Relationships, They Are A-Changing: Forecast for the Libra New Moon

It’s time for radically different approaches to living with each other on this planet. Old ground rules, assumptions and agreements aren’t working, and no bandage or quick fix will do the trick. This month’s New Moon in Libra impels us to figure out — and implement — alternatives more appropriate for who we are now.

Changes in thinking and perspective are the starting point. There’s an electrical charge around this New Moon that is like a flash of lightning illuminating a night sky, or a light switching on and off in a closet. One moment our field of vision is dark. Then it’s filled with light that turns all the darkness and blobs and indistinct outlines into sharply defined trees and buildings and pathways, or clothes and boxes. Then it’s dark again, but our eyes and memories are still burning with the images we’ve seen.

That’s the effect of the contact right now between Mercury, the planet that rules our mental processes and communication, and Uranus, the proponent of wild card change and alternative viewpoints. We will all see something differently, suddenly and unexpectedly. Anything could trigger the shift: a statement we hear in a conversation, or read in email, or stumble upon in a commercial or song; a deliberate salvo shot at us; a realization that falls into our heads while we’re otherwise occupied, or bubbles up out of beings like a diagnostic printout shooting out of a mainframe computer of old. The one predictable characteristic is that we won’t look at [fill in the blank] the same way again, ever.

Read the rest of my forecast here.

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Walls and Bridges: Forecast for the Week of Sept. 26 – Oct.2

The first full week of fall sets the tone for the season: intense, productive, rewarding and, sometimes, even fun.

A lot clarifies and locks in this week. Hows and wheres and whos are coming into focus. Whys are beside the point, but they may crop up, too. You may even (no heart attacks, please) feel like you’re getting somewhere. Though that’s a vastly different place from where we’ve been, it does have its benefits, as we are increasingly seeing.

And we’re doing all this in a social context. People are combining and recombining in groups and clusters and all manner of one-on-one relationships. This week, that process has less to do with endings or redefining insights, for a change, and more to do with solidifying and commitment. Important, long-term alliances are the focus, some new, some renewed, and all growing out of a basis of mutual appreciation, benefit and support.

Don’t fool yourself. This isn’t going to be all sweetness and nice. The pace and the pressures remain intense-to-brutal. We’ve got work and discomfort ahead, to be sure. But there’s also progress and — what was the last word in that first paragraph again? Oh. Yes: Fun.

Lots more in my full forecast for the week as well as my weekly podcast.

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