Cowabunga! Riding the 2012 Pisces Full Moon

August 31, 2012
6:59 AM PDT/ 9:59 AM EDT / 1:59 PM GMT
8 Pisces 33 / 8 Virgo 33

Imagine the total spectrum of human existence playing out in one concentrated event. That’s effectively what’s happening this week. An extreme Moon is upon us: Overwhelming, uplifting, crazy-making, heart-opening, purifying, romantic, disorienting, enlightening, umasking, unnerving, therapeutic, escapist, magical — in bits, in spurts, and sometimes all at once.

Friday’s Full Moon is the second in the month, a not-so-common occurrence called a blue moon. That’s not what makes this one so special, though. This one takes the culminating and heightened emotional quality of a Full Moon and throws the astrological kitchen sink into the boundary-less, all-encompassing waters of Pisces.

Whatever you’re feeling — and that could be fluctuating wildly right now — you’re feeling fully. Maybe like it’s pouring out of you; maybe life it’s washing over you. And all of it has a connection, probably not hard to make, to the physical circumstances of your life on this planet. And probably to multiple points on the time/space continuum as well…not to mention people.

See? It’s everything and everybody rolled up in one.

Every major body in the sky is affecting the Sun and the Moon. Some of the influences are exact and direct, others less major, but all are stirring the water.

The past is in your face (particularly in the department of ancient wounds, wrongs and discomfort with yourself). Old parts of yourself are present. Yet your sense of self is also very much in the current moment, changed as you have been by the inner and outer upheaval of recent months and tingling from all the energetic surgery and strength training you’ve been undergoing.

If you aren’t comfortable with what’s surfacing now, reframe it. This is a huge platform for getting over the past, yourself and a lifetime of pain. Yes, some of that might surge now. Bodies and physical ramifications are inescapable, with Chiron on top of the Moon. (Magic and illusion master Neptune is right behind, though, which could soften the impact, show the higher meaning, unmask trickery or, sigh, invite some people to administer alcohol or drug therapy) (And in that vein, watch for news about the condition of our waters, injuries to water and marine life, oil, water pollution from oil, hurricane damage to coastal areas, particularly extreme health care/insurance stories, injuries to or sacrifice of underdogs and, of course, propaganda/spin/leaks/lying about any of these.)

But back to the personal role of this Full Moon. As unhinged from earthly reality as Pisces can be, this Full Moon is definitely playing out on terra firma. Experiencing physicality is why we’re here. We’re not merely brains in boxes, and definitely not now, with all the howling that’s breaking out. So treat the high waters of physical and emotional discomfort as demonstrating what could use attention, here and now.

This Full Moon is a platform for forgiving yourself and that parade of people that marches around with you in your head. For viewing everyone with compassion and gratitude. (Inspirational image: the weird but appropriate ending of the 1980s film “Places in the Heart,” with every character, living, dead, killer, victim, sitting together in church.) For letting everyone be human, including, and most of all, you. Let non-rational impulses out now. (That’s certainly what everyone else is doing, isn’t it?) They are every bit a part of your nature as are your mind, your will and your heart. Somewhere in you, wildness is stirring. Your equivalent of howling wants to fly out; vent it.

This Full Moon is also a platform for healing from and finding peace in the turmoil and changes that have been ripping through your life, psyche and environment of late. The responsible parties themselves, Uranus and Pluto, are in direct play in this Full Moon. Pluto, agent of unavoidable change, is in easy flow to the Sun, encouraging a newly focused, streamlined and empowered sense of self. Uranus, agent of radical and unforeseeable change, supports that process while assisting in the birthing of a new stage of emotional relating and expression — and perhaps yanking you out of some emotional attachments to boot.

The easy flow that Pluto has to the Sun? Mars has the same connection to the Moon. Something’s stirring, roiling, moving forward deep in your psyche, deep in other people’s, deep in universal waters, and it’s setting things in motion outside the purview and control of your mind. You’ll see it soon enough — sanity comes quickly, when communication god Mercury moves into hyper-rational Virgo late Friday — but until then, you might as well ride the waves.

