2017 Scorpio Full Moon

May 10, 2017
2:24 PM PDT / 5:24 PM EDT / 10:24 PM GMT
20 Taurus 24 / 20 Scorpio 24

The spring’s plot twists and epiphanies are delivering us to the emotional culmination and release valve of the Scorpio Full Moon. This one has the power to send us deeper than deep into some matters — and dispatch others with the clean swiftness of a scalpel.

You have been spending more mindful time in your garden lately, since last month’s Taurus New Moon drove attention to the physicality of existence. It’s been quite the lightning field, with some strikes throwing a stark and sudden light on one sector or another, and others hitting you smack in the head.

The excitement’s come from Mercury and Uranus, the cosmic messenger and the cosmic iconoclast, playing Humpty Dumpty with practicalities, resources and supply lines, and our very concepts of our own worth. The Scorpio Full Moon marks the beginning of the end of their trickster teamwork. They’ve been tight since the end of April, and make the second of two conjunctions on the morning of the Full Moon.

As a result, this year’s review of what we’ve been tending is not exercise is not the usual immersion in intensity and the primordial. We’re going in with massively altered perspectives, which affect the emotional score cards we’re ticking off now.

Watch for some combination of the following questions to surface. Responses will be radically different from what they would have been even two weeks ago.

What’s the condition of your resources? (A shortlist for starters:  cash, technology, marketable skills.) Are they supporting and nurturing you? Are you enjoying them, or the effort you put into them? Is the return worth the effort?  Do you possess them, or do they possess you?

What’s the role of other people? Who’s on your share list? Who’s returning the favor?  Contributing to your garden? Valuing it? And maybe: do you possess them? Do they possess you?

Questions like these color the emotions coming to a head now. They may not all be pretty — some nasty, scary beasts lurk in the waters of Scorpio — but they don’t have to stick around long, at least not in the form of their surfacing.

The potential for release comes from a supportive link from this Full Moon to its ruler, Pluto, ruler of the beasts and treasures alike that lurk within the deep. He’s also the lord of death and  rebirth, and his participation enables swift and clean response:  clarifying, simplifying, prioritizing and, where necessary, cutting away.

He’s escalating the sense of quickening, adding an air of facing the unavoidable and inevitable, and arming us with fearlessness and ruthlessness (which does not have to be cruel).  The tools will come in handy no matter what is coming up. When Scorpio is involved, even developments you rationally see as positive have a way of inspiring you to take a deep breath before tackling them.

Much of what transpires now will be natural, organic or unforced, like the cycles of nature that Pluto rules. You know on some level — cellular or subconscious, if not rational — what is ready to die, to leave, to be transformed, to be embraced and allowed to grow deeper and more intense.

Thanks to Mercury and Uranus, you’re more ready for any of these eventualities. The lightning strikes have already shattered your attachment to certain values, points of view and mundane situations. So you may find yourself approaching the Scorpio cauldron with more relief and anticipation than dread, and excitedly tossing in this and that as it churns and bubbles and transmutes.

You can spot decay with an objective eye and address, attack and clear it, so work that ability. Look around to see what isn’t thriving, then deal with it. Prune the dead and dying. Unplug unsalvageable situations from life support. Clean out debris and clutter.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t suit, support or nourish you anymore, or that no longer interests you. You’re freeing  space and resources (time, money, emotion, energy) that could go to what you do want to flourish.

And as you pare down your shortlist, one or two items may make the cut that gives you pause and stir a mix of excitement, anticipation and terror.  That’s your signal:  Trust. Dive in. Merge.

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Forecast for the 2017 Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse

February 26, 2017
6:58 AM PST / 9:58 AM EST / 2:48 PM GMT
8 Pisces 12

Time for another growth spurt! This one’s been building for a couple of years, but it might still take you by surprise.

How are you at surfing? Or riding a wave? Not that you have much choice. And not that effort is required. A surge is coming, no matter what you do, with the force to carry you into the next 19 years.

