Time Is On Our Side: Forecast for Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2011

This week, the sensation continues of living in multiple points in time at once. Backwards, forwards and standing still. Life is so every which way right now. Don’t worry: you’re getting crystal clear on what matters most to you.

Oh, life is still an obstacle course of techno-snafus, unexpected reunions and adventures, spirited conversations and extremism pushing the envelope into uncharted territory. (Pepper spray is a vegetable? And a personal shopping aid? Seriously?) The holiday gauntlet has officially opened, yet beneath the jollity, real and forced, somber notes are sounding. Serious business is drawing attention once again.

That’s from the new element of the week, Venus settling into Capricorn. The fun-loving side that Venus let fly in Sagittarius has given way to practicality and a keen eye for the bottom line and lasting value, in social as well as financial dealings. That’ll change the vibe for holiday shopping (no trinkets this year!), but it has larger ramifications as well.

She’s returning focus to what’s most important to us for our long-term security, that fundamental issue we’ve been wrestling with since the summer of 2009. That’s been stripped down and buffed over the past five months in particular, with expansive Jupiter and transformative Pluto in a loose and easy flow of energy. They’ve been doing massive foundation work on the very spot that will be rocked again and again when the change aspects begin ramping up next year. The shoring up and strengthening is creating an inner security and solidity that will stay with us no matter what shakes out over the next three years.

This week, our hearts get involved in the prep work. Venus meets Pluto and make us acutely aware of cost.The sorting out that results will certainly simplify our lives, if leave us and certain others smarting from the scalpel’s touch. Whatever survives is an anchor, a touchstone, a grounding cord for the volatility that’s coming.

Meanwhile, we are in throes of another dynamic and revealing process: the corridor between last Friday’s solar eclipse (new moon) in Sagittarius and the lunar eclipse (full moon) in Gemini on December 10, with Mercury running retrograde in between. A new phase is just dawning in our world view and beliefs and our relationship to our data flow, technology and transportation. As we prepare to shoot out into new horizons, we are doing research for the journey — mostly unawares, of course — and wrapping up or repackaging old business.

The retrograde has us stumbling on important information that escaped notice before, reconnecting with old players, getting a different slant on the past (and particularly conclusions we drew about the meaning of events) and, most annoyingly but importantly, encountering one breakdown after another of equipment that has to be repaired or replaced before we move on. At the same time, the revelatory aspect of the coming lunar eclipse is already kicking in. As dramas escalate around you — and Thanksgiving brought a number to light, didn’t they? — it will help to look at them as cartoons.

The situations that are cresting with emotion in and around you are blowing something up so large that you can’t miss it. The something is connected to the power of thoughts and words, the tenacity of concepts that you heard, took in and embraced, so deeply that they’re in your cells. Some of what you see is going to be exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness, so absurd that you can not help but notice.

It’s all information — the garbled communications, misunderstandings, techno-breakdowns, traffic detours and revelations. Don’t like something? Work on it. Don’t like what something says about you? Work on you. Mars is in Virgo for the foreseeable future. He likes self-improvement projects. Enlist him.

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Dishing It Out: The Sag New Moon Solar Eclipse of Nov. 24/25

This month’s New Moon is a partial solar eclipse that launches a new phase in how we perceive, think about and experience life. Heady stuff, indeed, with heady ramifications.

We’ve been changing aplenty in the past few months. Updating our beliefs is in order, and no aspect of existence is immune, not even — especially not — our view of ourselves. It won’t be clear for some time exactly where this updating is leading. It is already on the table, though, and very much in process.

We are in the thick of becoming aware of and resetting our relationship to how and what we think — and also how we get around on this planet. That’s the ongoing challenge of the current eclipse cycle, in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. The cycle started up again last Christmas and will continue into May of 2013. It’s reawakening issues and themes from roughly 19 years ago, from the end of 1991 to the middle of 1994. (You can look back in additional 19 year increments if you wish.) It will help to look at the current themes of your life in light of what you were grappling with during those years.

This week’s eclipse is in Sagittarius, which rules what we do with all the information we gather, learn and process, from the systems of thought we create (academia, law, politics, philosophy, codes of beliefs) to the media technology systems that convey them. The sign also governs aspects of life that expand our horizons by exposing us to other ways of thinking and being, including long-distance travel and people, places, cultures and languages that are foreign to our upbringing.

All of these areas are up for revisiting now and in the next six months or so, as this solar eclipse plays out. Because this eclipse is coinciding with Mercury retrograding — in the same sign, to boot — we have the opportunity over the next three weeks to come across lots of information that’s relevant to the process. As the retrograde takes us back over old turf, look for messages and insights that flesh out history and put the stories we tell about the past into quite a different light. We’re likely to get a fuller picture, discover that we made an erroneous assumption and/or question why we attached the importance or meaning that we did. In some cases, you will be feeling as if you’re hearing about a stranger’s life; that’s how much you’ve changed.

Keep that in mind when your tire blows out during an after-dark rain storm, or an 18-wheeler overturns and freezes highway traffic in both directions, or your anti-virus program goes HAL on you and blocks your computer from accessing the Internet (current, real life examples, all). You’re being bombarded with valuable data now. It’s pointing to a better, more workable future for you.

Read the full solar eclipse forecast at EmpowermentUnlimited.net.

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BIG Week! Forecast for Nov. 21-27

Hang on to your hats, guys! Thanksgiving week brings a one-two punch of Mercury retrograding and a solar eclipse. They’re both in Sagittarius, which rules long-distance travel and communication systems, not to mention our beliefs and life philosophies. We’re more than nostalgic; we’re all over time/space, and so are the people and issues sitting down at the table with us.

