Forecast for the 2016 Libra New Moon

September 30, 2016 – October 1, 2016

5:11 PM PDT / 8:11 EDT / 12:11 AM GMT

8 Libra 15

This year’s Libra New Moon launches a phase of new and improved relating.

It’s the first Libra New Moon in 12 years with the optimism and expansiveness of Jupiter in the sign. The beneficent god made his entrance on the 9th, and he’s closing in on the Sun and the Moon as they fuse their lights.

He’s sending them subtle but unrelenting suggestions that will color not just this moon phase, but also the next 12 months — genially advocating for more pleasing, harmonious and polite relationships that take both sides of the equation into account.

His clean-up campaign of the last year is over, and now we’re reaping rewards and sharing them. We’re in for an epidemic of social niceties and expansion, improvement and wild optimism in relationships, agreements and artistic creativity.

Jupiter’s encouraging going after what you want, and then some. Bigger is better is his message, impact and goal. “If you can have X,” he whispers, “Why not X to the 10th power? Or 100th?”

Who can resist urgings like that? Not Venus, Libra’s ruler, possessor of the cosmic sweet tooth and ruler of all we hold dear — love, money, art, precious baubles,  systems of values. Desire is her raison d’etre. Suggest indulging to her, and she’s on it before the sentence is finished.

Nor can Neptune, Venus’ spiritually evolved counterpart (aka higher octave). He’s a master of transcending — and, let’s be honest, unhinging from — the dreary confines of worldly experience. Fantasizing, romance chick-flick style, elevating a mere mortal to muse, to inspiration, to fast track to the divine or to the divine itself — Neptune’s gauzy gifts have powers of seduction that invite hanging out with them as long as possible….and then some. More of that? You bet.

Yet neither is suggesting — or allowing — sliding back into, much less going overboard in, old ways. Both rulers of love play a gear shift role in this New Moon.

It’s time to not only ask for more in what we can do together, but also to move relationships on to a more beneficial track. This New Moon is a gateway for consciously embracing and implementing dynamics that are appropriate for who we are now.

There’s not much choice, really. Venus’s semi-sextile is driving home how drastically and permanently our concepts of relating have evolved. Neptune’s adjustment aspect (inconjunct) indicates that there’s still tweaking to be done in how we deal with each other. More compassion is likely needed. So, too, is unhooking from fantasy and bringing Neptune’s sweet potential down through the clouds and into something that can exist in earth’s atmosphere.

Besides, sea changes in relating have been coming more and more to the fore as our foundations have groaned, cracked and restructured over the past few years. Relationship rule books have been undergoing radical revising since since the end of 2013, when Venus’ paramour Mars got into the ring with cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto.

Though experiences have varied from person to person, the changes have had some common themes: greater self-awareness, greater willingness to put cards on the table, and near-zero tolerance for settling and, well, tolerating. (Thank you, Aries/Libra eclipses!).

We’re less inclined to remake or posture ourselves based on what we think or imagine or project the other person wants or needs. (No more living out “Bend Me, Shape Me,” the American Breed song that was a hit in the 1960s, and a Piscean Age anthem if ever there was one.)

The updated paradigm is of self-possessed, self-aware individuals choosing to stand side by side, rather than enmeshing and drowning in each other. Gone is the model of one person bearing the bulk of the responsibility for the relationship; give and take is much more part of the picture, too.

More refining is to come in the next few months. In October, Mars is heading back into the fray with the cosmic change agents, this time to meet directly with Pluto in Capricorn and have a showdown with Uranus in Aries. By the end of the year, Jupiter will be in the ring himself and egging on both sides of the change imperative.

Don’t fool yourself, though. This New Moon, and the phase it ushers in, are not all hearts and flowers. Libra energy is more about seeking balance than having it.

With Jupiter in the mix, watch for scales to go wildly out of balance and polarizing to grow even more extreme. It’s daunting to think that could get worse, given the Us Against Them vibe that has politics in a stranglehold. Yet it will.

More fierceness, more outlandishness and more entrenchment are all in store as the sides of each equation rock and try to commandeer the seesaw. The dynamic will show up individual relationships and public/social conflicts. It will also pit archetypal poles against each other, such as love against fear, masculine against feminine (new horizons in misogyny, oh goodie1), art against greed.

Knowing that, and knowing that fine-tuning is coming later this year, welcome and work with the auspicious potential of this New Moon. Consciously embrace it as a fresh start. Consciously embrace a new model for your relationships and your approach to them.

