Talk About Looney! The Gemini Full Moon Total Eclipse of Dec. 10

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Really? I beg to differ. Words have a phenomenal, stealth and lasting power to not only touch us, but also spawn beliefs that mold and guide our lives. That’s part of what’s up for reexamination under this month’s Full Moon in Gemini, which is a total lunar eclipse at the south node of destiny.

The past few weeks have been escalating the intensity that always comes with a lunar eclipse. (Think of it as a super-sized full moon.) Not only do we have the heightened emotions that flow from any full moon, but we’ve got them being whipped up by the revelations that are always part of the build-up, too. If you have doubted that form follows thought (what we think => what we experience), think about the revelations that have been erupting in your life and environment lately.

You might think that a lunar eclipse involving the signs that govern communication (Gemini and Sagittarius) wouldn’t have much room for emotional drama, but that has not been the case this time around. People have been showing their hands, their motivations and their true colors in the most astonishing ways. Matters have been coming to a head not just about thought forms and beliefs, but also involving the reliability of our technology and modes of transportation, (how much have you had to replace lately?), higher education, the legal system, the media, information delivery systems (the postal system going broke and FedEx being shut down by snow multiple times), religion and foreign lands, peoples and languages. Information has been especially abundantly coming to light about embezzlement, misappropriations, scams and financial loss, not to mention the epidemic of college coach sexual assault charges (which combine the academic and law aspects of Sagittarius in one issue).

All of this has been handing over puzzle pieces that explain vast chunks of the past, going back weeks, going back years and, in some instances, going back to our earliest days. This extra-long tail comes from the Moon being at a point that represents the past, our habitual responses and what we are moving away from. That’s why so much ancient information and beliefs are in the spotlight.

The usual chapter-ending characteristic of a lunar eclipse has a much bigger potential scope this time around. We could be overturning thinking that has governed our lives. This is occurring for each of us individually; because of the collective experience that the nodes represent, it is also happening to us as a group. No coincidence that it is during the build-up to this eclipse that the U.S. Senate passed a military appropriations bill that permits military arrests and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without trial or right to counsel — in violation of the Constitution and the protection of habeas corpus that is one of the founding tenets of this country. (Read more in this long discussion of the bill’s language, background, effect and opponents.)

Don’t like that? Harness the communication imperative of Gemini and express yourself. There’s still time to speak up and, if you are so inclined, get involved. Another 18 months have yet to play out in this eclipse cycle. We’re at only the midpoint of the evolution in thought and systems that this cycle will bring.

This eclipse is a turning point, though. It carries wild-card, high-voltage energy. As the Sun and the Moon face off, long-simmering passions are reigniting. A revolutionary spirit is getting a second wind. Whether you call it courage, gumption or motivation, a raw life force is bursting forth within each of us. Something is being unlocked. It’s time again to leap without looking, to take risks, to go it alone, as each of us did in June 2010 and the spring of this year.

All these shifts are triggered by Uranus, the cosmic change agent, stationing direct at the first degree of Aries, on the same day as the Full Moon. This spot is the very beginning of the zodiac, so it contains the vitality and power of a shoot bursting from a seed. The spot is also on what is called the World Axis, which means that public events will be expressing these impulses for all to see.

The lunar eclipse and Uranus are working in tandem. The eclipse is bringing awareness. Uranus is giving the firepower to act on and with that awareness. And the celestial line-up is making sure our inner drive has no choice but to kick in. The Full Moon is making the movement-demanding aspect of a square to Mars, ruler of our drive (and of Uranus, while he’s in Aries), in the practical, improvement-oriented earth sign of Virgo.

That’s a counter-balance to the impulses that will be sparking in us. Mars may be gung-ho, but Virgo insists on going over the fine print and measuring twice before cutting. As much as we want blast-off, we’ll be attending to all manner of details before that happens. Which is not to say that some people won’t attempt blasting off, consciously or, more likely, not. So some of the demands on Mars in Virgo may involve repair work to fix whatever havoc those loose cannons cause.

More reasons for a slow take-off: The Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is retrograde and goes direct on the 13th. We will still be going over old mental territory for a few days after this Full Moon, and exploring new turf won’t come easily until about a week later, after Mercury has moved out of its direct station. The Sun’s ruler, Jupiter, is retrograde as well. We won’t have full range of motion until he goes direct on Christmas Day. After that, the skies are treating us to an entire month without any retrograde planets. The progress we’ll make will be breathtaking.

All in all, this Full Moon is an important bundle of energy and influences. We’re changing our thinking, resetting our beliefs, drawing lines and proclaiming, “No more!” We’re reigniting our engines and then taking painstaking steps to move forward. Just remember: you are what you think. So change your thinking; change your life.

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