Forecast for the 2016 Taurus New Moon

2016 Taurus New Moon
May 6, 2016
12:29 PM PDT / 3:29 PM EDT / 7:29 PM GMT
16 Taurus 41

After April’s turbulence, we could all benefit from grounding. Thank goodness that’s coming with the Taurus New Moon. It’s a cornucopia of free-flowing earth energy that promises to stabilize many an emerging situation and plant our feet on terra firma.

The cosmic current of a grand trine is coursing from the Moon to bigger-is-better Jupiter and Pluto the transformer and agent of unavoidable change. The contact to Jupiter in Virgo alone would be sufficient to blast this Moon cycle with the energetic equivalent of Miracle Gro.  With Pluto involved, the effect is not only supercharged, but it’s also reaching deep into structures, foundations and our very beings, through cracks that have opened over the past four years or so. Enhancing the reach even more is Jupiter and Pluto’s retrograde status, which makes them operate as cosmic backhoes, pulling back surfaces, exposing buried layers to the air and sending nourishment to the depths.

The process may uproot a plant or two, of course. On the whole, though, this Moon favors the future. It’s particularly blessing situations and structures that have been emerging from the upheaval of recent years. This Moon is refining and improving, cleaning and fortifying. It’s fertilizing developments that are already in progress, even if hidden from view or our conscious awareness.

Trust that’s happening. You can certainly work with it and direct its light to projects and other targets of your choosing. But mostly, relax and let nature take its course. She’s on the job, and how. Not only is the Taurus Moon ruled by Venus, goddess of all we value (love, money, creativity, our precious baubles), but our cosmic hostess is lounging happily in her home sign as well. Venus in Taurus is in no hurry to go anywhere or do anything, so watch sociability relax into a leisurely pace that presents each moment as containing all the time in the world. (Five planets being retrograde play a role in this as well.)

Her presence in Taurus heightens the physical potential of this New Moon, as well as its organic effortlessness. She delights in the sensuality of existence and is not inclined to raise a finger, unless to lift a delicious morsel to her lips. She is no longer on the prowl, as she was while in Aries last month, but trusts that her needs will be both fulfilled and brought to her.

They’re likely to come via her consort Mars, ruler of our will and drive (and representative of the masculine). He’s not exactly on lovey dovey terms with Venus at the moment. The pair are weathering one of those staticky patches that requires maneuvering and making allowances. Getting what we want (and getting along with others) requires an adjustment in how we’re going about it — and probably in how we are viewing situations. Mars’ and Mercury’s retrogrades are affording ample opportunity to revisit conversations, decisions, information streams (maybe it’s time to shut it off to and from parties out who are not at the core of situations?), previous actions and underlying assumptions and beliefs.

Take your time. Think like a cow chews, leisurely ruminating on each bite. Enjoy the sight and sound of the backhoes, the signs of growth, the sweet tastes of early harvests. Eat, drink and be glad you’re in this body, on this plane. Smell the roses; smell the coffee; breathe deep from the garden (and kitchen) of your life. It’s in a growth spurt. Let it blossom into glory. Learn more in my astro-overview for 2016.

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