Libra loves vows. Honor this New Moon by making vows to yourself. Here are a few that will stand you well.

Be honest with yourself about what you need, what you are (and are not) willing to do and what you are (and are not) willing to receive or expect.

Ask for what you want.

Adopt the Golden Rule as daily life mantra:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be kind. Treat others with respect.

Be mindful of the power of words. Endeavor to speak gently. Episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” are a master class in manipulating an awkward situation to everyone’s benefit, without humiliating anyone or hurting feelings (usually Barney’s or Aunt Bee’s).

On the other hand, don’t go overboard with soft-sell or backhandedness. Libra’s flair with words and non-confrontational streak can wander into passive-aggression and outright deceit. You’re more honest with yourself now. Accord others that courtesy.

Treat your relationships as a gift. Tell special people how you feel. Graceful, heartfelt sentiments have magical powers.

Dream big, together, and see how much grace and beauty, joy and magic you can summon into this worldly existence. Then tell the rest of us about it, okay?

Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016:  Welcome to the New Normal. (You’ll need to register at the hosting site for access to the recording.)

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Forecast for the 2016 Pisces Full Moon

2016 Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
September 16, 2016
12:05 PM PDT / 3:05 PM EDT / 7:05 PM GMT
24 Virgo 19 / 24 Pisces 19

Hear that roar? It’s the tidal wave coming off the Pisces Full Moon.

An umbrella won’t do you any good. A surfboard might not, either; these breakers have indomitable force. Running away is pointless, too.

This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, escalating everything unfolds under it into larger-than-life proportions. What’s cresting is beyond mortal power. It will find you, no matter where you go.

Better to let the waters wash over (and out of) you. Better still to dive right in. The ride will be exhilarating, purgative, curative and, ultimately, a relief. And you’ll end up on dry land. Eventually.

You’ve been feeling the build-up to this, whether you recognized the signs for what they were. The month has been edgy, unsettling to the point of physical discomfort and motivating, inviting look after look at situations big and small that scream for improvement.

A lot of them, if you’re honest with yourself, have been hovering for some time. The skies have targeted them in a massive clean-up and resetting campaign, and we’ve reached the most intense, inescapable phase.

We’re in the next to last round of a cycle of eclipses on the Virgo/Pisces axis, which started in March 2015 and winds up next spring.  They’ve had us ping-ponging between extremes of utterly earthbound, rational existence and utterly unhinging from the earthly.

That cycle kicked off with a Pisces New Moon at the last degree of the zodiac, so emotionally powerful that it sent people with a heavy chart emphasis in water to their beds.  The current Full Moon is in the neighborhood, just a few degrees away. Instead of knocking us on our backs, though, this month’s is propelling us to action — and communication.

This lunar eclipse is in complex astrological company, which is transitioning us from a dying way of being in the world to the way that will be the new normal. This Full Moon is an ideal follow-up to the Virgo triple-whammy that launched that process: the solar eclipse on the 1st, with Mercury retrograding in late Virgo and Jupiter ending a year-long trip through the sign.

After the clean-up and reorganizational spree that line-up unleashed, what better final touch than power washing our lives with an emotional blast or two?  It’s like spraying suds and debris off a deck after scrubbing it down. Only a little messier. The power wash is showing situations in a way we haven’t quite perceived until now.

This Full Moon is teeming with revelations, exponentially more so than most lunar eclipses (which are generally off the charts in this department). Thank a shift in the machinations of the cosmic fog machine. It’s been on overdrive since late last year, the byproduct of a protracted clash between Saturn, lord of form, and Neptune, lord of all that defies form (and ruler of the Pisces Moon).

Their conflict is behind the vagueness, weirdness and confounding, credulity-defying statements and behaviors that have enveloped us since late last year. The two planets squared off for the last time on the 10th and are slowing backing away from battle.

As the fog evaporates, backstories are emerging; masks are dropping; lies and conceits are being revealed; explanations for all manner of mysteries are tumbling forth.

And as we see more and more what has been going on in front of us, or behind our backs, or in the fog, the lid is flying off emotions. Ignored, buried or denied ones are pouring out with an especially uncontrollable, physically uncomfortable power.

The combo — reality-tilting revelations plus tsunami-force emotions — is motivating us to Do Something.

So is Mars, god of war and ruler of the masculine and our drive and energy. The Sun and the Moon are squeezing him in a dynamic configuration called a t-square. The pressure demands action, so not only ia the lunar eclipse coaxing out emotions and revelations like crazy, but we are acting and reacting. Maybe like crazy, maybe not.

