Forecast for January 6-12, 2014

After a tumultuous kick-off to the year, we’re already settling in. This week we get our heads and hearts together, increase the reach of our grasp and come upon safety nets within ourselves and our connections. Developments have the potential for stabilizing and grounding, which provide a sturdy base for moving out of emotional reactions and into more objective perceptions.

Make a note of this week’s impulses, campaigns and agendas. They will return in May and June, when warrior god Mars marches back over his current position. They are currently flying off the collision between Mars and bigger-is-better Jupiter, a contact that is prolonging and escalating the profound changes that emerged between Christmas and New Year’s. Those eruptions and shatterings of patterns, envelopes and paradigms are taking on a turbo-charged quality now.

With that activity as the backdrop, the travels of our minds and hearts color the week. Mercury, ruler of how and what we communicate and how we get around, launches the journey and the week with an overnight assist by commitment and responsibility-oriented Saturn.

On Tuesday he shares what he’s learned with Venus, goddess of love and ruler of all we hold dear (money, possessions, beauty, creativity, value systems). Their meeting rivets mind and heart on longterm desires and sets us thinking about the pathway to making them manifest. Some of that thinking involves other people. Watch for “where are we going?” conversations and decisions that define, tie down and recognize the value of certain connections.

After Mars’ clash with Jupiter begins to recede (it peaks on Wednesday), building materials start arriving for ideas and decisions from the beginning of the week. The job foreman is Saturn, who is delivering important, practical options on, appropriately, his day, Saturday.  He’s making offers of assistance to both Venus and the Sun, opening doors of great personal meaning. Between those meetings, the Sun and Venus have their own private time, sealing our commitment to our heart’s desires and values, and anchoring connections with personal value for the long haul. Relationships stand to benefit tangibly, and so do you, especially if you treat yourself with maturity, responsibility and respect.

While so much moves into solid form and stability, our minds step back and observe. On Saturday, Mercury departs the ground of Capricorn for the intellectual expanse of Aquarius, where he will remain for the rest of the month. He’ll be taking a bird’s eye view of the path unfolding before you. Take advantage of his viewpoint. Seeing the big picture makes it easier to assess whether an impediment is a momentary annoyance or a boulder to circumvent or destroy. An elevated view can also remind you that you are making progress, however slow or undetectable. Slow and steady is your mantra. You are in a marathon.

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