The excitement is coming off the Pisces New Moon, which combines the cosmic whammy of a solar eclipse with an undercurrent of fire power. Even if it’s not hitting a point in your chart, it’s bound to be a watershed moment, pun fully intended.

The eclipse is finishing a cycle that’s been with us for two years, on the Virgo/Pisces axis. This cycle has had us revisiting, reevaluating and rebooting issues of boundaries vs. interconnectedness, logic vs. faith,  rationalization vs. compassion, and service vs. martyrdom.

We’re wrapping up and moving on from this process just as the next one is beginning, courtesy of the Leo/Aquarius eclipses, which began with the Leo Full Moon of February 10. The gear shift moves us from learning to remain intact while soaking in the sea of humanity, to the next challenge of shining brightly in the midst of a group.

The shift comes with shocks, jolts and goodbyes. A solar eclipse always closes something out and leaves something behind. This one stands to wash away situations, patterns and likely specific people.

Some departures could go unnoticed, or come with camouflage, unclear motive or subterfuge that takes months to be fully detected or appreciated. (Be on the lookout for sacrificial lambs.)

A sense of unreality is probable. (No! Not these days!) This could be gentle and lovely, as if the divine is at work, or maybe raw magic. It could also be disorienting, to the point of putting someone’s sanity in question.

Thank the New Moon’s host, Neptune, ruler of illusion, escapism, and transcendence. He’s not only in the thick of this party, but he’s also the first planet the Sun and the Moon will meet after they separate (the Moon six hours later, the Sun three days later, on March 1).

His close involvement amplifies the otherworldly, unhinged-from-normal-reality character of a Pisces eclipse. Surface appearances may have nothing to do with what is really happening.

Take heart, though. Since the event is a graduation exercise, we don’t have to fall prey to lower, delusional potentials. We’ve been dealing with and working on this area of life, and we can apply what we’ve learned to this final burst.

That means:  Know where the borders are between you and others. Safeguard your boundaries.(No codependency! Got that?) Use a connection to a higher force — faith, divine guidance, love — as the navigational tool for the waters, and for the likely fog (more likely, steam) that blankets them.

Trust is essential. There’s not much time to think. Likely you’re not going to see the biggest developments coming. Even if you do catch a glimpse, good luck doing anything about it.

We’re about to be transported by a massive energy surge (or several). Every solar eclipse brings an effect like hitting a power up in the old Nintendo Mario Cart game. In this instance, though, it’s more like you’re on a jet ski or powerboat. You’ll be traveling along and blam! The pace will quicken like crazy, and it’ll be all you can do to hang on for the ride.

You may feel as if a huge force is rising up within or under you and sweeping you along. This eclipse is turbo-charged with urgency, unpredictability, volatility, aggression, and passionate, nonrational impulses. With Neptune in the mix, you may not appreciate the power of those waters (or what’s in them with you) until you’re well underway.

That’s because this eclipse is powered by an intense and dynamic evolutionary surge (that word again!): a loose cardinal t-square linking the god of war and the cosmic rebel (Mars and Uranus), the lord of death and the underworld (Pluto) and the most expansive influence in the sky (Jupiter). This configuration plays out from February 22-27, as Mars squares Pluto, teams with Uranus, and then opposes Jupiter.

The configuration is raucous and energizing to the max. The combination promises to affect and reshape issues of home, family, tradition, nurturing and security, as the pressure rushes to find expression in the sign opposite Pluto, Cancer. (Political alert: Think immigration and borders have been hot issues? Just wait.)

The intensity peaks on the day of the New Moon, when Mars and Uranus meet. They’re unleashing the energetic equivalent of dynamite detonating, or a geyser erupting — sudden, explosive, violent, and propulsive; shattering and destroying as they shoot events forward and color the next six months as the eclipse plays out.

