moon are moving into aspect with both Saturn and Pluto.

The upshot is a strong “making it real” vibe. This Full Moon is bringing situations from the realm of the intangible and into physical form. Some of the returns are early, but that doesn’t mean they’re not coming into being. Would you look at a sprout and react with impatience and disappointment that it’s not yet the vegetable you know it will be months from now? (Not on a sane day, you wouldn’t.) Look around. What’s shaping up? What’s withering? What will take more resources to continue growing than you want to invest?

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Sum-Sum-Summertime: Forecast for June 17-23, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

The Summer of Water is here. For some people it will be the summer of love. For some it’s the summer of flooding (already the case in Europe, alas). For all of us it’s the summer of flowing emotions and uncommonly nonrational actions, experiences and developments.

The pervading influence of the season is the ongoing round robin of free-flowing energy connecting the early degrees of the water signs. Holding down the static points in the trine are Saturn (structure, rules and responsibilities) and Neptune (illusion, escapism and transcendence). This week, the Sun completes the circuit when it moves into Cancer on Friday, the solstice and first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere (and winter in the Southern).

This shift locks the water energy into the entire summer season. Even though the grand trine won’t be in the sky any longer as we go into August and September, the configuration’s influence will be with us, because it is imprinted onto the chart that launches the season.

Look at the next three months as time in the ocean. Coming to terms with the water is essential. Push it and blowback is likely. Fight it and you’ll exhaust yourself, get water up your nose (remember how that hurts?) and possibly go under. Ride it, swim, surf, float, canoe. Experiment with metaphors; some will fit certain days, others…others. Let the current carry you, and some days going with the flow will also mean full speed ahead.

Two reminders: First, your brain isn’t the ideal navigator. Instead, follow your emotions, hunches, intuition, guidance, whisperings in your ear, other nonrational impulses. (Basic guidelines: Enthusiasm = yes. Dread or that sick feeling in your stomach = no. No reaction, mental chewing or running a situation by lots of people = not now.)

Second, periodically disengage. Water is a conduit. Water is also an amplifier that occasionally distorts. You will be hearing/picking up/reacting to the thoughts, emotions, dramas and energies of many, many other people, including strangers in your environment (including whatever you encounter online). Some transmissions — from other people or from you — will broadcast more loudly than they were sent out. Some will be garbled. And all are affecting you, whether you’re conscious of them or not. Did you ever try to talk underwater in the pool when you were a kid? Have you noticed how conversations in a hot tub or on a lake are loud and clear yards away? That’s happening all summer, metaphorically.

It’s critical to monitor and clear your energy periodically, so the flow will pull you along — and not under. If you haven’t listened to it yet, head over to my Embracing the Shift With Ease talk (it’s free) for simple disengaging tools. Pay attention, too, to your own shifts in mood and energy. When you note a change, ask “Does this belong to me?” If it doesn’t, drain or return it.

Two influences to note that are specific to this week: Jupiter is in the last full week of his tour of Gemini, where he’s been broadening our thinking and options since last June. Think of this as a mental mop-up of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle of the last two and a half years. (That technically ended in May, but will continue playing out into the fall.) As you take one last long look around the Gemini areas of your life, watch for messages affecting or improving them, escalating their role in your life or generally bettering your outlook. In addition to what’s in your birth chart, look for expansive (or expanding) developments in your thinking, your information and communication sources, flow and technology, how you get around, your community, relationships with siblings and neighbors.

Next week, he moves his bigger-is-better bent to Cancer and joins the gang in the grand water trine. Sales of jelly doughnuts and ice cream soar.

The week ends with the Moon full in Capricorn, in a degree that is being watered by the grand trine. It’s a status report on the remodeling and rebuilding of your foundation and long term goals and security. National security issues should be all over the news, with additional info probable. Read more about the personal ramifications in my mooncast, which will be on the site by Saturday.
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Catch a Wave: Forecast for June 10-19, 2013

by Kathy Biehl

How are you liking the water? Some people are having a blast. Others are taking to bed. Whatever your reaction — and it’s likely fluctuating — the water is only beginning to move us.