FYou can’t contain them. They’re only going to grow, even into a tsunami, since the Sun and the Moon are pushing Jupiter’s buttons but good and escalating his bent for expanding and expanding every game he joins.

Fighting the waves isn’t a workable option. That could pull you momentarily under, actually. Nor can you take refuge in your heart; Venus, ruler of all that we hold dear, is sending nervous vibes to the Sun and the Moon. (Some of those could palpitations of excitement.)

Mercury is wheedling the Sun into embracing self-confidence, knowledge and acceptance, while pushing the Moon to make boundary choices. Not everything you’re feeling belongs to you. You have the right to stop carrying and walk away from someone else’s craziness. Which contains, paradoxically, a comforting truth: You are not alone.

Falling back on what you’ve always done isn’t working now, either. Even Saturn, the ultimate proponent of the status quo, is sending jitters into the Full Moon that dissuades you from that.

You can’t escape these waters. Ride them. Howl and scream and flail and laugh and dance, but ride them. Let the waters wash pain and ancient sorrows and loneliness away. Be open to the magic that is washing in: emotional treasures, love, acceptance, dreams come true. And the non-rational knowing that we are all in these waters together.

So play nice. And remember: Out of chaos and confusion comes clarity, perhaps sooner than you suspect.

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

Howlin’ at the Moon: Forecast for Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2012

Humans aren’t merely rational beings. (Or rarely, some would argue). We’re also animals, which makes us subject to a primal, instinctual streak that pushes us into directions our minds can’t always understand. This week, that streak is steering the boat.

A lot of what you experience and witness is going to feel unfamiliar. Some of it may escort you down a strange path that leads you to a magical or cherished development. Some of it will confirm a suspicion, spill a secret or unmask a disguise. Some of it will strike you as outright looney. And a lot of it may not belong to you at all.

Raw, elemental impulses are stirring. They’re not all scary or nasty (some are quite delicious, actually); they’re simply ones that normally lurk below the surface or behind closed doors. And they’re active now — which means we can see what’s really in the water with us, more deeply, more accurately and, yes, more compassionately.

Fuller pictures are developing, of ourselves and of what’s around us. Passions, desires and intensely honest emotions are escaping from the tightly lidded boxes we’ve stuffed them in to make it easier to function in polite society. Monsters are crawling out of closets and out of the shadows under beds. Power-mongers are revealing the profound insecurity and terror that underlies their aggression and grabs for dominance.

Demonize if you want — lord knows the masses are doing that — but outward projections are missing the ultimate message of the week: We are all this weird mix of rational and animalistic and divine that we call human. Every one of us. And we are in the water together. What happens in one part of the pool affects all of it, and all of us, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Hang on to this perspective and you can find tremendous empowerment in this week’s developments, disclosures and epiphanies. Choppiness and discomfort are in the mix, but so are treasures, moments of awe and and the opportunity (or two) to say, “Just as I thought!!!”

We are all sponges that soak up each other’s … let’s call it stuff. When the sponges get oversaturated, as they will by this weekend, they could benefit from a good squeezing out. The key for that? No, not necessarily tears, though that’s going to do to the trick for some people. The mind holds the key: healthy mental boundaries.

X-ray vision is at our disposal from Mars, the ruler of our drive, exploring the murky waters of Scorpio, as an advance guard for Saturn’s arrival there in October. We’ve been rethinking, renegotiating, restructuring and, in some cases, ending relationships, and now we’re exploring what it would be like to commit to the ones that remain.

Starting this week, Scorpio is also the new home of the North Node of the Moon, which represents the collective experience. For the next 18 months or so, we will as a group be exploring the penetrating, potent energies of Scorpio — from big money, sex, taxes, mortality and primal terrors to fearless honesty, death-defying bravery and all-consuming immersion in experiences that take us to new levels of consciousness and union. All are themes of the Scorpio end of the coming eclipse cycle, which launches with November’s New Moon.