Resistance is futile. Situations will be changing in an instant, and time may feel like it’s speeding up like crazy. There’s no point in hanging on to any person or situation that slips away. Clutching may lead to something blowing up in your hand.

All you can do is ride with it — whether that means acting on motivation that’s igniting within you, or climbing on your surfboard and hollering, “Cowabunga!”

You’re up to this. You’ve been in training for the past two years, as the Virgo/Pisces eclipses have pushed you to simplify and reset your life, habits, and personal boundaries.  You are as prepared as is humanly possible.

There will be moments that take you by surprise. That take your breath away, that make your heart race, that make your head spin. That stun and probably sting. You may cry. You may swear angels are at work.

And you may feel exhilarated, lighter and freer than ever, and jubilantly, utterly alive.

You can do this.

When you land on stable ground a few months from now, look to see who’s made it to the same destination. And celebrate what you’ve done.



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Forecast for the 2017 Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

2017 Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
February 10 – 11, 2017
4:32 PM PST / 7:32 PM EST / 12:32 AM GMT
22 Leo 28 / 22 Aquarius 28

This year’s Leo Full Moon has the subtlety of a powder keg igniting. It’s a pile-up of combustible influences that stoke the year’s theme of self-actualization. And like a powder keg’s igniting, it’s blowing some situations to smithereens — and blasting us further into this wild new phase.

Like any full moon, it’s bringing emotional outpourings to a head. They’re especially larger than life now, for multiple reasons.

One is the moon’s sign, Leo, which has a bent for drama and grabbing the spotlight. Feeling sufficiently seen, acknowledged and validated is a hot topic now. Some people are going to attack any perceived shortfall with attention-grabbing antics. Others, channeling the proud and regal possibilities of Leo, will respond by walking away from devaluing situations, with head held high.

Another reason for the larger than life emotions is this full moon’s nature as lunar eclipse, which escalates the looney factor exponentially. Lunar eclipse emotions aren’t merely aggrandized; they’re forceful, overwhelming and enormously informative (and so are the revelations that accompany them). What is seen cannot be unseen. Life will never be quite the same again.

This month’s full moon launches a two-year cycle of eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis, which has us revisiting and resetting the challenge of shining as individuals while coexisting within a group. A defining question is:  Who is your tribe? Here’s another: Where is your stage?

Watch for related themes, situations and even people to come back (perhaps only in your thoughts) from the summers of 1998 through 2000, the last time we underwent this eclipse cycle.
We are profoundly different now, though, so our responses to this cycle’s issues and triggers will be markedly different than they were some 19 years ago. Since then we’ve refocused our priorities, gained acute self-awareness and shed most inclination to contort ourselves to make a relationship “work.”

The first returns are coming this week, and continue as the eclipse unrolls over the next six months. Who sees your light? Who fuels it? Who doesn’t? There’s no point in running after anyone who leaves, or who fails to see you. Nor in continuing if you’re dancing your heart out in front of people who aren’t aware you’re in the room. Realizations are flipping internal switches in an instant, and permanently.

But wait!  There’s still more reason for the extraordinary uproar:  The Sun and the Moon are locking into the controlled firepower of the Saturn/Uranus trine, which ignited in December and fuels us for most of this year. Even if that trine did not activate anything in your chart (and in your heart), this Full Moon makes the potential immediate and personal.

Impulses are erupting from within, maybe from anger, maybe from passion, maybe from a raw life force that you can’t entirely define. You have got to have freedom to express yourself. Whether you’re seeing yet where you’re going, you are seeing what you’re leaving.

You have every incentive to get a move on. Action hero Mars, ruler of our drive and ambition, is ultimately in charge of this eclipse. (Here’s how:  the Moon in Leo answers to the Sun, which is in Aquarius and answers to Uranus, which is in Aries and therefore answers to Mars, which is in his home base of Aries.)