Since Mars is in Sagittarius, the resulting action is spontaneous and high-energy. It may have an element of putting beliefs in motion, perhaps forcefully or with a touch of anger. It may also have a premeditated streak, even with notes of maturity and commitment, reflecting the marching orders that Mars received from order-loving Saturn at the end of August.

Then again, it might be daring to the point of recklessness. Mars is in a direct easy flow to Uranus, agent of radical change, in leap-first, look-later Aries. Fired up by this pair, emotional expression promises to be bold, abrupt and risky, revealing personal truth and letting chips fall where they may.

Whatever we feel, whatever we realize, whatever we express, we are not keeping it to ourselves. The pressure has Mars shooting arrows across the zodiac into Gemini, aka Cosmic Communication Central. We’re broadcasting the effects of this eclipse far and wide, face to face and across social media. (Invoke that Saturnian caution and remind yourself: anything you post online becomes part of your permanent record.)

The playing out is loud, messy, at times overwhelming and ultimately cathartic. Chapters are ending. Doors are slamming and bolting behind us. Many situations will never be the same, and neither will we.

Good thing, too. The waters pouring forth have profound therapeutic properties, with wounded healer Chiron traveling close by the Moon. His presence acts as a cosmic solvent, washing away the illusion of isolation as well as tendencies to soak up, carry and drown in other people’s pains, burdens and sorrows.

The mind can’t stop it. It can’t even overanalyze effectively, at this point. Chiron is opposing Mercury, ruler of the mind and the Virgo Sun. The positioning is putting the whammy on Mercury, overpowering the mind and permeating thoughts, words and messages with compassion, forgiveness and healing on all levels.

Fight it, block it, or dive into it. We will ultimately feel tremendously better, as the eclipse’s effects unroll over the next six months. First signs of relief may well show up as September ends and fades into October.

So take a deep breath. You can’t hold back, much less stop, whatever’s coming. Face it. The skies are providing plenty of courage and fuel; dive straight in. The ride will be wild; it’s true. But the process will be gentler in the long run.

Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016: Welcome to the New Normal.

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Forecast for September 5 – 11, 2016

We’re traveling on instruments this week. Honing, refocusing and cutting back while record-level fog blocks eyes and reason. Asking for dreams to come true. Choosing not to isolate; striving to play nice with others. All these concepts connect, somehow.

Bonus: Listen to my talks on this Mercury retrograde & what the fall holds in store.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for September 5 – 11, 2016  (9:40 minutes). And by booking a Why Is Life So Weird Now? reading.

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Forecast for September 2016

Join me for the largest astrology telesummit in history Sept. 19 -28!

September is the pivot point for the year.  Much that’s been in the works for months, even years, is finally moving ahead. Or moving on. Stasis, stalling and wondering are on the way out.  Clarity, movement and solid (if simplified) structure are coming in.

There’s no guarantee of a smooth, orderly or easy transition, though. The changeout is arriving in a whirlwind of revelations, unmaskings, departures, arrivals and shifts so dramatic they could wind.

Flexibility is the watch word for the month. Maintaing the approach of a reed will keep you standing as developments cycle through at varying speeds and predictability. And whatever you think you know going into the month, you are likely to have a drastically different viewpoint as autumn begins.

Inevitability is in the air from the moment the month begins. A pair of eclipses is responsible for the non-stop atmosphere of milestone, high-stake, permanent change.

The first eclipse is a solar, on September 1, and it’s a Virgo-with-a-vengeance New Moon. It comes with a pile-up in that sign, each component amplifying the mandate to analyze, clean, improve and sober up.

The North Node of destiny is sidling up to the New Moon and signaling, “This way to the future.” Mercury, planet of communication and transportation, and bigger-is-better Jupiter are in cahoots, handing out brooms and to-do lists for wrapping up Jupiter’s one-year tour through Virgo. Over the next three weeks, Mercury is also treating us to dropped or obscured but phenomenally practical details as he retrogrades from the end to the middle of Virgo, through — no coincidence here — the equinox, September 22.

Learn why this retrograde is unusually significant and what it means for each sign.  

This combo promises to explain a lot and sweep much clean, eventually. Early in the month, though, situations that have confounded us all year may well escalate into even greater mysteries and confusion.