That’s then, though; this is now. And for now, the big event is Friday’s Full Moon in Pisces, embodiment of the pool that we are sharing. You may wonder if the Moon is full far in advance of Friday, actually; that’s how all-encompassing and far-reaching this one is.

Illusionist Neptune is not only the host of this party, but is also standing by the Moon. His presence enhances the not-of-this-world quality she’s currently giving off, escalating the magical, romantic, sweet or divine in everything that crests now. (Also the deceit and intrigue; be advised.)

Paradoxically, this Moon is also very much of this world. Her closest companion is Chiron, representative of our abiding wound and the challenge of overcoming it to settle fully into mortal, physical existence. We’re getting a status report on how well we’re mastering that. Do we define ourselves by the wound? Use it as an excuse? Have we embraced it as a part of the self and enlisted it as an ally?

Enmeshment and blurred boundaries play a role, too. The solution for that comes as the Sun and Moon are relaxing their showdown, when Mercury enters Virgo. Discernment, discretion and healthy fences are in the air once he’s in his late-summer home. He’s got the wherewithal to deal with anything the tide washes in. (More in my mooncast, which will be posted on the site by Thursday.)

Sound bleak? It doesn’t have to be. Look for the magic. It will abound. And thank the wisps and ghosts and annoying little demons that reveal themselves. You’ll navigate the world better knowing they’re there — and watching some vanish.

General note for the week: The predawn hours are hopping almost every night. Keeping writing materials by your bed the whole week is your best bet for capturing the nuggets surfacing in your sleep.

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Fall?!? Forecast for August 20-26, 2012

Feel the cool in the air? The first sign of fall is blowing in. Maybe the temperatures aren’t really dropping just yet, but this week’s atmosphere is a taste of what’s coming in October and beyond.

That’s going to involve getting good and serious about decisions we’re been making lately. Prepare to dive deep.

Mars, the planet that rules our drive and motivation, is moving into Scorpio, triggering focused-to-obsessive exertions of will and effort. Mars has just come off a meeting with Saturn, the most orderly, rule and structure-loving influence in the sky. This merging put the brakes on some situations and green-lighted others for development. The results of this meeting — the commitments, agreements and agendas he set with Saturn– are going with Mars into Scorpio, exactly where Saturn will be heading himself in October.

Mars is doing advance work while Saturn finishes up his business in Libra. Mars is putting our recent decisions, commitments, agendas and agreements under the microscope. We may explore secrets, pry out buried treasure or gasp at threats and fears (not garden variety but the sort that interrupt or prevent your sleep and loom huge like cartoonish shadows projected onto the wall by an angled light in the hallway.) We will get serious, intensely so, about the decisions and developments of the summer. No more flirting, or dallying, or sitting on the fence (if you haven’t already been pushed off that). Whatever it is that we’ve decided we want, we want to dive in and experience it intensely.

Mars is simply driving home the deepen-or-die imperative coming from Saturn’s final weeks in his two year-ish journey through Libra, the sign of relationships and social contracts. In that time, our connections have gone through quite the overhaul. Old paradigms, ground rules and beliefs have been collapsing, while we embrace and negotiate greater reciprocity and more honest, more empowering and less enmeshed ways of relating. Mars is now applying his laser focus and X-ray vision to the situations and arrangements in progress, so we can see what lurks beneath the surface as we prepare to take the plunge.

He’s getting an assist from Venus, the ruler of our hearts and all we hold dear, and then from Neptune, ruler of higher love. Before Mars slides into Scorpio, Venus makes a growth aspect to expansive, optimistic Jupiter. Your heart is in another wave of opening and blossoming. This week’s planetary collaboration gives you permission to (a) have a desire or four and (b) allow yourself to have them fulfilled. Without guilt or apology, let yourself be more caring and nurturing of yourself, and see if you aren’t also more willing to give words to your needs.

Sunday, a couple of days after Mars has settled into Scorpio’s waters, he has an open channel to Neptune, the weaver of dreams, the cosmic font of compassion and transcendence and the universal spin doctor without equal. Determine to be divinely guided and your actions will drip with artistic inspiration, kindness and higher wisdom. People who are open to whatever, on the other hand, might be pursuing or doing the bidding of lies and illusion. (Unplug from the news and watch a movie if you have to. Or go outside and commune with nature.)

