2013 Leo New Moon

August 6, 2013
2:51 PM PDT / 5:51 PM EDT  9:51 PM GMT
14 Leo 12

“Let your light shine” is the imperative of this month’s Leo New Moon.  Fortunately, it’s giving you the fuel to do just that — and the timing couldn’t be more helpful.

While the rest of the sky is bombarding you with highly emotional, challenging and life-altering influences, this Moon is amping up your ability to carry on despite it all. Who knows, you might have a little fun, even.

The New Moon is boosting your vitality, fortitude, confidence and comfort with yourself. As a result, when upheaval hits, you won’t take it quietly, but will rise up and meet it with the force of your being. It’s spurring you to show your true colors, to express your own spark and to live your life rather the way you think you have to be because of programming, expectations, what your parents said, advertising, TV, or the posturing you’ve been doing to keep a situation or person or arrangement in your life.  As a result, when upheaval hits, you won’t take it quietly, but will rise up and meet it with the force of your being.

Two influences are pushing you into break-out mode. One is the Moon’s harsh contact to the Nodes of Fate, which embody what you and the collective are moving away from (i.e. the past and knee-jerk behaviors) as well as what you (and the collective) are moving toward. The Nodes are bearing down on the Leo Moon, causing its fire to flare and shoot into the Aquarius sector opposite it in the sky.  The pressure is forcing you to act, to perform and to strut your stuff, with a noticeable impact on your role in a group context. The nature and extent of this impact will come to light over the next two weeks, culminating in the Aquarius Full Moon of August 20.

The other break-out influence is Uranus, the awakener, the rebel and the agent of unforeseeable change. He is in the easy flow of a trine to the New Moon, which means that each fuels the other.   The more you express yourself, step into the spotlight, and/or receive attention, the more limitations will burn off and circumstances will open up to allow you to express yourself, step into the spotlight, receive attention, etc., etc., etc.

Passion, enthusiasm and raw life force will flare at unexpected moments and without premeditation.  When life hands you lemons, this New Moon supplies the juicer — and a high-powered one at that. Just think of how you’ll handle the good stuff.

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© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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