The perps are Saturn, ruler of form, and his sparring buddy of late, Neptune, ruler of everything that defies form. Once they make their final of three clashes, on the 10th, the fog, vagueness and reason to question many a person’s sanity will begin to die back, clear up and ultimately make sense. (It may help you connect the dots to look back to their first two clashes, last December and June.)

That pair makes its last contact just after Jupiter begins a year stay in Libra, which happens on the 9th. Libra is the second home of love and money goddess Venus, and she is at home when he arrives. Their combined presence encourages social niceties, enjoying pleasing meals and conversation, and awareness of both ends of each relationship. (Acting on the awareness is another matter. When in doubt, “Say it with flowers” is a generally safe bet.)

While we’re talking through smiles, veils are stripping away, masks are falling off and epiphanies are exploding in our consciousness. They come from the month’s second eclipse, which is a lunar, the Pisces Full Moon on the 16th, and which unleashes a floodgate of revelations and emotions with fiery, catalytic, motivating force.

Movement is inevitable, especially where it feels overdue. The Sun and the Moon are bearing down on warrior god Mars, in the dynamic, action-oriented configuration of a t-square. Adding to the volatility is the easy assist Mars is getting from Uranus, cosmic agent of radical, unforeseeable change. Risks will be taken. Shifts will occur.

At the equinox, hard truths, profound candor and deeply intimate conversations ensue, some of which reshape or end situations. Gear shift after gear shift follows, as a line of astrological dominoes falls in the month’s last 10 days.

Mercury stations direct and the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd. Relating and financial dealings intensify, turn high stake and grow magnetic-to-possessive when Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd. Pluto, ruler of Scorpio (and, like Venus, of desire and money, but of far greater magnitude), ends six months of foundation work when he stations direct on the 26th.

Motivation kicks in to put noses to grindstones and labor diligently toward long-term goals when Mars, ruler of the masculine and our drive (and traditional ruler of Scorpio) enters Capricorn on the 27th. Those goals and his efforts reflect the marching orders he got from Saturn on August 24th. It’s time to implement and make things happen.

Relationships come into focus as the month ends, with the New Moon in Libra on the 30. Issues of give-and-take, integrity and beliefs permeate thoughts and conversations. Action results. Structure-altering action. Stasis be gone. We’re starting to get somewhere.

Learn more in my Astro-Overview for Fall 2016:  Welcome to the New Normal. Live September 8 & via recording afterward.

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Forecast for the 2016 Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

September 1, 2016

2:03 AM PDT / 5:03 AM EDT / 9:03 AM GMT

9 Virgo 21

This year’s Virgo New Moon targets the uncertainty, tentativeness and just plain weirdness that have characterized so much of the year.

None are a match for the wallop of a reset this Moon is activating. It’s bringing clarity, stabilizing and a greater awareness of where exactly this year has been leading.

They come with an air of purifying and simplifying, of inevitability bordering on fatedness, and also a touch of relief. No more floating, wondering and feeling unable to get off center. We’re starting to get somewhere, at last.

The playing out will continue for months, not just weeks. What happens in September alone, though, is enough to take our breath away, not to mention specific people and situations to boot.

Appropriately for Virgo, work is a package deal with these gifts. This New Moon comes with a massive clean-up campaign, mentally, physically and energetically.  The coinciding has a pronounced whiplash effect, jerking attention to various points in the past (from last month to 1997) at the same time it yanks us decidedly forward.

This Moon is a solar eclipse, the characteristic responsible for the massive reset, reboot and power-up we’re undergoing. It’s launching the next to last round of the current eclipse cycle, which began at spring 2015 and continues into March of 2017.  (They hearken back to 1997-98, so themes from that time may be spiraling back for examination and reworking as well.)

This cycle is on the Virgo/Pisces axis, which spans the extremes of worldly existence and unhooking from the physical:  logic vs. faith, intactness vs. immersion, service vs. martyrdom, health vs. addiction, practicality vs. transcendence.

Since September of last year, the first of each of those pairs has called for greater attention, with Jupiter bringing his powers of optimism and expansion to them as he’s traveled through Virgo. He finishes this current tour of duty on the 8th, which makes this New Moon part of the wrap-up and ending of the process of the last 12 months.

Jupiter’s imminent departure is one cause behind the look back, work and clean-up vibe of this New Moon. Another comes from Virgo’s ruler Mercury, god of gab, gadgets and getting around.

Mercury is exactly conjunct with Jupiter, acting in complete unity, at this New Moon. The cosmic messenger has just begun a three-week retrograde through Virgo. His contact with Jupiter — the guy who ups any action he’s around — makes the impulses of the retrograde bigger, bigger, bigger as the two planets move apart.