Oh, and Mars completes his trine to Pluto, too, pushing us ever deeper into incremental, curative action. Lots won’t see the light of day till spring, but trust that enormous progress is underway.

This week calls for strategies galore. My online resources are full of ’em:

Count your blessings! You’ve got more than you realize!

Cans of Popeye’s Spinach & Fated Company: Forecast for Nov. 14-20

This week has very much the flavor of the last one, minus the pressures and insanity of the Taurus Full Moon. We’re getting into the flow of practical, efficient action while making energizing, fun and profoundly important connections.

The two influences are interlinked, too, in a way that could bring people to help with some of that action. Men in particular; men with resources, men with keen diagnostic abilities; men with pronounced fix-it genes, all inclined to throw some of their know-how your way.

Long discussion why in my extended weekly forecast.

Sweet and sassy explanation in my weekly podcast — now on iTunes!

Be Here NOW: The Nov. 10 Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus Full Moon echoes a current theme in the skies: No matter how spiritually aware, evolved or connected we are, the place where we live out our existence is still planet earth.

Yes, the particular dimension we’re occupying may affect our perceptions and experiences. (And speaking of which — how many of you have found roads you frequently travel completely unrecognizable lately?) Yes, intangible forces and factors may be influencing events and guiding us to an over-arching bigger-picture perspective. But the playing field is still under our feet and at our fingertips. We remain very much in our bodies, in our physical circumstances and in our physical homes and communities.

This week’s Full Moon answers the Taurus New Moon of the beginning of May. If you think back to that time, you’ll sense a definite atmospheric similarity. In May we were still bounding around crazily and impulsively from the fiery electricity of Uranus just having moved into Aries. The Taurus New Moon tapped the brakes, slowed our experience of time and redirected our perspective back into immediate mundane matters.

Those matters have been inescapable lately, with Jupiter and Pluto teaming to clean out or renovate so many of the structures and conditions of our lives. Time doesn’t merely feel slow any more. It now feels as if it has stopped, or as if we are suspended outside of time in some DMZ between worlds or ways of being. The absence of frenzy and activity for its own sake makes it easy to spot the harvest of the Taurus Full Moon. It’s showcasing the state of our physical conditions — our money, our possessions, our earning capacity, our practical talents and skills, our values — and, just as importantly, how we feel about them.

This Full Moon also brings fruition to the exploration of inner and hidden realms that we’ve been doing since the Scorpio New Moon of October 26. What treasures have we brought to the surface? What baubles have turned out to be worthless or unappealing, now that their glistening surfaces have dried and dulled? What beasties of the deep shriveled into unimportance when they came into light?

All of this data feeds right back into our physical experience. We’re going to be organizing, perfecting, improving and tweaking it for the rest of this month, as Mars moves into Virgo and creates the round-robin flow of a grand trine in earth with Jupiter and Pluto. Pay attention to the here and now and, above all, to details.

God’s in them, I’m always saying, but that’s more than a trite statement. Taurus is simultaneously the most earthbound of the signs and the one with the greatest potential for spiritual evolution (when is Buddha’s birthday? ). Like the 10 of Pentacles in the Tarot, Taurus can be spirit come down to earth. That’s the very potential that each of us has. Actually, that’s the very reality that each of us has, a reality of which we are coming into greater and greater awareness.

This Full Moon reminds us of that, if we will only view its messages and culminations that way. Then it’s time to do something about them. This Moon is a milestone in a prolonged work phase. A tweaking phase. A getting things fixed and in order phase. At the end of it, next year, that explosive, erratic, electric Uranian energy is going to ramp up again as Uranus and Pluto move in and out of an exact square (seven times between 2012 and 2015).

That’s no doubt part of why this current phase is so long, so prolonged, so maddeningly slow-moving. Get your circumstances in order, now. Streamline your life, now. Later, when outer events really start getting erratic, you’ll be calm, focused, centered and able to respond in a way that’s healthy for you.

This Moon has one additional, important message: You’re not in this alone. The Moon’s ruler is Venus, the love goddess and overseer of relationships of all kind. She’s traveling with Mercury, the planet of communication, in the sign of good-times-loving, reach-out-and-yak-someone’s-ear-off sign of Sagittarius. This is anything but a formula for isolation. We’re traveling in a pack of people whose company and conversation we enjoy, in a kind of roving party atmosphere.

Some of that company, conversations and partying is going to prove extremely defining for our life paths. Venus and Mercury are coming up on the North Node of the Moon, a meeting that will spark many an important encounter, conversation and connection. Some are going to feel larger than life and even fated. Why sidetrack yourself by debating whether fate exists? Stand in awe at the connections and embrace them. As heaven sent as some may be, they’re part of the web you’re building here on terra firma.

Originally published at EmpowermentUnlimited.net. © Kathy Biehl 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

Forecast for Week of Nov. 7, 2011

This week brings the final phase in a major cycle, a downshift in how we’ll be exerting energy, a worlds-spanning full moon and contacts that are pivotal to our life paths. Nothing much, really.

Oh, okay; it sounds like an overload, doesn’t it? Yet it won’t feel like one, at least not compared to the last three weeks. The planets of communication and love being in Sagittarius has made the difference, putting light-heartedness, enthusiasm and even optimism back at our disposal.

Lots more in my extended weekly forecast, weekly podcast, and astro-outlook for the month of November.

Miss me last week? The freak snowstorm in the Northeast knocked me off the Internet. I’m baaaaaaaack now!