Scorpio Full Moon of May 5-6, 2012

May 5-6, 2012

8:36 PM PDT/ 11:36 PM EDT / 3:36 AM GMT

16 Scorpio 01 / 16 Taurus 01

A harvest is coming in with this weekend’s Scorpio Full Moon, and it’s a big one. Fields you’ve been cultivating are rewarding your efforts, with fruits both emotional and tangible (maybe even financial).

A Full Moon is always a moment of culmination, when the Sun and Moon stand opposite and the current Moon cycle hits its point of fullness. This month’s Full Moon has a greater than usual fullness and scope, because it occurs in the company of bigger-is-better Jupiter, which expands every thing, and every influence, he touches.

Since last June, that expansion has been going on in the sign of Taurus, which Jupiter has been slowly working over as if injecting cosmic Miracle-Gro. Signs of where and how well that has taken hold started popping up unmistakably in the middle of March. Now, in his final weeks in Taurus, not only are those indicators proliferating, but Jupiter is pumping up our rational and nonrational experiences of everything related to his work. We’re taking ownership and looking at many aspects of our life in terms of (a) what belongs to us and (b) what return we are getting on our investments of time, energy, money and emotion.

What’s coming up for review and harvest falls on the Taurus/Scorpio polarity of possession: my resources (cash, earnings, baubles, toys, talents, self-worth) vs. yours. Or ours. It’s an emotionally charged axis, encompassing poverty, satiation, sharing, trust, greed and terror. The happier potentials will abound, but the baser ones are still skulking about.

The positive playing out of this Jupiter-enhanced Full Moon involves tangible, bankable results from all the groundwork we’ve been laying and cultivating for the past year. This is one bountiful harvest. Even if it does not deposit piles of cash in your bank account, it delivers proof of how much your position has improved.

A solid sense of progress and evolution is coming from helpful aspects to the rulers of both the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is in a growth aspect to his ruler Venus, who’s a few weeks out from going retrograde and revisiting the relationship aspects of this harvest. (We’re talking about it with a new-found ease, too, since the Sun is also in a growth aspect to communicator/commuter Mercury, who’s finally cleared the shadow of his latest retrograde.) Pluto, the Moon’s ruler, is in harmonious aspects to both the Sun and the Moon, which deepens the security and safety this harvest is providing.

The easy communication with Pluto has other effects, though. Weeding, cutting back, purifying and releasing are part of this process. We could be cutting out excess or parts of the garden/work/effort that have broken down or run their course. We could eliminate involvements that have not adequately rewarded our participation or, worse, that have betrayed our trust. We could let go of some of what we have done and pass it on to others.

Some people are going to give in to baser potentials lurking in this picture — succumbing to compulsion, obsession and fear, seeing lack rather than plenty, clutching what they have close to their chest Gollum-like, demanding more from the common pot, even demanding (or simply taking) what is not theirs. If you witness any of these behaviors, know that primal instincts are propelling them, instincts that are reacting to a perceived threat to survival … and are not subject to reason.

Don’t waste your energy grappling with someone else’s demons. Address your own instead. Hear them out. Ponder whether they’re sending out reliable warning signals or false alarms. Decide accordingly, then soothe them with treats from your harvest. They’re proof of how well you function here in the physical world, and how that world is responding with results and rewards. Indulge and enjoy. You have earned them.


© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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