In this framework, the Sun begins his annual visit to Virgo, the sign of discrimination, discernment and healthy choices and boundaries. A paradox is before us: remaining intact while merging deeply. Mull it over and give it a try. Coexist with this one and you have the formula for relationships that flourish and prosper.

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Get to know me and how I work in a two-part interview for the blog In Kara’s World. Part 1 is about astrology and my approach; Part 2 shows me in action interpreting the chart of host Kara Peterson (who is my co-star in an indie film in post-production, Bag Boy Lover Boy.)

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Me me me me me: 2012 Leo New Moon

August 17, 2012
8:56 AM AM PDT/ 11:56 AM EDT / 3:56 PM GMT
25 Leo 8

The Leo New Moon invites you to bring all the recent developments back to that most important of starting places: You.

For months, we’ve been watching once-firm ground blow up around us, beneath our feet and across our inner landscapes. We’ve been exploring desires, relationship dynamics and attitudes about money and our core worth, and starting to think and talk about what it is we want now.

This week we’ve been facing down obsessions, power struggles, fears and scary, primal impulses. Healing core wounds connected to or affected by those monsters. And applying determination and resolve to relationships, agreements and all kinds of social conventions. (Hasn’t it been easy to state what you need lately? Unapologeticly? Matter-of-factly?)

This process has brought the cosmic approximation of installing an entitlement gene. Many of us didn’t get one at birth, but we’ve certainly been acquiring a greater comfort with the concept lately. If you haven’t thought of your recent journey in those terms, consciously try them on and play with them. There’s no time like the present, with the Leo New Moon in the sign of the self.

This fire Moon kindles a child-like passion for simply being alive, for reveling in being here without need to justify our existence. (A book that will help you explore that concept is Birthright: What It Is And How To Get It Back, by Jane Fleming, a perceptive author who was, at least at one time, a reader of mine.) Underscoring that this is right and good is a helpful aspect to Mars and Saturn, rulers of our drive and ability to act responsibly, who are just coming off a meeting in the relationship sign of Libra. We’ve got the motivation and wherewithal for serious relationship work — bringing in reciprocity, dismantling the faltering connections, locking in the ones that work and, most of all, proceeding on a stronger, firmer, truer sense of self.

Allowing yourself to do this is not entirely comfortable. The Uranus/Pluto change edict is sending vaguely unsettling undercurrents into this New Moon that may shoot a mix of agitation and nervous excitement into your solar plexus. No wonder: Setting up relationships with yourself first is a departure from how many of us were brought up. Many of us, particularly Baby Boomers, were taught a false and disempowering humility that led to devaluing our own needs and making choices and decisions (including how we positioned or presented ourselves) based on our concept of what the other person or society expected. And how’s that been working lately? You see my point.

What works now is being fully yourself, neither holding back nor compromising on core values, and teaming with people who are doing the same. Awareness and openness are key, which mean paying attention to signals that a situation isn’t an appropriate fit and also being straightforward about what you are willing to do and what you need and expect in return.

Right now, this level of awareness and communication happens easily and brings grounding and stability, thanks to the Mars/Saturn connection. It’s also coming naturally (and impulsively) from the tight link going on between Mercury and Uranus, the mundane and higher rulers of the mind. We have to express our unique selves; in fact, that expression is going to fly out of us even if we attempt to tamp it down and behave maturely and soberly.

So: Let yourself come out to play, in all your quirky unique expressive glory. Be honest about what you want and what you’re willing to do. Ask for both. Make agreements you can keep (and then keep them). If a situation or proposed agreement requires you to give up too much, or anything important of yourself, well, maybe that’s not right for you. (I’m hearing Billy Joel as I type, “Don’t go changing….”)

And most of all: Make it fun.

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Progress: Forecast for Aug. 13-19, 2012

It’s practicum time in the relationship lab that Saturn has been hosting since the fall of 2011. The task is not a practice exercise (or three), but putting everything we’ve been developing to practical use. That means realizations, decisions, negotiations, renegotiations, revised ground rules and new models of connection and reciprocity.

