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The astrology of this cluster of aspects has already been showing up dramatically in the news. I invite you to play Astrology in Action with me and share what you see by email or by posting comments to my Facebook page or here on the Astro-Isight blog.  Here are some observations to get you going:

Some of what is coming to light and calling for addressing ties to Christmas Eve through early January and/or early summer 2012. Here’s one example: The last week or two brought to light something called the Heartbleed bug, which affects passwords in a type of cryptography used by roughly 2/3 of all websites — think about that. News reports are that the National Security Administration has known about this flaw for about two years and has been exploiting it to expand its monitoring of us, rather than notifying any of the big sites that have been affected. And that the President authorized the NSA’s action in January.

Another time frame to consider is spring 1995. A lunar eclipse occurred at the same degree of Libra on April 15, 1995 as the eclipse that’s happening this Tuesday.  One pivotal event that happened then was the Oklahoma City bombing, which took place on April 19, 1995. Coincidentally or not, that’s the same day I had my first date with the first man I formally lived with. I’ll be watching for themes related to either to be coming back around again.

The current pressures are directly hitting the US, because its sun is at exactly the degree of the grand cross that’s forming among Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto, at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs. If you’ve been following the furor over mentions of evolution in the rebooted TV show Cosmos, it should not surprise you that the host, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, was born when the sun was almost at that very degree.

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