2015 Aquarius New Moon

January 20, 2015
0 Aquarius 08
5:13 AM PST / 8:13 AM EST / 1:13 PM GMT

The first New Moon of the year gives us a propulsive send off into the adventures to come. It’s a high-octane blend of fiery individuation, more tectonic plate shifting and cool, cool objectivity.

It may feel like a switch has suddenly flipped, especially given the diffuse, bittersweet energies and the flurry of startling departures in the week preceding We’re being outfitted for blasting out of stuckness and into a wild and wooly future.

The Moon’s ruler, Uranus, is fueling the fire power and shifts. He’s moving toward two contacts that are scheduled to detonate in March: the easy flow of a trine to Jupiter, pouring flame accelerant onto radical liberation and actualization of the self, and the final, change-demanding square to Pluto, which will finish the restructuring of our foundations that has been in process since June 2012.

We’re feeling both already. This Moon delivers an intense kick to perceive the big picture and proceed as if it were already fully in place.  Last minute breaks for freedom will be epidemic, but so will relationships shifting from friendship into solid form as if on a dime.

Just barely into the sign of Aquarius, it is the third of six consecutive degree new moons at the very first degree of their signs. This sequence has been hitting the gas on one area of our chart and lives after another, starting with last November’s Scorpio new moon solar eclipse, and punching up one half of our chart. (To learn what this means for you, order my Getting Started in 2015 guides for each of your sun and rising signs.)

This first-degree location gives the Moon a raw, fierce instigating expression to the traits of the sign she’s occupying. In Aquarius that means unpolished detachment and orientation toward the future and the brotherhood of all mankind. All these characteristics are underscored by the presence of Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, which bring an airy bent to communications and orient us toward friendship and breathing room in relationships.

Don’t be surprised if you’re shot into a new perspective on recent events, even and especially the painful ones, giving you a philosophical understanding of why they happened the way they did and why that is for the best in the long run. You might also glimpse where they are heading.

We’ll have ample opportunity to explore both. Mercury goes retrograde the day following the New Moon, through February 11. His journey will take us over territory we’ve recently covered and allow us to dig deeper and pick up threads of information we might have missed. (Learn more in Handling a Mercury Retrograde.)

At a minimum, the breaks for freedom, new insights and foundation restructuring have a solid, dependable, sober tint to them. The Moon is in a grounding sextile to Saturn, ruler of order and structure, which lends a quality of pulling concepts from the air and tying them down on the earth.  They’re becoming real. What erupts into being now has the potential for staying power. Watch this space, come March, when the detonation goes off.

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