Mars doesn’t wait for permission, or for premeditated thought. A hot head and a risk taker, he simply acts. And that’s what we’re all doing.

The leaps and lunges, comings and goings, switches flipping and all the rest of the commotion stand to benefit us greatly. Bountiful Jupiter, bestower of optimism and expansiveness, is making helpful links to both the Sun and the Moon. Those contacts could further balloon some of this eclipse’s dramas to cartoonish proportions, but they could just as easily cushion the impact, or help us see why they’re ultimately good for us.

Many of them are. Revelations, partings of the way and split-second emotional decisions all carry profound healing potential. The Moon and Jupiter are making a yod, or Finger of God, that points directly to Chiron in Pisces, embodiment of our abiding, collective wound.  We are being called to address, even immerse ourselves into, interconnectedness.

The concept is seemingly incompatible with this moon mission. Tap into the elevated perspective of the Aquarius Sun and think of it this way:  On a micro level, it’s time to separate from the herd and venture forth in mutually appreciative networks. On a macro level, though, we’re in this together, various herds and all.


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January 2017

Feeling fired up? Riled? Combative? Wondering how much more of this you can take?
The cosmos has something for that. A giant wrap-up, reboot and restart dominate the month of February. One eclipse cycle is starting while another is ending, with the combined effect of a powerful vacuum sucking us into a worm hole and spitting us out.
Much will become clear during this strange ride. Lives are changing, permanently, inside and out. Epiphanies will flash like lightning strikes, suddenly illuminating while zapping targets with an overload of energy.
A lot of games have hit the point of no longer being playable. Some connections, of all kinds — relationships, family, group, political, work — will not survive. Others will find previously unlikely common ground and unite. Still others will regroup, consolidate and negotiate how to travel together.

We’re starting a two-year revisiting of a core human challenge, expressing individuality while coexisting in a group. (Not unconnected side note: the same journey has the US revisiting who we are as a people.) Each end is getting quite the backing and buffeting this month as we do.

The new cycle comes first, on February 10, when the Leo Full Moon plugs into the stabilizing but activating fires of the Saturn/Uranus trine that have been blazing since December.  Validation, recognition and just plain being seen are core themes of this high-octane lunar eclipse, fueling emotional flare-ups and sending inner children and drama queens alike into the spotlight.

These and related issues are coming back around from 1998-2000, the last occurrence of this Leo/Aquarius eclipse family, which has returned for the next two years. Our priorities, circumstances and self-awareness have been radically refined since the last go-round, so the themes will likely play out differently this time, too.

The kick-off comes with impulsive, self-propelling daring bordering on ferocity. Venus, ruler of relationships, money and creativity, enters Aries, the sign action hero Mars is marching through, on the 3rd. She’s no delicate flower in this mode, waiting for a big, strong man to come to her rescue. She is a force of nature, more than capable of seizing what she wants. And the big, strong man is absolutely in sync.

For the rest of the month, desire and will are in hunter mode, on the prowl without hesitation or apology. We’ll be standing up for ourselves, pouncing on what we want and fighting on a moment’s notice — or without provocation.

Watch for acute, perhaps sudden awareness of who’s paying attention and who’s not, of who and what fan your spark and who and what put it out. Revelations will impel us toward the first in each pair and shut out the second.  And because of the chapter-closing nature of a lunar eclipse, some of the second is on the way out, for keeps.

As progress reports come in on the condition of our inner spark, we are simultaneously undergoing a graduation exercise in maintaining intact boundaries amid immersion in all of life. It’s one of the gifts of the Pisces New Moon on the 26th, which is the final in the Virgo/Pisces eclipses that started in March 2015.

Over the past two years, we’ve been resetting boundaries and notions of service vs. martyrdom, logic vs. faith, and intactness vs. enmeshment. The solar eclipse hits the refresh button one final, time and unleashes a wave that carries us dramatically onward, leaving much — and many  — in the past. The waters we’re riding teem with compassion, transcendence, escapism and more than a hint of forgiveness, especially directed inward. (Potential downside:  am updated version of scapegoating is likely in those waters as well.)