Their teamwork means that we’ve been through some of this territory before and likely had hints then of what is transpiring now. (Particularly where unhealthy boundaries, habits and situations  are concerned. You already know what they are.)

The double action also adds to the drama and magnitude of what’s unfolding.  And dramatic it is.

Even with the beginnings and cycle-start inherent in a New Moon, any eclipse, even a solar, always entails a blackout and departures. It’s akin to a scene change in a play:  The stage goes dark, the crew moves props and set pieces in and out, and players exit, enter and take new places.

The twist this time is that when the lights go back on, cleaning tools and supplies are on the stage. We’ll be tidying up after the previous act(s) while saying our lines and moving the current action forward.

Despite the clarity and precision of Virgo, we do not know exactly what we’re dealing with, as this New Moon begins. Cracker smoke is filling the stage. Some people are wearing masks. The set is in disarray and confusion.

Go with your instincts. The New Moon is traveling with the North Node of destiny, which is working like a tractor beam guiding us forward, whether we consciously know it or not. Its presence adds to the pervasive irreversible, life-changing, fated quality of all the comings,  goings and developments under this eclipse.

Your instincts are also more reliable than surface evidence just now. Not only are Neptune and his cosmic fog machine opposing the New Moon, but they are also gearing up for the last of three exact squares to Saturn, coming September 10.

The lord of formlessness has been butting heads with the lord of form all year, and their clash has spun off clouds of lies, confusion and weirdness in general that’s put sanity in widespread question. Some of that is infusing the New Moon, and will stay with us (sigh) as the eclipse’s effect stretches into next year.

Take heart, though:  Some of those clouds will in fact clear, or at least begin to die back, this month. Mercury’s retrograde is taking him within spitting distance of the mutable grand cross that suspended us in mid-air in June. His journey is made for big reveals, along the lines of Toto pulling a curtain back and exposing a little man working the controls behind the booming voice and floating head of Oz.

The revelations will take care of themselves. So will the reboots, resets, and refreshings. Resistance is futile. This Virgo eclipse is wielding an insistent cosmic broom that sweeps very clean indeed.

Work with it. God is in the details, and you may be surprised at how a seemingly insignificant one turns out to be a turning point. You’re cleaning, improving and protecting the boundaries for more than you may realize. Including a launch pad that will prove pivotal at the end of the year.


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Forecast for the 2016 Aquarius Full Moon

August 18, 2016

2:26 AM PDT / 5:26 AM EDT / 9:26 AM GMT

25 Leo 51 / 25 Aquarius 51

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. —  Khalil Gibran

When you emerge from an intense experience, it’s common to see your life through new eyes. That shake-up in perspective — and the changes it motivates — are the gift of this year’s Aquarius Full Moon.

Like any Full Moon, this one brings a culmination of feelings and developments that have been in process. Calling this round extreme is an understatement, thanks to the years (and lifetime(s)) of gunk warrior god Mars dredged up during his recent months in Scorpio.

We’re coming back from the brink, emotionally and, for some of us, physically, after the combination free-fall, deep sea dive and monster rally of June and July. Feelings, truths and realizations have surfaced that aren’t going back. They are your filter now.

Notice what looks different. Notice especially what feels different. You might be viewing your circumstances as a mess (as in, “who made this — ?”). Or wanting to rearrange specific parts, or throw them out the door. Or perceiving certain aspects as restrictions and railing against them, gasping for breathing room, even pushing to break free somehow. Or all of the above.

The urges will be hard to resist. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is cooperating with both the Sun and Moon, stoking impulses for freedom and being your own person. Uranus is the cosmic rebel, agent of radical, unexpected change, and advocate for alternative viewpoints. It’s making the easy flow of a trine to the Sun, representing our intellect and rational side, and the opportunity aspect of a sextile to the Moon, representing our emotions.

A companion influence is also pumping the drive to push against walls — only this one has the built-in likelihood of hitting them. Mars, now fast and free in the fire of Sagittarius, is heading straight for Saturn, lord of order.

The approach could inspire feverishly arguing and pushing against limits, obstacles and rules. It could also feel like one foot is on the accelerator and the other on the brake — although, since Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, his preference for order and structure could well prevail. Optimally, the pair will collaborate in controlled, sustained effort, with Saturn tempering the colt-like, my-way-or-the-highway proclivities of Mars in Sagittarius.

