Turtle Love in the Stars

Mating turtles shut down a runaway at JFK airport yesterday as love goddess Venus crossed the South Node, in the sign of Gemini, which rules things that move through the air. Like airplanes. Which didn’t, while the critters responded to the South Node mandate’s for instinctual behavior.

News story here.

Eclipse Madness

Why is everyone so combative/irritated/irritating? Why is the Twilight Zone playing nonstop in the background?

This week’s Gemini new moon is a solar eclipse that’s stirring communication issues (and how). For starters: How we think. What we think about. How we convey our thoughts. Whether we listen, or just wait for a break in the conversation until it’s time for us to talk again. Whether we impose our opinions as Truth or are willing to listen to other points of view. Where we get our information. How frequently or effectively we clean out our channels.

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For Cosmic Canines!

My 2009 forecasts for dogs are posted at a newish web publication called Dogtime: http://dogtime.com/dog-horoscopes.html. Don’t know your dog’s date of birth? Here’s what one enterprising friend of mine did with her three rescue animals: She got 12 large Milkbones and 12 pieces of paper, wrote a sign on each piece of paper and rubber-banded a piece of paper around each Milkbone. Then she put the bones in a pile. For whichever one they picked, she read the scope (out loud) for the sign on the paper wrapped around the Milkbone.


Animal Readings Dec 29

Animal psychic Christine Agro and I are doing readings for celebrity animals and pets of callers on Conscious Animal Radio at noon EST on Monday, December 29.  To listen to the show live, go to http://www.consciousanimalradio.com/ and press the box on the right that says Listen Live! blogtalkradio. When the page loads, it will have the call-in number. If you miss the show, you can listen later in the archives.