The ride is hardly gentle or smooth, at least not initially. The final week of the month shoots us through an intense gauntlet that challenges, furthers and tempers individual drives and agendas, and forces potent action on situations and structures that have been in upheaval and turmoil for the past five years.

The ending stretch is a hotbed of anger, eruptions, accidents, blows for autonomy, and relationship standoffs, as Mars squares Pluto, joins Uranus and opposes Jupiter. Compromise is in short supply; Davids and Goliaths abound. Funny thing is, everyone assumes that he’s David. Even the big and powerful.

What’s happening is a more forceful replay, and a forceful furthering, of the energies of the last week of December 2013. Think back to how family/tribal foundations evolved then, for an indication of what’s likely now.

Whether you remember that time or not, think of February’s gauntlet as a birth canal. We’re forcing out new ways of coexisting. The passageway is tight, dark and uncomfortable, and some of the pressure could be painful. But it’s pushing us. Elsewhere.

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Forecast for the 2016 Aquarius Full Moon

August 18, 2016

2:26 AM PDT / 5:26 AM EDT / 9:26 AM GMT

25 Leo 51 / 25 Aquarius 51

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. —  Khalil Gibran

When you emerge from an intense experience, it’s common to see your life through new eyes. That shake-up in perspective — and the changes it motivates — are the gift of this year’s Aquarius Full Moon.

Like any Full Moon, this one brings a culmination of feelings and developments that have been in process. Calling this round extreme is an understatement, thanks to the years (and lifetime(s)) of gunk warrior god Mars dredged up during his recent months in Scorpio.

We’re coming back from the brink, emotionally and, for some of us, physically, after the combination free-fall, deep sea dive and monster rally of June and July. Feelings, truths and realizations have surfaced that aren’t going back. They are your filter now.

Notice what looks different. Notice especially what feels different. You might be viewing your circumstances as a mess (as in, “who made this — ?”). Or wanting to rearrange specific parts, or throw them out the door. Or perceiving certain aspects as restrictions and railing against them, gasping for breathing room, even pushing to break free somehow. Or all of the above.

The urges will be hard to resist. The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is cooperating with both the Sun and Moon, stoking impulses for freedom and being your own person. Uranus is the cosmic rebel, agent of radical, unexpected change, and advocate for alternative viewpoints. It’s making the easy flow of a trine to the Sun, representing our intellect and rational side, and the opportunity aspect of a sextile to the Moon, representing our emotions.

A companion influence is also pumping the drive to push against walls — only this one has the built-in likelihood of hitting them. Mars, now fast and free in the fire of Sagittarius, is heading straight for Saturn, lord of order.

The approach could inspire feverishly arguing and pushing against limits, obstacles and rules. It could also feel like one foot is on the accelerator and the other on the brake — although, since Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, his preference for order and structure could well prevail. Optimally, the pair will collaborate in controlled, sustained effort, with Saturn tempering the colt-like, my-way-or-the-highway proclivities of Mars in Sagittarius.

The tricky part about all these possible expressions of Mars/Saturn is the utterly unclear road conditions in which they’re occurring. Haze, fog and tricks of the light are obscuring and distorting the road and everything in it.

Saturn, lord of form, is in a harsh aspect to Neptune, lord of everything that defies form (from illusion, delusion, and deception to transcendence, high level love and interconnectedness with all life). The upshot, for this Full Moon, is that we may be operating under false or misleading data. Objects in the mirror may not only be closer than they appear, but they also might not be as or what they appear.

This probability extends even to the nature of this Full Moon, which may or may not be an eclipse. (If it were, it would be the first in a cycle that gets fully underway in February 2017, lasting through January 2019.) It is listed as a penumbral lunar eclipse in some, but not all, tables of the month’s planetary positions. NASA representatives have told editors at The Mountain Astrologer the Full Moon does not qualify as an eclipse. (The Mountain Astrologer,  August-September 2016, p. 89.)