This week brings the potential for the pace to quicken. Some of the ramifications of all this water are likely to surface, maybe with some stabilizing. Important heart-based developments on are the schedule, too.

A circuit is completing between spirit and matter as Saturn and Neptune link in the easy flow of a trine. Their contact merges the intangible with the tangible, gives concrete form to inspiration with concrete form, and puts heaven-sent love into real-world structures and commitment. It will create containers for some of the energy that’s been rushing you along, or causing such discomfort, or threatening to pull you under.

Some of what is solidifying has been in the works since early in the year, when Saturn and Neptune flirted with a trine but did not complete it. You may also detect a resonance to developments tied to each or any of the Uranus/Pluto squares (last June, September and May). That’s because Saturn and Pluto are in cahoots for the foreseeable future, with each occupying the other’s sign, a condition called mutual reception.

See if you can trace a story from June to September to May to now. Even if you can’t, watch for situations to sink in, to make sense, to to become real in ways they haven’t before, to take on sparkle and magic and make you suspect some higher force has engineered them. (Hmmmm.)

Our feminine side is also feeling the force of the Uranus/Pluto squares, which have been fomenting relentless upheaval and primal shape-shifting. Venus, the ruler of all we desire and value (each other, money, possessions, creativity), is meeting both of the change agents midweek in harsh aspects that knock situations — and us — off dead center.

Her showdown with Pluto escalates temptations, cravings, obsessions and stakes, financial as well as power-driven. Triangles, forbidden fruit and back room activity abound when Venus and Pluto hang out; the contact they’re making now could put an object of desire just out of reach, or could force a compromise that produces action.

And action there will be. It’s demanded by the square Venus is making to Uranus, the awakener, the advocate of alternate viewpoints, the lobber of monkey wrenches and lightning bolts. This pair is doing a dance of breakthroughs and bold, impulsive moves and risks. The dance affects a matter close to your heart — a relationship, a financial arrangement, your possessions or system of values. Likely you will do something you haven’t dared before, or that hasn’t occurred to you before, and that allows you to be more freely yourself.

Even as we act and react impulsively, we have choices. Mars, the planet that rules our drive and actions, is making an adjustment aspect to Pluto. Mortal will and primal will come together at a crossroads. We won’t continue ahead in a straight line (as if anything is proceeding in a straight line these days). We face the choice of barreling ahead or aligning our will and actions with a deeper, more potent power. Either road from the fork will streamline and focus our actions. The first alternative could erupt into a power game; the second alternative will proceed more efficiently and effectively.

Watch how these influences play out in the collective. One area will involve the disclosures (Mercury meeting Neptune) about secret (Neptune/Pluto) government (Saturn) surveillance (Saturn/Pluto). Venus’ opposition to Pluto will up the tension and furor about what we value, while her square to Uranus will dislodge a shock that changes the way we look at those values, and perhaps is a call to arms. Mars’ inconjunct to Pluto will invite us to look at fear and the role that we allow it to play.

Back to your own life: Ride the waves this week. Work with the Saturn/Neptune flow. Ask to be shown the route, reactions and choices that are most beneficial. Ask to be guided by love, not hate, not racism, not fear, and not terror. Watch what takes form, settles down, firms up, without your having to steer. Remarkable relationship developments are probable. Have fun with it.

THIS MONTH ONLY I am giving daily conscious living astrology tips — free! — as part of the OMTimes & Gaiam TV 30-Day Conscious Living Challenge. Read my tips and post questions and commentary on my Challenge page here.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

2013 Gemini New Moon

June 8, 2013
8:58 AM PDT / 11:58 AM EDT / 3:58 PM GMT
18 Gemini 1

By Kathy Biehl

This month’s Gemini New Moon ushers in an updated perspective and approach. The update has been in the works; now it’s taking over.

