2013 Gemini Full Moon

December 17, 2013
1:28 AM PDT / 4:28 AM EDT / 9:28 AM GMT
25 Gemini 36 / 25 Sagittarius 36

That whirlwind whizzing around you is courtesy of this month’s Gemini Full  Moon. It’s a hyper-active, hyper-chatty status report on what runs through your mind, what comes out of your mouth and where and how you get about.

All these areas underwent major updating in the past couple of years, as the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses set off review and rebooting from 2010 through this past spring. Now we get to see how well the updates are doing.  This month’s Full Moon is the first since the eclipse cycle ended, and it’s putting our communication and transportation systems into a wind tunnel for testing.

The result isn’t quiet. There’s so much to think about, to pass on, to hear and, of course, to handle. As your attention splatters in fifteen directions simultaneously, make the effort to catch the words flying around. What are you saying to yourself? What are people actually saying? Is that the same as what you’re hearing? And are people actually hearing you? The people who reliably “got” you may have lost that knack. More probably, you’re the one who’s lost the resonance with the person they “got” before. (Get it?)

Another question is: What isn’t working? That one is easier to spot. The wind tunnel trial is revealing flaws in the system. Technology is failing. Certain streams in our data feed are growing stale, uninteresting or unpleasant. Interchange after interchange is demonstrating the power of words.  Forget the platitude “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”  This Full Moon demonstrates vividly that words can touch, pierce and move the heart.

Some adjustments are necessary, and how. They’re being required by the nature of the relationship between the rulers of the Sun and the Moon, Jupiter and his magic mushrooming touch and Mercury, the cosmic messenger. Any pairing of theirs whips up talk and running around. They’re currently making an adjustment or crossroads aspect, which escalates the need, nature and extent of tweaks and fixes. For some of us, cars and technology have been taking the hit. Others have had communications that tip previous thinking on its side, some extreme enough to suggest hell is freezing over.

Old thoughts are breaking up spontaneously. (The same is true, alas, of communication technology and vehicles.) We’re all shaking off cobwebs. Uranus, the agent of radical, liberating, unexpected change, is ending his five month retrograde eight hours after the Full Moon peaks. Changes that have been simmering will start erupting now, starting with Gemini-ruled matters, in general and in your chart.

Watch for two images to play out in the coming weeks. We’re in a cosmic game of crack the whip — an old pasttime that involved children holding hands in a line on ice and skating increasingly violently till a person at an end flew off. We’re each also at the core of a cosmic centrifuge. As the machine spins ever faster, notice what it flings out of the center of your thinking, your life and your universe. Feel free to loosen your grip or nudge anything out and let the centrifuge do its job.

I have now been making this weekly forecast freely available for five years without missing a single installment. Please support it by booking a reading or making a donation via PayPal to kbiehlATempowermentunlimited.net. Thank you! And thank you to those who have donated — I truly appreciate your gesture.

© Kathy Biehl 2013. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

One thought on “2013 Gemini Full Moon

  1. Holy Buckets — you are DEFINITELY right on with this one!  Nothing BUT what you describe, exactly!

    Wishing you the best when the light returns — I love your posts!

    Hugs, C.

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