You know what happens when you start putting reconditioned or unfamiliar tools and concepts to use. They don’t always fly right off the bat. Sometimes you have to learn how to work them (or work with them). Sometimes you uncover other parts of the job that need attention. Sometimes you discover that you need to learn something or hone a skill to make the best use of them. And then a corny joke comes to mind: “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice, practice, practice.”

That’s where we are. Major healing, cleaning up, finishing and implementing dominate the week. When your mind wanders off into what-ifs about later in the year, bring it back to the practicum.

The working metaphor for the week (as well as the next six) is a school calendar. It’s near the end of a semester and you are in the final weeks of all your courses, with finals still a bit ahead. You know what courses you’re going to be taking next semester, but are you worrying about them and wondering whether that intriguing person you’ve been flirting with in the dining hall is going to be in any of them, or going into a panic over what grade you might get? No. You are paying attention to this semester. You have to get through this one before the next one is a live issue.

Remind yourself of that. Maybe even write it down. And, yes, I know this does not come automatically or naturally for us monkey-mind folks. But flying off into the next stage is a distraction from the real and necessary work of finishing this stage.

And really good results are likely if we buckle down and work now. Even though it’s summer. Four big influences are helping with it. Three of them involve Chiron, who challenges us to embrace the gift in an abiding wound and settle fully into the physicality of existence. He’s opening pathways to healing that could make us more comfortable with ourselves and with all the folks we have to live with on this planet.

Chiron is in an opportunity aspect to Pluto, lord of our deepest darkest secrets and impulses and one of the instigators of the rampant and relentless disruption and change that we have been experiencing. Even if for only a moment, we can glimpse the illusion of separateness as just that: an illusion, one that both grows out of and feeds irrational fears and baseline terrors. Everyone — without exception — has been confronting, encountering and undergoing unprecedented instability inside and out, often with damage to metaphoric structures that previously provided a secure foundation. Even if for only a moment, we can experience a softening of the experience of instability. Maybe understand how it benefits us. Maybe experience a sensation of triumphing in it. Maybe transmute long-standing wounds because of it. Maybe experience genuine compassion for what everyone else is going through — even the people who are driving us nuts.

Chiron is also dancing with Venus, ruler of our heart. The flow between them opens and unleashes emotions, throws arguing people into each other’s arms, places balm (initially I typed “calm;” that works, too) and comfort on aching, lonely hearts and pours sustenance into the emotionally malnourished.

Chiron is the bridge in this week’s big standoff, between the two planets of desire and money, Venus (worldly) and Pluto (big, dirty, primal). You see something you want and you can’t have, or shouldn’t have, or crave so badly that it would throw your life into utter, utter disarray. It’s the apple just out of reach, the beloved food that triggers allergies, the obsession that’s just not good and healthy for you, someone else’s spouse.

Whatever form this takes for you, view it through the eyes of love — the eyes of love for yourself. Relate it to your core wound, the one that resurfaces again and again no matter how much therapy or inner work or growing up you do. There is a connection. Let yourself off the hook. Let yourself be human. Forgive yourself.

And then get to work. We’ve got all the incentive in the world (heck, the universe) to buckle down with Mars, the ruler of our drive and actions, meeting with Saturn in Libra, the sign of our social contracts. Our experiences since April have brought us to a more conscious understanding of what our hearts want and need. Now we have the motivation and the follow-through to tackle relationships and agreements of all kinds.

The stakes are high; the ramifications are long-lasting. I’ve been saying since June that this summer is not for flings and trifles; it’s a summer of serious love. Now we see just how much so. Now begins the serious dismantling or collapsing of relationships that can’t support us, while the ones that are going with us begin maturing into solidity and commitment.

The first part doesn’t have to be nasty. We can do this with love. Chiron’s healing contacts with Pluto and Venus infuse everything we undertake now. Ease up on yourself. Forgive yourself. Put healthy focus on yourself, your emotional needs, your own nurturing. And stop worrying about what’s going to happen; the fall will be here soon enough.