No more chewing on the recent turmoil, disruptions, realizations and revelations. No more making excuses or putting up with anyone or anything that stifles you. No more blaming the past or your parents or the people around you or fate for anything. It’s time to look ahead instead of back. It’s time for a fresh start. Make that: a refreshed start.

With this New Moon, we are out of the eclipse gauntlet and into moving ahead with life. This New Moon is the first lunation (moon event) in two months that has not been an eclipse; April and May brought three, which will continue rocking us into the fall and beyond. It’s also the first Moon on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since the cycle in those signs wrapped up at the end of May.

This timing means that we’re moving into a new phase in the areas that the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses have been rebooting over the last two and a half years. The specific areas of your life that were affected depend on where those signs, and those eclipses, fell in your chart. For all of us, however, apart from those locations, the rebooting has affected our outlook on life. And as our thinking has changed, so have our experiences. (As I’ve been harping for years: Form follows thought.)

Although it’s been playing out since late 2010, the rebooting quickened this spring. Hasn’t your thinking changed lately about so much in your life (not to mention yourself)? Haven’t you been mentally walking away from connections, situations, mindsets, technology and personal patterns that you can no longer tolerate?

You’re recognizing the evolution of your thought processes now — and if you’re not yet conscious of that, this New Moon will bring it to your attention. The planetary line-up underscores how different you are. The Moon is in a growth aspect to its ruler Mercury (the cosmic messenger, who rules communication and transportation). Some of that growth has to do with the intertwining of our hearts and minds. Our brains are more susceptible to nonrational, fluctuating currents than to logic.

The messages Mercury is currently delivering have a considerable emotional content and impact — rushing, flooding, enveloping, carrying us along while occasionally flirting with pulling us under. He’s just has just passed a stressful contact with Pluto, which stirred tremendous emotional knowledge about the upheaval of the past two months. The messenger god has also just come off a grand trine to Saturn and Neptune, which is blending the mental realm with real-world ramifications and higher realm grace notes such as inspiration, guidance and compassion. (What’s been happening in your relationships? A softening, greater connectivity, more gushing expression?)

This New Moon shows that your outlook has room to grow, too. Watch for that and run with it as the next four weeks unfold. The New Moon is in an an opportunity aspect to Uranus, advocate of innovation, liberation and alternative viewpoints. This aspect promises to open thinking, shatter outmoded frames of reference and deliver unexpected information, messages and solutions — but none of these will fall into your lap. You have to meet them halfway, or grab them as they fly by, or at least be receptive to them.

The underpinning of your outlook (and of the Moon phase, the summer, the foreseeable future) is — ta da! — your heart. Venus, ruler of all we value, is in the Moon’s home sign of Cancer, nurturing, home-loving, cookie-baking, tribe-and-tradition-oriented Cancer. Relationships, how we approach them and what we think about them are definitely involved in this new phase in outlook.

We’re decidedly, emotionally connected. Venus being in Cancer inclines us to sweetness, sentimentality, nesting and caretaking whoever we perceive as being in our brood. We’re also in the mode of taking these connections seriously, perhaps to the point of commitment. (Once again, this summer is not for flings.) Like Mercury, Venus is barely past a grand trine to Saturn and Neptune, which weights desires and relationships with responsibility and lifts them up with magic. The trio makes new loves, new inspirations, new creativity both real-world and heaven-sent.

This Moon has the oomph to bring all those qualities into being. It motivates us to push through confusion and deception (though, if not carefully handled, that pushing could force clouds of exactly that to mushroom.) Mars, lord of action, is going at one aspect or another or Neptune — will it be magicmaker? Dreamweaver? Fog machine? — and hitting a choicepoint with Saturn. Will you take the path that boxes you in? Or cast your lot with responsibility and commitment? (Note that those two paths are not one and the same.)