The tricky part about all these possible expressions of Mars/Saturn is the utterly unclear road conditions in which they’re occurring. Haze, fog and tricks of the light are obscuring and distorting the road and everything in it.

Saturn, lord of form, is in a harsh aspect to Neptune, lord of everything that defies form (from illusion, delusion, and deception to transcendence, high level love and interconnectedness with all life). The upshot, for this Full Moon, is that we may be operating under false or misleading data. Objects in the mirror may not only be closer than they appear, but they also might not be as or what they appear.

This probability extends even to the nature of this Full Moon, which may or may not be an eclipse. (If it were, it would be the first in a cycle that gets fully underway in February 2017, lasting through January 2019.) It is listed as a penumbral lunar eclipse in some, but not all, tables of the month’s planetary positions. NASA representatives have told editors at The Mountain Astrologer the Full Moon does not qualify as an eclipse. (The Mountain Astrologer,  August-September 2016, p. 89.)

With Uranus at the center of the mix, the distinction may be moot. Radical change is upon us, whether from a lightning strike or the cosmic reboot of the sky going temporarily dark.

So this lunation may or may not be an eclipse. What people are telling you may or may not be true. Your own vision may or may not be skewed. (Though do note your first impressions, as you emerge from the torpor of June/July. First impressions are often right.)

No matter. Even if their triggers may or may not be real, or true, or as we perceive, emotions do not lie.

Friends, organizations and the beat of your unique drum figure prominently in many of the areas of focus, as well as the triggering events. You’re discovering how you really feel about some of them (or how they make you feel), and then acting on that awareness.

In some cases this means separating from a friend or a group or, more likely, embracing the realization that you have already separated. In other cases it means a sudden leap into the future — recognizing a shiny brass ring and grabbing it, spying an opening and diving through it, seeing a Bat signal in the sky and showing up with cape billowing. In your heart, at least, if not yet in your actions.

The Mars/Saturn presence in Sagittarius makes the theoretical surprisingly important now. Life philosophies matter in the here and now of the physical world. The personal is political; the political is personal. And how. Beliefs, willingness to learn vs. rigid attachment to dogma, concepts of integrity, attitudes about law, diversity, government, education or the media, community spirit vs. us against a  demonized them  — any of these are operating as personal sorting hats.

The clamor is loud in and outside our heads. We’re thinking, talking and lapping up sound bytes with a vengeance, thanks to Jupiter’s more-more-more coming online in the communication hub of Mercury.  With this confab taking place in Virgo, evaluation and analysis are on overdrive, with an eye toward improvement that can descend into finding fault simply because it can. The verbal chewfest can assist in cleaning up your own thinking, building healthier boundaries and distancing influences that could disrupt or infect. (Time for another social media purge?)

If a situation does not play well with your drumbeat (or, worse, knocks it out of rhythm), breaking away is easy now. (Perhaps effortless, even necessary; situations might simply snap apart). Friends, groups and dreams that are in alignment will not only feel more right, but also trigger — and deliver — epiphanies and developments that inspire, catalyze and propel.

Leaps forward have somber undertones, though. Friendships are serious business these days. (To Aquarius, they’re the stuff of religion). The connections that will stand by us and blossom require respect and commitment, to the union as well as to each person in it. Not to mention breathing room and each person being true to himself.  (Scroll up for the Khalil Gibran quote as a refresher.)

This Full Moon reaches far into the future as well. Call it an eclipse or not, it has a long shelf life, into the fall of 2017. Epiphanies, decisions, jailbreaks, breakthroughs and emotional outpourings now prepare the way for three explosive, upcoming links between the traditional and modern rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus. They meet in a trine in December, and again in May and November 2017.

All three stabilize, or at least put form to, the radical individuating end of the change imperative that’s come off the Uranus/Pluto square since 2012. (Think politics have been whackadoodle lately? Just wait.) The first two trines occur near the degree of this Full Moon. The third, in November, happens at the degree.

This Full Moon sets stage in fixed energy, creating the launching pad for the blast-offs to come. The coming trines, and the final one in particular, will then ignite in cardinal and mutable energy, propelling us further and further out of the rubble of upheaval and into … a destination that can’t be perceived with mortal eyes at present.

But your heart senses where. It’s calling now, and it won’t be ignored.


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Forecast for Aug. 22 – 28, 2016

Summer’s not officially over for a month, but we’re feeling it coming to an end already. Back to work. Down to business. Getting real. Wear sunscreen and sturdy shoes. It’s time to adult.

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© Kathy Biehl 2016. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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