With Uranus at the center of the mix, the distinction may be moot. Radical change is upon us, whether from a lightning strike or the cosmic reboot of the sky going temporarily dark.

So this lunation may or may not be an eclipse. What people are telling you may or may not be true. Your own vision may or may not be skewed. (Though do note your first impressions, as you emerge from the torpor of June/July. First impressions are often right.)

No matter. Even if their triggers may or may not be real, or true, or as we perceive, emotions do not lie.

Friends, organizations and the beat of your unique drum figure prominently in many of the areas of focus, as well as the triggering events. You’re discovering how you really feel about some of them (or how they make you feel), and then acting on that awareness.

In some cases this means separating from a friend or a group or, more likely, embracing the realization that you have already separated. In other cases it means a sudden leap into the future — recognizing a shiny brass ring and grabbing it, spying an opening and diving through it, seeing a Bat signal in the sky and showing up with cape billowing. In your heart, at least, if not yet in your actions.

The Mars/Saturn presence in Sagittarius makes the theoretical surprisingly important now. Life philosophies matter in the here and now of the physical world. The personal is political; the political is personal. And how. Beliefs, willingness to learn vs. rigid attachment to dogma, concepts of integrity, attitudes about law, diversity, government, education or the media, community spirit vs. us against a  demonized them  — any of these are operating as personal sorting hats.

The clamor is loud in and outside our heads. We’re thinking, talking and lapping up sound bytes with a vengeance, thanks to Jupiter’s more-more-more coming online in the communication hub of Mercury.  With this confab taking place in Virgo, evaluation and analysis are on overdrive, with an eye toward improvement that can descend into finding fault simply because it can. The verbal chewfest can assist in cleaning up your own thinking, building healthier boundaries and distancing influences that could disrupt or infect. (Time for another social media purge?)

If a situation does not play well with your drumbeat (or, worse, knocks it out of rhythm), breaking away is easy now. (Perhaps effortless, even necessary; situations might simply snap apart). Friends, groups and dreams that are in alignment will not only feel more right, but also trigger — and deliver — epiphanies and developments that inspire, catalyze and propel.

Leaps forward have somber undertones, though. Friendships are serious business these days. (To Aquarius, they’re the stuff of religion). The connections that will stand by us and blossom require respect and commitment, to the union as well as to each person in it. Not to mention breathing room and each person being true to himself.  (Scroll up for the Khalil Gibran quote as a refresher.)

This Full Moon reaches far into the future as well. Call it an eclipse or not, it has a long shelf life, into the fall of 2017. Epiphanies, decisions, jailbreaks, breakthroughs and emotional outpourings now prepare the way for three explosive, upcoming links between the traditional and modern rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus. They meet in a trine in December, and again in May and November 2017.

All three stabilize, or at least put form to, the radical individuating end of the change imperative that’s come off the Uranus/Pluto square since 2012. (Think politics have been whackadoodle lately? Just wait.) The first two trines occur near the degree of this Full Moon. The third, in November, happens at the degree.

This Full Moon sets stage in fixed energy, creating the launching pad for the blast-offs to come. The coming trines, and the final one in particular, will then ignite in cardinal and mutable energy, propelling us further and further out of the rubble of upheaval and into … a destination that can’t be perceived with mortal eyes at present.

But your heart senses where. It’s calling now, and it won’t be ignored.


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Forecast for August 1 – 7, 2016

The last month of summer — already?!? — and what’s this? Energy? Get up and go? Spunk? Yep. Also a clear lens on your heart. And the gumption to get out of the pool/beach/sofar and Make Things Happen. Watch out, world.

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for August 1 – 7, 2016  (6:18 minutes).