As you encounter that choice again and again in the next four weeks, your preferred choice will be more and more self-evident. That may be the case at the outset, too. Spirit and matter are commingling into one inseparable unit these days, with the ongoing trine between Saturn and Neptune. Their blend pervades your perspective. You sense the big picture. You feel a higher purpose, even magic at work. Your heart has the wheel. Trust it; trust your guidance; trust yourself.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

Forecast for June 3-9, 2013

By Kathy Biehl

This is a week of bridges. Pathways are firming up between people, between you and your goals and, most of all, between components of your being.

Your heart, mind and will are turning into solid, reliable and committed collaborators — and not just with each other, either. They’re linking firmly as well as with your guidance, intuition, higher self, or whatever label you use for the non-physical influence you sense in your life.

Their interaction is why so much in your life is working, at last. And if that statement’s not true for you, this is the week to rectify that.

Mercury (mind and messages), Venus (desires and values) and Mars (drive and action) have a simple but winning formula for their teamwork: Think it; feel it; go for it. That formula takes on nuances this week as each of the players makes contacts this week to both the most nonphysical influence in the sky and the most mundane: Neptune, spinner of illusion, dreams and miracles, and law-abiding, order-loving, rule-enforcing Saturn. Add trust, faith, guidance and love to the formula and watch it deliver tangible, practical, real-world results.

This line-up is giving us the first taste of the aspect that will define the summer: the round-robin of energy known as a grand trine, connecting the early degrees of the water signs. This will have the sensation of riding rapids, or surfing, or jet-skiing — think the all-consuming, sensitive, immersing qualities of February’s atmosphere, but with forceful, powerful, terrain-reshaping movement.

Neptune and Saturn provide the static points in the trine, while a succession of bodies complete the circuit one after the other. Mercury launches the grand trine on Monday, heightening emotional expression and knowing; Venus follows on Friday. Our minds experience the rush first, then it sweeps away our hearts, in the constant framework of connection to both spirit and physicality.

Because of this influence, the next stretch of time promises the opposite of the upheaval of the spring: Calming. Grounding. Solidifying. Becoming real, palpable, supportive. (Scout’s honor!) This is particularly true for relationships and situations that are valuable to your heart (and, let’s be honest, bank balance). We’re moving from wishing and hoping and praying and crying to realizing the extent to which a dream is already in existence.

Though these impulses are building all week, Friday is the target time, when the floodgates open between the planets of earthly and heavenly love (Venus and Neptune) and then between the love goddess and the rulemaker (Venus and Saturn). The resulting rush of emotions leads naturally to commitments, but also to ramifications and responsibilities. No trifles or flings are on this summer’s schedule. The currents we are riding require responsible, mindful actions, with eyes fixed on both the present and what’s ahead downstream.

And if you’re not paying attention, well…circumstances will grab it, sooner or later. Saturn contacts have staying power. Whatever our hearts engage in/with now will be with us for some time. If specific people or situations fade or depart, ramifications will remain. For some people, this could mean a baby (which could, of course, be the answer to prayers even if the other parent isn’t). You’ll be fine if you periodically ground and empty yourself, check in with your guidance and heart, and let your mind and actions follow.

It comes down to knowing yourself — to distinguishing between your true voice and guidance, and all the chatter in and around you that is not You. We’re all so much better at that now, after the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses that reset our belief systems over the past two and a half years. Saturday’s Gemini New Moon is the first lunation on that axis since the eclipse cycle wrapped up last month. Watch for opportunities to put your newly honed thinking to work. I’ll have more in my mooncast, which will be posted on the site by Friday.

And speaking of thinking: do play with the metaphor of bridges this week. Put that in your frame of reference and you will detect them everywhere. You may well come to see that you are yourself living on a bridge — maybe even that you yourself are the bridge. That bridge spans spirit and matter, and they come together in you.

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