It’ll be amazing, actually, how outer situations fall into place as a result.

Oh, and there’s a New Moon in Leo on Friday. Inner children get validation and big-girl/big-boy privileges. More in my mooncast.

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Kitten Days of Summer: Forecast for Aug. 6-12, 2012

We pause now for station identification — and we’re tuning in with our hearts.

Two gear shifts define the week. They will slow, sweeten and soften the wild wobbliness we’ve been experiencing lately. And they might loosen a few tears in the process as well. Don’t shrink back from the notion. Emotional release can be healthy and cathartic.

The first is Mercury stationing direct. (He’s in his station as the week begins and turns direct Wednesday.) Many people have been vocally looking forward to the end of this particular retrograde and the disruptions it has ushered in. Who can blame them? Since this retrograde began July 14, we’ve had an epidemic of closed roads, lanes, ramps and bridges,* the plug being pulled on Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney mid-song in a London concert and the unthinkably widespread failure of the power grid in Northern India.

*Among my observations: the Southwest Freeway buckling in Houston and stymying westbound rush-hour traffic, bridge and lane closures snarling all three westside crossings into NYC, my personal mystery of five consecutive exits off the only highway on my side of town (including the three roads into my town) being blocked by orange cones late one Saturday night for no visible reason and with no alternate route marked. Oh, and the photo up top? The main road I travel daily, taken on August 5.

Two things to keep in mind as the communication planet turns around. (1) He is taking his time and will not really move forward until Sunday. As a result the whole week may feel suspended in time (don’t squawk; you may actually welcome this, after the past couple of weeks), as if we’re waiting for ketchup to flow from an upended bottle. (Who else is hearing Carly Simon at this point?) These are supposed to be the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, remember? We’re getting those first two qualities at last, for possibly the first time this season. In other words: Take it easy. Chill. After what you’ve undergone lately, haven’t you earned some kicking back time?

(2) The road disruptions aren’t going anyway anytime soon; we’ll just be more accustomed to them as part of the fabric of existence. That’s because Mercury went retrograde at the same time as Uranus, who is in charge of the ripping up and dismantling end of the protracted infrastructure work he’s co-chairing with Pluto. The coinciding retrogrades gave us a trial-by-fire immersion in the disruption of familiar, direct routes. Once Mercury’s direct, Uranus will remain retrograde, into December (not coincidentally, the entire length of the scheduled partial shutdown of the George Washington Bridge into NYC). Unannounced and unforeseeable detours are a way of life for the rest of the year, metaphorically and concretely. Don’t whine. Adapt.

The second gear shift is Venus entering Cancer late in the day Tuesday. This move ends a significant leg in the journey of our hearts and ushers in quite a different vibe. Since April, Venus has been in Gemini, flitting through attractions and connections (from the past as well as current time) in a long, intellectual exploration of what she wants and values. We have made definite choices about our personal value and values — what we’re worth inherently and financially, what we want from others, what we are open to receiving in terms of money and love. Although some of those choices have involved, affected and permanently ended or locked in certain relationships, the real and major decisions have been internal and personal.

With Venus moving into the Moon’s home waters, our experience of what we want — and each other — is dropping from the intellectual into the emotional. We know better what we value; now we want to take care of it. Venus’ shift in mode is increasing sweet and tender feelings, protectiveness and the impulse to nurture, feed and snuggle with objects of affection. Sentimentality and nostalgia will be on the rise, along with a heightened sensitivity leading to tears of joy, or crying at commercials, or weeping for no immediately discernible reason.

Her first few days in the water promise magic, because almost on impact she is linking to Neptune, bringer of dreams, illusion, transcendence and grace. An open channel between worldly and higher love will open hearts, not to mention the floodgates to compassion, understanding and enlightened perspectives. Choose to see everyone and everything in the best possible light, and notice how different your life feels.

Do keep your grounding cord tied down solidly, though. This link could make fairy tales come true — and also give some illusions deceptively solid appearances.

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