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Forecast for August 2016: Shifting Sands

August is the bridge between the weird, unsteerable stasis and discomfort of the past two months and the paradox of stabilizing and reboot coming this fall. It’s a wobbly bridge, to be sure,  swaying and shifting like a trick floor in a funhouse. Still, the movement is ultimately productive, instead of just getting in the way, or annoying.

Hearts and minds are assimilating, adjusting and adapting, working over so much that’s surfaced and striving to process the developments into something that makes sense. The exercise largely succeeds. Just as a sensation of balance descends, though, our attention flies back over territory we thought we’d covered.

No worries. The exercise, like the rest of the month, is valuable prep for what lies ahead.

The first half of the month delivers the oomph to send us on our way. The journey begins with Mars, ruler of our drive and actions, entering boisterous Sagittarius and energizing the Leo New Moon on the 2nd.

He’s been trawling the murky depths of Scorpio since spring, dredging up weighty, uncomfortable and unpleasant business that’s refused to go back in the closet. His entry into Sagittarius has us making like colts breaking out of a corral in search of movement, maneuverability, adventure and free-range contact with the outdoors.

Bemoaning and tending to wounds and nasty situations are out. Putting philosophies into action (or fighting for/over them), cracking jokes and generally having a good time are in. Moods improve;  motivation returns; optimism mounts.

Marching orders come from the heart as well.  It zips through three distinct styles of desires and relating. For the first four days, they’re maximum Leo, vibrant, extravagant and attention-seeking. Sober sensibility takes over from the 5th through the 29th, when Venus cools down in pragmatic, improvement-oriented, boundary-focused Virgo.

The appeal of thinking and talking things over has a shelf-life, though, and then movement and follow through are in order. It’s through this clear-headed lens that she demands action from Mars on the 6th. (Minds are screaming, “Move it!” too.) By the 17th, itches will be scratched and appetites  will be pursued, when the goddess of earthly desire and money collaborates with her primal, feral, force-of-nature counterpart Pluto.

Objective assessment hits immediately, with the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 18th. A firm reality check follows. Mars has a law and order meeting on the 24th with Saturn, enforcer of rules. The ramifications of recent high-energy actions crystalize. Questions arise (and likely resolve) about responsibility and wisdom. Don’t be surprised if Venus’ orders have sent Mars down the path to structure and commitment. Don’t be surprised, either, if he trots back into the corral and shuts the gate after himself.

The aftermath kicks up cosmic fog and glitter, with equal potential for confusion, illusion and romance, when Mars squares Neptune on the 26th. Who cares about reality, for the moment? Venus joins boundless Jupiter in a super-conjunction (by degree and declination) on the 27th. Hearts are viewing the glass not only as half full, but also fillable, and requesting more, please. Lots.

A meeting of hearts and minds leads to sighs of relief all around, as Venus meets Mercury and goes home to Libra, aka Relationship Central, on the 29th (bringing the heart’s third mode of expression). She’s still glowing from her date two days earlier with Jupiter, who’s heading over in September for his first visit in 12 years. In advance of her house guest (and the emphasis and expansion he promises), social interactions relax into niceties, prettily crafted sentiments, and an awareness of the game of give and take.

On Jupiter’s end, there’s tidying up to be done before he leaves Virgo. Mercury stations retrograde in that sign on the 30th and will not go direct until September 22, after Jupiter has left for Libra. The messenger god’s backtracking provides the opportunity to go over not merely his recent weeks in Virgo, but also the months and developments since last October, when Jupiter began traveling the degrees of this retrograde.

Snafus, breakdowns and garbling that occur now point to areas that have room for improvement and would benefit from attention before Jupiter completes his clean-up tour of Virgo. Look at this time as a chance to pick up dropped threads, learn missed information and address confusion and misunderstandings that have spun off Jupiter’s hard aspects to Neptune and his cosmic fog machine. What comes in September and beyond will be ever so much more solid, if you do.

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